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  1. I'm kind of loving that Mackenzie is completely over Josh.
  2. I believe Tripp's actual name is William which would make sense if he's the third with the name since Joshua Jackson's character is Bill which is also short for William so we can assume his dad is also a William. Not sure what Moody's actual name is.
  3. I read the book and I don't remember Mia being this bad. I've never had any issues with Kerry as an actress but I'm also wondering why she is portraying Mia this way. She's making some odd facial expressions.
  4. MaggieG


    I just finished this last night. I love this ridiculous show. There were definitely a few things I hated, like Yeray. He made no sense to me. He was apparently a millionaire app developer but still in high school?? He lived alone in a giant house? Where are his parents? I also was hoping we would get more Nadia/Guzman scenes. I did enjoy the Nadia/Lu friendship and I loved that Nadia's mom said Lu would always have a family with them. Call me a sucker but I liked in the end that they protected Lu. She really did seem shocked that she had done it. I also get the feeling Polo egging her on was because he had nothing more to lose. I cracked up during the last episode when it showed them all accusing each other and it cuts to Malik saying "I didn't see anything." I have hair envy when it comes to Lu. Just gorgeous. Are there plans for a season 4? I wouldn't mind but I do think this is a good ending if it's the last season. I could see Cayetana cracking and selling them all out. Lu, Nadia and Carla get to escape, the rest get to finish high school, Valerio gets to run wineries and she gets stuck cleaning? Yeah, I don't see her putting up with that much longer.
  5. I cringed at Tyler's ridiculous face when he opened the card. Are we really doing an Amber sympathy tour? Because I am not interested.
  6. @xfuse I don't remember them doing that. To be fair, some of these seasons are blurring together though. I was just thinking about Cara and Paulie last season when they completely skated through. Would have loved to see them both throw fits about having to go into an elimination. Sadly (or luckily for us) they are sitting this one out.
  7. Finally! I hope that they actually stick to that and there isn't some weird loop hole. I'm so tired of seeing people get to a final without an elimination.
  8. This is an older post but I'm catching up on the Leanne gossip. I watched SATC multiple times and she actually said she ran down the "the Korean." I remember because she was in her bra when she gave the juice to Aiden and he asked if she went down dresses like that. Yay my useless SATC knowledge is useful! 😂
  9. Well that's over. I wonder if we'll get a reunion or if they screaming match at the TM2 reunion will suffice. I'm so glad Teazha is free. Girl, go live your best life. Stefan still does not get it. If you want to see your son, call Kayla. He still expects Kayla to reach out to him. I'm over Ashley and Bar Didn't Mylo have a girlfriend? Or did he break up with her to get back with Brianna? And back on the show
  10. Rachel's trashtastic family never ceases to surprise me. She's going on and on about wanting to save her friend but her friend seems to be willingly hooking up with Drew. Unless there are drugs being done in that shitty looking house. I wonder if we'll see Jacob again. If not, good on him from getting out of Rachel's orbit. We need to send Ashley's sister Chris to TN to knock some sense into those people. Preferably with a chair 😜 Free Teazha! Why did Jaden even move to Oregon? Did he move solely to hook up with Briana and to see if he can mooch off her?
  11. For some reason, Dolores and Frank sleeping in twin beds in the same room cracked me up
  12. I forgot to mention this but Braeson crying as they sang him happy birthday made me crack up. My friend's baby did the same thing. She was not having that happy birthday song 😂
  13. I don't believe for one second that Koty is the father of Rachel's baby unless she got pregnant right after the first time they had sex. They've only been dating a few weeks. There's a big chance it's Jacob's. Or Drew's. Gosh, what a freaking mess. Is Tea no longer a pastor? I noticed it didn't say that in front of her name anymore
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