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  1. Seriously....they couldn't give Cam the job and allow them to adopt a new baby as well?! I figured that last holiday meal was basically setting up how the final episode would go with Cam getting the job and Mitch now following Cam for his dreams. I thought the same thing when they revealed it was a clip show...the sign of a show struggling to make to the finish line.
  2. At least they didn’t bring Matthew back....again.
  3. So did Monterey have to pay for that sheet pan? She beat the hell out of that thing. I was pissed.
  4. I swear Trace wasn’t as folksy last season as he is now on this battle back. It’s like he decided that being folksy with the southernn drawl and the sayings worked for Jason so let me give it a shot. He should know that TPTB would never let there be a winner who is an exact copy of the orecious year’s winner. I was also puzzled as to why Adam is back when he has had multiple chances and shows that have went nowhere.
  5. I was expecting the payback after Sheldon mentioned the secret bank account would be either Leonard or Penny using the Sheldon deciding to propose to Amy pre-break-up as revenge in the "never have i ever" game. "Never have I ever had a ring and almost proposed to my girlfriend before she broke up with me." It would have been cruel but Sheldon had it coming b/c he says things he shouldn't even though he more than likely knows better.
  6. So is this the series finale, b/c if so I would say they went out with a bang. This was the best episode in a long while since the move to TBS.
  7. That chicken cordon bleu casserole actually looked good, and it made me think about making it sometime soon. I was afraid though that it was just going to consist of chicken, ham, swiss cheese and crunchy panko topping. I really thought she wasn't going to make a sauce for it, but luckily she did. When she put that casserole in the the oven, I wondered if it was going to shatter like my sister's did over Christmas. She bought that same looking dish and when she put it in the oven it shattered...mind you this was at 350 degrees and wasn't going straight from the fridge/freezer to the ove
  8. Loved that Dennis' idea turned into just robbing people and leaving them at the side of the road. I'm surprised we didn't get a better reaction from Dennis when the two guys thought that the Paddy Wagon was going to turn out to be a 'bang bus' situation. Of course Mac's storyline ended with him just bolting to the gay bar and coming back sweaty and covered in green glitter...and of course nobody seemed shocked that's where he had been at nor that he needed some towels for some unspecified reason.
  9. Well I think Pete and his hot sauce just confirmed that Ree's food might be somewhat bland considering he seems to add it to every dish he eats of hers. I loved watching Pete do the dishes with one of the girls. That man has some manners, unlike the other Drummond men. I'm not well versed in the world of carnitas and mexican food, but did she do the recipe right or did she bastardize it in her PW way? Then we find out Pete is married, i would love to be a fly on the wall of their conversation while eating Ree's food. When she was putting that seasoning on the pork butt she like bare
  10. The way Gaga dumped her talent agency she might think the sky is the limit and decide not to continue on w/ RM and this show. She is a glorified award-winning actress now, pay no attention that the Golden Globes are just a made up award with no meaning whatsoever just so that a bunch of old men can hobnob with powerful celebrities.
  11. I can't get past her obsession w/ these ice cream and cake desserts she does. It's like she thinks she invented the concept. She always adds the most ridiculous things to it, chopped up generic mini peanut butter cups and generic candy coated chocolates. Why can't she just make a simple cake or cobbler. The shellac for those ribs, well I just knew I would get a laugh of her throwing everything into bowl style of glaze. I was surprised she didn't add her go to spices such as seasoning salt or some instant coffee..unless I missed it. Than hominy casserole looked like a mess, of course I
  12. I watched the Disney night, and it was my first time watching So Dear to My Heart, and I have to say I fell in love w/ the film from this first viewing. It's just a wonderful film. I agree about Babes in Toyland, it is a chore to get through, it's very schmaltzy....it seems like something NBC would produce for one of their live musicals. I'm watching Room for One More, and I love this movie so much. I first fell in love w/ it about a year ago after viewing it on TCM. It's such a great film.
  13. They have been showing the latest season of Cooks Country, season 8, in my area and something seems off about this season. Bridget seems strange, Julia's new hair is a shock, and now they do the taste-testing in a garage that looks creepy.
  14. I love the Bishop's Wife as well, it's one of my go to holiday movies. I noticed that TCM was using the master where the scene where Dudley and the Professor are in front of the old church pops back up in a scene later in the movie. When they released the film on blu-ray a few years ago this is where the error came from and they eventually sent out replacement discs for it. I was just surprised that TCM was still using the error master. I wish I had recorded all the movies that Tina Fey picked for her guest host stint b/c I saw the one for That's Entertainment and I loved the banter b/t
  15. I loved it, and to be honest my Star Wars love has flamed out over the years. I went in w/ mediocre expectations but I felt it was a great picture w/ just a few hits and misses. The Falcon reveal was surprising to me, I enjoyed it immensely. I was thinking that perhaps Rey was Ben's twin sister or something, which could still happen, but that would be too much of a re-hash of Luke and Leia being separated. The main thing I was disappointed in was the reveal of Kylo Ren's parentage/identity so early on. I think just the hints were enough and the reveal when Han called Ben out at t
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