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  1. Wasn't a fan. I agree with many of the posts already made about how much better it could have been done so that Alex wasn't shredded in the process. I loved Alex & Izzie way back when & I loved Alex & Jo these past few years. Now I want Jo to rip up the letter, sell the shares & live it up without an ounce of mourning or guilt. Well its Grey's & Owen seems to father the majority of the children so I think its more likely Jo will sleep with Owen. She's reeling from being dumped via a letter & Teddy just cheated on Owen. Presto! Another kid for Owen. (I just made myself a bit sick from typing that - I am joking).
  2. I think Vanessa is going to be the Kirsten of this series. If you didn't watch the original Kirsten was the nanny. She was initially either engaged or married, I can't remember. Bailey had a crush on her but she & Charlie hit it off. My memories are fuzzy & I don't remember how long it was until she and Charlie got together. I had extremely low expectations going in. I like the show quite a bit so far. I'm in for the season.
  3. The Page Six claims offer an explanation but it still seems odd; the lack of well wishes, etc. They could have had Alex's mom need him and have him off screen until the finale or til next season. Its not like they give him major storyline anyway. If he needed help I am glad he is getting it, regardless of the issue. Haha that was my immediate thought as well. Its been just about every season.
  4. Popping back to say I wish Justin nothing but the best. Unless he did something completely heinous (& I struggle to believe that) there is no reason not to give him some kind of decent exit. Pure guess - He came back early from his visit & Alex is the driver of the car that drove the bar & they'll kill him off. It would be so Grey's.
  5. Preview for 3.07: Longer sneak peek:
  6. This site has a bunch. I haven't looked at it in years so I don't know if its accurate for later seasons but it may help you get started. https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Grey's_Anatomy
  7. I agree, that is the case in real life. The show mainly focuses on the portions of their lives that immediately surround (& during) the missions. IMO we don't see the stretches of time when life is more normal for them. IMO, I don't think its much different than a medical show having surgeons perform ground breaking surgeries every week, lawyers in court arguing huge cases every week, etc. All the drama is heightened. I also don't think the show started all military and nothing with their lives - we saw Jason struggling personally after Nate died in episode 1. JMO.
  8. Sneak Peek for Wednesday:
  9. A post from Max - Swanny was based on Ryan Larkin, a former SEAL who took his own life in 2017.
  10. Are the sides the only reason why its being said that he doesn't appear after episode 8? I haven't read them for Jane but if the sides are like other shows its very possible for Michael to be on the show & not in the sides.
  11. I'm not convinced Emma thought about going to school in NYC prior to Alana dying. I think part of her wanting to get away is tied to her being afraid Jason is going to die too. She lost her mom unexpectedly & her dad has a job where he is always in danger. IMO, at least part of it is that she wants distance. I don't think Jason will sell the house. I think seeing a problem and looking for the way to blow right through it is consistent with Jason.I hope Emma stays. I think there could be decent story going forward. Jason dealing with his kids after leaving most of it to Alana gives him some personal conflict that isn't another romance on the show. Emma being 18 & having opinions that differ from her father give a family dynamic that is different than Ray's with small children. Especially after all the talk about the brotherhood throughout the episode. 5 hearts beating as 1- well until 1 is injured then you can stand in hall & you'll see him when you get back to the states. At a minimum there should have been a scene with them watching Clay be wheeled out after Blackburn told them he was leaving. I think we'll see his father, mainly because the actress who plays Stella went to another show didn't she?
  12. I agree with you, I think Nicky is staying with Kevin and that's why he is there. Perhaps he & Rebecca bonded & he's sitting with her while Kevin went out to get the food. I don't think Kate is dead. I think she & Toby have split and Kate is bringing Jack. If Kevin bought the house after they split that would explain why Toby never saw it. We also don't know how long Kevin has had the house. He could have bought it a month ago for all we know. A few nitpicks but overall I liked the finale.
  13. I've watched the whole way through. I found season 2 a bit off the rails but it got better towards the end of the season. And, season 3 was good.
  14. He went to theology college after FNL and didn't act for awhile. He was on Grey's Anatomy for a couple of seasons afterwards. Its great to see him here. I'm interested to see how it all plays out. I'm really enjoying this show. I never expected to like it and now I look forward to it every week.
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