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  1. being neglected and abused myself, I would have rather have been with an adult I knew than farmed out to foster parents who gave me a mattress that they found of the road with a snake crawling out of it, and then forced to attend to their goat farm. but sure...we hate Amy, Jinger, and Jill. Kinship has to be something that all parties agree to, so if theyre uncomfortable they say no. but ok I had a sister, and I would have rather been with an adult I trusted and split up (knowing she was also with a trusted adult) than been placed in foster care.
  2. I can't fault her with this. It's all she knows. This is the language she was raised in and never had school or even an outside church to give her different phrasing. I do think that Jinger and Jeremy are having a panic moment realizing that they need to land on their feet. He better finish that degree because living in CA is an expensive venture. Hoping they move north to PA with his family to make a life far away from the Dugs.
  3. This makes me sad. Our family plays in a church league. I don't think JRod would approve. It's CO-ED, my teen daughters play, and brewskis are often involved for the over 21 set. LOL I think it's so sad that the girls aren't allowed to even try sports. :( A pentecostal friend of mine called a green bean demon out of her son because he wouldn't eat green beans at Thanksgiving. LOL. She was mad at me when I told her she was crazy. :/ Poor kid was the victim of a fake exorcism.
  4. I can't imagine. Seriously. I wasn't super worldly or experienced when I married Mr. Meow, we actually lost our virginity to each other 5 years before we got married....but thinking back to our first time, LOL...that would've been a let down on our wedding night. ahahaha. I don't judge ANYONE who wants to wait. It's not a bad thing, but I LEGIT can't imagine not doing ANYTHING until you're married. Like...NOTHING?!?! To have your first kiss in front of a lot of people would be SO embarrassing. In fact, I believe that kissing can be a great signal on being compatible. My boyfriend
  5. My mother rejected me. Raised me coldly, openly disliked me and loved my young sister. Everyone saw it, my dad did nothing to stop it. She literally dumped me the day I graduated from high school, lives 5 miles away and has never met my children and has never acknowledged me in public. There was also something that happened to me sexually around age 4/5 that I've never been able to uncover, but it's there. I've been in therapy for 21 years. with real therapists. I can't shake it. Sometimes you don't get what you want which is healing. PTSD is an asshole, and it's real. Jill may n
  6. IMO this is unfair. I am not in the Duggar cult, but I am a Christian. Our church refers its members to a "Christian counselor" who graduated with a masters from PennState. All it means is that she can counsel Christians with an understanding of their religion, and can weave their religion into their sessons. Jill isn't in the cult anymore, and there is a good chance that her church also has a legitimate counselor that they refer to. Most mainline and even most evangelical churches have real counselors that the refer people to. I believe Jill is seeing an actual counselor that her church
  7. My FIL was in child welfare in Pennsylvania for 30 years, and dealt almost exclusively in sexual abuse. We had a conversation about the Josh Duggar case yesterday, and he said that the children would be interviewed, and IF the warehouse they were living in was ON the main house grounds any minor child living on the property would be interviewed as well. Now, that is in PA, so Arkansas could be totally different. He was absolutely shocked that the judge gave him unlimited visitation with just the wife present. In the cases he saw around here the accused would be granted visits only with a c
  8. Meow25

    Season 2

    "Teach Me Tonight" is effing cringe. Seriously, a mother could be so blessed that the worst thing that ever happened to her daughter was a fractured wrist. Lor and Chris are complete assholes in this episode. The way she treated Luke was unforgivable. My daughter is a junior in high school and has epilepsy since age 6. This really pissed me off, what a damn drama queen.
  9. On top of this look at how well other historical drama have done recently. People like this genre. a lot. From Bridgerton to Downton Abbey, the Tudors...Victoria, people are hungry for it. I'm an anglophile and search for documentaries and movies to watch constantly. I've watched the entire "Monarchy" documentary by David Starky several times. I, even being the nerd I am, can let go of the anachronisms, and rewriting of history (Thomas on Downton...I feel horrible for gays of the time, but there is no way the Earl would've continued his employment; the colorblind casting on Bridger
  10. I know this has been discussed to death, but Pen was an immature teenager in love. Obsessive love. Penelope is also smart, and creative, and likely had very vivid daydreams of the possibility of Colin...even though in reality she knew it was unlikely. Colin is also very young to marry, so I am sure that she thought she had years to prepare to "lose" him. Obsessive love and unrequited love is very strong. I was a teenager 24 + years ago and I still remember how it felt. She may be smart and clever, but when the heart is involved it all comes out in idiot to quote Lorelai Gilmore. Thi
  11. I actually enjoyed the book. I am not a fan of Eloise, but the book was a fresh change of pace from the other books IMO. It was nice to see something more "normal" for the time where the elusive love match wasn't the norm. It was a slow burn for Julia Quinn in contrast to the other books. From being ready to be a spinster, to ready to get married to a suitable man who she could grow to like, to wanting to help and love her step children, to falling in love....I thought it was pretty fantastic. Anthony's story was my favorite, but the Eloise story is right up there too. I felt Phillip's
  12. I actually think Sophie's story would be a great way to show some racial issues. The evil step mother doesn't end up conceiving with Sophie's father. It would be interesting/sad to see Sophie's step-people treat her badly and use her race as one of the reasons especially when explaining to the daughters why they're better than she is. There haven't been many asian actors in the show. I'm down for Sophie being Asian, and exploring some race issues through her story. It would give that much more satisfaction seeing the step mother getting her just desserts at the end of their season. jmo
  13. I actually hate Lorelai's hair at Rory's graduation in S3. I really dislike LG's hair when it's too curly.
  14. Meow25

    Season 3

    Rewatch: As a now 40 year old woman I LOVE Luke's rant at Jess. "I'm employee of the month, the year, the century, of the UNIVERSE! You should be so lucky to have a job like mine!" GG has a tendency to be so shallow...ONLY Ivy League schools matter, Public schools are for morons.... I was just so glad Luke got his "Mike Rowe" moment. He should be proud of the business he built on his own, and Jess constantly shitting on him was foul. I like Jess after S6, but he was a jackhole to Luke.
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