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  1. Was watching Bad Moms and it had the most random mention of Castle. Christina Applegate's character has a meltdown in her car and mentions her dvr stop recording Castle. Lol maybe the dvr knew how awful the last season was.
  2. The Con Man trailer is now on a LA Times article so this one probably won't disappear. It's not the longer version that shows who else is on this season.
  3. Now that Nathan has more time than before, maybe Criminal Minds might cast him as an unsub. It seems like Joss was the only one to give him chance to not be the guy next door as Caleb. Johnny was very guy next door and that was right before Firefly while the Caleb role was after Firefly got cancelled.
  4. Con Man S2 trailer is out and it has Jon, Tahmoh Penikett and Merrin Dungey in it.
  5. Well that was bizarre. They were doing slightly better than the Castle finale until the cliffhanger. Pretty much everyone was getting some kind of happy ending and poor Juliette can't win at all. So Castle and Nashville show runners basically competed this season in who can do the worse damage to the lead female character.
  6. So Beckett is #5 on a mojo list for top 10 lead female drama tv characters.
  7. Ikr? It was such a disservice to both characters that they didn't grow closer and we had to see a forced Alexis/Haley bond this season. I figure she had a hero worship and would take Nathan's side no matter what. She kinda proved it with her insensitive Nathan is Castle tweet. Molly changing her look this season sort of makes sense since her boyfriend is apparently a bachelor producer and 10 yrs older than her. I would kinda enjoy it if she was casted on UnREAL as one of the contestants since she's at the age of a typical contestant.
  8. Nope. She was suppose to graduate this spring too. The show made a big deal of her hs graduation and choosing a college but totally dropped the ball on her undergrad education. Would a made a little more sense if s7-s8 had a one yr time jump and that's why Alexis was hanging around the PI office at all hours. Heh
  9. Series finale got a s8 high/avg s7 rating of 7.8/1.3
  10. This ep makes Hollander Woods the superior finale. At least the happy tacked on 7 yrs later would make more sense than the horrible transition of Caskett in the kitchen bleeding out, empty loft to full loft with 3 kids. ABC really should've told them they were cancelled around mid season so that LokSat could've been wrapped up in the 2nd to last ep or give them a 2 parter with the happy ending getting a better transition and not this randomly tacked on minute. Castle had no idea how badly secure his loft really is when he told Montgomery that his loft was the safest place in the city in B
  11. Nathan finally tweeted about the cancellation, then of course jokes about being free for new roles. I'm kinda wondering if any of the cast will live tweet the finale.
  12. Well at least we're getting the happy ending wrapped up version. People might actually tune in for the series finale. Didn't Susan say that 8 years was a good run? ShayJean can finally release their music and Nathan has more free time to do Marvel stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if he has a recurring guest role on AoS next.
  13. With Agent Carter gone, Marvel's Most Wanted will probably get the chance to do the 8-10 ep replacement spot when AoS goes on winter hiatus. I made it to about ep 16-17 before I just didn't care anymore. I'll probably just read the forum just to find out who was the mastermind.
  14. I didn't realize that Merrin Dungey is in the Conviction cast. Probably get a chance at a whole season while I rather see Agent Carter.
  15. Castle gets kidnapped again within a short time according to that promo. It's more depressing since we know there's a Beckettless s9 on the way with the promo monkeys probably getting word to go for season finale.
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