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  1. They did briefly turn him into a shitty jerk when it looked like the actor was going to leave the show, but then he stayed and now he's just just... there. To make it worse, I don't think he even looks that good shirtless anymore! I have no use for Schmidt either, but I actually think Helm or whatever she's called is even worse. Apart from his many, many, MANY annoying traits, at least he's a decent human being underneath it all. OTOH she has absolutely no personality other than her borderline creepy obsession with Meredith.
  2. How I wish I could go back to the blissful ignorance of thinking Catherine had left the show for good. Isn't "the Webber method" basically the same thing that chick Arizona had a fling with tried to implement, and everyone hated it and thought it was too risky? Except this time it's even worse because the residents aren't even supervised.
  3. I don't think she needs to. Remember that senior soldier she impersonated to sweet talk Raelle into trusting her? She very much had no idea someone was pretending to be her. Apparently they can just take other people's faces at will. I don't know why she burned the face of the Camarilla leader, though. It just gives her the kicks?
  4. They should totally make a spin-off with Anacostia and Scylla being awesome badasses because I'd watch the hell out of it. I'm strangely finding Scylla more and more appealing. Her love story with Raelle wasn't that interesting to me, I prefer her on her own. I too expect Raelle to start questioning her mother's death soon. And they should really speed things up with the martyrdom storyline because it's getting tiresome.
  5. I really love this show, but at the same time I'm also kinda glad there's only one more episode left. I don't think any more twists, misdirections and red herrings would do it any good. It's been just the right amount of suspense. I'm still confused about the killer. It might actually be Billy after all, but there's obviously A LOT more to it. Clearly John wants to kill him and the way he talked to Lori about him seemed a bit... off. Like she was already in on it? I dunno. If that was the case, I don't she's be so eager to tell Mare about their whereabouts, but still. I guess we'll find o
  6. Gah, I immediately knew Mare was going to do that and still hoped she wouldn't. The way I see it, stealing and planting the evidence tells more about Mare's state of mind than it does about her work capabilities. Even the most brilliant minds are capable of making some astoundigly stupid decisions when faced with dire enough circumstances, as she said it herself, Mare feels like her life is falling apart. That's not to say I think she is (or is supposed to be) a brilliant detective by any means, simply competent and well-versed in what being a detective in small town entails on daily basis, an
  7. I did NOT sign up for This is Randall. Either make it a spin-off or make a real effort to integrate the entire cast, inluding his most adorable family who I'd love to see way more of, and not just a prop for him. Also, I'm so so so incredibly over Randall's hang-ups about being an outsider growing up. He could have had it so much more worse. In fact, chances were 99.99% he WOULD have had it infinitely more worse. I'd say growing up with in a relatively wealthy home with incredibly loving parents who showered him with attention and affection and made it possible for him to get a good educa
  8. OK, I realize this show is little more than Ellen Pompeo's vanity project at this point, but this has gone too far and it's become laughable. There must have been tons of doctors at that hospital who are just as professionally accomplished as her AND infinitely more pleasant human beings, yet no one has been falling head over heels for them time and again like they do for her. It's ridiculous. Stop it. Oh, and I really hoped we had left the "McWhatever" thing behind us. Sigh. And OF COURSE the new guy is her next love interest. Of course. He might as well have showed up with a huge neon sign o
  9. Ha! It's the second time within weeks that you've sympathized with Contacts. By the end of the season you'll stan!
  10. I can't deal with the entire world hospital rallying behind the Saint. Also, there was never a shadow of a doubt she'd get her license back, so what's the point. I'm going to pass on this one. See you guys next week. Maybe.
  11. I guess it's kinda ironic what I watched this episode precisely on the 20th anniversary of my grandmother's death. One of my earliest clear childhood memories was the day she was supposed to visit us and got lost on the way from the bus station - the road she taken literally hundreds of times before that. It was before the cellphones appeared and there was no way to locate her. I remember everything - my mom crying, the police being called, the phone ringing incessantly, the look on my mom's face every time it turned out they didn't call to say that she had been found... Strangely enough, I ca
  12. Yep, which is why I figured Sabi is a goner as soon as that happened. What really annoyed me with all the "Maggie is the bestest cardiothoracic surgeon EVER!!!1~" talk is that there's another cardiac surgeon in town who's also kind of awesome, not to mention way more experienced than Maggie. You know, the one that trained the legendary Cristina Yang. Yeah, I know she doesn't work at Pac North, but when has it ever been an issue on this show to hop from one hospital to another just like that?! Case in point: Maggie today. So, if Sabi didn't want Maggie operating on her and Richard still w
  13. It was an interesting parallel between the two dinners. At Randall's and Beth's, it was the wives who completely lost their cool and made things ugly (although I felt some of it was over the top - Malik's mother as first introduced seemed like a completely reasonable, no-nonsense woman, not this hideously rude witch who'd make a total ass of herself to the people who invited her into their home), while at Jack's and Rebecca's, the wives were the voice of the reason and stopped the evening from turning into a total disaster. I had to check if "grooming" meant what I thought it did, and yik
  14. Well, I certainly didn't expect like half the comments here to be about DeLuca's conversation with Zola, as that one barely registered with me. But, while we're at it, even though I think it sure was contrived like hell and just another attempt to make MerLuca happen, I really can't find much wrong with what DeLuca (as a character on the show) did in that particular situation. A little girl was sad because she was missing her dad and he told her a nice story about him so she would feel better. Would it be better if the story had been told by someone who knew her father and had a meaningful rel
  15. This is probably going to be a wildly unpopular opinion, but when Kevin and Cassidy were talking at the gym, I thought they had good chemistry. *ducks* Yeah, hooking up now is a colossally bad idea, but I'm open to the idea of pairing them off eventually. *ducks again* I'm beyond tired of Randall's many, many identity crises and there are very few things more boring than golf (actually, there might be none), so that storyline was particularly tough to get through. Still, that last shot was genuinely moving. I'm not buying the clueless Rebecca either. She's not that dumb not to under
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