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  1. I was sure Guillermo was going to end up slaying Celeste. No fuck-ing guy-ee But a gal instead.
  2. Apparently his patents divorced when he was 10.
  3. I loved Tobin being proud of his high cholesterol and then admitting it scared him. 92 percentile baby.
  4. I first thought that Deb was actually singing, and not a Zoey manifestation.
  5. The woman was deaf not blind. Holey moley it got dusty at the end.
  6. This is back, but called Dragrastic now. Same queens, same premise. Watched #1 tonight, number 2 is Monday night.
  7. 3 people from Atlantic Canada. That's like 5 seasons worth.
  8. Hello. Am I the only person watching this? Shame, I enjoy it.
  9. Yeah. Seven more next week. I thought it was a good start, with no one I really wanted to go home yet. I would have went the other way with the lip synch, but i am not angry about it.
  10. I am hoping her and Sandra form a secret team and go all the way to the end.
  11. I am in. Sophie, Sandra, Pavarti, and Ethan.
  12. I thought it was to quiet the voices. He said something like that. Not on my DVR anymore, so I can't check.
  13. All hail Beebo our blue Protector
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