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Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation: Benchmarking

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So I read elsewhere some guy who left the show a long time ago is coming back.  Now I haven't been a fan of this show in a long time, but have to confess this person not being around is NOT what I thought was missing from this show.

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Bringing over the side summaries I posted on twop here. Episode 10.18:

Filming dates: 2/5 - 2/19

Gerjardt Strauss - Nurse's  Station, day. A man in a suit is coming down the hall wearing a badge and Dr. Hansen uncharacteristically starstruck. He has a thick Austrian accent and an enormous amount of gravitas. He says its a pleasure to meet Dr. Hansen, she (seems to be Cristina) says the honor is all hers. He's intrigued. The project was the talk of the EU Cardio-thoracic Conference, mostly people wondering if it was a serious effort or a PR stunt by the hospital. Dr. Hansen starts to tell him that after the presenetation he'll be confident. He says there's no doubt Dr. H will charm and dazzle but he hopes its not a big what's that phrase you use? Dr. Hansen says "hype?" No. "Flash over substance?" "No, a complete waste of my time".

Janis - Outside PICU Dr. Lebackes updates Janis. He is real, genuine and kind. Tells her the surgery went very well. They're looking at a full recovery, no concern for tumors or infertility. Tells Janis she has a big, strongboy and he's going to be just fine. Janis is overcome and near tears as she thanks Dr. Lebackes.

Mom - Outside CCU: Dr. Matthews stands before a line of two parents. He's the CCU bouncer. A mom steps up and asks if this is really necessary. He runs the termometer over her forehead. 100.7, she can't go in. She says its barely a fever. He tells her that her daughter is trying to heal and they don't want anything to interfere. Frustrated, the mom leaves.

Mr. Gorder - Dr. Hall and Dr. Preston round on Mr. Gorder. His labs and tests are clear and they will take him to the OR shortly. Dr. Hall asks if he is nervous, he says a little bit. Dr. Hall asks how about Dr. Preston takes you through the procedure one more time. No response. Mr. Gorder says he might be asleep. Dr. Hall turns and Dr. Preston is standing with his eyes closed and mouth open. Dr. Hall moves towards him to step firmly on his foot. Dr. Hall says he's not asleep. Dr. Preston says No!. Mr. Gorder says "and I'll still be able to poop just fine?". Dr. Preston replies, yes sir, that's the plan.

Tech - Dr. Hansen prepares for his lecture and the AV tech sits at the board with a fast food bag. Dr. Hansen asks what are you eating?  Tech answers onion rings, want some? Dr. Hansen says to take them outside. Of the building. The tech gathers his stuff and scurries out.

Abraham/Logan - Logan and Abraham are brothers. They are in the ER because Logan has a dislocated jaw. He can't move his mouth and speaks through clenched teeth.  Logan drinks coconut water, doesn't want medication, etc. Because of his jaw its hard to understand him, Abraham helps with what he is saying. Dr. Carter is examining and Logan is sweating and his breathing is labored. Dr. Carter tells him its his choice not to accept medical attention but he if leaves and his airway gets blocked he won't be able to breathe. Logan calls her a fear monger. Abraham explains that Logan thinks Big Pharma lays on the scary to get people to buy their poison. Logan begins to choke and gasp for air. Dr. Carter realizes this isn't Logan being a jerk, he's seizing. 

Post-op - Logan is trached and unconscious. Dr. Carter is updating Abraham and he's laughing - Logan's organically pure and grass fed body is now full of titanium from the plates and screws they used. He looks at his brother and his laughter dies.  He asks for a list of everything they used, anesthesia, etc. For Logan. Dr. Carter says it would take awhile. Abraham says their dad died when they were young, done in by cigarettes and corned beef hash. After that Logan was obsessed with what he put in his body. Abraham wishes he wouldn't take it so far but its how he deals. Then he asks if there's any chance the titanium is locally mined and starts laughing again.

David/Braden/Teresa - 10 year old Braden Morris is in the ER with his parents, David and Teresa. David is wiping down the stretcher with antibiotic wipes and Teresa is holding a tissue to Braden's nose. Braden has a small lump on his forehead that he keeps touching. David asks Dr. Sims (its April, they left her name in 1 part) if she has spoken to their doctor. Dr. Sims says yes, he says Braden has SBLA syndrome. Braden yells out "Cancer boy disease!".  Braden's doctor sent them to the ER because he's out of the country. Dr. Sims says it looks like a sinus infection. Teresa says they have to treat everything like it could be cancer. David explains that they just removed a melanoma and the radiation has been working pretty well, they're just worried. He tells Braden to stop picking at his face. Braden says he's just touching it. April draws a small circle around the blemish. Dr. Sims pushes a scared Braden on a gurney. They pass David and Teresa. Teresa tells him she loves him, Braden tells her he doesn't want to go. David tells him it will be ok. Braden says he promises he won't touch his face, he doesn't want to go. The parents are heartbroken for their son. Outside isolation room - Dr. Sims tells David and Teresa they have to put on a fresh gown, mask and gloves every time they go in, Braden is highly susceptible to infection. David asks if there's something they can do to keep this from happening. April says they may want to consider a bone marrow transplant. David says that ethnic donors are hard to find, isn't there any medication or treatment? Teresa gives David a hug. This is a whole new ballgame. They go in the room, David says "hey, Champ".

