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  1. Chrissytd

    RHoA in the Media

    I find it funny how Nene acts like she's above the show but still comes crawling back every time.
  2. Chrissytd

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    I didn't realize Finding Dory didn't get a nom for Animated Feature until someone on GMA mentioned it. For some reason I forgot it came out last year. Multiple women have accused him of sexual assault dating back to 2008-2010
  3. Chrissytd

    The 2016-2017 PTV Official NFL Football Pool!

    We'll see. #RiseUp
  4. Chrissytd

    The 2016-2017 PTV Official NFL Football Pool!

    Kicking myself for not picking the Falcons to win the SB.
  5. Claire Foy's dress reminds me of a bad 80s prom dress.
  6. Casey Affleck looks rough.
  7. Maybe it's because I'm not a musical person, but La La Land doesn't look appealing to me.
  8. Hidden Fences?? Jenna Bush-Hager said the same thing earlier.
  9. That's surprising,I was expecting Sterling K. Brown.
  10. No. She's been nominated for Doubt, and The Help.
  11. Naomie Harris is stunning.
  12. Not liking the sleeves on Nicole Kidman's dress. Mhmm Milo Ventimiglia. I might have to watch This is Us when the season is over.
  13. Chrissytd

    The 2016-2017 PTV Official NFL Football Pool!

    AFC WILD CARD ROUND Game 1: Oakland Raiders @ Houston Texans Game 2: Miami Dolphins @ Pittsburgh Steelers NFC WILD CARD ROUND Game 3: Detroit Lions @ Seattle Seahawks Game 4: New York Giants @ Green Bay Packers AFC DIVISIONAL ROUND Game 5: Oakland Raiders @ New England Patriots Game 6: Pittsburgh Steelers @ Kansas City Chiefs NFC DIVISIONAL ROUND Game 7: Seattle Seahawks @ Atlanta Falcons Game 8: Green Bay Packers @ Dallas Cowboys CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIPS AFC Championship: Pittsburgh Steelers @ New England Patriots NFC Championship: Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons SUPER BOWL LI Pittsburgh Steelers v. Atlanta Falcons
  14. Chrissytd

    Ariana Madix: Smarter and Prettier than You!

    Ariana's brother now works at SUR. This doesn't surprise me