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  1. oceanblue

    Spoilers And Shockers

    Who is Tripp's mother? And where do you buy a mask that change your voice to match the person you are portraying? One that allows you to wear low necked shirts with no line.
  2. oceanblue

    All Episodes Talk: Goodnight Everyone

    and the very last episode was John Boy failing in the big city and moving home. The movies were awkward, but what they were contending with is they'd moved the story forward many years in each movie but the actors had only aged a few years. John Curtis was born before WWII, maybe Virginia too? By the last movie they would have been close in age to those playing their parents.
  3. oceanblue

    Spoilers And Shockers

    I've been gone for quite a while - the writing got so bad I couldn't take it. I'm intrigued that Will's back and hopefully Theresa. What have i missed?
  4. oceanblue

    Who's got questions?

    Would the 1925 law mean that Mary would inherit and George would inherit from her?
  5. Well that guy was creepy.
  6. oceanblue

    Big Love

    You don't to use it on your computer. I also hate to pay cable prices. I have a roku device and I use it to make my tv a smart tv. roku was about 40$ and i use it for netflix, amazon and hulu. this covers me for almost anything i really want. i also have hbo now.
  7. He said he didn't want anyone to watch him die. When his dad showed up he said that he wasn't sure if Denny was alive or dead.
  8. oceanblue


    I never thought that BJ went all the way with the nurse. He felt very guilty about having feelings for her because he is honorable and has high standards.
  9. oceanblue


    There was no question in my mind that they had sex. I'm not sure how good either could have been - I've never had fright sex but I'm not sure if you put your best foot forward. I think Margaret was always grappling with what she should want v. what she did want. She wanted to be married, she didn't want Donald, she's always had a man, and Hawkeye was right there.
  10. oceanblue

    The Mary Tyler Moore Show

    It's on Hulu
  11. oceanblue

    Designing Women

    I keep thinking about the episode where Marla Maples guest starred and Julia told The Donald off.
  12. Plus, if Vinnick had won, Josh's role at the library was likely the Executive Director (the man of the hour). So this would be a big day for him and he'd be happy. Getting the current President would be a big deal.
  13. oceanblue

    The Military Space Shuttle

    i think it would be out of character for any of these characters would do it
  14. oceanblue

    S03.E10: Episode 10

    what the heck was Frenchie's revelation? My husband cheated on my for years and I thought I needed rescue and it turned out he was the one who needed rescue all along? I'm unclear on that. If she means he needed rescue because of his dementia, well honey if it took you this long to realize that you are a dick. No matter what he did to you no one deserves that. But if there was another reason I didn't see it. Honestly? I don't care where Cole was when Noah was stabbed. I want to stab Noah too.
  15. oceanblue

    Unpopular Opinions: Total Crackpot Thread

    I can understand not wanting to have loans too - no one wants to have loans - but I had loans and paid them and in hindsight I still think that was better than being a prostitute. I lived in a crappy apartment while in school and for a while after. I lived. If she was a single mom doing it to feed her kid and build a better life for them, she's got no problem from me.