Ivy/Sabine/Eric/Link/Francesca ("Frankie") Dr. Johnson stands by as Dr. Brown presents. Ivy is on oxygen and monitors. Her mother, Sabine, sits by her side. Ivy Rice, 15, end-stage heart failure, has been on the transplant list for 4 months. Ivy pulls down her mask and says "until today, right?!" Dr. Johnson says looks like it, the donor heart is being evaluated now. Dr. Johnson asks where the rest of them are, Sabine says Ivy's little sister has the fly so Eric is home with her and Link.  Dr. Johnson saw the report on the heart, has a good feeling. The Rices are relieved and excited.  Day - Dr. Johnson is followed by a few nurses hurries to Ivy and Sabine. Good news, the heart is on the way, time to go to the OR. The nurses prep Ivy for transport. She kisses Ivy and they take her up. She pulls out her phone and says they just took her up, how's Frankie? She says she is doing ok and starts to cry, wishes he were there too.

ER Nurse's Station - Sabine weaves her way through the chaos of sick and coughing patients until she finds her husband Eric. She tells him it will be at least another hour, she told him he didn't need to come. He tells her Frankie has gotten worse. Eric looks terrified and gestures towards a trauma room. We see Francesca Rice, 12, hooked up to monitors and an IV. Her brother Link, 9, is next to the bed. Sabine tells Eric its the flu, look around, everyone has it. Dr. Johnson arrives and says Eric made the right call. Its more than the flu, Francesca had a heart attack. Sabine says that's what happened to Ivy. Confusion and terror. Before Dr. Johnson can continue the ER nurse tells him that she went into complete heart block. The parents watch as he starts compressions on little Frankie. He nods to the nurse to close the curtains.

Day - Outside CCU patient room. Dr. Johnson is updating Eric and Sabine. Through the glass we see Ivy post-op, asleep in bed. Her surgery went well, she's doing great. They walk to the next room where Francesca is asleep and Link is curled up in a chair playing on a tablet. Francesca's heart is stabilized for now but they need to keep an eye on it. Her tests show she had a heart attack. Eric asks how could they both get this? Dr. Johnson says that it could be a number of things - viral, environmental, genetic. Eric asks if there's something in the house making them sick. Sabine says they can't go home. Dr. Johnson suggests they start by gathering a family medical history to see if there are any patterns of heart disease, especially in younger relatives. Eric asks how soon they can start. Suddenly, we hear coughing. We see little Link sitting in the chair gripping his chest in pain. They all turn and stare in horror.

Ivy's Peds room - Frankie is there with Ivy, sitting on the bed. Dr. Brown asks Ivy how she is, she says besides the soccer tryouts she is missing she's alright. Ivy asks if she'll get to go home soon. She doesn't want to miss driver's ed. Frankie says she'll recover soon. Ivy says she feels much better today, maybe they can let her go early for good behavior. Frankie giggles at her sister. Dr. Brown tells her to take a deep breath, asks if she has been having trouble breathing. She says not at all, Dr. Brown says good, not so sure he believes her.

Link's room, night. Dr. Johnson walks into Link's room where he's staring at the ceiling. Dr. J asks what happened earlier, Link just wanted to see his sister. Dr. Johnson says he can't go running around the hospital. He has to stay there so they can get him all better. Link says he's never going to get better. Boom, this almost takes the wind out of Dr. Johnson. Dr. J says that's not true, he can't give up hope. Link is begging now, "why aren't you trying anything?" Dr. Johnson tells him they're going to get him better, Link is holding onto a little bit of hope.

(this next one sounds a lot like the scene with Owen and the boy he was attached to, could be the same side being reused)

Peds Waiting Area, Day - Dr. Sims sits with Link. The social worker sits a few seats away. Dr. Sims says there's a big rain storm back east and Carol is going to take him somewhere he can get some sleep. Link asks why he can't stay here like last night. Dr. Sims says that's not going to work out. Link doesn't want to go, his mom and dad are here. Dr. Sims tells him that his mom needs rest. Link promises to be quiet, Dr. Sims is starting to give in.

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Thank You, Windsprints!!! One of the things I hated the most about was happening what TWoP was that I would really miss the sides you posted.  Thank you so much for moving them over here!

