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  1. I'm happily married to a man but Melissa King can call me.
  2. Petroni's disgusting apron makes me want to puke. Totally not buying this "tie" but I get it... it's a TV show and ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?! Brooke carrying around that stupid belt is just ridiculous.
  3. Why can't Jennifer put on her own shoes? I think Melissa's body really looks great. I'm jealous.
  4. Omg poor Leah. I feel really bad watching this. Don't get me started on Dawn and these shady ass adoptions in general. Conner can fucking call me. GOTDAMN!
  5. Why is the food so expensive? $14-18 for like a cup of food in a cardboard tray is crazy. I'm upset about the frostbite 🥶
  6. This is the fakest shit I have ever seen in my life. WE TV come the hell on!
  7. If I never see Malarkey on my screen again it will be too soon. Why are they putting up with him?! His persona is awful and he dosen't even seem to be that good of a chef. He can't cook a zucchini medallion?! BYEEEEEEE!!!!!
  8. If i have to hear that one contestant say 'postales' one more time...oh wait. I don't.
  9. Was Maci washing pee off of herself in a creek? Josh is the worst. I swear Ryder is the cutest kid I've ever seen and I have 3 kids myself. What is going on with those weird dolls behind Amber's couch?
  10. Omg noooooo! Coming to America is hilarious. I am so excited for this!
  11. "If it's not Scottish it's crap!" Oh Duff with the old SNL reference. I swear we could be best friends!
  12. He really is the hero of this mess.
  13. Shovel is looking good. Did she lose a lot of weight? Lindsay is straight trash. Sarah's girls are adorable. So are Brittany's kids.
  14. His sister is really beautiful.
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