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  1. Just watched the first episode. There are a lot of talented queens. I am looking forward to the season. I am disappointed in who went home. I think the right decision was made if you judge by the lip synch, but the more interesting queen went home.
  2. Some people like the idea of going out to eat. The problem I see is that the price would have to be 20% higher than what you would pay at the actual location. That is a high premium for convenience.
  3. Newest addition to Fox Animation Sunday. We gave it a try and quite enjoyed it. Did anyone else watch the Sexi Moose?
  4. Who played Billie Joe Armstrong in the That's What I Call Christmas CD
  5. Oh, I hate the new neighbour. When someone brings you a gift you don't call them foot soldiers for the sugar cartels, and you don't put your desire for a rooster over your neighbour's sleep.
  6. That was a top 3 song, one of my favourites.
  7. I can't be bothered arguing for or against planned representation. I just stopped in to say that it is hyperbole of the first order to call anything to do with Survivor, a "tragedy".
  8. We got to see it up here in Canada. It was a fun episode. Top half of Treehouse episodes easily.
  9. I am fairly sure it is not considered a game show, not in that way at least. It is reality entertainment and I wouldn't be surprised if the contract they sign says that CBS can do anything they want. Up to, and including, picking the winner.
  10. In my school in small town Canada in the 80s, everyone did one semester of cooking or sewing and one semester of wood or iron shop.
  11. The way BB fans are, I am not sure I would want family phone numbers out there on the net.
  12. Good call. Snopes says it is an urban legend.
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