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10.19: Filming dates: 2/18 - 2/28

In the hospital cafeteria a medical student approaches Dr. Brown and tells the doctor he's a student and wanted to say congratulations. Dr. Brown gives a death stare and asks if he's from the future. The student says no and Dr. Brown tells him to just shut up then. The student is horrified and walks away.

10.20: Filming dates are 2/27 - 3/12

Translator/Russian man: Derek's BMI Office, night. Dr. Smith is on the phone, a man speaks in Russian followed by a translator. The translator says they'd take the lead on Gene receptors, its their bread .... Dr. Smith? Dr. Smith says he's there, trying to pay attention.

Shears in Brain Guy - Dr. Smith holds up a scan of a brain with kitchen scissors embedded in the skull. Dr. Smith says "can't say I've ever seen that before".  Shears in Brain says "I know, right!?!". He fully concious with the scissors sticking out of his forehead and just as impressed as Dr. Smith.

Nova/Chelsea - Nova Jenkins (20s) is in her room with her best friend Chelsea sitting on her bed. Nova is eating a burrito. Dr. Smith comes in and says good news, they're doing her surgery tonight instead of tomorrow, they've shuffled things around. Chelsea says to Dr. Smith that Nova picked him from his picture, its all about the eyes. She's needling Nova who is gaga over Dr. Smith. Nova says there's a lot of fine doctors out there but you, Dr. Smith, are a fine doctor. Then tell him his face crinkles when he's about to give bad news. He says that patients need to fast prior to  surgery and nods to the half eaten burrito. Nova asks if it needs to be postponed again. She's been there almost a week. He can't do this again, not to this nice girl. Dr. Smith says they have to wait 8 hours so they will do the surgery at 2:30 am. Nova saya midnight rendezvous! Chelsea shakes her head laughing at her best friend.  If Nova didn't love him before she absolutely does now. Nova says "I love you", Chelseas says "she means it, she loves you." Dr. Smith smiles, shaking his head at these two.

Post-Op, morning.  Chelsea is beside Dr. Smith he examines Nova is she is waking up. She's non-responsive and groggy. Its intense. He leans over and looks in her pupils. Dr. Smith asks Nova if she can hear him and to blink if she understands him. It looks like she may be gorked. Then groggy, she speaks "smiling eyes" then to Chelsea "he's so pretty".  The whole rooms sighs with relief. Dr. Smith asks "what's your name?". She replies "Nova Jenkins, thanks for asking Dr. Pretty". Everythig looks good.

Nicole/Kyle: Dr. Ramos consults for Dr. Carter, examining a facial lac on Jill Kasliner, age 4. Her parents Nicole and Kyle argue. Nicole is deaf and communicates through ASL while Kyle uses both ASL and speaking. They're discussing whether to get rid of the dog. The dog growled after Jill was pulling on his tail but Jill didn't hear and then got the bite. Dr. Ramos asks if they've ever considere cochlear implants. They aren't interested. Dr. Ramos says Jill is the perfect age, healthy and now would be the time to get the most benefit. Nicole's signs become big, passionate, "loud". She says that her daughter is deaf. She is not diseased. She doesn't need to be cured or fixed. Kyle says see, now you made her yell. Dr. Ramos apologizes saying he/she didn't mean to be disrespectful.

Excited Doctor/Excited Doctor 2- Auditorium, day. Hundreds of crowd the large auditorium. An excited doctor sidles up to Dr. Marshall and introduces himself as Robert Bonocore. Dr. Marshall says "the epilepsy specialist". Excited doctor says he's a huge fan, has read all Dr. Marshall's work, its just facinating. Truly. Dr. Marshall says thank you as Excited Doctor 2 overhears and asks where Dr. Marshall is on the second phase. They are all waiting to see when they can get their hands on this. Excited Doctor asks when Dr. Marshall will finish the fellowship, Excited Doctor 2 says he/she imagines everyone is asking that.

Sounds dull. No surprise Derek is beginning to tire of his big opportunity. Just in time to ditch in the finale, lol.


The sides for Nova and Chelsea have been replaced. All the references to pretty eyes, etc. have been removed. New sides are as follows:

Nova and Chelsea are in Nova's room. Dr. Rogers enters. Chelsea says he ought to be ashamed, Nova tells her not to yell at him, he's doing his best. Chelsea says Nova is sweet but a pushover. She won't say it but Chelsea will - she's sick, you keep jerking her around, scheduling her surgery then canceling. She hasn't eaten in 2 days and has had 3 seizures in 4 hours. Dr. Rogers says she's right, he's sorry its been this difficult but they are doing the surgery at 2:30am. Chelsea says to Nova see what a little backbone will do?

