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  1. She really is starting to think she is the greatest challenger to ever challenge. And that is just from one win that she had a lot of help with. Does she think it's a good thing to after her "Number 1 girl"? Also, why is she complaining that Jenny got her skull handed to her with an easy elimination when she pushed for Jenny to into that elimination? Dee tells Rogan not to say anything about her targeting Jenny My face when Rogan runs to Jenny to tell her everything
  2. Well all of those dreams went down the toilet.
  3. Cheyenne acted like she wanted nothing to do with that gender reveal party. Why did she agree to help plan it? Not surprised that Butch is off the wagon. Tyler was doing his usual frantic hand talking while on the phone. Cate couldn't even be bothered to put on a little make-up at her daughter's birthday party, she looked terrible. "Tyler's gettin' fixed." He's not a damn dog! Mackenzie, you do not deserve a medal for getting your kids to school on time. The school start time isn't a suggestion. "Let's pick out our school outfits the night before." Why weren't you already doing that? If you're notoriously late, change your routine. Get up 20 minutes earlier. Basic life stuff. That household seems like a complete mess. Not surprised Josh got the kids to school 3 hours late. He's a complete waste of space.
  4. I have been very busy reading in quarantine. The last couple of weeks I have read Mercy House by Alena Dillon (liked it) and The Lost Night by Andrea Bartz (it was ok, I didn't really care for the protagonist and didn't really feel sorry for her). The Red Lotus by Chris Bohjalian (a little slow and I couldn't figure out why the bad guys were doing what they were doing) and Valentine by Elizabeth Wetmore (loved it, the characters were rich and the story was sad but a good one). I'm currently read A Well Behaved Woman by Therese Ann Fowler and I'm liking the historical aspects but it is a little slow. I've got a few waiting in my queue, Pretty Things by Janelle Brown, The Wife Stalker by Liv Constantine and The Majesties by Tiffany Tsao.
  5. Apparently Melissa just had a baby and was pregnant when they were filming this season.
  6. I can see maybe Kyle doing this. He doesn't seem to care that much about winning, just hanging out and getting airtime.
  7. I think a lot of these people are forgetting that they actually have to go into an elimination in order to get to the final. Every week we listen to all of them talk about not wanting to go in, trying to politick their way out of getting voted in and getting mad when voted in. It makes no sense to me. What are they expecting to happen? The longer you wait, the less sure this game becomes. Might as well go in early. Nelson vs Cory would have been much more interesting. Josh really seems to think he's Wes's greatest enemy.
  8. I cannot stand listening to Tyler and Cate. They talk over each other and don't seem to listen. Tyler thinks he's the wisest person to ever live. She looked absolutely ridiculous at that business meeting. I know nothing about baby food (no kids) but is Little Spoon a legit company? Just from the checking out the website and seeing their office, they seem somewhat more legit than some of other businesses the TM's have gotten involved with. Why would they want to add Cate to their brand? The talk between Taylor and Bentley should not have been on TV but I did like the way Taylor spoke to Bentley. Maybe they'll have the actual sex talk off camera? Am I giving Maci too much credit? Don't care about Cory and Cheyenne but I did like Cheyenne acknowledging that they made a mistake not discussing what they should do if anything happened to Ryder while Cory was gone.
  9. I admittedly don't know a whole lot about Machine Gun Kelly, but from what I've seen he seems like a huge druggie.
  10. This. I truly don't understand why she is holding on to Zach. I was slightly terrified of him when he was screaming about "his house!" and her shit being in a box when she got home. I wish she would realize she doesn't deserve any of that. I was so happy she won. Yay Kaycee finally gets a storyline! I still can't stand Dee and her attitude at the tribunal solidified that. Cory being nice and supportive to Big T was actually sweet. Maybe fatherhood has mellowed him out. Nelson is an idiot but I did chuckle at him walking in at the end of the Nany/Aneesa fight asking "why are there noodles on the ground?"
  11. HUGE eyeroll at Rinna's spawn starting a clothing line. I can't. Also "nobody fucks with my kids?" Who fucked with your kids? Literally no one did. Sutton didn't do anything. How many events have you ruined Rinna? Sutton expressed a little anxiousness because she thought she was going to be around someone she is uncomfortable with and Dorit acted like she was going to throw drinks. Shut up Dorit. And shut up Rinna. I'm going to laugh if Kyle's screentime in Halloween Kills amounts to 2 minutes. I giggled at Garcelle's son eating the donut and she gave him a hard time, only to walk back into the kitchen to see her ex eating a donut. That was actually cute.
  12. So it was a bit jarring to watch the last episode only to find out Billy died.
  13. Probably the smartest thing Nany has ever said: "There is no reasoning with Jenna when it comes to Zach". I also liked that they picked her for the tribunal. You know it was Nany's idea and I'm glad Jordan went along with it.
  14. I'm not up to date on my politics, but I'm pretty sure Michelle was born in IL. I agree, whatever article she is talking about is definitely BS
  15. Um what? I just...I guess I shouldn't be surprised but he did exactly zero research on Michelle
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