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  1. craziness

    S08.E01: Episode 1

    I recall Sister Mary Cynthia being sad that by the time she took her final vows, that they no longer wore old bridal gowns. So why did Sister Francis and the 3 others get to wear wedding gowns? Did Sister Mildred change the rules and I just didn't hear it?
  2. craziness

    The Bletchley Circle

    My PBS channel is running the San Francisco season. 2 episodes each Monday (with repeats) for 4 weeks starting tonight Feb 4. Saw the first 2 eps tonight and really liked it.
  3. craziness

    Phyllis Crane: The One with Four Wheels

    Hmmm, previously.tv won't let me edit this much later ... It was season 4, episode 3, and Phyllis said that her father called dysentery campaign fever, said it wiped out whole battalions.
  4. craziness

    Valerie: The former army one

    I didn't see a subforum for Valerie, but I had a question about her. Why could Valerie go from Army nurse (where she probably mostly had male patients) to working for her aunt in a pub (ie taking a break from nursing) to midwife without having to take classes in midwifery (at least any classes that I'm aware of)? While Delia, who was a working nurse (sometimes even working in the maternity ward), had to take classes and exams to become a midwife? PS, feel free to change the title if you think of something better.
  5. craziness

    S12.E13: The Confirmation Polarization

    I really liked the t-shirt that Sheldon wore near the end of the show, while talking to Pres. Seibert. It had a lightning bolt (scar) with various Harry Potter symbols inside. I want it!!!!
  6. craziness

    Patsy: Keeping Dark Secrets

    When Delia moved in, Sr. Mary Cynthia showed her to her room, and said something to the effect that "I hope you enjoy this room as much as I did." So it was a mid-wife room, but only space for 1 bed. Not sure what the difference is between mid-wife and nun rooms.
  7. craziness

    Phyllis Crane: The One with Four Wheels

    I'm rewatching season 4, and noticed a retcon. In season 4, episode 2 (I believe), Phyllis mentions something her father said in the war (I think it was about bombs or about hygiene - the retcon didn't hit me immediately). Many episodes later, we found out she was born out of wedlock and raised seemingly by her mother alone.
  8. craziness

    S08.E00: Christmas Special 2018

    Does anyone remember what the deal was with the Turner's silver tree? I thought they said that they'd had it for a long time, it almost seemed that maybe they'd had it since before Timothy's mother died (I could be remembering wrong). But I'm binge watching old seasons during today/tomorrow's snow storm, started with season 4 (Xmas episode), and Timothy is trying to talk Sheilagh into getting a silver tree (said Angela could look at it in the future and know they got it for her first Christmas). So they've had it 4 years and Dr. T gave it away. Edited to add: the Turners decided to write a letter to Angela's birth mother, and they had a natural tree (which Timothy commented on), but when they posted the letter (as a family) Dr. T surprised them with the silver tree. This was also the ep with Vanessa Redgrave as mature Jenny, and at the end her husband suggests she write her memoirs.
  9. craziness

    S08.E00: Christmas Special 2018

    Trixie is the senior midwife of the 3 present, plus she had visited the mother before the birth and had delivered her other baby. I would guess since the birth was difficult (standing against a wall), that they would have the senior midwife deliver the baby. I did think it was crazy that the hospital turned away the mother (you can wait an hour for an ambulance or make your own way to the other hospital). Also, J-Man, I found a couple articles. Your other assumption is correct also.
  10. craziness

    S08.E00: Christmas Special 2018

    J-Man, I believe your assumption about Also, when we first see 2 nuns from the back walking from the beach to the mother house and mentioning Sr Julienne, I think they wanted us to believe one was Sr Mary Cynthia. Sounded like her voice to me.
  11. craziness

    Star Trek: Voyager

    Not sure if this is the place to post this, but I saw that Kate Mulgrew is going to be on the Star Trek cruise in early 2020 (yes, over a year away).
  12. craziness

    The Speculation with Spoilers Saturation

    I assume that discussion of previews "next week on BBT" are supposed to go here in the spoiler thread??? I'm super excited to see grown up Tam in next week's BBT episode (episode 4). And to find out what Tam did to upset Sheldon all those years ago. Hopefully, some day in Young Sheldon, we'll see the incident from the kids perspective (or even better, a YS scene at the end of BBT, showing what happened).
  13. craziness

    S12.E03: The Procreation Calculation

    Bernadette didn't want kids when she first came on the show. If I recall correctly, at first she only agreed to have them if Howard was primary caregiver. So pretty much anything can happen in the next (last) 20 episodes to Leonard and Penny.
  14. craziness

    S12.E02: The Wedding Gift Wormhole

    I work with a guy of Indian descent, born and raised in the US, who is in his late 20s or early 30s. He is getting married soon to a woman who he met through an arrangement between his and her parents and a website. His parents set up his profile (he claims he didn't know about it for about 6 months), monitored the website, and picked the girl for him to eventually meet. So arranged meetings do still take place, but my co-worker and his fiancee decided to actually get married.
  15. craziness

    S14.E24: All of Me

    Just want to say, I love The Story sung by Sara, and really liked that shout out to her. Headed to YouTube to watch it several times.