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  1. I thought she said it was Faye’s (as in The Morally Corrupt) that “broke it down” for her? Not that it matters - I just can’t believe she keeps pointing out that she could not read and comprehend the article! It makes her look even MORE like a dimwit; and I feel like she has insecurity over not having a high level education and THIS IS NOT HELPING, KYLE. 🙄 I think she thinks it’s cute or cool to not have read the whole thing. It’s like…you don’t have a full time job and apparently have tons of time to blow money on assembling hideous outfits that literally hurt to look at (see: her reunio
  2. So many great comments. This season is DELIVERING. I live in LA so there’s additional local interest in the case — the whole debacle is so wild and just so LA. To me, the story of Erika Jayne is a strong indication that Karma is alive and well, and knows exactly how to pack a wallop. Cunty energy isn’t as fun when it comes back to collect on its debts. Remember the vomit-inducing, out of character, fake affffff “The GANG is back together!” exclamation from EJ early this season when all “the girlz” were…kiki’ing on Kyle’s bed or something? I like to think about that during the dinner
  3. She literally sucks the life out of people with her carrying on. It’s gross and she just reminds me of an overgrown, nasty, spoiled-rotten little girl. The sister is a piece of work too. The brother seems cool; he’s the Marilyn Munster.
  4. The Givenchy shirt was beyond the pale!!! Marcus is approaching need for a critical fashion intervention! Agree that this was the best episode of the season so far. More back to basics. But honestly, the music interludes feel EXACTLY like “The Hills.” And this ain’t “The Hills”! But whatever, I can live with it. I’m in LA and it’s always interesting to see which places get shown. I wonder what these glam montages will look like when Marcus visits a crappy business park in Podunk? Finally, agree that barn doors are a sunsetting trend. When Motel 6 rooms have barn doors, they’ve jumped
  5. This is actually the most flattering pic of her I’ve ever seen.
  6. So glad I’m not the only one traumatized! That was back in they HBO heyday (of sorts) of Taxicab Confessions, Cathouse, Real Sex — when reality TV was still real and not whatever hot mess RHONY has become!
  7. Random thoughts: - Tommy is on track to age into Harvey Weinstein-looking creature. Honestly I think his voice takes him a long way. I could see how his voice is attractive in isolation. - I agree that this was a “drama episode,” but the scene in the office when the gf is watching Lilia count money, and the girl starts with “I’m appalled…” and Lilia screams “STFU!!!!” = reality TV GOLD. 😂😂 I rewound it twice. - I respect his biz sense but I find Marcus very unappealing and lacking self awareness. He looks absolutely ridiculous in his “fashion” outfits like the splattered paint t
  8. Back in the ‘90s there was an HBO doc series called “Hookers at the Point.” I used to stay up late and secretly watch it. In one episode, a lady of the night is waiting for a trick on the street and without warning, barely moves but defecates on the street through her open skirt. By the grace of God you could only see it in silhouette but it was one of the most shocking and disturbing scenes I have ever seen on TV and to this day the image is seared in my mind. Thanks to Lady Morgan for almost topping that experience with her “racehorse” pissing!!! She is absolutely disgusting and needs o
  9. 🤔 Good question! Juliana’s wardrobe does trend more toward Mrs. Roper than Janet or Chrissy. In addition to Single Life, they should drop Juliana into various other shows. Imagine “Darcey & Stacey….& Juliana!”
  10. Well put!! EJ’s “career” was literally a $20 million game of dress-up.
  11. I’m with you. As a gay man in LA, I had never once heard of Erica Jayne before this show. And I’m no stranger to dance clubs and circuit parties where her hits were played. I mean; yes, I’m sure her songs were played. But it’s not as if the crowds recognized or cared who recorded them like they do with actual true popular artists. Even after she joined the show, she didn’t seem to develop a big following in the LGBTQ community here. Meanwhile, LVP became like royalty to the LA gay community after she started on the show. Many many other housewives from across the franchises seem to have b
  12. Natalie and Mike missed a huge opportunity to keep the TLC gravy train going!! Instead of Natalie moving out, Juliana should have moved IN with all her headband wigs and they could have spun off into their own hellish iteration of “You, Me, and My Ex”! Imagine the hi jinx!! Still, I think Juliana’s performance marking her territory in Mike’s bathroom and bopping him on the head earned her a Discovery+ show! (Maybe “SWJ: Single White Juliana”?) That entire scene - all of the scenes in Mike’s sad little house - seem like something straight out of a Stephen King novel. I think Juliana i
  13. Here’s my take on it FWIW… A little comment from Erika on this topic from early on in her tenure on the show always stuck with me. She said she became friends with a group of mean, bitchy girls in junior high, and that experience was so awful that it turned her off to friendships with other women. I can actually slightly relate — I’m a gay guy who hung out with a group of uber bitchy girls at that age. When I was “expelled” from the group, it really put me off on friendships with females for a good long while. BUT I eventually realized that of course not every female is like that (an
  14. Just wanted to call out Brandon’s little side comment about Julia apparently regularly putting back entire bottles of wine herself. There was the Betty side of him with the passive aggressive comment on camera! (While Julia channels Father Brandon with the throwing back wine.) I vote next season Julia drinks a full bottle of wine before each scene. It would make things more interesting, and it’s apparently what The Entire Extended Family of Libby does each time they film anyway (barf at that “authentic” Italian restaurant in a strip mall store front. So trashy and fitting.) P.S. On a
  15. I LOL’d when one of them was like, “Apples?? CHERRIES?? 🍒 “ 😂😂 Give The Goofballs a special on discovery plus! I saw her there holding the baby too. She is a pretty lady but too much Botox, Mom Libby! Maybe it was just the angle but I think too much Botox just like daughter Jen. Mom Libby looked less pulled last time she was on. Also there was one quick shot when setting up for the birthday party and they showed Libby in profile and she looked exactly like CHUCK! 😱😱 Especially in the face / neck.
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