Post-Op: Dr. Rogers examines Nove as Chelsea stands by. She's waking, groggy and non-responsive. Its tense. Dr. Rogers leans over her asking if she can hear him, Chelsea asks why she isn't answering. Dr. Rogers tells Nova to blink if she understands. Its starting to look like she is gorked then Nova speaks, asking if its ok if she says 'yes' or is the blinking medically important. She's groggy but fine, smiling at Dr. Rogers. The room sighs with releif as Dr. Rogers says "yes" works for me. Nova says she can blink too. Dr. Rogers continues a brief exam, says its looking good and that Dr. Meyers will be charge of Nova's post op care. Rest up. Nova says sounds good to me.

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I don't think so, but if IT was the case I'd be super-bummed

Loosing both Cristina and Alex would suck for Meredith. Cris used to be her person/best friend, and Alex has always been the brother she never had.

Fortunately, JC never expressed any desire to leave, so I'd say we are safe on this front and Alex will stay

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Alex isn't really leaving is he? I hadn't heard anything about JC leaving the show.

I haven't heard anything, but you never know. Just ask The Good Wife fans.

I would guess Alex is going to get involved with the bubble boy case, and have a revelation that saving lives is more important than money.

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Its finale sides time!

The sides describe a multi-vehicle crash with many injuries, which seems to be caused by 2 high school kids who carjacked a car. Pure speculation - I think it’s something else like an explosion or a shooting. Or, since its Shondaland, maybe the doctor with the organ cooler has a bomb in the cooler. Its is SGM, which seems to sit on the hellmouth.  They often use a different situation for the finale sides and a few things in the side don't come across to me as a car crash, like why would the anchor be concerned about the reporter's safety when she's outside the hospital.  Here's the summaries:

Filming dates: 4/11 - 4/23

Doctor - West Lobby, day. A cab pulls up. A doctor in strange scrubs gets out carrying an organ cooler. Dr. Smith approaches him and asks if its for Allie Callway. The doctor says yes, needs to find Dr. Hall. Dr. Smith points the doctor to the nurse's station and says she will direct the doctor. The doctor goes and Dr. Smith goes off in another direction.

Female reporter - a field reporter is doing a stand up report outside the west lobby. She says its speculation at this point but the mysterious car jacker could be a member of one of Seattle's most notorious gangs. That has them wondering if it’s a gang initiation gone awry. The anchor asks if she should even be there. She replies I know, right? It’s an intensely dangerous situation. She's also receiving reports that police are looking to question these men, photos of 2 high school boys flash on the screen, who are being treated right here in this hospital.

Young Girl - In the ER Dr. Jenkins is changing the IV of an unconscious young girl. She wakes. Dr. Jenkins tells her it will be ok and she asks what happened. Dr. tells her there was a car accident but that its over and she is going to be fine. The young girl closes her eyes.

Marilyn/Glenn - ER. Dr. Smith puts a mask on Marilyn (30s). She has a head lac, is out of it and panicking. She asks if she is going to be ok and Dr. Smith calmly tells her they are running tests and she's interrupted by Glenn (30s), scraped, bloody and panicked. Glenn says he can't find him. Dr. Smith asks who and Marilyn says her, our, little boy. He was in another car with friends. Marilyn starts hyperventilating; Dr. Smith ups the O2 and gets a syringe to sedate her. She asks the boy's name and what he looks like.  Glenn answers Leo, he's 10, has long brown hair. It’s too long, he won't cut it. And green eyes, they are really green. Dr. Smith steadies Marilyn as she injects her and says Leo is probably there and if he is they will find him.

PICU - Dr. Kelly walks Glenn into the room to look at the unconscious boy. He steps forward then stops still. It’s not Leo, it’s not their son. He collapses into hopeless sobs.

Baby's Dad/Baby's Mom - Dr. Hall is replacing a dressing on Tara, a girl who saved a baby from the car accident wreckage. The baby's parents (40s) enter, shell shocked and nervous to see Tara. They ask if she is ok and before she can say a word they are thanking her. The baby's mom is hugging her and the baby's dad takes her good hand. They are crying, so grateful to Tara.

Leanne - Dr. Smith pushes a gurney with Leanne (20s). Leanne is 8 months pregnant and her tourniqueted arm is missing part of her forearm and hand. Dr. Smith tries to keep her calm, asks you're 31 weeks? Home stretch, you're doing great.  Tells Leanne they need to do surgery on her arm and if the baby goes into any kind of distress they will do a C-section. Leanne says no,no,no it’s too soon. Dr. Smith tells her the baby is going to be just fine. Leanne says it’s not time, she's too little, please let her get to term. Dr. Smith says we'll do what -- and Leanne cuts in. She explains that it’s a miracle she got pregnant. Every doctor said she wouldn't, they tried for years and then it happened. You have to protect her. Please. If I lose her -- Dr.Smith cuts in and says they are both going to be ok. And off they go.

