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  1. I actually liked the Berta subplot, even if it was Gypsy in a wig. It was nice to see Emily finally bonding with a maid and embrace her family after all those years of firing the maid. Anyhow, My biggest beef was Rory's characterization - Amy was writing her like she was still 22, not 32 and had not shown any growth in 10 years and most likely regressed. Rory was never perfect (especially when it came to choosing men) but she just seemed OOC - lazy and cynical Rory was not. Lane was completely wasted here. It was nice to see the band reunite for one song, but I wanted more.
  2. My guess is Emily found some of Lorelai's old clothing from her teen years and put it on, showing her mental state. Kelly Bishop lost weight over the past decade, she looks slimmer IMO (not that she was ever fat). She looks great at 72! I'm finding Alexis' deeper voice a little jarring, but 1st season Rory had a deeper voice but for some reason she got higher pitched as the series went on. Everyone else sounds the same to me. How much do I love that most of the dialogue is based around food?
  3. Season One is currently on UP, and is my favorite season. The show seemed more grounded in reality and was a drama (with some funny moments), and less with the quirky whimsy of later seasons. I think it did such a great job in setting up the characters, relationships and conflicts of later seasons (esp the Lorelai/Chris/Luke triangle) and the Emily/Lorelai/Rory inter generational dynamic. However there are a few things they mention that are contradicted in later seasons. - Jackson's last name. He introduces himself as "Jackson Melville" to Christopher but in later seasons he's Jackson Belleville? Does anyone know why this was changed? - Lorelai saying she never ate apples except when she was pregnant. I forget which S1 ep, but she is seen slicing a red apple in the kitchen. It doesn't look like she's doing it for Rory. - Luke was always ranting about the unhealthy food he serves but willingly ate a Oreo smore when April gave him one in Season 7 (believe it was an outtake) I will forgive that one since it was a deleted scene and April made Luke lose a few brain cells. - Speaking of April, when exactly did Luke date Anna? If April was 12 when she came to him in 2005, she was born in 1993 and Anna must've left Luke when she was pregnant, so either 1992 or 1993. He was with Rachel during 1994-1995 (5 or 6 years from 2000-2001) at least and it was very serious. Given what we know about Luke, I can't see him getting seriously involved with someone so soon after Anna left him. The way that Sookie and Miss Patty talked about Rachel, it seemed like Luke was with Rachel for several years, not just one or two. My point is Anna/April was a retcon to create drama for Luke and Lorelai. - Dean's motorcycle (1996 Indian). Did we ever see Dean on that motorcycle? - Sookie's clumsiness - this was a theme through season 1, but it was dropped later on.
  4. I was a diehard L/L shipper the first four seasons (I wrote several fanfics about them getting together, LOL). I used to get criticism for not writing their actual relationship, b/c it’s hard without creating artificial drama. We see that after they finally got together, things were good for about half a season and then Christopher shows up and ruins everything for a few eps but they got together again. Then they got engaged and Luke mishandled the April situation. Although upon re-watch, I can understand that trying to get to know his daughter must be overwhelming, but I think he could’ve included Lorelai a bit more. For Season 7, I hated that she married Chris, but upon re-watch and knowing that she and Luke reunite, I see that she finally got him out of her system, no longer wondering what if they had gotten married. I think in the end, Chris was what she thought she had wanted (since they grew up together and he was Rory’s dad) but Luke gave her what she needed – he was stable and supportive. On another note, I don’t think Season 7 was as terrible as most think – even with the Chris marriage debacle. There were some good Lorelai/Emily moments (esp after Richard’s heart surgery) and the way L/L found their way back together was organic (and who could forget her “I will always love you” serenade.
  5. apgold

    Season 5

    Been binging Season 4 and 5 which is currently being shown on UP, which seems like a replacement channel for ABC Family after it switched to Freeform. They bleep out “hell” and “heck” but not “balls” or “whore” (as in Kirk yelling “My girlfriend’s the whore!”). Some random thoughts…. Lorelai’s black Marc Jacobs purse is still making appearances. It’s funny how that style of bag is no longer en vogue. Maybe b/c you could never fit anything in there other than a lipstick, cellphone and maybe a small change purse. I love the Richard and Emily split and them slowly finding their way to reconciliation. Do not like their treatment of Luke (Emily being passive aggressive with him and Richard trying to give him a lifestyle upgrade) but not surprising considering they are about appearances and being controlling. I’m not happy with how they are having Chris worm his way back into Lorelai’s life. Yes, he had a bad stretch with Sherry leaving and his dad passing. Lorelai shouldn’t lie to Luke and vice versa. The two keeping secrets from each other is what led to their multiple breakups. Logan is smarmy and entitled – I don’t get Rory’s attraction to him other than he’s cute and witty. I love MZ (especially on TGW) but Logan turns out to be a bad influence on her despite his Richard and Emily approved breeding. And poor Marty, with Rory treating him like a eunich. My favorite bit is Paris hooking up with Doyle. They are made for each other. Love seeing Danny Strong knowing how successful his behind the camera career is in 2016.
  6. If I learned anything from watching PLL the last few years, the show makes the characters alternately stupid and smart when it’s convenient for the plot. I wondered about Dream Spencer’s lack of bangs. Maybe to differentiate to the viewer that she was part of Hanna’s dream, or maybe Hanna thinks of the best version of Spencer who she was before she started dating Caleb. I really enjoyed that scene to show that Hanna would want Spencer to comfort her out of all of the liars. Speaking of Spencer, when they read out the names of the potential murderers, I thought that Mona was the one who thought Spencer was guilty and vice versa. So the teaser with them digging the grave takes place 4 days later, so we’ll understand the context in a few episodes? I like Mary Drake as a villain – Andrea Parker does creepy really well. Could do without #teamEzria or whatever it was. I wondered about Ashley – does she know that Hanna is missing? And wouldn’t she be worried about her daughter?
  7. apgold


