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  1. I get it that Stone was the lead on Chicago Justice, but it is still weird that the writers are so infatuated with him that they felt it would be appropriate to make so many episodes of SVU so focused on Stone. Fin has been a character on the show for 19 years, yet we know very little about him, and very few episodes have been focused on him. Rollins has been a character for 7 years, and Carisi for over 5 years, yet they haven't been the focus of as many episodes as Stone has in the nanosecond of time he's been on the show. Again, I have nothing against Peter Winchester; I'm just completely annoyed by his character, who thus far is quite unlikeable.
  2. I think (at least) one of the WRITERS is having a hard time separating the actor from the character. Many viewers were angered by the line "That's not rape, " a line that made them despise the character of Stone even more, but they have nothing against the actor portraying him. Allison I., one of the writers and producers, jumped in to defend Peter Winchester when the criticism is of the character. I can't understand why AI and Michael C. have such an obsession with the character of Peter Stone. Their infatuation is getting old. I have nothing against Peter Winchester, for he seems to be a likeable guy, but I absolutely abhor the character of Peter Stone. Perhaps had Stone been eased into storylines rather than completely thrown in, even being the focus of numerous episodes, I'd feel differently, but MC and AI so aggressively forced Stone on fans that I was completely turned off. It isn't PW's fault that his character has been written to be somewhat of an overpowering SOB.
  3. Yes, that is Peter in the Persil commercials. I've been a Peter Hermann (though not necessarily his characters!) fan for many years now. I loved him on Beautiful People, Cashmere Mafia, Blue Bloods, and SVU, as well as in Philomena and Duane Incarnated. I also saw him in War Horse, and thought he was enchanting.
  4. Pound Ridge is in Westchester County. Charles mentioned the house before, in the episode with Bobby Flay.
  5. https://wornontv.net/younger/ I LOVE a few of the outfits, like pieces of others, can't stand others, and am thoroughly confused by still others.
  6. Brooke Shields will have a "major, recurring role" this season, and it will be one that shakes up Benson's world. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/law-order-svu-season-19-brooke-shields-recur-1028874 Any speculations regarding what the role will be?
  7. It appears as if there is a movement to revive Hannibal on Netflix. That could possibly be what could draw Raul Esparza away from SVU (if the "revival" happens).
  8. I'm worried about Raul Esparza being involved in another project or possibly even leaving, though. Philip Winchester's tweet that said something about joining SVU (not guesting, but joining) worries me because I adore Raul Esparza and don't want a new or competing ADA. I know that's ridiculous, but I am being honest. ☺ I have nothing against Philip Winchester, and I did enjoy him on Chicago Justice, but I don't want him to "threaten" Raul in any way. ?
  9. Now a photo has been released of both Mariska Hargitay and Dean Winters in costume (with badges!) together. The photo was taken while filming episode 2-- "Mood," so Brian Cassidy is in at least two episodes.
  10. Jill Kargman tweeted: "Tonight's harness is the @zanabayne highway vest #OddMomOut"
  11. The photo Julie Martin tweeted of the script for "Gone Fishin'" shows Brian Cassidy's name (it can be read through the front page of the script). Dean Winters also posted a photo of himself on set (but has since deleted the photo). While the photo could have been of Dean visiting (as Dean, NOT as Brian), the photo in combination with the script is pretty good evidence that he's back for at least one episode.
  12. Nico Tortorella on The View: Nico Tortorella on Access Hollywood: Sutton Foster on Stephen Colbert:
  13. It appears that Brian Cassidy is back (at least for the first episode). We don't yet know WHY or in what capacity he's back, though. Any theories?
  14. That episode was based on the Brock Turner case (a REAL case). What that survivor went through was horrific, from the actual assault to the way she was treated by the police, the justice system, and many members of society. The victim in both the real case and the SVU episode was unconscious, not just drunk. The rapist was drunk but definitely conscious. Either way, though, the rapist IS accountable, even if he/she is intoxicated. I whole-heartedly believe that it DOES NOT "work both ways" if both parties are intoxicated; exerting power over someone is assault. Alcohol is not an excuse. Drugs are not an excuse. Rape is rape if power is taken away from someone. In MOST states, a person can withdraw consent at any time. Therefore, even if things begin as consensual sex, but one party says "stop," the other party MUST stop. Otherwise, it is sexual assault/rape. However, the one party must make it clear that he/she is saying "no" or "stop." SVU is a sanctuary for many survivors because most of the victims in SVU cases get justice. That is NOT the way it happens in "real life." In "real life," survivors are often treated as the guilty party. In what other crime must the victim prove that he/she didn't want the crime committed against him/her? The questions asked of survivors are often intrusive, accusatory, dismissive, and judgemental. Here is a small sampling of the types of questions often asked of survivors: What were you wearing? Don't you think your clothing may have been suggestive? Were you drinking? How much? How much do you normally drink? Why did you accept an open drink? Don't you know drugs can be put into open drinks? Did you tell him/her you didn't want this? How many sexual partners have you had? Do you enjoy having sex at knifepoint? Do you enjoy having sex in public? Did you ask him/her not to beat your head against the sidewalk/kitchen floor/bathroom floor? Did you scream? Why did you stop screaming? Why did you freeze? Why did you only scratch him/her a few times? He/she didn't have a gun. Couldn't you have gotten away if you wanted to? You only said no a dozen times? Maybe it wasn't clear to him/her that you were saying no. Were you flirting with him/her earlier in the evening? Didn't you willingly get into his/her vehicle? Do you normally walk down that street? Didn't you know that is a dangerous area? He wore a condom, which takes time to put on, so you had time to get away, right? Why did it take you so long (hours, days, weeks, months, years) to report this? Your rape kit had semen samples from two men. Who else are you sleeping with? These questions are asked over and over and over again. Just try to imagine what it's like to be assaulted and then to be victimized AGAIN by the police, attorneys, and/or judges. It is truly beyond imagination. Because the fictional survivors are usually not asked those types of questions on SVU (yes, some of the defense attorneys do ask such questions, but the "reality" of the questions being asked relentlessly isn't shown), survivors often find solace/catharsis in seeing the victims in SVU cases get justice. It is an escape from reality. Therefore, many survivors find it comforting that Olivia treats survivors with respect and fights for their rights.
  15. I thought JC Penney was her choice because: 1) It might be close to either the office or her apartment, so it was convenient. 2) JC Penney is cheap, so she wouldn't be spending much money just for the book party. 3) JC Penney is the opposite of her "elegant" style, so it was more "hygge."
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