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  1. I think he called himself that, not Emma.
  2. I love medical shows but I'm out. The father is such an miserable ass that he makes the show unwatchable. If he leaves the hospital or dies then maybe I'll check out another episode.
  3. As expected. https://tvline.com/2022/01/10/greys-anatomy-renewed-season-19-ellen-pompeo-new-contract/
  4. 100% agree it would be ridiculous if Meredith was pregnant - should should be 50 by now. But the show has deaged her more than once & I think it said she was born in 1978. Also, this show had Adele pregnant in her 50s. That being said, I don't think she is pregnant. We've seen her puke from nerves before. If they feel the need to have yet another (unneeded IMO) pregnancy I think it will be Amelia. She slept with Linc and now is falling for someone else. Agree, nothing will happen to him. No one else has ever been held accountable so doubt he will. Maybe he will go off to the wood
  5. That he had the drugs in his car & was helping veterans with assisted suicide. He told Hayes about it. - Ooops, typed before seeing someone answered already, sorry. Now that it is her name/reputation attached she suddenly cares. Last time everyone covered for her and now it would be on her
  6. I don't think either are going anywhere. Owen will be saved. Hayes knows his big secret now so there is the Owen drama for the rest of the season. Maybe they will add in Hayes growing closer to Megan if he tries to help her since he seems to be the only one who sees she has a problem. Poor Hayes, they sign Scott Speedman and he gets kicked from love interest to Owen drama, lol. Glasses will probably have a crisis of confidence which I am guessing may make him even more insufferable. I don't think Meredith is pregnant. I think the puking was nerves. I had hopes for Dr. Wright but
  7. I don't expect to see large amounts of time with kids since the show mostly takes place at the hospital. It's not the length of the scenes, it's the content. For me anyway. Had she said she was going home instead of to the cabin is an example. Easy way to show her kids are important while requiring no scenes with the kids. There's been quite a few things like this over the years and it's cumulative in giving (again for me, I'm sure other people feel differently) me the impression that she is far from a warm mother. The fact that the daycare is in the building makes it even worse. It's
  8. I find the Minnesota storyline to be dull as all hell. Somehow they have managed to make Scott Speedman and Peter Gallagher boring. I'll add Kai to the list of boring. I do want Amelia/Link together but if they're going to test the waters with other relationships for them then don't use dull characters. I really like Jo/Link as friends. I think the actors have great friend chemistry and I buy them as friends. I really hope we don't have Jo pining away now because Link had a crush on her a decade ago. I hope it's a fleeting moment then we move along. If the new resident is joining the cas
  9. And to make it worse she said she would go to the cabin with Nick if the snow cleared the next day. Not home as planned after being away and missing Thanksgiving with the kids, trot off with Nick. You'd think almost dying from COVID would maybe have her making her kids a priority after they almost lost her but nope. I can. Meredith chose to adopt a child then have 2 more.
  10. Re: Nick being real - I don't think promos are considered spoilers but just in case I'll just say go watch it. Promo The episode was OK. I enjoyed Amelia & Linc together and Richard and Bailey working together. I'm glad Meredith's kids have their aunts. Meredith isn't even going to bother to come home when the snow clears after missing Thanksgiving with her kids. The kids can eat the turkey with Amelia & Linc as Meredith goes off to the cabin with Nick. I still don't care about Glasses or Meghan but I hope her son makes it. I hoping the second half of the season picks
  11. That was like watching clips from 4 different shows spliced together. I didn't know who half the people were (see Daisy's post above!), part in another city (bored), Owen & then the rest. Worst episode of the season IMO.
  12. Other couples also had 2 full characters. This one is bumbling Glasses and the guy he has sex with. As someone said it's the only time we see him. I want less Glasses and Helm. It doesn't matter if the scenes are sex scenes, OR scenes, locker rooms scenes, training class scenes - they are just everywhere this season. Smaller doses of them may make them more tolerable. Right now it's some decent scene then there's Glasses bumbling through again to kill the momentum.
  13. I loved having Addison back. She was the best part of these past 2 episodes, a reminder of the show when it was so good. In this episode the Amelia/Addison scenes were fantastic. After years of characters yelling "SISTERS" it was great to see two women being close without the point having to be pushed at all. I am glad they didn't destroy Addison's marriage in the process of bringing her back. I wish they could have a trial or something in Seattle that would let her pop in for an episode here and there. It doesn't need to be her spending X number of days in each city (too close to the Meredith
  14. She said her son was 8 so that was a bit of a Henry mention. I hope she's still married to Jake. Maybe she'll talk with Amelia more and we will find out next week. We saw Addison react to Mark's death on Private Practice. Since Private Practice ended before Derek died we never saw her acknowledge it. I didn't mind her being upset here. They were married 11 years, he died suddenly and it's the first time she was back to somewhere she associates with him. UO: I wish she had the moment with Amelia instead of Meredith. Addison has a long history with Amelia and they have a close relationship
  15. I had read 2 episodes but I can't find the article now. ETA: Here's the article but take with a grain of salt. Not being confirmed anywhere else that I see. https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/greys-anatomy-how-long-addison-montgomery-back-kate-walsh-episodes-fans-watch-season-18.html/ Agreed. She's practically a stalker. She's been on the show for years and her creepy attachment to Meredith is her only defining character trait. Time to move on.
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