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  1. The non-profit Dream American which consulted on this episode was founded by Jose Antonio Vargas who like Mateo is a undocumented immigrant from the Philippines who arrived in the US as child so it's not completely hopeless for Mateo. One plausible path is a bona fide marriage to a US citizen and request an adjustment to his immigration status.
  2. calguy

    S04.E17: Quinceañera

    I think it's a way to comment on the fact that abstinence-only programs are ineffective.
  3. calguy

    S04.E17: Quinceañera

    I think it was bloody bandaid.
  4. calguy

    S04.E16: Easter

    Her "grey area" cameras might not be set up for recording.
  5. calguy

    S04.E14 Minor Crimes

    In an interview with Justin Spitzer he said they're going to ignore the manager/worker thing because it's something that they done before. Instead the conflict is going to be that Amy becomes more pro-management while Jonah is anti-corporate. Personally I think that the fight will be like one in "Lovebirds" where the fight will leads to talking about something like their future together.
  6. calguy

    S04.E13 Lovebirds

    They have them in stores here in Calgary so I fairly confident you'll be able them in-store.
  7. calguy

    S04.E13 Lovebirds

  8. calguy

    S04.E10: Cloud 9 Academy

    Production of the show didn't go on a break just because the show went on hiatus. This episode would probably have been filmed in November.
  9. calguy

    S03.E04: Foreign Bodies

    At this point Palmerston would have been at least 64.
  10. calguy

    S04.E09: Shadowing Glenn

    I assumed that he does have an undergraduate degree since he was lying about going to medical school.
  11. calguy

    S04.E09: Shadowing Glenn

    It was explained in a S1 episode. After quitting business school he got in his car and drove for a long time. He got hungry so he stopped at store and saw that they were hiring and so he applied for it. On another note looks like we survived the great forum purge of 2018.
  12. calguy

    S04.E09: Shadowing Glenn

    The good news is that Jonah likely qualifies for PAYE which drastically lowers the payments that he has to pay and that after 20 years the rest of the loan gets forgiven. The bad news is he'll have a massive tax bill once that loan gets forgiven. Still much better any conventional repayment plans.
  13. calguy

    S04.E08: Manager's Conference

    The Social Security Administration is legally prohibited from sharing it's information with other federal agencies. Mateo is what the writers make him. They're not going to fire Nico Santos.
  14. calguy

    S04.E07: New Initiative

    If you're 22 or older then you're considered an independent student and are not required to submit your parents income when applying for aid.
  15. calguy

    S04.E06: Maternity Leave

    If you look closely Sandra had a tool in her palm that she used to unlock the iPad.