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  1. FAU

    S01.E06: The Fugitive

    Exactly, not to mention it would actually relate to the main plot of Carter actually dealing with the aftermath of her kidnapping and adjusting to her situation instead of the ridiuclous nonsense we got instead.
  2. FAU

    S01.E06: The Fugitive

    If you can't post civilly... don't. -DTC
  3. FAU

    S01.E05: The Heat

    Exactly, they just pretty much go along with this girl they just met over her kidnapper mom and no one questions her.
  4. FAU

    S01.E06: The Fugitive

    Exactly, Carter isn't even trying to try and remember other things or even the kidnapping itself. No questions and other characters are just going along with it.
  5. FAU

    S01.E06: The Fugitive

    It's the transition/build up leading up to this that's the problem, this was always a predictable outcome. The writers just aren't able to handle this and the characters come off as awkward and it doesn't help that she doesn't ask any questions about the kidnapping or seemingly care about it at all, what makes it worse is how the other characters just going along with it without calling her out on it. Carter straight says that it's good that Lori gets away and that she supports her right in front of a cop in a police station no less. In the real life cases, the family also deals with the aftermath of the situation and it's a struggle for both the victim and the family trying to adjust to their new life style and that should've been compelling to see if that's what we actually got that was brushed over.
  6. FAU

    Spoilers for Under the Dome

    I'm so sick of his stupid angsty whining. Jr doesn't know anything and he keeps getting screwed over for being a dumbass.
  7. FAU

    Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Exactly, especially since we already pretty much know what we needed to know. Idc about him being in HK.
  8. FAU

    S01.E06: The Fugitive

    That's not build up and all her character did is say that Lori is her real mom and that she wants to go to her. She only forgot about her for 1 scene and then went back on the Lori bandwagon. She has not asked any questions about the kidnapping at all, the situation barely even fazes her even though she should at least be curious and the show did not express any doubt/uncertainly where it would be real build up instead of this nonchalant bs and wasting screen time on her friends like the 7 minutes of Heaven bs scene. She did go into the love you more crap, in the sneak peek, she's even packing her things and still deciding on things. The build up is not sufficient because the writers didn't properly set this all up, that's why it lacks the believeability it needs to pull this off. Her character barely even cares about what's going, she's either with her dumbass friends wasting time or she's on the Lori bandwagon. Her character lacks the depth/development that is sorely needed especially with a premise like this that they've wasted. We don't see how this affects her character, the writers just lazily throw teen rebel cliches and contrived drama on her, all repeating Lori is her real mom and that she wants to be with her on a 1 track mind and the other characters pretty much go along with it.
  9. FAU

    S01.E06: The Fugitive

    But they're not, Lori is crazy but they're not having Carter realizing like they should've built up throughout the screen time they've wasted on other bs. Carter has been 'Lori is my real mom and I want to be with her' over and over again. Without the proper build up, it will end up being a complete 180 on her part. Even Max's character has gotten the realization about Lori part better and that's because there's some actual set up for his character from when he was in the pilot to now, Carter doesn't have that. Carter obviously can't leave or not for long/as a cliffhanger because of the premise (or vaguely at this point). The show seems to love these characters or in this case cliched caricatures, that's why they shamed Elizabeth into being grateful for Lori and has to help out this guy because Carter like him.
  10. FAU

    S02.E06: In The Dark

    It's not that hard to do, especially considering everyone else is also completely brain dead. Biggest waste of time and it was the 'cliffhanger': Barbie's life in danger, 'killing' Jim, and Julia and the egg nonsense. All a completely waste of time.
  11. FAU

    S03.E10: Long Live The Queen

    Even if there was, she wouldn't give it up so easily, she seemed like the type to hold on to it until death. I guess they don't have a sandbender, I liked the Korra/Asami interactions though.
  12. Yeah, it's something I picked up back in Season 1, I saw a lot of the Dark Knight trilogy elements in the series.
  13. FAU

    S05.E10: A Dark Ali

    She's still living in her own world with creepy, pedo stalker to care about that.
  14. FAU

    S03.E09: The Stakeout

    Idk, but mostly it's because of the low ratings which are caused by Nick's incompetence in terms of promotion and scheduling (and even more after major episode leaks), that and it got replaced by more Spongebob repeats. The move happened more than halfway into the season and was only announced a few days before the last TV episode aired.
  15. FAU

    S01.E06: The Fugitive

    I have stated examples in my previous posts since you should know all about that. I have a problem with the awkward characterizations, some of the laziest cliches that are contrived, the writers' need to try and avoid much of the fallout/situation of the kidnapping itself and treating it more of an afterthought of a plot device just to get Carter here so they can have her do stupid things with her 1 dimensional cardboard cut out friends who basically just go along with whatever she wants to do and do stupid things like wasting half an episode on their dumb 7 miuntes of heaven game. Like I said before, it wastes a good premise and even as a teen drama(which is how I'm judging), it's terrible. The last episode not only had Elizabeth having to be grateful for the kidnapper who put her family through hell but also the criminal Carter likes because of some cliched angsty backstory that's like a mish mash of all the Bad Boy cliches imagineable.