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  1. HelloOutThere

    S07:E06 Lacey's Story

    Dr. Now was savage with Lacey’s mom and I was living for it. Not right away; at first I thought it was too much even for Dr. Now, but the more we got to know Mom the more I saw it’s exactly what she needed to hear. I agree with the poster above who said that Mom thought she was sitting pretty — much smaller than her daughter; downright skinny in fact! Plus, she could still binge with Lacey and feel “small.” Dr. Now took care of that delusion QUICK. I was dying when he essentially said to Mom, “Watch yourself or you’ll be getting weighed on the scale too!” Reminded me of when Glenda told the Wicked Witch, “Now SHOO before somebody drops a house on you TOO!” I know it’ll never happen in this day and age, but IMO we need more doctors with the candor of Dr. Now.
  2. HelloOutThere

    Married To Medicine

    Did Mariah get new veneers since last season? Heavenly keeps referring to Mariah’s teeth this season in response to Mariah’s various insults. Or maybe Mariah has always had the veneers? Do I really care about this? (I suppose I do - kinda sad!) I don’t like Mariah as a person but she is great TV and I do think she was always in the right about giving Quad a platform only to have Quad run away with the spotlight. Now that they have both been knocked off their pedestals (Mariah by Quad taking over the show, and now Quad with the cheating scandal), maybe they’ll get back to their original friendship dynamic. This show just feels complete again with Mariah in the intro. It flows so nicely (like back in the “KARI” days) and that smirk Mariah has in the intro this season is SO her. Like an alligator. OTOH, Toya looks awful in the intro and if I were her I’d be pissed that such an unflattering shot was used.
  3. HelloOutThere

    S13.E03: Tres Amigas

    I hear you on Tamra’s nakedness, but I will give her this: she looks great, for any age. And she works her ass off for it, and embodies the fitness lifestyle. I’m pretty into fitness and am often surprised how many very fit people are actually extremely insecure about their bodies — like a reverse dysmorphia where you just don’t see your progress and refuse to be happy with yourself, constantly comparing yourself to others, etc. So it’s nice to see Tamra at peace with her body. THAT SAID, I could do without the tit flashing. But, it’s still Trashy Tammy!! I like how the born-again religious Tamra is rapidly fading away. From being baptized in a pool to titty flashing on top of a trashy Mexican bar. (And I’ll never get sick of the scene of her throwing wine in Jeana’s face - that is the moment Tams established herself as queen bee. But what often goes overlooked is the fact that Jeana was accusing Tamra of lying about being hit by Simon - a major call-out that I bet was true. Glad Jeana got that dig in before her wine shower. ) Now the real attention whore with the nakedness is one Ms. Beth Frankel from NYC. She’s not into fitness or health, but my Lord she certainly cares about being skinny. She’s so proud of the fact that she’s skinny that she started a company about it, and her naked scenes are her flaunting the fact that she is skinny vs loving and embracing a body she worked hard for. Aderral is much easier than spin classes. And insta photos in your young daughter’s shirt is almost more attention whorish than flashing your tits at Andale’s in some ways now that I think about it ?
  4. HelloOutThere

    S13.E03: Tres Amigas

    Producers: You need to play the opening credits with the tag lines in EVERY episode. I think it’s literally half the reason I watch - maybe more than half. The taglines are fascinatingly cheesy. It’s fun to make up taglines for oneself and for other people IRL. I can’t be the only one who likes them so much....can I? :) Play them in every episode please! It just doesn’t feel like a complete episode without them.
  5. HelloOutThere

    S13.E02: One Apology, Another Betrayal

    I saw Vicki and Kelly out together at The Abbey here in LA last summer. It was just the two of them and they didn’t appear to be doing anything for the show, at least at The Abbey - seemed like they were hanging out as friends. They were taking shots while the sun was still up. But that was a lifetime ago in Bravo time. I think Vicki felt so empowered by being told she was “good” with Tamra - the TRUE queen bee of this crew - that she literally went directly to Kelly’s house and was a total bitch to her because she doesn’t need her anymore. Absolutely DISGUSTING behavior. I used to have a soft spot for Vicki and didn’t think she was THAT bad, but not anymore. Her exterior is getting uglier to match her insides. Meanwhile, Tamra looks incredible but is also rotten inside - queen bee she is, Tamra rules this game.
  6. HelloOutThere

    S13.E02: One Apology, Another Betrayal

    Holy F Vicki’s outfit at that lunch looked like she was on her way to play Miss Hannigan in a low rent version of “Annie”!
  7. HelloOutThere

