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  1. @eskimo they're in TN. Which could get pretty hot if this was filmed in the summer. I think she did have the AC on in the car. I do agree that her complaining from the car is much more dramatic then trying to figure out how to have a good day.
  2. Would Teresa have actually enjoyed going to the Mother's Day brunch? I would think it would have been tough for her, since she would be the only one there without her mother. Frank and Delores just need to get back together at this point I laughed at Melissa suggesting opening a bottle of wine as soon as Teresa started going in on Margaret.
  3. The only good thing about this shit show is the cute kids. Braeson was adorable on his bike and Holly and Izaiah are pretty cute too. I'm still not over Bar and his face tattoos Rachel and family seem to get trashier by the week. If it was too hot, she should have just left right away. I understand it's not fun having a baby outside in 90 degree weather but nobody was forcing her to stay. Well maybe her friend, since it was her friends car. Rachel doesn't seem to have a vehicle. I agree that Teazha needs to dump Kiaya and live her own life
  4. I've never seen Chicago PD or One Tree Hill so I actually thought she was getting over a cold and that's why her voice was like that. No idea that that's how she usually sounds. Isn't Sophie currently dating someone else? I too am wondering why she is calling Kevin. She never bothered me when she was on, but I hope she doesn't turn out to be Kevin's wife/baby mama. I feel like their story is over. I wouldn't mind if it's Cassidy.
  5. Do you watch RHOD? The first thing I thought of when I saw this was Leanne on that show describing how she and her husband had sex through a fence by cutting a hole into the fence. If everything we're reading here is true, this is a complete shit show and I feel badly for this poor child they are bringing into the world.
  6. I cannot handle the stupidity with Rachel and her family. I weep for humanity when I watch them. I understand they are a product of their environment but come on. Who talks that casually about having a baby? Her mother needs to stop worrying about how Rachel will feel and drag her to the Dr. Of course Ashley's new man already has 2 baby mamas. I give Kayla props for changing Isaiah's last name. X'ayveon's mom said she is 36. I cannot believe I am 2 years younger than her. And I don't have kids, let alone grandkids!
  7. Does this mean they'll need more royal family members to step in for royal duties? In all seriousness, good for H and M. They'll be able to raise little Archie in relative normalcy and spend time out of the public eye, but also supporting the causes they care about.
  8. I love that they didn't let Leanne skate on anything.
  9. I really disliked Forty this episode. Joe's killing and creepiness aside, who kidnaps someone, has some Russian dude threaten to shoot him if he tries to leave and then drugs them without their knowledge? Just because he wants help writing a script? "I know who fucking Toni Morrison is!" did crack me up.
  10. So this guy is from Boston and doesn't want leave, does that mean she is moving there? Or is he moving to Nashville? I agree her new persona will be Southie chick. She'll probably start channeling Blake Lively from The Town. Or if he moves to Nashville, he may change his persona to country boy. At least this guy is nicer to look at than Sasquatch UBT.
  11. I'm almost done with The Escape Room by Megan Goldin. I'm really liking it, mostly because I'm not sure where it's going and I'm enjoying the ride. I'm also halfway through Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow. There are no words for how awful Harvey Weinstein is.
  12. I thought her esophageal spasms were "cured"?
  13. Saw this yesterday and really enjoyed it. I was never a huge fan of the book (I tried reading it as a child and just never got into it) and I've never seen any of the other versions. But I love Greta Gerwig and Saorse Ronan so I had to see this. I really identified with Meg. Some of the issues her and John are going through are very similar to my own life right now. I also identified with Jo. Her conversation with Marmee at the end when she talked about Lauri and how maybe she would say yes if he asked her again and how she felt lonely really resonated with me. I laughed hysterically when the girls were talking about letting Lauri into the club and he jumped out of the rack of clothes to scare everyone. I think all four actresses did a great job showing us the sisterly bond. Overall I thought this was a great movie.
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