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  1. MaggieG

    S02.E06: The Bad Mother

    Is it possible she didn't even know it happened? She seemed a little shocked when Denis O'Hare brought it up. If she brought home a rando, they had sex and she took and Ambien and fell asleep, maybe she didn't even realize Max (or Josh) came into the room? Max (or Josh) saw the guy sleeping and just left the room and later told ML. Or told the therapist the boys were supposed to speak with.
  2. MaggieG

    S01.E06: The House of Special Purpose

    Goodness yes. Rasputin's wig and beard was especially awful. Overall, I thought this was interesting. The assassination scene, even though I knew it was coming, was pretty brutal. I recently read a really good book called I Was Anastasia which is basically the story of Anastasia and Anna Anderson. Anastasia's story is told forward in time leading up the murders and Anna's story is told backwards in time and they meet in the middle.
  3. MaggieG

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    A good friend of mine and her husband are going through some issues right now. She is from CA, her whole family is there and would move back if they do split but will not be able to just take their kid. At least not without a judge agreeing to it. I believe Kail did this, she moved to Delaware with Isaac without or against a judge's orders.
  4. MaggieG

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    Rinna is just full of crap. She of course had to pile it on by saying she offered her money for a valet. I really hope she doesn't come back next season and if she does, she needs to be dragged.
  5. MaggieG

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    I can't stand Rinna and I don't believe the story she told about LVP
  6. MaggieG

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    If they have a custody arrangements in place, can she keep Kaiser away from Nathan like this?
  7. MaggieG

    S08.E06: Momcation

    I have never really cared much for Cheyenne but I actually felt bad that she got stuck with these bitches on vacation. Amber and Cate are exhausting to be around. Omg poor Nova! I felt so bad for that poor child. I can't imagine feeling so sad and lonely at school where nobody wants to play with you, only to get picked up by your mother who tells you she's leaving yet again.
  8. MaggieG

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I'm stunned. Those poor children.
  9. MaggieG

    S08.E05: Baby Fever

    I'm truly baffled why the whole marriage thing made Amber and Hagrid uncomfortable. You two have a child. I don't understand why these people have no issues bringing a child into this world but marriage seems like such a foreign concept. Did Hagrid really say he has "more things he wants to accomplish" before marriage? Last time I checked, a child is a much bigger responsibility then marriage. Listen, marriage is hard work. My husband and I are going through some stuff right now and we're working on it. We have no kids and if it doesn't work out, we go our separate ways and that's it. It's 10 times harder with kids in the middle.
  10. MaggieG

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I saw on Twitter that Lurch called 911 because he claimed Endtable was being locked in a room at Barb's? I'm at work so can't to anymore research at this moment
  11. MaggieG

    S02.E04: She Knows

    All of the Ambien stories make me terrified to ever take it. I was once given Vicoden after a car accident and it made me loopy. I can't imagine what Ambien would do to me. I guess I have a low tolerance 😛 My question is why would Celeste even take an Ambien after banging the hot bartender? The "fight" between Nathan and Ed was funny
  12. MaggieG

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    I do the same thing. I wear a thin band on top of my engagement ring with my wedding ring underneath it. My engagement ring is also an heirloom, it belonged to my husband's great grandmother. It's a little too big which is why I wear the band above it. I wouldn't want to risk damaging it either. I can't wait to see pics of little Archie on the Sussexes next royal tour!
  13. MaggieG

    S09.E20: Un Petit Hangover

    Dorit's reunion look with all of the pins and barrettes in her hair gives me a headache. That has to hurt, especially since it looks like her hair was pulled in a really tight ponytail.
  14. MaggieG

    S04.E05: Reap

    I had to laugh at that chick asking if he was a virgin. Girl, you don't even know who you're about to fuck.
  15. MaggieG

    S08.E04: One Big Happy Family

    You know, maybe I should pull a Cate at my job. I can tell my boss I can't send out that email and I can't call that client because I can't get stressed and it could trigger my depression. Also, I am taking the afternoon off and going to the spa. See how well that goes over. Did Ryder really have 3 outfits for her birthday party? I do admit, all of the donuts and sweet stuff at her party looked yummy