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  1. Weird vibes though. I like the chemistry between Alex and Amelia. That´s true though. I have been away, but I really like their scenes - Alex and Amelia, both actors have great natural chemistry, I could not stand Amelia with Owen or her alone but now with Alex she is really likeable to me.
  2. Right, it seems Sarah Drew had no idea and only found out 48 hours ago as she said in her statement and she is still processing it. So it came out of blue for her. Unexpected to say the least. She is a great actress, I think she should have been kept on the show.
  3. What is Meredith´s Harper Avery nomination for? What achievement? I missed it. Just like Moonorchid said, we saw all Crisitna´s steps which lead to her nomination. Meredith just gets in a journal and suddenly a nomination comes along. What for? If she actually gets it and Cristina hasn´t, I mean like can this really happen???
  4. The writers really suck at her showing us her motherly side. It was a lovely scene. I agree.
  5. On and off watching Greys, but I watched this one and I felt sorry for the salmons. I feel the same.
  6. I hate this, too. The flashbacks only proved how Merthan is odd,odd,odd. 100% true. I barely watch now and it feels like I do not miss anything.
  7. This was the first episode after a looong time I watched as a full episode, not just bits and pieces. Not feeling Meredith and Nathan, no, not at all. Did they hook up again in the lavatory? Weird moral values that Meredith possesses, tells Riggs she is married and sleeps with him twice? What kind of values does she have? I am honestly puzzled, why would every man on earth would want to be with Meredith? You have a good-looking dentist suddenly on the plane, having hots for Meredith out of blue?Weird... Annoyed by Riggs, too, the way he pushes himself on her, just awful, he mus
  8. Sorry, been away, it took me a long time to respond, this is a possibility. However, wouldn´t Riggs be the father or maybe not?
  9. Yes, true, indeed, he was judgemental over them. I guess he should look at himself in the mirror how he went about his life after Megan´s disappearance, he sleeps with a woman who can´t stand him randomnly in a car, is all flirty with her. I really didn´t like how he judged those parents when he himself behaves how he behaves.
  10. So Meredith suddenly gets Nathan because she didn´t know where Derek was for 1 day and she is suddenly an expert on how Nathan feels. Ouch! This show should try harder. Based on this and the promo allusions they are picking up "Merthan" where they left off how many episodes ago - about 9?? But stranger things have happened on Greys. Not a fan of "Merthan" or whatever it is they are called. But most certainly this was the preparation for Meghan´s comeback.
  11. Just out of curiousity when will they make Hunt a dad? 3 or 4 years in Greys time have passed since Cristina left and he is still childless. Actually 4 I guess, because there was this one year skip after Derek´s death. Any predictions?
  12. http://calzona-ga.tumblr.com/tagged/Promotional Photos Interesting promo photos for 13x14. I find the patient with Nathan, Maggie, Deluca quite intrigiung, it seems she is a homeless.
  13. Deluca really appeals to me, one honest guy, very professional, not discussing personal matter over the open patient´s body and amidst the operating room, also how he said words of honesty to Alex.
  14. Also on the sidenote, I really wonder what they eat in Grey´s household. If they don´t have random people like Maggie´s mum cooking a warm home-made meal, who cooks for the kids?
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