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  1. I agree it's unlikely Tripp is guilty. They were so heavy handed talking about the irrefutable DNA evidence, stating that if it wasn't Tripp it has to be Steve. So there has to be a third choice we don't know about yet. Charlie makes sense, especially know that we know Ava put Phillip at Titan so she put Charlie there to spy on him. Is his father also Steve? I accidentally hit this button and it will not let me cancel
  2. I love the guess that Lawyer Sis's baby is the real Mickey Horton. If for no other reason that I love the name for a baby. And I believe that Evan Christian is Marlena's son from her time with Orpheus but he'll be retconned to be John's because that's what the do.
  3. Can someone explain how Summer is Maggie's daughter? I wasn't watching then.
  4. OK this is a silly question on this show but isn't Clyde dead?
  5. In the early 1970s I'm not saying it was right, but Valerie's parents were against it too because interracial relationships were a much bigger deal then than now. She didn't dislike Valerie personally, she didn't want them to have a difficult time. I watched this storyline originally. I don't think it's fair to judge someone today based on actions of over 40 years ago unless they are acting the same way today. Julie loves Eli. When she made comments that were insensitive, he told her, she took the criticism and apologized. I was rooting for David and Valerie in the original storyline bu
  6. Did anyone else roll their eyes when Jack bragged to Eve that Rolf was making a new formula? It was so obvious what came next. Doug and Julie should be the Tom and Alice. No over the top histrionics, these people can act given decent material. Let them help with capers and stick up for the downtrodden and not shame people for killing abusive rapists. And the song should have been Bill singing "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World".
  7. I'm so over the shock at Tony marrying his sister. They were married during the 90's and it was a non -issue then. They aren't related by blood and weren't raised together.
  8. Who is Tripp's mother? And where do you buy a mask that change your voice to match the person you are portraying? One that allows you to wear low necked shirts with no line.
  9. and the very last episode was John Boy failing in the big city and moving home. The movies were awkward, but what they were contending with is they'd moved the story forward many years in each movie but the actors had only aged a few years. John Curtis was born before WWII, maybe Virginia too? By the last movie they would have been close in age to those playing their parents.
  10. I've been gone for quite a while - the writing got so bad I couldn't take it. I'm intrigued that Will's back and hopefully Theresa. What have i missed?
  11. Would the 1925 law mean that Mary would inherit and George would inherit from her?
  12. oceanblue

    Big Love

    You don't to use it on your computer. I also hate to pay cable prices. I have a roku device and I use it to make my tv a smart tv. roku was about 40$ and i use it for netflix, amazon and hulu. this covers me for almost anything i really want. i also have hbo now.
  13. He said he didn't want anyone to watch him die. When his dad showed up he said that he wasn't sure if Denny was alive or dead.
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