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  1. OK, I realize this show is little more than Ellen Pompeo's vanity project at this point, but this has gone too far and it's become laughable. There must have been tons of doctors at that hospital who are just as professionally accomplished as her AND infinitely more pleasant human beings, yet no one has been falling head over heels for them time and again like they do for her. It's ridiculous. Stop it. Oh, and I really hoped we had left the "McWhatever" thing behind us. Sigh. And OF COURSE the new guy is her next love interest. Of course. He might as well have showed up with a huge neon sign on his forehead that said so. Wouldn't it be hilarious (and by that I mean repulsive) if they did a hard reset and Owen/Amelia and Teddy/Koracick got back together yet again?! Because... I don't think that's completely outside the realm of possibility. Oh God. What the hell are doing with Catherine? If Debby Allen is not available/interested anymore, just write her out FFS. This whole "Hi! I'm back in town! Bye! I'm out of town again!" business that's been going on for months makes NO sense. Also, while she was never the most sympathetic character, she's become completely insufferable now. IMO, Richard has about a thousand times more chemistry with Gemma than he ever did with her. I'm amazed at how they keep managing to bring Maggie's immaturity up a notch every single episode. Yes, go ahead and be rude to a colleague who might have literally saved a patient's life by coming up with a reasonable plan while you were too busy having a meltdown. OTOH, Teddy doing cardio surgery was one of the episode's rare highlights. I miss watching her in that capacity. I'd take her over Maggie as the Chief of Cardio in an instant, but LOL, of course there's no way Maggie's resignation sticks. I actually didn't expect anything to go wrong with Bailey's pregnancy, so that one caught me by surprise and it was genuinely moving. I too am guessing they end up adopting the baby Jo kidnapped. Speaking of, I guess Jo has selective amnesia and doesn't remember that her mother was raped. That's about the only thing that could explain her behavour at this point.
  2. Ha! It's the second time within weeks that you've sympathized with Contacts. By the end of the season you'll stan!
  3. I can't deal with the entire world hospital rallying behind the Saint. Also, there was never a shadow of a doubt she'd get her license back, so what's the point. I'm going to pass on this one. See you guys next week. Maybe.
  4. I guess it's kinda ironic what I watched this episode precisely on the 20th anniversary of my grandmother's death. One of my earliest clear childhood memories was the day she was supposed to visit us and got lost on the way from the bus station - the road she taken literally hundreds of times before that. It was before the cellphones appeared and there was no way to locate her. I remember everything - my mom crying, the police being called, the phone ringing incessantly, the look on my mom's face every time it turned out they didn't call to say that she had been found... Strangely enough, I can't remember how she finally appeared (I know the story, of course), just that at some point late in the evening she was there and went straight to bed, saying she's very tired. But those agonizing hours filled with horrific tension are something I'll never forget. It was the day it became clear that her "senior moments" she had been having were way more than that. She went on to stuggle with dementia for a very long time and it got really, really bad. By the end she was unable to speak and was completely unaware of her surroundings. If they go there with Rebecca, it might well be the first time I'll actually cry watching this show. I totally understand why Randall got concerned. Like people have said, it was way more than just misplacing her phone. It was also her borderline panic attack when she was unable to find it, even though she'd had it literally a minute ago and it had to be in the same room. It was the constant photo taking. It was her unable to have a meaninfgul conversation, always diverting the topic to safe small talk. Randall knows Rebecca better than anyone and he must have realized that's not how she acts and how their R&R time tends to be. That said, the way he voiced his concerns in the end was horrendous. OK, I admit that the very thought of something happening to my parents pretty much paralyses me with fear and whenever they have a health scare (which happens more often now they're getting older) I tend not to act completely rationally. So I understand he might say or do something he'd regret later. However, to imply that he has been parenting her for the last 20 years was simply awful. For one, I don't even think it's true and so far nothing on this show has ever indicated it. Stepping up and helping her out during the rough time in the aftermath of Jack's death is not the same as having the inverted parent-child roles for two decades. If they try to portray it like that now, it's going to be a very stupid retcon. BUT, even if it was 100% correct and they did have a relationship like Susan and Julie on Desperate Housewives - throwing it in the face of a person you suspect might be seriously ill is a very shitty move. I thought the rest of the episode was very fine, but I just haven't been in the right state of mind to really process it. I'll just say that I generally find Kevin's self-loathing to be somewhat over-the-top, even though I can understand where it comes from. Also, I've started to really like him with Cassidy and I'll be sorry if we don't see more of her. And I really loved Beth's "If you 'OK' me one more time" to Malik. And that it's really fortunate that Lyric Ross is such a good actress, because the Deja overload would be really tough to take otherwise. Didn't we already do the "Deja wants to see her mom, which causes great angst in the Pearson household" last season already? It wasn't too interesting back then either. Like many have said, show us more of Tess instead.
