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  1. Since we have been calling her Enchilada or Endtable for so long, I had completely forgotten that her name was Ensley 🤷‍♀️
  2. I forgot to mention baby Chase is so adorable. He was looking straight at the camera when Chris was holding him.
  3. Yet another house for Karen. Oh Candy ass and her cash bar The fight coming up this season should be interesting. Looks like Candiace starts it but Monique finishes it.
  4. I feel like I got whiplash, reading about her pregnancy and then her divorce. I wonder what happened.
  5. I'm still reading everyone's posts but I wanted to point out the difference between Alexia and Amelia is staggering. Alexia went to college and is now working for her dad, learning the business from the ground up. Amelia gets spoiled by her mother and ignored by her father, although I don't blame him with the way she treated him last year. Alexia working and learning skills will benefit her in the long run, she can take care of herself and won't have to rely on her rich parents. Amelia will continue to milk her "anxiety" and her mother will continue to try and buy her a modeling career and now a clothing line. Her behavior was not cute or funny and Rinna needs to keep her off TV. So Kyle, riddle me this, if Brandy isn't a liar does that mean Kim was doing crystal meth in the bathroom? And Mauricio was having an affair? Because Brandy said those things too. I'm kinda liking Teddy's pink hair
  6. Didn't Bear also get arrested for domestic violence recently? The only entertaining thing about this was the guy crawling behind Josh and Kaycee
  7. This episode was so boring. Enough already with this. The only entertaining thing was Kyle complaining to Mo about the lights in the pool, he's saying he's been working on it and can't fix it, she asks "who can we call?" and he responds with "Ghostbusters."
  8. So I watch assorted HW shows but for some reason never watched the NY ladies. Since we've been in quarantine and I just got Hulu, I thought why not start this from the beginning? I had of course heard their names and knew a little about them just from reading a few random news stories and visiting HW forums. It was interesting watching the early seasons knowing about all the divorces and deaths (RIP Bobby). I just finished season 6 and here are my thoughts in no particular order: I started disliking Jill when she threw a fit about sitting in the second row at the fashion show in season 1. I know the ladies become more well known since the show started airing but was she actually a somebody before that? Seeing her act like that then, it honestly didn't surprise me that she became jealous of Betheny's success on the show. Jill thought she would be the breakout star. Bobby always seemed sweet and so did Ally. I can totally see what you guys love about Scary Island. That was truly a sight to behold. I kept thinking "this aired on tv and Kelly came back for another season?!" She really was nutty. While the HW trips are always filled with drama, I don't think any others can top the craziness of this one. Maybe Leeanne on RHOD saying she may kill herself that night when they were in Mexico. I do think Kelly was slightly better in season 4 but not by much. I hate being told how I feel so when she kept telling Alex in Morocco "you're not mad, you're sad", I would have clocked her. Sonja seemed way more normal and put together when she first appeared. I just finished the season 6 reunion and wow, she is truly delusional. She constantly talks but never answers any questions. She can't answer what's happening with her toaster oven. And she also has a french clothing line and diamonds?? What? Why would she have a photo shoot for a toaster oven cookbook that doesn't exist? Also, where the heck does she get all those interns and why would anyone want to be an intern for her? There must be other internships in NYC they can do for college credits. I have a hard time believing anything she says. I cracked up when she said at the reunion "Puff Daddy parties on my yacht" and Heather and Lu respond "You don't have a yacht." Ramona. Where do I start? It was very interesting watching her go on and on about her successful, happy marriage knowing what's coming. She has talked about her childhood and she seemed to come from humble beginnings so I didn't like that she acted like a snob all the time. Sending Lu an email saying saying the staff needs to help her unpack as soon as she gets to Morocco and complaining about Heather's house in the Berkshires. She didn't complain too much when they were in St Barts, probably because they were in a beautiful house with a staff and a lot of wine. She also complained a lot in Montana. During the season 6 reunion when they showed the little husbands clip package, she sat on the couch with that creepy frozen smile and when Andy asked her about the Mario stuff, she said in this weird, pod person like voice "My family is very happy, please move on." Andy kept pressing and she kept saying "move on to someone else". That was the first time she really creeped me out. The smile and her odd voice. I think that was Ramona's version of trying to be calm and breezy and it wasn't working. She looked and sounded like a pod person. Then she kept