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  1. LOVE that song 😂 I was singing away through my tears 😂 the scene where Dennis’ ashes get smashed all over the road had me laughing my head off, Rita’s face was an absolute picture 😂
  2. The new family live there now, Mary moved in with Eileen when she had to leave Devs due to the twins being too old to share a room anymore. (They were too old about 10 years ago in reality 😂) my favourite scene in fridays episode was all the old voices when Rita was reminiscing in the rovers, brought nostalgic tears to my eyes. Bet Lynch is my absolute favourite Corrie character ever.
  3. You’re right, they’re never even in the same scenes. At one point, Leanne and fiz were stepsisters (les battersby married fiz’s mum. Leanne and toyah aren’t actually sisters, they were stepsisters when Janice and les were married, they divorced years ago) but the two have never acknowledged it that I can remember. maria and Toyah were best mates and flat mates at one time, but then Maria had an affair with toyahs boyfriend years and years ago, and they never spoke again either
  4. I didn’t want to spoil anything for you, but yes it was Jacks 😭 it was just so beautifully done. To be honest, Ashley’s was really sad, but not a patch on jacks. Jack and Vera are two of my all time favourite Corrie characters. David was absolutely vile 😂 he gets so much worse before he gets better-oddly, I think Kylie was his turning point, and considering that she was a druggie that abandoned her son, that’s quite incredible. if you went further back, you’d see Deidre Barlow imprisoned because of a conman, made all the national headlines here-people we’re walking round in t shirts with the slogan “free the Weatherfield one” and they even discussed it in the Houses of Parliament 😂 mind you, that just shows what an utterly useless prime minister tony Blair was, If coronation street was more important than world events 🤦🏻‍♀️
  5. Vera dying was so sad, but that’s not the saddest death, trust me. Two years after Vera there was a death that utterly broke my heart 😭 you’ve got so many good episodes to come!! I’m kind of jealous that you’re watching the old ones for the first time. Wasn’t Carla stunning when the connors first came in! She’s gone kind of dowdy these days (or maybe she’s just grown up 😂)
  6. Oh I LOVED Becky and Steve together! I loved Becky full stop-she was full on batshit crazy 😂 she’s the wife of Steve’s that I miss the most. They were perfect together
  7. @Coffeewinewater yep, seems like it is Geoff solely running the place. I hate that they’ve given Alya such a frequently filmed place to manage-I can’t bear her and her smugness. Terrible actress, terrible character-as is much of the Corrie cast these days..... speaking of Geoff, this ridiculous storyline has been going on for far too long now and there’s still no end in sight!! if I was given the chance of writing for Corrie I’d kill off (in no particular order) fizz, Geoff, Gemma, Leanne, Maria, alya, Tim’s bimbo ‘wife’ and the new guy who bought the bistro. Then I’d bring back Norris full time
  8. Completely agree with this. She’s too wooden and monotonous. She’s undeniably a beautiful girl, so aesthetically she slides into Erins shoes perfectly, but she brings no personality to the role at all. She’s just a ‘by the book’ robot, an odd choice of character for Voights intelligence unit
  9. 😂😂 isn’t she just! That narky face she pulls at people all the time, makes my fingers twitch 😂 I love Sally now, when she first started being snobby she was unbearable, but Tim brought out the comical side to it and she’s mellowed so much.
  10. Yes, all of this! Try and find some of Gail from the 90s, she was quite a sassy, strict mum back then, now she’s a complete dope. She flutters around with her head in the clouds not knowing which way is up. I can’t stand Maria, aside from being a truly terrible actress, the character has done nothing other than sleep her way around the street with a ‘girl next door image’ if you watch episodes from the late 90s onwards you’ll see the arrival of the battersbys, and see how much Leanne and toyah have changed. They were a really rough, chavvy family. Now Leanne stalks around like she’s queen of the middle classes
  11. @Coffeewinewater she was vile wasn’t she 😂 I never thought I’d see the day where I actually like Tracy, but now I genuinely do. I’ve hated her for years, but she’s mellowed and become comical recently
  12. I’m on the fence with this one. I actually loved her when she was a patrolman, she was quirky and funny. Since the move to intelligence she seems to have an over inflated sense of self importance. I hate how she stomps around everywhere with an ego bigger than voights. In my opinion, aside from killing off Al, moving burgess upstairs was the absolute worst move they could have made
  13. This 👆🏻 And also I’m fed up of Leanne (and Maria and fiz) surviving every murder spree or catastrophe in the street 😂 I can’t bear any of them. I would also really like fiz, hope and jade to all bugger off back to Birmingham, permanently. They can take Geoff with them and hopefully be involved in yet another tram accident. it’s a good job I’m not a Corrie writer, I’d be disposing of more than 50% of the cast. To add to Chas’ answer, yes Steve slept with Leanne in the run up to the wedding because he thought he was being given a free pass to have ‘one last night of freedom’
  14. I’m glad i read this thread, I wasn’t actually aware Saddiq was dead, I completely lost interest about halfway through-the show just doesn’t hold my attention anymore. Too much time is spent focussing on Alpha (and that RIDICULOUS caricature accent) and side characters that nobody cares about. I’m a hairs breadth away from giving up altogether on this show. I’m aware it has to evolve over time, but it’s like the show has been completely rewritten into something else entirely, there’s no suspense anymore, it’s lost it’s darkness
  15. Yes!!! This is exactly how I feel! Shes the widow of his uncle, so for all intents and purposes she is his aunt by marriage-but then, Carla is also his aunt, and she had a brief fling with him too-plus it transpired that Carla is also the cousin of her dead husband and Liam who she had an affair with-basically the connors like to keep it in the family 😂
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