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  1. Maybe Claire is saying she can't twin in hopes that they won't go tough against her, if it is one on one.
  2. OS the Paramount Plus for this like it is for Big Brother? Are there live feeds?
  3. We did see black smoke dissipating where the mom looked, so probably something like that.
  4. If the cookout holds and all or most of them get to the end, and especially if a member wins...one of the big incentives for its formation will be removed next season. One of the big reason it formed was to show that a POC could go far. That will be shown, if they succeed.
  5. I am disappointed that no one seems to be watching this show. My wife and I are enjoying it.
  6. His last name is Champagne. My wife and I were trying to guess what his pickup lines would be. Do you want some Champagne.? Do you want a taste of Champagne? Do you want Champagne in bed? It is probably...Wanna screw?
  7. Naming something gives it a sense of permanency. It's why you don't name farm animals.
  8. But in this case, people who waited to play...which was good strategy for some of them...are playing an elimination game, when the others who played did not. Everyone plays the Quickfire.
  9. Fun episode and I give this show all the credit 8n the world...but God I hate drug addiction stories in my light entertainment. Also memory wiping people.
  10. A lot of flip floppers could come back to him once he is out of danger. Safer to get him now. Has Helen taught us nothing?
  11. So...white guys with abs go home first? If that doesn't say recruit, I don't know what does.
  12. Is it possible that when we see confessionals from Frenchie, we will find out that a lot of this is smoke? I mean, probably not, but maybe. I guess we will find out when nominations are made.
  13. So which will happen first...someone whacks their head on the piece of coral, or clotheslines themselves on the rigging?
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