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  1. I seriously had to do several double takes because they made Charlize look just like Megyn Kelly. For a hot second I though Megyn was playing herself.
  2. I'm still not 100% sold on Braunwyn but I loved the way she handled Vicky. Vicky tried to be all "you don't know me, I'm honest, I'll show you who I am blah, blah" and Braunwyn tells her "I go with my gut and I'm always honest." Watching Vicky blubber after she said that was glorious. She hates the fact that she lost her orange to Braunwyn.
  3. MaggieG

    S02.E05: Episode 5

    I agree, that fact that they were female killers added to the fascination. I think it was also the fact that they had no remorse and seemed so nonchalant about the fact that they brutally murdered all of those people. When recounting the murders, they giggled and acted like it was no big deal. Truly disturbing stuff. I also thought it was odd that Leslie van Houten wasn't mentioned. She wasn't at the Tate murders but she was at the LaBianca murders.
  4. MaggieG

    S08.E12: The Weight of the World

    Seriously. I think even Dawn on the phone was trying to tell her to finish it later and send it to her because time with Carly was more important than a damn scrapbook. And Cate was all "no, no, I'm finishing it now." Why wasn't it finished a week ago, Cate????? You guys knew this visit was happening. That scene pissed me off to no end. I agree that Tyler was being dramatic. Brandon was probably comforting his daughter (yes, HIS daughter, not yours C and T) and telling her she wouldn't have to see those weirdos for a while. Doesn't Kousin Krystal already have 3 weirdly named kids? Didn't we also see some baby daddy drama with her last season or the season before? Why is she bringing more kids into that? Ugh Cheyenne and Maci, blah. Ryan and Mac looked super excited (not) announcing their pregnancy.
  5. MaggieG

    S02.E04: Episode 4

    I watched up until this episode last night and why is Anna Torv looking so orange in some scenes? I really liked the scene in the beginning with the undercover cop picking up the kids and then asking Holden what to do next. "Take them out for ice cream" while the kids are all demanding their $2. The stuff with Tench's kid is creepy.
  6. It's always a shock to see Vickie's old faces. When Braunwyn was talking about her mom and she said "And then she went to Burning Man." The way she said it cracked me up. Is Shane really that much of a dick that he can't take an hour out of his "study" time to spend with his parents on their birthday in his own house? That cake that Emily's friend made did look good.
  7. Bella Thorne is a damn mess
  8. MaggieG

    S04.E12: Ghosts

    I feel bad for Pope. Not only does he have to live with the fact that his mother went on a suicide mission and basically wanted him to die along with her, it was all under the pretense of introducing him to his uncle and cousins, that he clearly didn't know about! Oh and by the way, your father is buried in this field. When Smurf was screaming at Pope at the end, I knew J would be the one that ended up shooting her. Craig and Deran didn't have their guns and Pope was not going to pull the trigger. I was still shocked when it actually happened. J is stone cold.
  9. MaggieG

    S08.E11: Handle with Care

    Taylor should call Gary and ask him about his vasectomy . Better yet, watch the episode where Gary had it done. It's not that bad. I would suggest they get his sperm frozen if they want to consider having more kids, but Maci said she doesn't want to get pregnant again.
  10. Challenge relationships never seem to work out but I wish Jordan and Tori the best. Tori gets on my nerves but I like Jordan. Johnny, shut up.
  11. MaggieG

    S08.E11: Handle with Care

    A wine country trip was the stupidest trip to take with a toddler but Ryder's laugh at the ostrich farm was adorable. Matt, run! Cheyenne will be punching holes in condoms pretty soon. Was Amber really arguing with Andrew about a plane flying low?
  12. I thought Bill (Phil?) the truck salesman was adorable. He reminded me of my grandpa. Karen was ridiculous in the car ride with her sister. Especially when she said "my dad" and her sister had to respond "our dad." Your sister lost her parents too, Karen.
  13. MaggieG

    Season 1 Discussion

    I gasped when Shaw got shot because I realized I didn't want him to die. He's entertaining. On a completely shallow note, Lexi looked amazing in the suit with the heels and red lipstick.
  14. Who is this Kaitlyn chick that Miley was photographed with? All I know about her is that she was (or wasn't) married to Brody Jenner and they also recently split. Is she a model, actress or singer? Or does she just want to bang famous people?
  15. MaggieG

    S04.E11: Julia

    Haha @Pink-n-Green I just said Klaus since I have no clue what his AK character name is. It would be funny to see the Mikaelson family descend on Oceanside. How long before Rebekah and Craig hook up? 😜