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  1. I don't know, I'd be bummed if Connor got all the brunt. He wanted to confess back in S1 but Annalise sweet talked him into not doing it because she was protecting Wes. Then she reeled the gang in to cover for Asher. He wanted out and Oliver screws him over. He wasn't there when the Simon fiasco happened. Now he has a whole investigation on his neck and is involved in far too much which could have been avoided if he didn't listen to Annalise back in the days, and she leaves for Mexico. I don't know, I have a hard time faulting him, really.
  2. That is a real long time for 6 episodes, not sure people will tune in after such a long wait, or even remember where it left off
  3. Playing devil's avocate here but I think the show is all on Pete Nowalk and Shonda just produces it, so for this one she should not get blamed Now regarding the characters, well the title is how to get away with Murder. Not minor fraud or theft, but murder, so amorality was kind of To be expected from Day one.
  4. What is worse is that the show itself was very balanced in terms of male/female interesting/developped/well acted characters, it is not like women were only faire-valoirs for men. Emily, Claire, Naya, Baldwin... did he even watch it?What a bunch of crap.
  5. Last year JK was snubbed so I wasn't expecting OW and HL to be acknowledged either, when even a powerhouse like him with the range he displayed was ignored. What bothers is that indeed, GoT got a huge amount of noms where, without dissing the actors, I feel like the Counterpart cast had better material, writing and overall opportunities to show their range and talent. But the fact that the Emmy go with the flow rather than acknowledge actual acting is nothing new or surprising. On another note, episode 6 of this season deserved a nomination for i dont know, anything, because it was Incredibly good. But oh...
  6. I had forgotten how good this show was and loved this second season. I like the approach of time travel where the past doesn't change, if something happened, or happened and going only means that you created it, like Claudia killing Egon trying To save him, same with Jonas trying to prevent his Dad from killing himself. This show goes really deep in family dynamics, and props to the actors who sell the emotion really well. Claudia/Egon, Jonas/Michael, Mikkel/Ulrich, all their interactions were beautifully done. The casting is fantastic, old Ulrich and ils Magnus really look like the actors were aged up I was gutted by the Charlotte/Elisabeth reveal, what a strange loop here Now season 3 opens on something else, I really can't wait to see where it leads
  7. I didn't mind the coldness because I get it but I hated how smug she was. In all her scenes with Gendry for starters, which killed the initial chemistry of earlier seasons, and the worst was the council. I really used to like Arya but this season left me bitter with her evolution.
  8. Pretty disappointed they didn't have him give Storm's End to Davos and follow up on what he said to Arya in 8x04. The guy hated highborns and didn't know how to be a Lord, so it would have been fighting To have him be with the Lady who doesn't want to be one, but I guess they needed to show Arya was a lone wolf forever. That and they never cared about the character after s3.
  9. Except that HBO was ready to pay for 10 episodes or even more, so definitely not a budget issue apart from the one D&D created by wanting to be done in 6 episodes. GoT was HBO major show bringing viewers and money, if they could have kept it going they would have, so I don't think the cast salaries has anything To do with it
  10. For me it is the contrary I like the themes they went for but hate the execution. I liked that the Others weren't the real threat because mankind will never be able to set aside selfishness and assemble against a greater existential issue, or maybe temporarily only. I liked that they showed how power corrupts you through Danny. How many politiciens start thinking they will do better than the previous ones just to end up as rotten in the end? I liked that they showed that sometimes you just can't get out of a toxic relationship / addiction despite your best efforts. I liked that Arya killed the NK and not Jon because this was too Harry Potter/Luke Skywalker/Chosen one for me BUT: when your show is GOT, you just can't get there while rushing, brushing logic aside, dumbing your characters and tweaking them so they fit your plot. You don't gloss over necessary pièces of dialogue and characterisation. You don't rob your audience of Jon processing who he is and his sisters actual reactions to it. You don't have Jamie sleeping with Brienne just to treat her like trash. You don't get to Deanerys snapping in 1,5 episodes. You don't dispatch the NK in 1 episodes while his WW polish their nails watching him slooooowly walk to Bran. You don't kill a dragon because Danny is suddenly myopic, happily flying while she knows Cersei is waiting for her. They could have had all major plot points be the same and that would have been fine had they organically reached them. But NO! They wanted to be done with it so what should have been 2 seasons was reduced to 6 episodes and that left me with a bad taste. When you are a show that brought back event TV, you can't settle with being just OK, you need to be great and this season definitely is not.
  11. Because for the Hound it was not about his brother dying, it was about getting revenge against him. That is why he showed Arya she had to let go of revenge or she'd end up like him. Sandor was not satisfied just watching his brother die by someone else's hand, he needed do have this last fight
  12. @anamika: I agree completely that Jon lineage should have mattered in his storyline, I just disagreed that it was useless entirely. But everything else about how we should have seen him and his sisters cope with it, I am 100% with you. At a lesser level and because nobody cares about him but me, this is how I felt for Gendry learning who he was, not one second we got to see his character process it, and even worse when he was made a lord. This only served to remind us Arya is no lady by having him act completely OOC compared to how he was in S1 to S3. Both guys with huge background used for someone else's storyline so far
  13. I wouldn't go that far, Jon lineage is useless to him, but for Deanerys it robs her of her legitimity which since Viserys died she was so sure of. It is a huge blow for her confidence, as she knows people will see her as not entitled to the throne but Jon, who on top of that has people sympathy. So yeah, it never was about Jon would be affected, it was about how she would be affected.
  14. I was about to say Davos too. As an ex commoner, he would definitely get revulsed by Dany's action. On the same line, Gendry would also have fitted (He specifically told Davos "us common folk are just pawns to you highborns" back in s3 in their dialogue scence) but apparently he was nursing his heartbreak north or in the stormlands.
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