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  1. R: Mack going to college; while I feel that she should be punished for what she did to the full extent of the law, and I do think that women who attend her classes should be protected from being triggered by her presence, if ANYONE desperately needs lessons in developing her critical faculties, it's her.
  2. Looks like Gab's daughter made it... https://etcanada.com/news/609085/gabrielle-carteris-daughter-molly-nabs-golden-ticket-after-auditioning-for-american-idol/
  3. Weird...Mollie Isaacs, daughter of Gabrielle Carteris ("Andrea Zuckerman" of Beverly Hills 90210) has been hinting she auditioned for American Idol, and confirmed she has a golden ticket just now...but she wasn't on tonight? Aren't the auditions over? (I listened to some of her songs. She's pretty good).
  4. Started because there wasn't one.
  5. I liked the cute dude on the piano emulating Billy Joel. Pity they passed on him.
  6. So Carteris' daughter (Mollie Isaacs) on American Idol seems to be a thing that is happening. This is her Instagram:
  7. Ok, Jennie Garth just posted this on Twitter and I don't know WHAT to think anymore... https://mobile.twitter.com/jenniegarth/status/1192605647554039809 ...except that maybe the producers are still angling for a Netflix pickup or something.
  8. Alas, Fox passes on renewal: https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/bh90210-not-returning-on-fox-1203397856/
  9. The news is scant, but apparently one of Gabrielle Carteris' daughters is trying out for American Idol. I listened to a couple of her songs on Instagram - she's not bad.
  10. I tend to doubt he'd live hundreds of years if he isn't actually plugged into a weirtree the way Bloodraven was - and doing so would likely put a crimp in his ruling. Otherwise, I totally agree with your points that Bran the Omniscient sociopath who planned his ascent to the throne and has no succession wouldn't make a good ruler.
  11. My memory's pretty hazy, but IIRC, they literally did touch, in the sense of Andrea platonically leaning against him once when they sat together at the Peach Pit. What they didn't do was any PDA you'd expect a dating couple to do, like kiss. Amazon Prime seems to have it, though I haven't consumer-tested it.
  12. I agree that her management style is gratuitously and unnecessarily abrasive and nasty, with elements of the gleefully sadistic. It could stand a lot of improvement. But I can't think of a moment in the series when that style caused a problem in the production, or worsened one that already existed. She was riding herd on a pack of difficult people with the job to make them produce usable product. Tori really DID need a kick in the ass to get her to do HER job to fire the writer. I don't think having the kick be more kindly would have made a difference to the outcome. Same with, say, her
  13. It's not at all unusual for a pilot to have actors recast and elements reshot before it goes to series. Someone was saying that the fact that it was proves that Christine is a poor executive and the pilot a fiasco, but IIRC 90210's pilot itself was reshot with the recast dad, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer had its original Willow recast. The fact that it was picked up instead of being cast aside as a total waste of money counts as a success thus far.
  14. I figured. I still think Tori was the only one who would logically want one of those - but I suppose Cadillac might've felt she wouldn't have been the right image for the product, there being the doubt as to how she could possibly be paying for it.
  15. See, that's the problem, to me. What we see of them and Christine could mean that Gab and her husband have reconciled completely and are living together again, or that they are just friendly and talking again, and that she and Christine have broken up, or remain friends with benefits, in whatever undefined permutation. Presumably ONE of these combinations has happened, but the show doesn't bother to tell us which, even though (as you note) the show's taken a lot more care in the course of the series to draw her character clearly and interestingly than they did in this last episode, and e
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