saying "next package, next package" and Andy flat out said no. She then tried turning it on Andy asking "let's talk about who you are having sex with tonight?" and he turned it right back around and said "when I got on a reality show with who I am having sex with, I'll talk about it." I also loved Lu saying Karma's a bitch. I think I have only liked Ramona once and that was during season 4 (I think). She was having an argument with Kelly which was going in circles (because Kelly) and Ramona just said "I can't talk to you, you have no brain, goodbye" and she walked away. I really like Heather. She's funny and direct and just seems like someone fun to hang out with. She could have been a huge bitch about Ramona complaining about her home and ordering air conditioning but she seemed to take it in stride and picks her battles. I like that she doesn't back down and I loved her going toe to toe with Aviva's annoying friend in the Hampton's. One thing I noticed about these ladies is that they have their fights and issues but seem to move on really quick. Ramona asking "is that the poolhouse" and wondering if someone is going to help her with her bags, then ordering air conditioning, then throwing a glass at Kristen, then having a meltown in the woods, then escaping via plane would be a season long discussion on RHOBH, it would be brought up and discussed constantly and the ladies would never let it go. It was barely a blip on NY and I like that. Aviva was nutty and I had to laugh at the whole "I have asthma" and then of course bringing her X-rays to that final, leg throwing dinner. Her father made me very uncomfortable. I was sexually harassed by an old man just like him and did not like watching him at all. The whole story about him having a threesome with his fiancee and Miss USA was ick. I'm actually glad Ramona went up to her to get the real story at that lunch. I'm surprised that was never brought up at the reunion since Lu seemed convinced Miss USA was invited by Aviva. Her whole meltdown after arriving in St Barts was something. "You should be on your knees thanking Reid, I was expecting a party, I really would have liked a banner." I also noticed that they took her out of the beginning credits during the Montana trip. Stay shady Bravo. Kristen saying Ramona and Sonja are crazy, drunk aunts is the perfect description for them. At the season 6 reunion they took offense to it and said they aren't drunk. Have they not watched the St Barts footage? They were hot messes. Especially that last night. There was a dinner at the house and Ramonja were running around like loons. Ramona kept going on and on about needing a key for the drawer so she could get her passport. At one point Carole walked into their room and Sonja couldn't even focus on her. She then tried to sit on a bench right behind her and fell off. I liked when Heather hipchecked Ramona into the pool. Sonja was also wasted when they were in Saratoga during season 6. I've watched 6 seasons in a couple of weeks so a lot of it is blending together but some funny moments I'm remembering are during the Christmas party when Lu hired that punk rock band who all of the sudden started singing "F you in the ass!" The ladies reactions to that cracked me up. Especially Lu going "No, Christmas music!" I also loved Lu's reaction to Aviva's leg throw. She could not stop laughing. On to season 7! Beth is back and I get to meet the infamous Dorinda.
  9. Rogan saying "Jenny, bless her cotton socks" made me laugh more then it probably should have. I rewound it several times. A small part of me was kinda hoping Dee would win the whole thing just to see how the editors would try to work around it
  10. I think he mentioned that he slept with her ashes right after she died. So right after her body was found and she was cremated. Maybe he did it then, he just hasn't done it recently and that's why the ashes where in the closet? I read somewhere that he is remarried 😳
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/law/2020/jul/07/johnny-depps-barrister-tells-court-amber-heard-invented-abuse-claims-libel-case This started today. Both Johnny and Amber were there. I just went down a rabbit hole on Twitter and I have to say, there seems to be a lot of evidence that Amber was the abuser, not Johnny.
  12. I'm really enjoying this show. As an immigrant myself, I identify a lot with the stories told. Especially some of the chefs she talks to that learned cooking from their mother or their grandmother. Or when she visits the stores that sell the products from that country. I watched episode 8 last night which was about Peruvian food and I'm definitely planning on trying to make Lomo Saltado.
  13. If anyone can recognize a player, it's Cory
  14. I had to laugh at the peanut gallery all running towards the screaming and crowding into the hall to hear/see what was happening. Rogan has no storyline without Dee and that was obvious this episode. The Bayleigh/Kaycee drama was front and center but I wonder if they added more scenes to make up for removing Dee drama. Huge LOL at Nany yelling at Bayleigh "you're scared!" when Nany was scared to in against her.
  15. Jenelle really needs to stop with the dancing videos. She looks ridiculous
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