    I was a bit disappointed in the pilot, but I would watch another episode. It's sort of a PLL meets the Royals. I too was disappointed that ASH was not playing a Brit but I do believe his daughter, Daisy, is playing Grace. Grace looks like a brunette Elizabeth Olsen. Billy Zane was the highlight for me - he has the best lines and delivers them with relish. I do like the London setting, too. I hope they make great use of the city. I do imagine there will be flashbacks to Molly when she was alive (a la when we thought Ali was dead on PLL).
  8. Me, too. I love the father/daughter chemistry between Sarah Steele and Alan Cumming. I hope they do a play together soon.
  9. apgold

    Figure Skating

    I actually enjoyed the Team Challenge Cup more than I thought I would. Although most of the skaters seemed exhausted (especially those who had just competed in Boston), it was a nice opportunity for them to say good-bye to some of their programs in a less cut-throat atmosphere. I'm glad that Gracie was able to redeem herself here after her disappointment. Or in the case of Shoma Uno, to show the world he's better than his #7 placement at Worlds would indicate by landing the 4F and throwing all sorts of quads into his FS. The guy has guts, I hope he doesn't blow out his knees with those landings. I was glad to see Jason back competing and doing well. Do not love his SP or costume but really love t the free program - it will only get better with the quads next season.
  10. Between Pandora's box and the references to Orpheus and Eurydice, I thought I was watching "Sleepy Hollow" and expected Crane to show up searching for Abby. Then I got depressed thinking about that show's ending this season. I don't think that's the last we've seen of Hook, no exit interviews with COD so still hope that he'll return. I liked that we got the backstory on Emma's jacket, although the red one she tries on in the shop in Boston is not the same one she currently wears. I imagine that Zelena will learn of Hades' deception and join Regina in fighting him. I'm not going to speculate on the mystery death next week.
  11. apgold

    Figure Skating

    I can think of quite a few skaters looking to redeem themselves - Gracie, Denis, Nam, Shoma, both S/K pairs, W/P. I expect all to have stronger showings here than in Boston. Denis remains the big ? since he hasn't really performed well all season.
  12. apgold

    Figure Skating

    I found the reality show pretty nauseating when I watched it. Especially the bits with Scott and his girlfriend at the time and then they implied Tessa was pining for him - like bad fanfic. Also Tessa being interviewed by Jian Ghomeshi (pre-sexual harrassment trial) is also is creepy b/c he seems to hit on her too. They also tried to make Meryl Davis look bitchy which is ridiculous b/c she's known as sweet person. I did like the way Marina was portrayed - I love Marina Zoueva. And PChiddy like Scott's little brother, lol. On the subject of V/M - I'm going to Skate Canada in October (in Mississauga) to see them debut their new programs. Very excited to see them live! It's not that expensive since I'm from the US - an all event ticket costs about $150 US.
  13. apgold

    Figure Skating

    I was able to attend Worlds in Boston and was so glad to see it live since I doubt I'll be going to Helsinki next year! The energy in the arena was incredible during some of those skates. I'll probably always remember when Ashley finished her freeskate - the roar from the audience was so loud! So happy for her to perform well, skating last and winning silver after Gracie faltered. Everyone groaned when she fell backwards on her 3-3. In the last 2 groups there were so many standing ovations, starting with Mirai, then Mao, Rika and most of the last group! Still not a huge fan of Medvedeva and her 'tanos, but her jumps were perfect in that free skate. Whether she deserved to break Yuna's record is debatable, but the gold was hers.
  14. This thread cracks me up with all of the nicknames for Sara - Shower Emoji is my favorite. This show continues to make no sense, and to expect anything different with a 5 year time jump is insanity. Hanna's fiance is a bore (Mr. Perfect) - no wonder she keeps looking longingly at Caleb, who is not only hot but smart and edgy. Forgive me but I do kind of enjoy Spaleb as a side ship, but they are a bit too alike for it to work long term. I liked when Hanna yelled at her ex-boss - wish fulfillment on my part since I have a crazy boss as well (not like Hanna's though).
  15. A is dead. Long live A. The Good Lucy Hale's acting in the scene about still fearing for her life. Spaleb - I think once Hanna finds out that Caleb and Spencer are together, she's gonna be pissed they didn't tell her. Turning Radley into a posh hotel/restaurant/bar - genius. Although I'm still wondering how Ashley "runs the place" Mona - although she was barely in the episode, she steals her scenes. Not sure why she changed her mind about letting Charlotte go free, unless of course if she killed her. Wouldn't put it past Mona to do that. Emily/Toby - great scene with them - hope to see more. The scene where Spencer sees younger ladies who resemble the liars and gets tense when their phones all beeped at once, and then they laughed. The Bad Ali has become a pathetic character, but you can't help but feel sorry for her that she wanted her sister back and now she's dead. Ezra - sorry about the dead girlfriend but not really interested in his angst. Sara Harvey - why is she back? Even with no lines the girl is creepy and annoying. The WTF All the girls are successful in their chosen careers at 23 except poor Em. Did Aria really publish a book? I thought she was just an assistant. Is Ali married yet to Dr. Rollins? I thought she had written "Mrs. Rollins" on the blackboard in the teaser from last season And if all the girls are successful - won't they have to go back to NY/DC/Boston to resume those careers soon? How long will be stuck in Rosewood while the police investigate Charlotte's murder?
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