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  1. My thoughts on Chrissy is that the popularity went to her head. I remember when she first started getting attention on Twitter because she would tweet funny things. Buzzfeed always had articles about her funny tweets and clapbacks. Everyone celebrating that and telling her how hilarious she is, probably made her think she can say whatever she wanted to whoever she wanted and people would be on her side. I think that's also one of the reasons she lives her life so publicly on social media. She thrives on the attention and people telling her how funny/relatable she is.
  2. MaggieG

    S10.E24: MIA

    How is it possible that Brianna was the only calm, rational one? Sean mentioned that Kristy didn't have a working phone. So she was driving around with no way for anyone to reach her. Great planning there. Agree with all the comments about that surgery center Jade went to. They couldn't get her out the door fast enough.
  3. Agree about Sonja. She was fine this episode, but it's only a matter of time before she gets wasted and goes off again.
  4. Is Kathy a real person?! Or is this a character? I can't decide.
  5. I actually thought the little clip of him and Nova cooking was cute. Let's be honest, the entire Jade circus just wanted a free trip to Miami and her parents wanted easy access to drugs. When she was talking to Sean in the kitchen, the clock on the oven said 11:30. Now I know those aren't always set right but I hope it was 11:30 in the morning and not at night because Kloie should not have been awake eating noodles.
  6. On a shallow note, I thought Heather looked nice. The jacket/jeans/sneakers combo was cute and casual. Sonja looked nice too, the blue was a nice color on her. Leah as usual looked ridiculous with her outfit and shoes.
  7. This was so funny! Especially when they tried convincing Michael and the other angels it was Dad making them dance again. I also laughed at Lucifer making fun of Michael's outfit.
  8. Especially the condescending way she asked Jackie "And you let him?". And that she would never let anyone touch her. Yeah, it seems easy to say that if you've never been in that situation. When you feel like you have no choice, that you might lose your job or be labeled "difficult". Teresa can completely fuck off with that statement.
  9. I think this is what Heather meant in her talking head when she said nobody listened to the podcast. She didn't mean nobody (as in the general public), she meant nobody at the table listened to the episode. I'm pretty sure Leah just saw the headlines and like Heather said, the headlines are just going to sensationalize.
  10. Sonja truly is a delusional mess. It's crazy to me that she thinks she is till part of the Morgan dynasty as if she was born into it. She's been divorced over ten years and her ex has remarried! I'm pretty sure the Morgan family want nothing to do with her. And the fact that she is still bringing up Tom and Harry, I just can't. Lu had every right to tell at her for that. I've always been a Heather fan and I loved the way she handled Leah. It's clear to me that the real issue isn't that Heather talked about Lu doing drugs, it's that Leah is threatened by her. She's been successful in busin
  11. First look at the new season! https://people.com/tv/rhop-season-6-supertease-exclusive/
  12. I'm liking Garcelle and Sutton's friendship. I'm loving Garcelle not giving Rinna any grace. She would be dumb to trust anything Rinna says. Especially when Rinna says "I can't promise I won't do that to you in the future." Like what?! She's the worst!!
  13. I have to admit, I did laugh during the argument with Jenn and Marge when they were going back and forth about the word concubine, Jenn turned to Jackie and said "Merriam Webster, where you at?"
  14. How the hell did Sean (who has no job and lives in an extended stay) afford a 3 carat ring?
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