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  1. In the previews for next week Noella says something along the lines of Heather hit someone and they hit the wall? She said she heard the person hit the wall because she was right next to said wall. This must be what she has been hinting at. Noella also hinted to it on Watch what happens. Maybe this will bring Heather down because she is very tiring.
  2. Ryne or however he spells his stupid name is a full on Monet. Not cute at all. ETA: She has also had a glass of Pinot Grigio and a champers(at least). I would need double that for dinner with this guy.
  3. If I was Heather I would take that gift, sage the shit out of it and wear it with pride. No take backs Mary!! I find Mary to be deeply unkind and I have no idea why any one of these women would want to be friends with her. She has openly said that she thinks Jen is a thug Mexican, that black people in front of the 7 11 scare her and that Heather is chubby. What I think is almost worse is that not ONE of the ladies that heard her say this checked her on it. Not one said that's not nice or anything, they just let it pass. That's gross and should not be ignored. My mom would say "when someo
  4. I want that and the ice maker that won't hurt my teeth. And maybe the portico thing. oh,and maybe a personal chef.
  5. I have an aunt and uncle who are both doctors and they have a very bougie house in Nashville. I love them dearly but their house is a bit like Heathers. It is not quite so big, but if I asked her if her ice maker made special ice that has air puffed into it so it doesn't hurt her teeth, I would not be surprised if she said yes. They have special drawers and a ladder to get to the stuff to high up. I bet she is kicking herself that her drawers in the bathroom aren't heated. I guess the point of all this is that Heather doesn't bother me as much as she does other people, probably because if
  6. I think you might be right, silly me. Thanks for clearing that up
  7. I am pretty sure I heard another homage to Aaron Eisenburg, with a throw away line of an Eisenburg coupler or something along those lines. Along with the Archer space dock and theme, I really enjoyed the little tips to the past that they do.
  8. Wendy has a lot of nerve talking about Giselle bringing up Wendy's surgery as rooted in misogyny when every other word out of Wendy's mouth is "you can't keep a man" or your relationship isn't real, or "I have a mans last name"
  9. At one point they did zoom in on the box and there were 2 holes punched into the side. Karen also said on WWHL that the butterflies had to be "stored" at a cool temperature so the butterflies were not dead, they were "sleeping" Sure thing...
  10. I think I like Hetty better than her UK counterpart. Hetty seems less brittle and stuffy. This show is really growing on me, I am glad it got a full season pickup.
  11. They should both be cleaning, they are not working so what else are they doing with their days?
  12. Jenny needs to learn the language. Then, when her MIL calls her a useless piece of shit, she can understand what is happening. As it stands, I am LIVING for this!
  13. The older you get, the more you commiserate with the poor people that need Beano.
  14. And Steven walks away like a pussy. Because that is who he is
  15. That little girl is so lucky! I need my own personal nail people.
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