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Younger in the Media: Niche Marketing


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Sutton Foster plays 'Younger' for TV Land:
If you love the 'Bunheads' star, avoid the first episode at all costs
By Alan Sepinwall

If you're a Foster fan, however, I would strongly advise skipping over tonight's first episode . . .
TV Land sent critics the entire first season, and I'd heard from someone close to the show that it got better over time, so I watched the second episode and then two from later in the run. There remain problems — it's one thing for Foster to lie about her age for the sake of a job, but she also gets into a relatively serious relationship with a young tattoo artist who thinks she's his age — and Star's vagina fixation never entirely goes away, but it does indeed get better. I came very close to laughing at something Duff tells a Swedish author, and after a while I could just enjoy Foster being charming and doing her best with the material. It's in no way essential, but if you like the performers involved, you will be okay if you pretend that the pilot doesn't exist.

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The best part of that press release, though, is that the show is filmed in "Brooklyn and New York City."


LOL - did someone in LA write that?  Glad to see that the show was renewed already and I hope they locked the cast in for the second season, b/c they have great chemistry with Sutton.

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LOL - did someone in LA write that? 


Even so. People from the Beckhams to the freaking Duggars are calling their kids Brooklyn. It's not like it's an obscure concept.

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Is this show really as popular as the promos lead one to believe?  I mean i've been watching this show, solely as a Sutton Foster fan, but if I miss an episode it's not the end of the world.  The promo monkeys make you think this show is the most popular thing ever since Sex and the City on HBO.  I'm sure the ratings are okay for TVLand, but on another network...  To be fair I find the premise very shaky and i'm really intrigued to see how the season finale wraps some things up b/c no way in hell can they stretch this out much longer.  


The Younger/Dairy Queen season finale promo...you just know they paid those people to show interest by offering them a DQ Blizzard.  I love the one lady who says they can keep "axing" her questions but she is going to continue to eat.

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Has MTV stopped carrying this show?  TV Land isn't an HD channel on my TV, so I've been watching the delayed broadcasts on whatever MTV channel it was on.  But I don't see it listed anymore.  Boo!

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The other day Hillary Duff, Nico Tortorella and Debi Mazar were on "The Rachael Ray Show".  They briefly took us behind the scenes to show how Nico's fake tattoos are applied.  It takes an hour to put them on and another hour to take them off.  They just finished filming for the season and Hillary left us with a spoiler: 


Hillary said that by the end of the season the characters were "all over the place/spread out" but she didn't want to go any further and spoil it for us.  I wonder what that means.  One of my personal theories going back to last season is that somehow Charles is going to leave Empirical for some reason thus giving him more courage to pursue Liza.  Perhaps the appearance of Bryce and his claiming to want to get rid of "the older people" is the way that will happen.

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Sutton was nominated for a critics choice award.  I was shocked when I saw her name because I didn't think the show was really on anyone's radar.  I think Rachel B? from the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel will win, but I'm happy for Sutton's recognition.

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10 hours ago, Valny said:

Is there a date for the S5 premiere?

Nothing yet. And there’s really no way to guess when by past premiere dates: Season 1 premiered in March, Season 2 in January, Season 3 in September, and Season 4 in June. 

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I was thinking they were trying to do what the USA channel was doing and showing new content during either the summer hiatus or the winter break that network tv often has.  But we missed the winter hiatus this year.  So I'm guessing no new episodes until summer again.  

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Christian Borle has been cast as a guest star on S5

Very brief character description and how many episodes he will appear in:


Borle will portray journalist Don Ridley, a man who intrigues Liza (Sutton Foster) with his charm. Liza will take “interest” in Don and later confide in him.

Borle is scheduled to appear in two episodes of the season, which premieres in the summer of 2018. His debut will be in the fourth episode.

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2 hours ago, dubbel zout said:

Interesting; he and Foster were married for a while. They also appeared together in one of the Gilmore Girl seasons in a musical section.

I remember the big Broadway rumor (even before their divorce) was that he had cheated on her with Laura Bell Bundy while doing Legally Blonde. For a long time, their wikipedia pages didn’t even say that they had been married and divorced. Apparently they eventually made up but that seems to have been more recent (during Smash’s run, no one had any hope of Sutton making an appearance despite the fact that every Broadway actor was dropping in).

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13 hours ago, HunterHunted said:

Here's the infamous page 58 of Marriage Vacation. Boo! I was really hoping it was Charles getting pegged.


Same here! Or something that was remotely spicy. Everyone on the show seemed so shocked and impressed that I thought it had to be something really wild. I’m surprised that Kelsey found that so hot. Then again, she was with Thad so her perspective on everything is questionable. 

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