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  1. Kyle has many faults and I agree that whole "I couldn't understand the article" thing made her look dumb, I actually think it's cool that they brought her back for this Halloween movie. I love it when movies do that, especially this one with her reprising a role she played as a child over 40 years ago. I did think the Halloween promotion was a bit shoe-horned in but tis the season.
  2. I thought it was interesting that these guys were all "Man! Animal! We must hunt our food!" in the woods, thinking they're all badass, meanwhile they're in the company of a guy who has actually killed people. If only they knew.
  3. It definitely seemed staged. As soon as she brought over the food she starts "I can't believe what Angie is doing!" I think I have seen Marco on an episode of Guy's Grocery Games. Mary certainly isn't hiding her disdain of Robert Sr. Their forced marriage is catching up on them. She is the oddest woman and I still can't believe people look up to her as a leader in church. I'm kinda looking forward to Jennie going off on her next week. Speaking of Jennie, my heart broke for her when she was recounting the story of her daughter's death. That must have been a very traumatic thing to go
  4. That is also one think I appreciate about Gizelle and the rest of this cast, they all enjoy eating. Unlike the BH ladies....
  5. Joe needs to figure out some endgame here because Love is going to keep killing/hurting people and he's going to have to keep covering it up.
  6. Why do these people keep reproducing so irresponsibly?!
  7. I thought baby Gigi was adorable during the scene between Conrad and Devin. She kept looking up (at the stage lights presumably) and kept grabbing at Conrad's necklace.
  8. I agree, her strategy wasn't great. She saved her arm strength but she was going way slower than Ashley. I also can't root for either of them. Amanda's son looked pretty young, is his dad not involved? I was on Nany's side with that. Ashley will easily turn on anyone when the mood strikes her. I saw an interview clip on Twitter with Devyn (who's doing aftershow interviews) and Amanda and Amanda said that Priscilla told her that she wouldn't pick her because Amanda is a single mom and Priscilla was raised by a single mom. Amanda seemed very moved by it and thought it w
  9. Seriously. We all know she doesn't have an original bone in her body and she wants to be Erika. So she was channeling Erika by a sneering snake. Even though Rinna is awful on her own.
  10. I'm so happy to hear that Erika is sleeping well. I'm sure the alleged victims enjoyed hearing that as well. She truly is vile. Kyle didn't do much this episode besides giving eyes and pursing her lips. Rinna is such a freaking gaslighter! I could feel my blood pressure go up just watching her. Garcelle better be smart not to trust her. We all know she would throw her own mother under the bus if it means good tv. Her and Dorit are trying to spin this narrative that somehow Garcelle isn't open or present enough and they wonder why Garcelle says that she feels that she doesn't fit in.
  11. I thought Kayla said Stephan never asserted his parental rights but weren't they kinda together when Izaiah was born? I assume his name is on the birth certificate. And now this new guy. Kayla seems sure he's not the father but I wonder if she's really sure or if she's just always maintained it's Stephan and she doesn't want to change that. Rachel is just the worst. She yells at her mom about trick or treating, then says she's leaving her baby and going somewhere else and then oh wait, can I have money, I want food. And her mom just gives it to her. I also don't care about Kayla J a
  12. I'm not sure how much she bought them for, I wish I could remember how much I paid for them. Maybe $15 or $20? After watching the doc and learning about the $5k buy in, I figured at the time she couldn't afford the buy in which is why she did it that way. I don't think she sold them for very long because she stopped posting about it after a while.
  13. I thought it was Emma Roberts for a hot second
  14. Well this was fascinating. I own one pair of LLR leggings, I got them from a friend of a friend who was selling them on FB at the height of the craze. I got them mainly because I love leggings and this was the only pair that had a not so crazy pattern. I found out later that she wasn't actually a LLR retailer, she would go to parties herself, buy several leggings pretending they were for her, but then would resell them. Not sure if she ever got in trouble for that. I also would have liked a few more interviews with people on the bottom who made almost no profit. I cannot believe some of t
  15. I laughed at Charles and Oliver running out of the building, Oliver getting his car, Charles being shocked that Oliver has a car and then Oliver making Charles drive because his license expired 25 years ago. I also had to laugh at the randomness of them getting a ride from horticulture podcasters.
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