    S03.E08: Not Off the Hook

    Random thoughts: - Why does Chantal always seem to be dressed in a JC Penney prom dress no matter what the occasion? - I have never seen someone remove jewelry and hoop earrings to throw down more slowly than Chantal’s mom. It was like watching a scene in slow motion. The mom’s slow affect makes her seem medicated. She also reminds me of a Disney Villain with her sneers. - River seems like a kid that just generally needs an ass beating as a course correction and looks like he comes damn close next week! Hopefully it scares some sense into him. - Annie is so uncouth. She also seems like a real bitch - one who’d be a bitch to her husband even if he wasn’t a complete fraud. I understand her anger, but still. Have some class! (Although I suppose you probably can’t buy class at a suck d— ping pong bar)
  8. Agree with all who said they are not feeling Kyle’s new house. Outside is beautiful, inside is cold and institutional to me. Her last house felt like a beautiful HOME. This new one feels cold and cavernous with strategic harsh lighting installed for filming. It feels like a house from “The Real World” inside. Maybe it’s just the night look - hopefully the house looks softer during the day I must say I LOVED Kyle’s old house, including the location in Bel-Air, which is a beautiful area not behind gates. It made Kyle feel more down to earth to me — and we’ve all seen how much moving behind gates did in terms of security. I do feel bad she was robbed — you know Kyle had to have had a complete and total nervous breakdown over it. I didn’t realize Kyle had only been in her old house 7 years. I thought it was much longer. Regardless, the new house just feels wrong and throws off the vibe of the show for me. Like when Mary Richards moved into her (hideous) modern apartment at the end of the MTM show.
  9. I literally LOL’d when Lisa mentioned that Dorit’s face was cropped out of the magazine because in England they punish misbehaving with an “Off with her head!!” She really is the Queen of Diamonds. I think it’s funny that Kyle felt the need to produce “American Woman” (which looks awful, sorry to say) to “tell her story.” It’s like...you already exposed all of your family’s dirty laundry by being on this show! It started with “YOU’RE AN ALCOHOLIC, THERE I SAID IT! NOW EVERYBODY KNOWS!!”
  10. HelloOutThere

    S06.E10: Benji & David's Story

    Benji was a total case of a sibling in denial of his own problem because he was smaller than his brother. He looked shell shocked when Dr. Now called him out on the first visit and told him he is on the same path as David - and in fact likely to get even bigger than him. Dr. Now handled that convo, and the subsequent ones about Benji’s lack of progress, perfectly. I honestly wish more doctors these days had bedside manners like Dr. Now. No BS and to the point. Especially in these life or death scenarios! My dental hygienist is no BS and I really appreciate it. But judging from the bad reviews I see of my hygienist in reviews of the dental practice online, I am in the extreme minority. I haven’t had a chance to read through the live chat thread yet and it’s probably been mentioned there, but did anyone catch the new variation of AH MY LAYG in this episode when David was miserable on that first car ride to see Dr. Now? He let out a nice AH MY LAYG’S NUMB!! I giggled.
  11. Just watched as well and great summary! Also noted Tony’s (and Mykelti’s) added size. The way Tony mouths off to Kody and the entire family is disrespectful. Tony hides it under the guise of “joking” and “sarcasm,” but it’s just an excuse to be an a-hole. His jokes are base and not even funny. He’s definitely not coming across as the most intelligent person. I think Kody is a joke but he’d be totally justified strongly putting Tony in place before he gets completely out of control. Seems like this season will be a pretty glorious train wreck, maybe even with a plane crash added on top. I have to admit that few shows make me LOL or truly gasp in shock more than this shit show. So many ridiculous moments in just the first episode. Tony’s grandparents looking terrified at dinner not knowing wtf was happening bc Tony was too busy scarfing down lasagna instead of translating for his family and making them feel comfortable. Christine’s mother rolling up in a clapped out jalopy of a minivan. Meri braying nervous laughter as she unveiled her “secret” B&B plan to Robyn’s horror while Mariah instantly laughed at and dismissed the idea. Mykelti matter of factly saying that 400 people will attend their wedding since she and tony have so many friends. Tony saying his family brings six packs and forties to wedding and groom gets to keep the extra. Kody freaking out about the cost while the wedding coordinator slowly realized what a crazy train just rolled into the venue. And my very fav moment - when arranging the tables for dinner and Kody got outvoted on the set up, he tantrum that started with “This is so stupid I want to walk out!!” It’s gonna be a great season on this board, friends. Happy New Year!
  12. HelloOutThere

    S12.E14: Armenian Rhapsody

    Re: Lydia’s mom, she wanted to be an actress before she got married and pregnant, right? She strikes me as someone who fancies themselves a great actress, and since they never had a chance to be famous, they act for their entire lives in real life, when nobody else is. She always seems like she is acting to me with her “yayyyy” and her glitter and her nonsense. She is like a supporting sitcom character from a late ‘70s MTM show. Maybe she is just relishing this opportunity to finally be on camera, but I think she is always like that. Lydia is the same way - seems like she is putting on a ridiculous fake act at all times - but in Lydia’s case, the bitch beneath lies very close to the surface. The mom actually seems nice.
  13. HelloOutThere

    S05.E22: Where Are They Now? Laura and Chay

    This was probably mentioned in the Live Chat thread (I always miss them when they're live, and they're not as fun to read after-the-fact), but I thought it was hilarious that the baby-voiced, airbrushed-faced therapist Ms. Chay visited was named...........LOLA. I was hoping for a reaction from Ms. Chay along the lines of "that was my name too! But that was 20 years ago....when I used to have a show..." I'll stop now.
  14. HelloOutThere

    Shame-Free Zone

    Sad indeed; sorry to hear that was the result for her. Curious - after she regained, did her face "even out," or did the gaunt / older look remain in her face after the regain? Would be a shame to lose weight temporarily but look older, then regain...and still look older. Makes the whole thing more harmful than never going any procedures ?