  5. Yep, which is why I figured Sabi is a goner as soon as that happened. What really annoyed me with all the "Maggie is the bestest cardiothoracic surgeon EVER!!!1~" talk is that there's another cardiac surgeon in town who's also kind of awesome, not to mention way more experienced than Maggie. You know, the one that trained the legendary Cristina Yang. Yeah, I know she doesn't work at Pac North, but when has it ever been an issue on this show to hop from one hospital to another just like that?! Case in point: Maggie today. So, if Sabi didn't want Maggie operating on her and Richard still wanted the best possible care for her, he could have at least checked if she was available. But, I guess they're now pretending that Teddy is and always has been a trauma surgeon. Owen was an ass, but not quite as big an ass I thought he'd be. What Amelia put him through was horrible, even with the brain tumor retcon, so I don't blame him for being upset. Of course, he had absolutely no right to project his feelings onto his patient. At least he came to his senses relatively quickly, thanks to Amelia. She continues to be great, but GIRL, what's with randomly visiting Owen at his workplace to drop a bomb on him like that and why did she think Meredith's daughter's toy would make it better. SMH. Those were shades of the old nutjob Amelia. We don't need more of her. While we're at Amelia and Owen, I do think it's nice she wants to keep in touch in with Leo, and it's good for Leo and Alison to have another person in their lives who cares about them and they can all totally be friends and have playdates for their children. However, they're not a family and none of them should be obliged to feel that way. Especially when there are other people like Teddy and Link involved, who also have a say in it and have every possible right to feel otherwise. I still think Catherine is terrible and want Richard to dump her.
  6. It was an interesting parallel between the two dinners. At Randall's and Beth's, it was the wives who completely lost their cool and made things ugly (although I felt some of it was over the top - Malik's mother as first introduced seemed like a completely reasonable, no-nonsense woman, not this hideously rude witch who'd make a total ass of herself to the people who invited her into their home), while at Jack's and Rebecca's, the wives were the voice of the reason and stopped the evening from turning into a total disaster. I had to check if "grooming" meant what I thought it did, and yikes. I'm so glad the show didn't go there and imply that's what Jack was having a problem with. I saw absolutely none of that in Randall's teacher - I saw a man who genuinely liked a kid, could identify with him and probably wanted to have a child of his own like that. Jack was certainly jealous of their bonding, and while jealousy comes in various forms, usually it's the one of sexual nature that's portrayed in popular culture, so it was interesting to see a parent being jealous of someone getting their child's attention and affection. It most certainly happens a lot. I don't have anything against Deja, but with so many characters and storylines being neglected and underdeveloped, I can't help thinking all this focus she's been getting could have easily been directed elsewhere. I do have a problem with her relationship with Malik, though. For starters, he simply looks too young, like people have already pointed out. I'm totally getting the "big sister - little brother" vibes from them when they interact. And then the fact that he has a baby makes it all even more confusing. Also, I can accept (to a degree) all the relentless speechifying when it comes from adults, but when teenagers talk like that, just nooooooooo.
  7. Well, I certainly didn't expect like half the comments here to be about DeLuca's conversation with Zola, as that one barely registered with me. But, while we're at it, even though I think it sure was contrived like hell and just another attempt to make MerLuca happen, I really can't find much wrong with what DeLuca (as a character on the show) did in that particular situation. A little girl was sad because she was missing her dad and he told her a nice story about him so she would feel better. Would it be better if the story had been told by someone who knew her father and had a meaningful relationship with him? Sure, but none of those people were there at the moment, (or even noticed she was hurting) so I don't see what the big deal is. It's so obvious that they're going to make that farcically hopeless excuse of a hospital Alex and Richard work at now into the Best Medical Facility EVER!!! and that the Catherine Fox Foundation (God, this one will never not sound cringy) will eventually buy it. I'm yawning already. These days, I'm always more glad about the things that didn't happen on the show. Like, it's really great that Jo isn't really pregnant. Or that she didn't have to perform an emergency surgery while dressed in her Halloween costume, because I totally thought it would happen. And for that, I'm grateful. Also, Amelia didn't talk her usual weirdly accented cutesy gibberish! She sounded like a normal person! See, show/Scorsone? YOU CAN DO IT! Now do it all the time! The Sunflower Kid was adorable and Teddy's costumes were awesome. Perhaps for all the wrong reasons, but still awesome.
  8. This is probably going to be a wildly unpopular opinion, but when Kevin and Cassidy were talking at the gym, I thought they had good chemistry. *ducks* Yeah, hooking up now is a colossally bad idea, but I'm open to the idea of pairing them off eventually. *ducks again* I'm beyond tired of Randall's many, many identity crises and there are very few things more boring than golf (actually, there might be none), so that storyline was particularly tough to get through. Still, that last shot was genuinely moving. I'm not buying the clueless Rebecca either. She's not that dumb not to understand her father wouldn't approve of her relationship with Jack and it's not like she's being rebellious against him either. The whole thing doesn't feel realistic at all.
