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  1. Watched the first two. I am loving the guy who runs the casino. He is a boss.
  2. I don't want spoilers, so I am staying out of the designated thread. Crave TV is starting Rupaul Down Under on Saturday. Is it worthwhile to watch in general. Don't spoil the ending please. Keep in mind, I loved most seasons of Drag Race.
  3. If you are Canadian, Lee reminds me of a guy on this season of Masterchef Canada.
  4. I can't believe they didn't send Beth right out the door after Jed. I wonder if he would have given up his shot to come back. I hate that Jed may end up insufficiently punished for his stupid decision.
  5. I like that he didn't call himself the king or queen. That level of thought is rare.
  6. She is dressed as a stewardess in a 1957 movie set in the far future of the year 2000.
  7. I enjoyed it and will stick with it. It wasn't groundbreaking, except in a representational way, but it filled an hour just fine.
  8. I liked that even though Rocky was caught in the screw job, he was still a pro and worked with the Shiek to get a good ending to the match.
  9. I assume the wildcard is someone they wanted, but who was unavailable the first day of shooting
  10. Tanner's showstopper would be great for a Superb Owl party...for those of you who watch What We Do In The Shadows.
  11. Anyone else th9nk ICAG was a little put out by being ousted in the opening round last year, and took her ball and went home?
  12. Every episode, I tried to figure out who Tia Khaffi reminded me of. It finally came to me tonight. The character Cheyenne on Superstore, played by Nichole Sakura
  13. Embarrassed all the way to the bank. I tend to root against Elizabeth Falkner because any time I see her lose a competition, I feel like she believes she only lost because the judges don't get her.
  14. Symone is slowly, episode by episode, becoming my favourite queen this season.
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