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  1. Yes 😂 this was hugely redeeming of Pratt’s character, but then he got back to the hospital and he put the chip back on his shoulder. Also, for about 4 minutes after he came back from Darfur he was moderately humbled by the experience
  2. Same! I never once warmed to him though because his arrogance was actually sickening, but I still found it horribly sad when he died. I think it was in part because of how everyone else reacted, I’m a bit of a sucker for a sad scene. Though it was nowhere near as sad as when Mark Greene died. That was like losing Goose all over again 😭
  3. Aahhh, I loved Carol and Doug together, I remember watching the Seattle episode first time round and I cried happy tears! I was also in my early 20s, and at that age we still believe love is this wonderful fairy tale that overcomes all adversity 😂 which is precisely what they gave us with those two, In reality, if the father of my unborn children had Moved thousands of miles away to Seattle, the ONLY reason I’d go up to visit him would be to throw him into the sound
  4. I agree about Maura Tierney, as an actress I love her-but I hated the way Abby was written. She had random bad attitudes for seemingly no reason, she put her own problems before everyone else’s (even her child!) and I just didn’t like her and Luka together, they had absolutely no chemistry whatsoever. None of this is Mauras fault, it’s just how they wrote the Character. It was the same with Pratt, they wrote him as an arrogant man from the ‘ghetto’ with a permanent chip on his shoulder. He had absolutely zero personality beyond that
  5. Anybody else find themselves liking the characters clearly brought in as antagonists and disliking the ones we’re supposed to be rooting for? I loved Romano, Crenshaw, Moretti, Dubenko, Morris and Weaver, but the likes of Pratt, Abby and Luka irritated me. Pratt’s arrogance always infuriated me, I wanted to like him because I like Mekhi Phifer but I just couldn’t.
  6. I’ve just rewatched the episode where Kem first visits Chicago. Christ on a bike she was irritating!! I actually don’t think I can watch any more episodes with her in again 😂 it’s making my fingers twitch
  7. No love interest for Matty no, they seem to have focussed more on the negative side of being a trans man, he’s had some abuse and some horrific bullying but no girlfriend. I have a question, what does YT mean? 😂 I too have been watching episodes back from when I first started watching, but for me that dates back to the early 80s 😳 I’m currently up to the mid 90s, and it’s bizarre watching the old Kim Tate vs the current Kim Tate. She was actually quite sweet way back when, took a while for her to turn into the superbitch we now love to hate
  8. 😂 well this is the right place to air your upopular opinion. My other unpopular opinion was that I loved Romano. Sure he was bigoted, rude, sexist, inappropriate and had a penchant for crude innuendo, but there were also these glimmers of a really nice guy buried deep within, plus he was funny! I’m a bit old school though and what today is often perceived as verbal sexual harassment, I just see as harmless sexualised banter. Also, I liked Carol Hathaway, but she seems to be hugely disliked, and I never really liked Carter. The way he bounced between women and seemed to think he had some rightful claim on them if he had so much as a minor crush used to irritate the hell out of me.
  9. I’ve recently started rewatching from the beginning, and I find my opinions about characters have changed considerably as I’ve got older. I cannot stand Cleo for a start-I had no strong feelings about her originally, she was just boring. But this time around I see her as selfish, whiny and arrogant with a terrible attitude. I also cannot bear Abby, or how they turned it into ‘the Abby show’ after Carol left. They just kind of threw her at us without any buildup, when in reality there were so many background nurses already there, whose stories would have been far more interesting. Chuny, for example. She had the right amount of sass and heart to become a much bigger character. Unpopular opinion though it may be, but I always hated Abby and Luka together. They went from zero to serious in about 2 episodes and they had absolutely no chemistry whatsoever. Possibly my most hated character ever to appear on ER though is Kem, doesn’t help that I can’t stand Thandie Newton. I can’t even go into all the reasons why I hated the character because there’s so many 😂
  10. Another day, another episode of ‘know-it-all-Natalie’ insisting she’s right and the whole hospital is wrong... Seriously! What is wrong with the One Chicago writers that they can’t write decent female leads?? We had selfish “I want I want” Gaby in Chicago fire, monotonous, arrogant Upton and cocky, bad attitude Burgess in P.D. and we have ‘my way is always right’ Natalie in med. It’s got to the point where I miss most of the episode because I have to fast forward all the Natalie scenes
  11. So we’re really far behind in the UK with season 16, they’ve only just started showing it here. I got halfway through episode 2 and it felt like I’d been watching it for hours! I’m not even exaggerating. Greys has completely lost its magic. It doesn’t even feel like greys anymore-everything about it is totally different! the way it’s filmed, the feel of of it, the atmosphere, the characters attitudes and behaviours, the way they tell the stories-it’s all just wrong, and boring! After a decade and a half of being a devoted fan, it’s time to hang up my imaginary stethoscope-it’s just too depressing to carry on watching what was once one of the best shows on tv but has now become a messy, boring production filled with characters that nobody cares about.
  12. After 40 years of watching Corrie it’s time to pack it in. I can’t watch the ridiculous Geoff and his awful storyline anymore. Terrible actor, terrible character, terrible storyline
  13. LOVE that song 😂 I was singing away through my tears 😂 the scene where Dennis’ ashes get smashed all over the road had me laughing my head off, Rita’s face was an absolute picture 😂
  14. The new family live there now, Mary moved in with Eileen when she had to leave Devs due to the twins being too old to share a room anymore. (They were too old about 10 years ago in reality 😂) my favourite scene in fridays episode was all the old voices when Rita was reminiscing in the rovers, brought nostalgic tears to my eyes. Bet Lynch is my absolute favourite Corrie character ever.
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