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  1. Quoted for TRUTH!! The Ad Council should run PSAs with this message!
  2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, all, but I think Andrei inadvertently came up with the title for the family’s inevitable spin-off when he described them as: “The Extended Family of Libby”
  3. Just wanted to commemorate Kathy’s shade at Rinna’s leopard print paper napkins - a very brief moment and a beautiful smirk of disapproval from Kathy! Of course Rinna took it as a compliment and started hyena laughing hysterically. She truly loves ANY attention, no matter how negative and even in response to a silent regal scolding from Queen Kathy! BTW Kyle - it’s KATHY who is the queen of BH. Kyle claiming she is queen in the intro comes across as a child playing dress-up. Sorry girl NO.
  4. Completely unrelated to the Crystal/Sutton discussion: I love Kathy’s constant interior design critiques. Her house is beautiful, so she has a leg to stand on. Related - I love how Kyle always reveals her basic-ness. When Kathy commented on the long narrow table in Kyle’s dining room that they never use (I agree with Kathy’s implication that the room is stupid as dining room with that long Addams Family table)…Kyle responds with “oh I think the dining room was in another room back in the day.” Maybe it’s just me…but if I was buying a grand old house - almost an estate by LA / Enc
  5. I am an only child to older parents (not adopted), and agree with the poster above that Caitlin seemed spoiled rotten. But it takes two sides to be spoiled, if that makes sense. There’s a responsibility on the child’s part to not take advantage of the situation. I guess it comes down to one’s sense of morals. Caitlin did not seem like a good or nice person, ever. She seemed like a troublemaker and attention seeker rebelling against nothing in particular. Every opportunity to act out - meeting the birth mother, her friend dying - was absolutely maximized by Caitlin to react with bad behavior an
  6. Personally I think it’s a cold dose of reality. Erika is like a wicked witch whose powers have been taken away. No more Lambo, no more husband (in that order of priority, of course), nobody to subsidize and bankroll her “career.” She is not guaranteed a Sutton-style settlement; in fact quite the opposite with all the accusations about hiding money, etc. I think Erika feels closer than ever to her roots as a broke cocktail waitress and realizes that she no longer has a leg to stand on as Scary Ice Queen. She also needs a sympathetic audience for her version of events. So yes, she’
  7. This should be Sutton’s intro tagline from now until the end of time!
  8. My favorite line in the episode was the gym manager’s fabulously subtle shade at Julia: ”Now let’s go get a drink with those heels!” 👠
  9. 🤔 How many fucks do I give that Erica Jayne is down and out in Beverly Hills? None! Not one! Zero! Zero! Zero! DONE! Also…I LOVE Kathy’s interactions with Erika. Thank God for true, legit LA snobs like Kathy Hilton who are so far above Erika in hierarchy that Erika registers only a very light grayscale on their radar. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kathy has no idea about Erika’s “career”. Even after filming with her for an entire season. Kathy is not afraid of Erika. Neither was LVP and neither is Garcelle. I bet Crystal certainly is. Funny how the bitchy mean girls are hypnot
  10. I can think of few better oxyMORONs (emphasis mine) than “Sexy Meemaw” 🤢🤢🤢
  11. Superficially…Sonja’s TH where she said “Leah doesn’t come dressed for the event. Leah comes dressed as Leah.” Which is a funny way of putting it — but did Leah get dressed up in nonsensical clown clothes under the guise of “fashion” last year? I don’t think she was so over the top. She’s always had awful fashion sense (so ironic yet fitting for her…of course she insists on being in an industry that she seems to have zero knack for) but I don’t think she was full clown? She’s so obnoxious and no matter the costume du jour and how much she changes her face, all I can see is her mugshot
  12. When helicopter-hair twirling, lickety-splitting, “I’ll have a spicy margarita” no matter how high end the restaurant Kyle Richards scolds at you to act like a grown woman you know you have truly hit rock bottom!
  13. Also thought it was funny in the regular episode they titled the poor innocent “help comment woman” as “Michelle (not Diana)” or whatever Ramona called her. And not sure her real name was actually Michelle but you get the gist 😆
  14. To me Leah is the definition of the word “cheugy.” The delusional kind. I am her age and she is totally an aging, edgy “cool girl” being supplanted by a younger generation of young “cool girls,” so she’s getting increasingly more ridiculous (that bow). Gen Z is laughing hysterically at her try-hard-ness, led by her poor daughter.
  15. I really like the interventionist in this episode. She has a powerful, mesmerizing presence. I think someone forceful like that is needed to break through the haze of addiction. She won me with “so you want to be an accessory to her death?” (to the friend) and “And who the fuck is going to take care of your dog when you’re dead?” Love her. Hope we see her more.
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