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  1. Julia

    NCIS In The Media

    And here we are objectifying him. I swear, we are what's wrong with America today.
  2. I love Bea Lillie. There's a wonderful story (I think in Harpo's book?) about the wife of some retail magnate or other trying to high hat her at a dress salon by loudly asking when "the actress" would be done with the dressing room, and Lillie just as loudly telling the clerk when she came out to "tell the grocer's wife Lady Peel is finished."
  3. Well, Pew is supposed to be pretty good with data.
  4. And yet I would argue that people on the internet are more representative of the affluent millennials that advertisers are looking for than people with landlines who answer the phone when they don't recognize the number are of the public in general.
  5. Yeah, I'm thinking Whedon and his entirely unhealthy obsession with manipulating his fans is pretty much patient zero of this nonsense. And his jerk men don't bother me as much as his 'powerful' women wasting away to concentration camp-level BMIs while Jewel Staite played the fat joke who couldn't get anyone to have sex with her. I'm not sure where you're getting the assumption that people who engage are insignificant from, but the polling industry extrapolates from far smaller samples.
  6. Julia

    NCIS In The Media

    Not a huge Valderrama fan, but Esposito has worked a lot in some good things, and Henry, while new to me, is very, very pretty.
  7. And based on the episode where Parker came back as a goddess to tell us how totally more awesome than everyone thinks manic pixie traitor math girl is, I'm going to guess we're not alone.
  8. I think maybe fans are a bit more... ambivalent? about Librarians than they were about Leverage.
  9. I feel better. I was ready to be tempted to watch this - let's face it, Ichabod Crane, democracy purist, as a cranky DC bureaucrat is a great concept - but it sounds like they're planning an XFiles/Castle mashup, so not so much.
  10. I really don't agree with that. For a number of years I didn't have enough deductions to itemize, and one of the few breaks I got was having pre-tax money taken off my paycheck for my 401k and my transitchek. Even the anemic match my company gives me has added up to a nice cozy sum over the years. In the meantime, I haven't paid taxes on the amount my 401k has increased. I would argue that more people should have access to those benefits. There's no reason why a woman making the minimum wage should be paying payroll taxes on the money she uses to pay 100% of the cost of transportation and
  11. as a New Yorker I feel your pain.
  12. It addresses what it means to be an american. A story about the children of relatively recent polish immigrants who were considered good american boys by the cops and the children of puerto ricans, whose families were considered foreign even though as Puerto Ricans they were already american citizens is actually pretty resonant these days, JMO.
  13. I am probably as little a Palin fan as anyone out there, but I thought that Rivers was out of line letting her friends trash her guest's mom with cameras rolling. Melissa handled herself well under trying circumstances.
  14. If you confit it first in olive oil, it's pretty good. Likewise, roasted with garlic, olive oil, anchovies/kalamata olives if it's vegetarian, and oregano and dressed with a lemon vinaigrette.
  15. Oh, Sleepy Hollow didn't learn anything from anyone, JMO, including the writer's room götterdämmerung of season 2. My UO on Marlowe is that his skill is selling high-concept ideas to studios and not writing or characters or plot. I think it's not a coincidence that everything started going to hell in season 3 after René Echevarria left. Echevarria was responsible for ST:DS9, a show which had a ton of completed ships between competent, powerful adults who respected each other. Marlowe's output is Die Hard on a plane and two movies where a woman being threatened with rape was just part
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