Leanne's room, night. Dr. Smith is changing the dressing on Leanne's arm. Dr. Kelly appears at the door, tentative. Dr. Kelly says the baby's father is there and wondered if Leanne would be up for --- Leanne says yes, yes, please yes. The dad enters shell-shocked and nervous and asks Leanne if she is ok. Leanne asks if she is ok? Do you love her? Is she alright?  He says she is perfect and beautiful. He's hugging Leanne now. They are both crying, so grateful that Leanne and the baby have survived.

Male Reporter - Dr. Hall passes a tv and sees a male reporter reporting from a hospital hallway. The reporter says that the Seattle Police Department have reported that the men in the car were merely high school students operating an out of control vehicle. Dr. Hall walks off enraged, we still see the tv with the reporter says so that's an enormous relief. Dr. Hall suddenly appears. The reporter starts to ask
Dr. Hall what can you tell as Dr. Hall tells him he needs to move. Clear the hallway, GET OUT OF THE WAY. NOW. The reporter is baffled.

Mike - Officer Pelletier leans in close to Mike, 20, who is sitting on the bed. Mike is bloody and shocky from the accident. Pelletier asks him what was he doing in the streets on a school day, why weren't you in class? Mike is sweating, shaking and whispering. He asks where is Nicky? Where is my friend? Office Pelletier is getting impatient and tells Mike he wants to talk to him. Trust him, talk to him now. He doesn't want to have to take him out of there. Dr. Hall says Mike's eardrums are burst and that he may not hear him. Mike mumbles again, ...my friend, where's .... and crumples to the floor. Dr. Hall runs to him. Abdomen is rigid. Yells to a nurse to get a gurney, they need to take him up.

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Thanks for the sides! Is there any indication that SO will leave before the finale? With all that will most likely going on in the finale, I would hate for her last scenes to get lost in the mix.

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Maybe Sandra leaves in episode 22 with Burke? I don't think there's been any spoilers regarding the story with his return. I could see her leaving in 22 or 23 since 24 is an hour. That would be my preference instead of having her good bye shoved in the middle of the chaos.

Sorry, I left one side out:

Morning Anchor: Good Morning Seattle interior. Diane, the morning news anchor holds up a coconut and says that a report on coconut oil is next. She's smiling as she addresses the camera.

Hospital ER, day.  Dr. Hall tells the nurse to turn up the tv. There is breaking news, an overhead shot of a massive pileup on the freeway, with chaos, people running and lying injured, emergency vehicles and an 18 wheeler on its side. The morning anchor reports that its an enourmous car accident following a high speed chase on the freeway. Happened minutes ago. Reports of multiple fatalities and injuries. The morning anchor says the big concern is, what we're all wondering, who was in the car and why were they running?

Corridor, day. A crowd of nurses are gathered around a tv. The anchor is reporting that the investigators have determined that the accident was caused by driver error. Seattle PD says there is no evidence of foul play - amid the incredible relief of our doctors.

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Pure speculation, based on the last ep (18?). Since leah and arizona were the only female doctors sick, and since leah was much more sick, I'm speculating that leah and arizona are still having their fling. Why else would they have shown a previously with ari and callie outside the new house, but no other real tie to them in the story? The previously about Alex going to Hopkins was a good tie to this ep about him exploring options with the private practice doctor, but the callie and ari previously did not really tie. I think (but HOPE I am wrong) that leah and ari are still having an affair, that ari noticed leah was sick and knew she would likely catch it, so she had to let a kid sneeze on her so she could predict herself getting sick. However, apparently she didn't catch it from leah, so her timing prediction was off. Any thoughts? Again, I hope I'm wrong (I usually am).

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I think that the Arizona and Callie previously with them buying a house was linked to Alex's previously of him saying he was only staying until Robbins was better. There is zero chance that Leah and Arizona are still having an affair. Zero.

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These 3 sides came out after I had gotten the others:

Eyeball Man - ER hallway, Dr. Hall is scared by a man whose eyeball is bulging out of his face like a fish. Eyeball man tells Dr. Hall he can't see out of it, Dr. Hall says its definitely there. Dr. Hall says there is blood behind it and she is going to release it. She shoots lidocaine into his temple, by the eye. She holds her hand so he won't see that she is slicing through the skin by his eyelid. Blood gushes down his face and she gently pinches his eyelid shut, making the eyeball pop back into place. Tells him to open his eye, he blinks and tells her he can see. Thank you! Thank you so much! He beams at her, his face totally covered in blood.

Investigator - Hospital Hallway, day. Amid busy personnel Dr. Kelly talks to an investigator.  The investigator confirms to Dr. Kelly that it looks like a regular car accident. A dog ran into the road and the driver lost control, causing the pile up. Dr. Kelly says don't tell me, tell the media. Get it out there before people panic.

Weather Guy - a chirpy Seattle morning show there's a chirpy morning anchor and weather guy. The weather guy gives the forecast - mid 70s, unseasonably warm and clear. Its going to be a great day, Seattle!

