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  1. CMH1981

    Comeback Kitchen

    At least they didn’t bring Matthew back....again.
  2. CMH1981

    Comeback Kitchen

    So did Monterey have to pay for that sheet pan? She beat the hell out of that thing. I was pissed.
  3. CMH1981

    Comeback Kitchen

    I swear Trace wasn’t as folksy last season as he is now on this battle back. It’s like he decided that being folksy with the southernn drawl and the sayings worked for Jason so let me give it a shot. He should know that TPTB would never let there be a winner who is an exact copy of the orecious year’s winner. I was also puzzled as to why Adam is back when he has had multiple chances and shows that have went nowhere.
  4. CMH1981

    S09.E20: The Big Bear Precipitation

    I was expecting the payback after Sheldon mentioned the secret bank account would be either Leonard or Penny using the Sheldon deciding to propose to Amy pre-break-up as revenge in the "never have i ever" game. "Never have I ever had a ring and almost proposed to my girlfriend before she broke up with me." It would have been cruel but Sheldon had it coming b/c he says things he shouldn't even though he more than likely knows better.
  5. CMH1981

    American Dad

    So is this the series finale, b/c if so I would say they went out with a bang. This was the best episode in a long while since the move to TBS.
  6. CMH1981

    S02.E11: Secrets & Liza

    Liza knows if she were to have shown Kelsey the video the wrath would be directed at Liza and Thad. If I was Liza I would find a way to email the photo to Kelsey's work email or personal email or text it to her, but block the number or use a burner email account. It would be the easiest way to do it, although I was all for Liza going full throttle and ending the secret to all parties involved.
  7. CMH1981

    All Episodes Talk

    That chicken cordon bleu casserole actually looked good, and it made me think about making it sometime soon. I was afraid though that it was just going to consist of chicken, ham, swiss cheese and crunchy panko topping. I really thought she wasn't going to make a sauce for it, but luckily she did. When she put that casserole in the the oven, I wondered if it was going to shatter like my sister's did over Christmas. She bought that same looking dish and when she put it in the oven it shattered...mind you this was at 350 degrees and wasn't going straight from the fridge/freezer to the oven or anything like that...oh Ree Drummond and your cheap products. That bean and bacon soup looked good, but I hate beans, other than green, so eh... I would at least try it w/ the broth and all. When she served it to Ladd he did not look impressed or that he was in the mood to eat soup. Her comment on Ladd "looking hot" was awkward, and I love that he laughed it off. One could read something into their stilted interactions, but eh...not today. Tamale pie looked gross, and that masa mixture looked off and really undercooked. It needed to be more golden in my opinion. When Ree went out to start his truck, first thing was I was shocked she wasn't in some fancy negligee under that robe so we could see how sexy she was. Second I was hoping that she didn't lock the keys in the truck after starting it for Ladd to get warm. Third, I thought how funny would it be if some prowler was on the ranch and ended up stealing the truck. Once again, Ladd and his tips/techniques are the most informative thing on this show.
  8. CMH1981

    S06.E04: Rapacity In Blue

    I loved how the scene w/ Jonas and the Blue Morpho on video was so a nod to the film Auto Focus featuring the sordid life of Bob Crane and his videotaping of his numerous exploits.
  9. CMH1981

    S03.E11: Bouncing Back

    Didn't May even make the comment to Coulson later on that he was starting to put more trust/faith in other team members in leader roles? I wonder what Coulson and May would think if they knew that Skye ( who can use quakes to knock the plane out of the sky ), Mockingbird, Hunter, Inhuman Guy ( who could make the plane melt ), Yo-Yo Inhuman, and Mack, just stood around and didn't even try to stop them or go after them b/c it's not like they didn't have a plane of their own...oh wait. Idiots. I swear to gosh, if they don't kill Franken-Ward off at the end of the season i'm done with this show. It's just ridiculous at this point...and kill that Lincoln guy off as well...hell get rid of all the Inhumans so far. It makes me so mad that this is what people will think of when the eventual Inhuman movie comes about in 2024. Marvel really messed up by allowing this to be the first glimpse into the world of Inhumans, instead of the Royal family of Black Bolt, Medusa, Crystal, Karnak, Gorgon, Triton, and Lockjaw.
  10. CMH1981

    S03.E11: Bouncing Back

    The SHIELD team just stood around and did nothing to even try to go after HYDRA. Just a comment along the lines of...oh...it's HYDRA, well damn...then they just kicked the dirt and hung their heads down in shame for being such a sucky team. What do we have to do to get Agent Carter to be the main ABC/Disney/Marvel series and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D as the winter filler series?
  11. CMH1981

    S02.E11: Pitch Black

    I loved the detour from our usual gang but I had to really suspend my disbelief that Mike would be up and ready to use that water bike so soon. I mean doesn't it take some time for an astronaut to readjust to gravity and be able to use their legs? Just like I know he had to crash into the Carnival cruise ship b/c if he he crashed in the water he would have drowned due to the leg issue. I know it's a television show and all, but still... Damn you promo monkeys for completely spoiling our cliffhanger from the winter finale. That was one hell of a cliffhanger they left us on then to just spoil it like that was dirty pool....and what was even worse was the fact that the voice over announce still tried to keep it vague. Idiots. Kristen Schaal is amazing in this role and when she isn't in an episode it is felt...and not in a bad way. I really wish she would get some award love for this role.
  12. CMH1981

    S02.E10: Hollywood Ending

    The scene between Peggy and Ana made me well up. Peggy really does carry the weight of the world on her shoulders, everything that happens to her "family" she takes full responsibility. It could have been so easy for Ana to be cordial yet cold to Peggy b/c of her current situation after Peggy re-entered she and Edwin's life, but no, Ana was exactly the same person we had from the beginning, and i love her characterization...and would love to see her pop up in a MCU film, perhaps the next IM film...would love to see she and Edwin in a flashback with a teen Tony. I do hope that if the show continues on that Ana will be a part of the cast...she fits in seemlessly.
  13. CMH1981

    S02.E10: Hollywood Ending

    What if the guy who killed Jack was Bucky...or does the timeline not work for the Winter Soldier to be in operation this soon?
  14. CMH1981

    S02.E10: Hollywood Ending

    I'm thinking that if ABC doesn't pick up the show for S3, I could see Netflix going for it to add another Marvel Series to their programming...heck I could even see Amazon trying to pick up the series. Marvel series are always going to be a ratings-getter, even if the series is mediocre like the forthcoming return of AoS.
  15. CMH1981

    S02.E10: Hollywood Ending

    I also feel that this season finale was a let down, it was just so anti-climactic. I was really hoping that at the end we would find out that Whitney would be in a full mask at the asylum after her mental breakdown that has her talking w/ Calvin in her mind. It just think it would bring the whole Madame Masque thing to it's eventual comic roots. The orderly explaining she clawed her face as we got would be just enough to make it believable.