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  1. If The Flash doesn't have WestAllen at the centre of season 3 I'll be switching off.
  2. I think The Flash has the strongest cast, the only weak link is Danielle Panabaker. Arrow and LoT really only have 2 or 3 strong actors. Arrow's weakest actor is the title character. Then why just talk about herself, she pretty much ignored how tough it would be for Jax. I'd say Jax was lucky he was in a time that black men could be kidnapped and forced to do what white men want, but I guess on this show that time is 2016.
  3. I don't think you need to watch either of the other shows, but I don't think they've communicated that to the viewing public.
  4. Sara and Nyssa probably could, they would get away with being 'spinsters' who shared a house. Two men, not a chance. I think the interracial couple dynamic would've been more interesting if they'd chosen Jax and Sara, mostly because a white man may get some shit but he's still a white man. A black man with a white woman in the 50s, it may have been better in the north but I think they would've still had much more crap to deal with. Obviously though there's no larger story to tie into with Jax and Sara, like there is with Ray and Kendra.
  5. I thought the scene with Stein, Sara and Jax with Stein reminiscing about what an idyllic time it was came over really badly. It was like Sara was trying to say she has it so much worse than Jax, being a bisexual woman. I couldn't work out whether she was ignorant or she has to have suffered more than everyone else.
  6. jaytee1812

    Cast in Other Roles

    I kind of expect that lack of awareness for women in their late teen, early 20s, Becca is 30. I don't think she even noticed the men she was talking about (those who can open movies) are almost exclusively white. I struggle to understand how you can be surrounded by something and not understand it. On a slightly brighter note, I've been watching Shadowhunters, and a few other things Harry's been in, and I know this might be an outlandish suggestion to some, but I now think he's the best male actor that was on Glee. Well I'll exclude guest stars only because of that one episode Victor Garber was in. He just absolutely becomes every character with every part of his body.
  7. jaytee1812

    She's Superman's Cousin!: And Other Supergirl Spoilers

    If the writers of this show are good enough and they want to give Lucy relevance then she should fit in. Whether the writers are good enough is another conversation.
  8. I really wonder how Barry will survive in Kara's world. I mean who's going to give him a fatherly pep talk?
  9. jaytee1812

    TDS 3.0: Season One Talk

    I love Trevor's style, and I've noticed a few times I've thought 'Jon Stewart just couldn't do that joke.' With a lot of the race relations stuff Jon sort of sat back and provided a platform for the likes of Jessica Williams and Larry Wilmore. Trevor can join it in a way Jon couldn't.
  10. jaytee1812

    S12.E12: My Next Life

    No, I kind of agree with you. I don't know what's missing for me, just something feels off. I think it feels like such a trope, man suppose to protect woman, I'd believe it on every other show, but from Shonda? Don't get me wrong Shonda's fond of a good trope, but one that present a woman as someone who should've been saved by her man?
  11. jaytee1812

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    Has there been a multi episode patient arc recently? I'd like to see that.
  12. jaytee1812

    Cast in Other Roles

    True. But I also get the impression she doesn't like being an actress, maybe I'm wrong, but one thing that comes over a lot about her co-hosts and her guests that I've listened to is about how much they love what they do. She doesn't have that, or it doesn't come across. Wouldn't surprise me if she started presenting or did something away from Hollywood.
  13. jaytee1812

    Fresh Ink: Blindspot in the Media

    http://tvline.com/2016/03/08/blind-item-drama-series-death-season-finale-spoilers/ Could this be Jane or Kurt?
  14. jaytee1812

    S12.E12: My Next Life

    I don't see it, not in those examples. It was Owen's job to choose who was the best Chief Resident, he knew it wouldn't be Christina, and I think the kids thing was trying to get his way, not that he knew better. He freaked when he found out his mom was dating a younger man, but then Lexie freaked when she found out her dad was dating a younger woman. (Also ignoring that Mark and Derek were more Thatcher's age than Lexie or Meredith's.) To me what we're being told and what we're shown with Owen doesn't add up.
  15. jaytee1812

    S03.E17: Sixteen

    I was neutral on Braillie until recently but now they're just annoying.