  9. How DARE that judge puth St, Meredith of the Sun in jail? Doesn't he/she know that she made mini-livers??? And got the CATHERINE FOX AWARD????! So disrespectful! Not that I have any firsthand experience with it, but I think I've yet to see a TV portrayal of psychotherapy that didn't make it seem like a load of nonsense. This one wasn't much different. And the show's constant refusal to even acknowledge Jo's mother's point of view is honestly infuriating. Cheating sucks, but so does Catherine, so I wouldn't really blame Richard too much if he went there with Gemma. Still, I hope he resists the temptation and then dumps Catherine regardless. Amelia would easily be my favourite character on the show by far if she could only talk like a normal person. I don't mean just her monologues, but the way she emphasizes certain random words/syllables is just so incredibly grating.
  10. Yes, but since that was probably the first time the family was reunited (and for a joyous occasion, at that) after Jack died and the boys moved out, and they weren't going to have a lot of such moments again, I'm pretty sure Rebecca in particular would cherish those pictures (minus those with Kate's BF, obviously, if he did something awful) instead of instantly forgetting about them and letting them languish in the piano bench like that.
  11. OMG, totally this. I swear for a moment I though I was watching Grey's Anatomy (especially when the "you're my person" line popped up - REALLY?), although I did like Rebecca lashing out at the kids. I think the reason Beth didn't tell Randall about William's anxiety issues is that she didn't even know he had them until the writers remembered they needed to somehow insert William into the story again through his little pearls of wisdom to Beth, which seems to be their go-to choice. I must say I'm not really a fan of that particular storytelling technique. It does seem like something bad happened between Kate and her boyfriend, but I'm wondering how bad it must have been if she still kept their photos. Plus, while Rebecca looked upset/sad, I didn't think she had the face of a woman who had just seen a picture of man who had abused or otherwise deeply hurt her daughter in some way.
  12. Looking at the current female regulars, the only one who hasn't had an unplanned pregnancy at some point is Maggie. Going back to former characters, Cristina, Callie, April and Addison were all there as well. Basically, the only ones who never experienced it were Izzie (probably didn't last long enough for that storyline) and Arizona (not even a theoretical possibility, for obvious reasons). That is absurd. I know you have to fill 16 seasons with a lot of stuff, but COME ON.
  13. Oh God, not the old tired ass "A woman thinks she's menopausal, but she's actually pregnant" trope. Please kill it with fire. Remember when Meredith seemed destined to spend the rest of her life in her mother's shadow, always struggling to live up to her reputation? I disliked her back then too, but now I realize that version was about a million times better and more realistic than this superstar/celebrity/saviour/saint thing they have going on with her. She's completely insufferable and she's dragged the only non-annoying male character left down with her. Sad. I naively hoped the original no-nonsense Bailey was back when she fired Qadri. Obviously, that's been thrown out of the window now that she's pregnant. I can only imagine how unbearable she's about to become. Also, something I really don't get. So, like half of the attendings got fired or quit and... Bailey is not planning on replacing them with anyone? Huh? I thought this was supposed to be a teaching hospital. So, who's going to teach? Now that's something Qadri should have been complaining about last week and it would have been a perfectly valid concern; instead of throwing a tantrum because she couldn't work with The Sun.
  14. Yup, that sums up my thoughts as well. I didn't think she was being overly and inappropriately sexual or anything - in fact, I thought she looked great! - it's just that her dancing didn't seem really... professional. It looked more like a random person suddenly breaking into a dance than a qualified instructor showing off their skills. I don't see why it would get people to sign up for her class either.
  15. And the timing of that was impeccable! Just when Randall had the Baby Teen Daddy bomb dropped on him! It really made me laugh. I'm usually not really a fan of Deja and think the show would be just fine if she had never been introduced in the first place, but she was absolutely fantastic in that scene. She might be growing on me a bit. I also don't think Randall and Beth are concerned that Malik would get Deja pregnant, but rather that she's nowhere near ready to take a stepmother role in any capacity. And they're absolutely right. It was totally one of those Embarrassing Things Moms Do, but without her meddling, I don't think there'd ever be a relationship. After that disaster of a first date, I think Beth would have been happy to ignore Randall's existence for the rest of their college days and he would have been clueless as to how to approach her. This way, she was forced to pay attention to him and decided to give him a chance as a small act of rebellion against her mom, and it all went from there. At least that's how I saw it. Ah, Kate is back to being her usual delightful self. God, I don't know how anyone can put up with her for more than 15 minutes. OTOH, it was nice to see Teen Kate be nice to her mom for a change and really bond with her. That's what I like about this season, they seem to be expanding the family dynamics a bit and showing us more variety in their everyday lives and interactions. In most families it's not ALWAYS either all sunshine and rainbows or bickering and resentment all the time.
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