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  1. I’m glad i read this thread, I wasn’t actually aware Saddiq was dead, I completely lost interest about halfway through-the show just doesn’t hold my attention anymore. Too much time is spent focussing on Alpha (and that RIDICULOUS caricature accent) and side characters that nobody cares about. I’m a hairs breadth away from giving up altogether on this show. I’m aware it has to evolve over time, but it’s like the show has been completely rewritten into something else entirely, there’s no suspense anymore, it’s lost it’s darkness
  2. Yes!!! This is exactly how I feel! Shes the widow of his uncle, so for all intents and purposes she is his aunt by marriage-but then, Carla is also his aunt, and she had a brief fling with him too-plus it transpired that Carla is also the cousin of her dead husband and Liam who she had an affair with-basically the connors like to keep it in the family 😂
  3. And a fair few ridiculous homegrown slang terms too 😂
  4. You mean as in the saying “my bad”? Are you from the UK? Because we’ve been saying it over here for decades, since sometime in the 70s or 80s
  5. Another episode and I’m still a bit lost.... I don’t know how much longer I can take the random, ridiculous musical interludes. Music just doesn’t fit in with the show. Sadiq is starting to give me a headache, I couldn’t work out in this one if his PTSD was progressing or if he’d come down with this mystery virus that seems to have flooded the camp quicker than the Black Plague. the only part I actually enjoyed, was seeing carol and Daryl out together again, other than that, it was another ‘dead’ episode to me. oh I also enjoyed NOT seeing the newcomers over at hilltop, the show has done nothing to endear them to the public-don’t care about them, don’t like them, don’t care if they die and I don’t even know their names
  6. I must be made of stone these days, because I didn’t shed a single tear. I cry at all sorts in soaps normally-Ken’s speech when he found out sinead had weeks to live had me bawling my eyes out-but I just didn’t like the way sineads actual death was filmed. Nobody looked that distraught, least of all her own mother.
  7. I’m lost. That’s all I can say. Too much hallucinating in this episode, couldn’t work out what was real and what wasn’t. I get after 10 years it can be hard to keep a show interesting, but this series has taken such a massive nosedive that I’m not even sure what I’m watching anymore, or why
  8. I have to ask.... does anyone know when they’re going to write out the godawful Geoff!? I don’t know how much longer I can bear this irritating storyline. It’s not even remotely sinister or disturbing-Yasmeen has always been such a strong and feisty woman, and to create this storyline they’ve literally changed her personality in a poor attempt to make it work. Add to that fact that Geoff is just plain irritating rather than sinister and you’ve got another stupid storyline to rival Gemma and Cheney’s quadgate
  9. I liked Gabby at the very beginning, I liked the chemistry between her and shay. She was feisty but loyal. They turned her into the most self absorbed narcissist possible in later seasons. It really started to grate on me how she would just tell Casey that she was doing something huge without even a hint of a discussion first. I’m adopting Louie, I’m taking in Bria, I’m moving my dad in, I’m having a baby even though it might kill me......
  10. Lol! Prior to the whisperers entrance, any Beth centric episode was my worst. I felt like the only viewer in existence that actually cheered when she finally met her maker
  11. Worst episode in the entire 10 year history! I left it playing and started housework because I got that bored. I do not care one jot about the origin of Alpha. I can’t bear the character or the actress, so for her to be given an entire episode to use that ridiculous faux southern drawl in was my idea of tv hell
  12. Tracy has changed so much over the years! 😂 back in the 80s and early 90s she was played by another actress, and she was just a narky, spoiled teen with a bad attitude. After her kidney op she disappeared for years then came back one day as this actress. She was utterly vile and completely evil- blackmail, bullying, stealing, lying, cheating..... and murdering. working with Mary seems to have mellowed her 😂 I like her now, and I’ve literally NEVER liked Tracy in all the years I’ve watched Corrie
  13. Difficult one to answer, I’ve recently rewatched early 00’s Corrie too, and I have to say that I loved Karen at the time. I was genuinely gutted when she left, I thought she and Steve together were hilarious. But watching it again nearly 2 decades later, I see her very differently. She was mostly vile if I’m honest, I still like the character and I adore Suranne Jones, but my opinion has changed hugely over time
  14. No!! Couldn’t disagree more! I love Rick, Andrew Lincoln was the whole reason I started even watching the walking dead way back when. I miss Rick, it’s a totally different show without him-and I don’t like how Michonne has inserted herself in his boots as a pseudo leader. on a different subject, is nobody going to mention Dan Foglers dramatic weight loss? At first I thought ‘wow! Good for him’ then I realised with his weight loss he also seems to have lost his personality and his funny bone.
  15. I quite agree 😂 but prepare yourself to be truly disappointed with the rest of the season then. There’s quite a few Maggie and Owen centric episodes to come.
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