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  1. I'm 100% sure that's exactly the reason and why I never expected them to go there at all.
  2. How is a nobody like Qadri in position to demand anything? She didn't come to work with Meredith Grey, she came to work at GSMH. You don't want to work unless Meredith Grey is there? Fine, you don't have to, just like Bailey said. Also, I'm sure her prospective employers will be thrilled to find out she's prone to hysterical outbursts when she doesn't get things her own way. Have fun working at a free local clinic, gurl.
  3. I so wanted to high-five Bailey when she fired that moron! Yeah, I don't care how realistic it is to fire someone just like that (and honestly, on the list of all the unrealistic things that have happened on this show, this wouldn't even make the top 100), but she was literally acting like a 12 year old throwing a tantrum because her parents didn't let her go to Ariana Grande's concert or whatever. Good riddance. Also, wouldn't we all rather die than be operated by someone other than St. Meredith?
  4. I'm extremely confused about what's going on with those two. Not only was their relationship totally forced and inorganic, now the break-up is too. So they realize they're not right for each other. Too bad, but they haven't been together that long, they were only starting to get serious, there are no children or joint assets to share. Moreover, they work together and their parents are married to each other. So yeah, just get over it and be civil to each other. Instead, they're acting like they've deeply hurt and betrayed one another and this over the top animosity between them is totally unwarranted. So I'm thinking either the writers really want to beat into the ground how those two are never, ever, EVER getting back together or (more likely) they're setting up a scenario where there's just so much INTENSE PASSION!!! between them that they can't stand to be apart. *barf*
  5. A totally embarrassing confession coming up: I had seen some promos/caps of the season premiere and I thought Samira Wiley was now a part of the cast, which I thought was very interesting and was really looking forward to it. So, I spent the entire episode wondering when the hell she was going to show up, which took me out of it quite a lot, and when in the end it didn't happen, I was rather confused. And then it hit me - my "Samira Wiley" was actually the teen baby dady. *hides* Although, it does make me feel a bit better to read that the actors actually are blood-related.
  6. You know what would be really good? If the show got even worse. No, seriously, let it become the intentional OTT parody of medical soaps it so desperately wants to be, but won't let it happen because it still takes itself way too seriously. It could work, honestly. It would need better acting, though, instead of phoning it in like the vast majority of the cast is doing at this point. And as pointed out, several of the male actors REALLY need better haircuts. It's important! We should add Kim Raver to the long list of terrible criers on the show. I really liked her character and it's horrible how they've completely ruined her, but this is GA and it happens to everyone.
  7. Which is yet another thing that makes very little sense. Serena is not some random Wife who might not have even known what her husband was up to and then had no choice but to play along. She was a well known public fugure who actively associated herself with Sons of Jacob and advocated for their ideas. That the new regime didn't reward her they way she thought they would does not exonerate her from the role she had in establishing it. And I totally agree, Serena wouldn't last a week without protection. Remember, people tried to kill her while she was still merely lecturing on "women's biological destiny". I can't even begin to imagine what they'd do to her now that her ideas have been implemented in reality. And here she was, looking forward to living a free life in Toronto, instead of asking to have her indentity changed and be sent away some place where nobody knows her. Come on, she's not that stupid. God, they've really ruined her character.
  8. OMFG. One of the few good things about S3 is that we got to see very little of that, but if we're going back there again, I'm really, really, really not here for it.
  9. Also, I just realized that it's very convenient that apparently none of the Marthas of the June's gang's children were willing to cooperate, since Janine, Alma et al. all stayed behind.
  10. The gigantic security lapse was so unbeliveable that it's not even funny. I mean, let's take a look at some of the things that happened (on-screen!) so far: - A handmaid hijacked a car and ran over a soldier - A Jezebel killed a commander and fled the country - A handmaid kidnapped a baby and threatened to jump off the bridge with it - A handmaid carried out a suicide bombing attack, murdering dozens of people - A pregnant handmaid escaped - The same pregnant handmaid escaped again - A handmaid brutally attacked and seriously injured an Aunt, after which she fled the country, taking a baby with her - A handmaid went crazy and attacked and killed/injured several people - A high-ranked commander went missing So, not only does Gilead have absolutely no reason to feel overconfident, they should be downright paranoid, and rightly so. The second that Martha was noticed, the entire area would have been sealed off and turned into a virtual quarantine. The Gilead leadership may be a lot of things, but they're not inept morons, seeing that they were able to win the war and take over the country. This kind of writing is pathetic.
  11. I think everyone got that. The problem is that such deal makes absolutely no sense. Especially now that we can throw away the theory about the American government being willing to offer Serena immunity in exchange for important information or whatever. If she truly was that valuable to them, no one would bat an eye about the fact that she pimped out a woman once. And yeah, Serena would definitely be killed the first time she walked out into the streets alone, so that part about her "being free" was laughable. In fact, for all the people complain about the character assassination of June, in a way Serena had it even worse. June at least got some storylines going, no matter how stupid, while Serena did nothing all season long except obsessing over her "daughter", with everyone (except her own mother, paradoxically) inexplicably indulging her in her delusions about motherhood.
  12. I agree 100%. That's exactly how I feel, too. It's pretty much the only scene in the episode that really touched me. The entire plan and its execution is so ridiculous that the less said about it, the better. I agree with everyone who said the opening scene reminded them of the time this show was still good. While I'm extremely glad that Serena is not going to get away scot-free, they just... took Fred's word for it? I mean, what he said was absolutely true (and frankly, I'm on his side here - she deserved it, and then some), how could they possibly know that? It's not like he could provide Nick's written statement. And hell, he could have told them just about anything. Also, the American agent guy obviously wasn't playing a long game of any kind with Serena. He really bought into her act as an innocent victim. The look of disgust on his face when he found out she was acting as a pimp. LOL. Oh, if only he knew. I'm not sad about Janine, simply because I was completely sure she was going to die a heroic death saving June, so I'm just glad that didn't happen and she survived.
  13. Well, since June took out the one remaining soldier in Gilead, the USA can now invade back and take over the country, right? Game over.
  14. What do you guys think, which 80s song will feature in the season finale? My money is on "Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves", to the final scene close-up of June looking on triumphantly as the plane with the children takes off.
  15. Hell, June couldn't take ONE child out of Gilead, her own child, that she obviously knew and could control, while the escape was still somewhat possible. Her second child, again, only one child, nearly died in the attempt to flee the country. Granted, she doesn't know that, but she knows how her previous escape attempts went. Also, she knows that a Martha got executed because she simply agreed to let a biological mother see her daughter. There are astronomical chances that at least one of the Marthas would somehow draw the unwanted attention to herself and it would be enough for the whole plan to fall apart. Or maybe Natalie was the only snitch in Gilead and now that she's gone, all secrets are safe. And now she thinks that getting 52 random children out will be smooth sailing? Well, maybe it will because they've now apparently opened the Fred and Serena Magical Road to Freedom, so they shouldn't even bother with Billy's plane and just take that route instead
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