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Obstetrician - OB exam room. Eliza (30s) is getting an ultrasound as her husband Steve stands nearby. The obstetrician points out the little blueberry, what they've been waiting for. The OB turns and looks at them. Not the reaction she was expecting. Eliza quickly wipes away tears that aren't tears of joy. Steve looks grim. The OB says "or not, this wasn't the idea?". Steve says not right now and the OB asks if they are looking to terminate. Steve says no. The OB says to get dressed and meet her in her office. She tears off a couple of photos and hands them to Eliza and Steve saying "meet your baby"

Given that the only couple talking about having more babies right now are Callie and Arizona, and given that Shonda's recent tweets seem to be hinting that they aren't in sync still, anyone want to bet that this side isn't about them and another friggin' Calzona break-up/fight?

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Given the massive implosion that April and Jackson seem to be headed for, I'm thinking this ill-timed pregnancy is April right when she and Jackson break up.

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The unexpected pregnancy?  It's probably Cristina, again.  We all know that this world class super awesome doctor has an issue with birth control.  We will see one more abortion before she rides off into the sunset with Burke, where she will get pregnant 100 more times before she realizes that they make things called birth control pills, backed up with a condom.  :::snark::: 

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Spoilers for episode 23

“Everything I Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right” – With Derek away, Meredith spends time with Amelia and finds out her true feelings about her time in Seattle. Bailey deals with the ramifications of her actions and Callie receives devastating news. Meanwhile, the residents panic after hearing that one of them will be fired, on “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, MAY 8 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Grey’s Anatomy” stars Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey, Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd, Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang, Justin Chambers as Alex Karev, Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey, James Pickens, Jr. as Richard Webber, Sara Ramirez as Callie Torres, Kevin McKidd as Owen Hunt, Jessica Capshaw as Arizona Robbins, Jesse Williams as Jackson Avery, Sarah Drew as April Kepner, Camilla Luddington as Jo Wilson, Gaius Charles as Shane Ross, Jerrika Hinton as Stephanie Edwards and Tessa Ferrer as Leah Murphy.

Guest cast TBA.

“Everything I Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right” was written by Austin Guzman and directed by Bill D’Elia.

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I think the pregnancy is Calzona.  It doesn't really come off like an "unexpected" pregnancy to me, because the OB seems to be saying that this is what they've been trying for.  It sounds more like a couple that wanted a baby, but now is in a bad place.

I'm excited to see Amelia come to Seattle.  Some fresh energy without being a total newbie.

I dearly hope Leah gets fired.

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I came here to see if anyone is familiar with the previews for next week regarding our beloved Christina.  I hope I saw it wrong or it's not true, but I'm too upset to even discuss it.  They implied she was being killed.  I thought she was moving away.  This is a very dirty trick if she isn't dying and if she is, then shame on Shonda.  This would be the worst sadistic stuff I've ever encountered by Shonda.  I hope I'm wrong in this interpretation.  If anyone knows please speak up.

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I'm assuming something has to happen with Aprils pregnancy by the end of the finale. It all seems too easy and non eventful. They seem to have overcome their religious issues already so I'm wondering if she loses the baby? But then again that seems too similar to what's happening with Callie.

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really don't want to see this storyline, but I'm thinking they might find out the baby has severe spina bifida or something similar. Jackson will assume this means terminating the pregnancy, which April will never agree to do. It's the most divisive thing that could come between Mr. Medicine and Mrs. Higher Power, so it's guaranteed to bring the most "drama".


In the end, of course, Addison will be called in to work her magic and the baby will be born with no repercussions whatsoever.

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I agree with photo fox, though I don't think it'll be Spina Bifida. I have Spina Bifida and my understanding is they can now deal with it in utero (though I could be wrong - it may only be certain variations of SB they can address that way). As doctors, both would know that and so termination wouldn't be as much of an issue. Now Down's Syndrome or Cerebral Palsy (I'm not sure you can diagnose CP via amnio) or something like? Yes, I could see them going there. 

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In the end, of course, Addison will be called in to work her magic and the baby will be born with no repercussions whatsoever.


If that happens then I'm totally sold, regardless of the cliche-fest.  I mean it's Grey's.  The whole damned show was built around its own brand of cliche fest. 

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Whatever happens, something about the way Jackson and April strolled happily out of the hospital to Tainted Love makes me think that their happiness will be fucked by the end of the finale.

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Didn't Zola have Spina Bifida? Recycling storylines again?


Did she? You can tell how much I pay attention to MerDer stories!  lol


The severe Spina Bifida was just my speculation, but I'm thinking any condition like that - able to be discovered in utero to cause a bunch of drama, but eventually (to cycworker's point) can be corrected surgically by Addison's magic scalpel. I don't see this show wanting to do an ongoing story with a kid with challenges. Weren't Zola and Sophia supposed to have some special needs? But I don't think that ever gets mentioned anymore.

