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  1. Good on her for living her truth, I just feel a little bad for Sean in this. Especially her saying she's never been attracted to men. You had seven children with a man. They might be married now but will probably get divorced at some point, especially if she gets more serious with this woman. Sean might want to move on too. Is he allowed to have a girlfriend too?
  2. https://www.bravotv.com/the-daily-dish/real-housewives-of-dallas-season-5-premiere-date-trailer New season starts Jan 5th!
  3. I just remembered that Jamal said he was getting a manicure at the airport!
  4. I really liked Blanche's yellow blazer like top and black skirt when they met the President. "Mrs Devereaux, you may want to cover up."
  5. I was on Karen's side with this. If I say "I'm not drinking" then I'm not drinking and I don't need to explain why. Of course Karen had to make it worse by telling her whole ulcer story. She should have just said that she was tired and didn't feel like having a drink. It didn't need to become a thing. Also, what did she mean with the whole "that's the couch" comment? I was super confused.
  6. I'm still reeled (tm Shannon) by the fact that these women (well mostly Shannon and Kelly a little) got so upset by the fact that there would be no tequila at the party. They acted like they were going to a dry reception in a dry county where alcohol doesn't exist. It was one night without tequila. ONE NIGHT. And they couldn't do it.
  7. Looking at the way Robyn banged that dildo against the table made me feel bad for Juan's dick
  8. Seriously. I have been to AZ only once in my life and there were prickly pear type drinks on the menu of every restaurant I visited. The prickly pear margarita's were delicious. There was also prickly pear candy in a candy shop I went to. I couldn't believe when she asked what it was.
  9. Judging from the comments this might be an unpopular opinion, but this episode did not redeem me to Margaret at all. I just showed me that once again she loves complaining about how horrible her family is, but she will always throw her royal weight around. Making sure the therapist addressed her as Ma'am and complaining that she had to go to her, why couldn't the therapist come to me? I also have never cared for the Queen Mum and agree that not everything can be blamed on the abdication. The cousins probably would have been sent away regardless of who became King. And did Margaret ever go spend time with her cousins, volunteer at that hospital, organize any sort of mental health initiatives? No, she probably continued complaining about her family and how unfair she was being treated. No love lost between Margaret and I 😜 I still love HBC though. I can't believe the one cousin lived until 2014, she must have been in her eighties or nineties.
  10. I didn't think I would cry so much at a Fresh Prince reunion but yet I did. I loved the story Will told about him and James during the "how come he don't love me man?" scene. What I liked about the Will/OG Aunt Viv reunion is that he let her tell her side and didn't make excuses for whatever his part was in it. He mentioned being 21. The show was a success and he was the star, so it could be that he was throwing his weight around. It seemed like she was going through a really rough time in her personal life and didn't speak about it. I'm sure things happened back then that they both didn't handle well but it seems that with all this time that has gone by (27 years!!) they both have gained perspective. Sometimes you just have to let it go and move on and it seems they both did. I loved Janet and Daphne meeting for the first time. I also laughed at Jazz telling the story about how he did all these takes being thrown out of the house and they didn't want to make him do that all the time so that's why they used the same take every time. Watching this show as a kid, I knew what it meant when Jazz showed up wearing that shirt.
  11. How long have they been filming this season? Last episode we get a flashback to Mary/Jenn that was 6 months ago and this week we get one from Whitney/Lisa that was 4 months ago.
  12. MaggieG

    S01.E01: Pilot

    My husband and I both jumped when Ryan got shot. Not expecting that. I was actually thinking that the trooper was in on it somehow, but that we would find out later in the season after the PI's did their investigating. I'll stick around to see how this plays out. Seriously. I kept thinking that at least one of them would be able to run away. My money was on smart sister. I love Katheryn Winnick but I don't know what the heck kind of accent she's trying to do.
  13. Personally, I thought that if Erika would ever leave Tom for another man, it would need to be a man richer than Tom.
  14. Yes, I remember that story too! Guys would pick her up to give her a ride and once they drove to the cemetery she would disappear from the back seat. It was Chicago.
  15. So Briana's new guy is married right? MTV actually followed her to Puerto Rico and didn't film him?
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