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  1. I Love that they have the same hair cut. Is Andrei trying to be Charlie or is Charlie trying to be Andrei? I know what my guess is
  2. No one does a gastric sleeve and a reduction in the same surgery. I had a tummy tuck and they would not do anything else except lipo because it is too dangerous. This is sketch for sure
  3. Loren is totally pregnant. I love them and wish them the best, but good luck to 2 babies in such a short amount of time. Also I hate posting after myself I was well trained from TWOP back in the day
  4. I just realized that I have the same shorts as Julian and they came from Walmart. I love them and they are the best shorts ever, even though we do not wear the same size
  5. First baby I did not go outside for 3 months. Second baby we were outside after the 3rd day because I had shit to do.
  6. Not sure about Zied's new haircut, I liked the last one.
  7. i like the people this week, let's see how they do
  8. He is so intimidated by Andrei it is ridiculous. Charlie is straight up having a dick measuring contest with Andrei and Andrei has ZERO interest. (because he would win)
  9. Charlie comes in pretending to be a boss,and you know that bottle is filled with Vodka.
  10. Brandon has some very pretty eyes, they are like a dark blue, maybe green. That is all I can say nice about him.
  11. That's a good tradition, sit, take a minute to calm the fuck down and then go. I like it
  12. Are the gay guys going to be on Pillow talk? I am so excited! They better not cut Veronica and what's his name, they are my favorite
  13. How is Julia supposed to have bills in her name? She's not even allowed to have a job yet! That seems like a strange thing to ask for.
  14. If it takes 8 firemen to lift me up and I am NOT doing a Marilyn Monroe impression, you can just put me in the ground then and there.
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