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I understand that Drama is the word, but could any of these surgeons have normal pregnancies or at least give birth in normal conditions, without their husband being operated at the same time, or after a car accident, or during a storm? Pretty please?

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Photo fox, you're right. I highly doubt they'd have April give birth to a kid with Downs' Syndrome. But they could do something like what happened to a friend of mine.  She and her hubby were told there was a good chance, when she was pregnant with her last (or second last, I don't remember) child that it'd be born with Trisonomy (sp?) 13 or one of those types of birth defects that essentially meant the child wasn't going to survive long term outside the womb. She's a Christian and abortion wasn't something she was ever going to consider. And as it turned out, her daughter was fine. 


With Sofia, if they were smart, they'd give her some mild learning issues, as it seems the twins are now a little younger than the characters, but not much younger. So they could very easily, say, make Sofia 4 and note she's 'behind' in her language skills or fine motor or something. Not sure I'd go with language, as those girls are actually both quite verbal (I follow the parents on Twitter & Instagram). And actually, as much as I know some don't like them, I still find they engage more than the twins playing Zola. When you saw her in the background in 10x2, the little one was talking a bit to SaRa and was playing with her, and she said a word to Sandra Oh/Cristina when she gave her that stuffed toy earlier, in the hospital scene. The kids playing Zola, on the other hand, are oblivious and seem to totally ignore the adults when they talk to them... though I suppose in the scene with Amelia, you could argue it kinda worked (Zola actress did not respond AT ALL to Amelia as she was talking to her; didn't even look up. I honestly wondered if she as deaf). 

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Michael Ausiello has some new Calzona spoilers from Shonda Rhimes. For the 6th Season, they are again exploring the band-aids holding their relationship together and wondering if they should be together.

So. Much. Yawn.

(Can't be bothered to link, but it was on this week's 'Ask Ausiello' at TV Lines.

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I hope they won't turn it into Crowen, but anyways I'm glad I'm already out after last season, I don't have anything to look forward to and pretty much the important characters are already done with their storylines, already married and have kids, so it's no surprise that they're beating a dead horse on the same problems.

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Here you go:

Filming 7/25 - 8/6

Brian/Tracy -  ER. Brian (25, more muscles than brains) is there with Tracy (25, attractive, athletic) who has suffered a stroke. Dr. Jones enters and Dr. Smith presents, Tracy, early 20s, ischemic stroke.  Brian questions a stroke? I gave her a stroke? Dr. Jones examines,asks Brian if we have a history. Brains says he doesn't even know her last name. They met at the gym a couple of weeks prior and they play racquetball, she kicks his ass frequently and today was the first time he was winning. He asks if it was him, was he pushing too hard. He's self impressed. Dr. Jones asks him what answer he is looking for. Before he answers Dr. Jones asks if she is on the pill, Brian doesn't know.


Post Op - Brian stands awkwardly in Tracy's room while she sleeps. Dr. Jones comes in. Brain asks Dr. Jones if he will look clingy if he hangs around and asks her out or is it cooler to text her. They only played racquetball but he likes her. Dr. Jones smiles, its stupid and sweet. Tells Brian he should stay, she'd like that. Brian smiles.


Eric/Rita - Rita Patel is 33 weeks pregnant, has Epstein's Malformation, is there for observation. Her husband, Eric (34), is with her. Dr.Burns and an intern come into the room. Rita will be there until she gives birth. Dr. Burns asks the intern why, Rita speaks before the intern can. She says that childbirth could cause her heart to give out, the risks are that having this baby could kill her but she doesn't believe them. Eric nods, we can see he's trying to be there for her.


Next scene, Rita's room, day. Rita is breathing hard and very uncomfortable. Eric is holding her had. She tells Dr. Burns that she's had lower back pain but this is different. Its in the center and burning. Dr. Burns says it could be a lot of things and they are going to take her for an ultrasound.


Next: (note that the Rita side and the Eric side list the conditions differently. Its a heart problem in the Rita side and a brain bleed in the Rita side. My guess is it will be heart and Maggie will be the doctor). Dr. Burns and Dr. Norton (or Abraham, name is different in each too) with Eric, Eric is losing it. Dr. Norton explains that Rita is having an aortic dissection, a tear in the inner wall, causes blood to force the vessel apart.  She needs an emergency C section, Dr. Norton will operate on the baby while Dr. Burns is repairing your---- Rita cuts in asking if the baby is too little,can she handle the surgery? Dr. Burns says there's no choice. Rita will die without the surgery. Rita says just make sure my baby --- Eric cuts in telling her to please stop talking about the baby. I told you not to do this. I told you this would happen. Dr. Burns tells Eric to step outside, he goes. 


