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  1. Anne is a screeching harpey who is completely full of herself. Bye!!!
  2. Oh my this poor man with the wife that died of Covid. How tragic and sad 😥
  3. He was hoping for a Costco salad flying, light fixture punching, wig snatching dust up like Pedro vs. the family Chantal.
  4. That dude was HITTING that nitrous pipe lol. I'm jealous 🤣
  5. Not ridiculous; it's sad. Obviously he was not quite right mentally. I hope he is doing OK.
  6. I am oddly fascinated by the dynamic of this family. Who would talk about their child's ability to "clog any toilet" at ANY time but especially on a TV show?! How humiliating! Amber is narcissism personified.
  7. Morimoto can afford a much better hairpiece than what is going on here.
  8. Paula's cackling is so annoying and contrived. I can't believe they had her on. Her fawning all over the POC was disgusting. Is this supposed to be some sort of comeback for her? I thought she was canceled.
  9. Omg now it's Anna's fault Amber had to sell the ring?! Because of course it is! And making the kids pay for it?! Good lord!!!
  10. Why are these poor kids living in a literal junkyard?! And the mom can't put on a mask long enough for her daughter to get treatment?! Ridiculous.
  11. I HATE when people cook in sleeveless shirts. Then she threw her arms up aggressively over the food. Just grosses me out. Maybe I'm crazy.
  12. Roommate Ron looks exactly like the actor Rip Torn.
  13. So.....Trent was so drunk last July 4th that he almost blew his face off with a firework?! There is a lot going on behind the scenes here.
  14. They should all have to sell at the same price. This ridiculous pricing which is essentially people making donations is not fair.
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