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  1. That was all she wanted, the rest is just for show. She only had to put out once, so it's a win for her
  2. This is going to go so badly and I am here for it! Bring it Mom Sumit!
  3. My family lives close so we are cooking some dishes and then leaving them at our respective doors, that way we get lots of good stuff without having to cook a ton. I think we are doing zoom games after. Sucks, but it will be better next year.
  4. Myleza is just pissed she didn't get to break up with him. Let's be honest, that is exactly what is happening.
  5. The new wife is not getting on the bad side of the inlaws. She is going right over there and spilling the beans. Jenny ans Summit need to get in front of this or it will be a disaster.
  6. I don't know about redeeming qualities, they all ended up divorced barring a scant few, John Glenn and Alan Shepard included. I find them all deplorable, but they are still heroes. Never meet your heroes I guess.
  7. I actually have heard this story, but in my head I had the RF helping these women in some way. Wishful thinking I guess, but I thought they were moved to a better place or something. I usually like Margaret, mostly because I like HBC but she did a great job this episode. I wish she had done something for those girls.
  8. I have to say, as a parent to 2 children one of each, that I have my favorites. One is my favorite based on brains and sheer will and the other is my favorite based on likability and common sense. They each have their good and bad points and my favorite changes all the time. Always I love them, but sometimes they make me crazy and I think "the other would handle this better."
  9. I am also a freelance writer. My posts on here are poetry.
  10. If Ari's parents want them to have a bigger apartment and have Bini stay home, they can damn well pay for it. Otherwise they need to shut up.
  11. I love how Ari says she is trying to be nice and not color how her parents see Bini, but is awful and undermines him at every turn.
  12. I can't tell you how much I love this! I am watching DS-9 right now, for the first time, because it didn't interest me when it came out. I missed a lot. Voyager was my favorite show(don't judge!) so I teared up when I saw it. I really liked the new Starfleet, even though it might be too much show not enough substance. I guess time will tell. Oded Fehr is my bae so I am thrilled to see him looking very dapper in the new Starfleet uniform. Georgiou is making me worry, what did that creepy Dr. do to her? I am glad we are still seeing Detmer and her PTSD many shows would just rug sweep that.
  13. I love it. Once my mom saw my kids it was game over for me. I was chopped liver to her. I didn't care, because I am not a narcissist. My kids are adorable.
  14. I was in Japan when the quarantine was first starting. We had to scramble to leave a week early and we were on one of the last flights to the US before Japan closed the borders. I have to say that I felt safer in Japan than in the US.
  15. I am here for Tim and Veronica! I am running a little late, I was busy buying a ridiculous amount of honey from Anna and Mursel.
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