Outside of the room Eric tells the doctor he told her not to do this, he knew this would happen. Dr. tells him she needs his support right now. Eric says he can't support her killing herself, Dr. says she doesn't want to loose her child. Eric says she already did. Explains that 5 years ago their little girl Madeline died. Rita was walking with her and let go of her hand because Madeline wanted to run. She fell down and hit her head on the sidewalk, 4 feet from her mother, she was gone. It was a freak thing but Rita will always believe its because she let go of her hand. They thought they would have another child then Rita got her diagnosis so they didn't try. It was a shock when she got pregnant. He begged her not to have it but she would not let go and now he's going to lose them both. Dr. says they are going to do their best. Eric goes back to his wife.


Night-Rita's ICU room. Dr. Abraham updates them on the baby. She's fine, she is beautiful. Eric kisses Rita, she's overwhelmed with relief. Dr. will let them know when they can see her. They hold each other, Dr. leaves.


Jeannie/Majorie - Majorie (late 80s) is the patient and Jeannie is her daughter. Dr. Clark leads Dr. Michaels in to see Majorie, who recently coded. Dr. Clark asks Marjorie how she is doing but she's very sick and moans. Jeannie tells her mother she is getting tea, will be back soon. Marjorie grabs the doctor's arm and uses all her strength to say if it happens again please let her die. 


Majorie's room - Dr. Clark talking to Majorie. Asks if she knows where she is, she's not out of her mind. She's lived 89 years, 65 of those with her husband, more years with him than without him. The taught English in Japan, its very green there. Now she's here, in this ugly room alone. She's always in pain and they give her drugs that make her forget everything. She is forgetting her life, her beautiful life. She's earned better than this. Dr. Clark says there are forms she can sign. Marjorie says that Jeannie won't let her. She'd never forgive herself if everything wasn't done.  She's good-hearted, always has been. Marjorie says if its her time she should get to die remembering her life, shouldn't she? She isn't pleading, she is reasoning. And, she is right.


Nurse - Nurses move a crash cart to a patient room as Dr. Hall arrives. The patient is coding and a nurse is performing CPR. Dr. Hall asks how long, 40 seconds, is there a DNR, no. Dr. Hall says its not gonna do it, let me. She pushes past the nurse and takes over.


Robbie - Robbie's room. Robbie, 22, is trying to pass a kidney stone. He's curled on his side in pain. Dr. Rogers tells him to hang in there. Tells Dr. Hall that Robbie has been having some arrhythmias so they called for an EKG. Robbie is red and very short of breath. Dr. Hall doesn't like the EKG, orders morphine. Tells Robbie to relax, Robbie does just that.

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Mmm, nothing too excited. Personally, I'm hoping the Rita/Eric side is actually a Neuro case, since Amelia is a regular and Maggie is just a guest star. I hope she won't get too much focus, outside of being Meredith's half-sister and Richard's daughter. Alternatively, I wonder if the pregnancy storyline will somehow parallel to whatever Jackson and April are going through with their pregnancy. It could also parallel to Calzona, who are attempting surrogacy (which Shonda has basically said isn't going to work out).


Regardless, these sides don't give us much to go off. They're just ordinary patient storylines, and none of the doctors' actions stand out like in previous sides. 

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Thank you for the sides, windsprints!

Assuming the cases stay the same, it seems like this ep is going to be heavy on Maggie Pierce/cardio (Yawn. I already miss Cristina!).

It will be interesting to see who Amelia bonds with outside of Derek and Meredith.

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I hated Cardio with Cristina, so I can only imagine how much I'll hate it without her. The only perk was her sarcasm. So I'm going to hold onto hope that the cases change.


I'm not interested in this Maggie character at all, outside of how she'll affect Meredith and Richard. 

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It will be interesting to see who Amelia bonds with outside of Derek and Meredith.

Amelia was my favorite on Private Practice. So this is what I'm most interested in. I hope she does not replace Cristina, but honestly out of all the females on Grey's I could see Meredith getting along with Amelia better than Callie and April. Not because of Derek, but

I think they have similar personalities.

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Amelia was my favorite on Private Practice. So this is what I'm most interested in. I hope she does not replace Cristina, but honestly out of all the females on Grey's I could see Meredith getting along with Amelia better than Callie and April. Not because of Derek, but

I think they have similar personalities.


I've been thinking this for a long time, long before Amelia actually returned and was made a regular. Amelia and Meredith actually have more in common than Cristina and Meredith did, in my opinion. I don't think it's possible to replace Cristina, but Amelia can fill a bit of a void. Amelia and Meredith have very similar life experiences as well. They've both lost friends (Amelia's friend died on PP), Derek has held them both dead (Derek revived Amelia after she OD'd),  they've both lost a baby (Amelia's baby was born without a brain), and the list goes on. I look forward to seeing them bond more.

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