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Social Media: Whaa?

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1 hour ago, Mkay said:

HOW is she due in December?! 

It won’t let me edit my post but it looks like Javi has trained Lauren well on selling things in social media. 

Her due date is December 1, 2018. I put it in the conception calculator and here are the results. I wonder if Javi was still sleeping with Briana and/or Kail during or after conception. 


According to The Ashley


Mid-January 2018: Javi and Briana confirm that they have ended their relationship. Eventually, both confirm that Briana’s upcoming (and very public) plastic surgery with Dr. Miami played a big part in the death of “Javiana!”

February or March 2018: Javi and Kail hook up one time. (Kail admitted this on-stage in May while taping the yet-to-be-aired ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 8B Reunion.)

March 1, 2018: Javi and Kail seem to be playing with the idea of getting back together, and Javi even fueled those rumors during an interview on March 1 with a ‘Teen Mom’-themed podcast.

“We have our own private discussions, me and her,” Javi said on the podcast. “But a lot happened between us in the past. On my behalf, I’ve moved on from all of that…it’s just me, Kail and the boys.”

Kail quickly shut down the reconciliation rumors.

A few days ago, Kail discussed this period on Twitter.

“Javi & I talked about getting back together at one point,” she wrote on June 4. “Why? I don’t know because we both knew we didn’t want to & it would never work. I regret even having those conversations. I regret filming about it. And hooking up w/ him as I know people from the reunion leaked that.”

March 15, 2018: Javi confirms that he is back together with his ex-girlfriend Lauren Comeau.

“I want to do things differently,” he told Radar Online at the time. “I just want to enjoy it. She’s the only girl that’s been on no TV. It’s just real stuff.”

One day earlier, Lauren shared a photo of herself with Javi, along with the caption, “Sometimes, two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together.”

May 30, 2018: Javi confirms that Lauren is pregnant with his child.

June 2018: Kail and Briana react publicly to Javi and Lauren’s baby news.

“I already knew that was going to happen because he wanted to get married and start a family right away,” Briana told Radar.

“I am wishing him and his new family the best,” Kail told Us Weekly after the announcement. I have no hard feelings about the baby whatsoever despite what people are saying.”

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On 9/18/2018 at 12:36 PM, ghoulina said:

I'm only 5'4 with size 9 feet. And Vans have a tendency to look bigger than they are. Mine look like that. 

I am 5'7" and also size 9! SISTER!

I forgot that about Vans. I have a couple of old pairs, but not the slip ons. 

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8 hours ago, BitterApple said:

I've never even heard Lauren speak and I already don't like her. She sure jumped on the money train quickly, didn't she? Will she be featured next season?

I’m almost positive she will be. Only because of how quickly she hopped on doing these ads on Instagram. 

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I've wished a lot of things to happen to/for these people.  But my greatest wish is that they stop filming Javi.  He's so hungry for the cameras that it's disgusting (I guess we know why he married Karl). I really hope they film him while telling him they're no longer going to film him. 

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8 hours ago, Maharincess said:

I've wished a lot of things to happen to/for these people.  But my greatest wish is that they stop filming Javi.  He's so hungry for the cameras that it's disgusting (I guess we know why he married Karl). I really hope they film him while telling him they're no longer going to film him. 

I hope they film all of them (individually yet simultaneously) informing them they will no longer be filming them and as per their contract they are prohibited from appearing on any other network for a period of two years. That would be an epic episode. We deserve to witness their breakdowns. What are they going to do? Refuse to film?

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The Ashley can exclusively reveal that MTV just ordered more episodes of the long-running reality show, extending the show’s ninth season before the first Season 9 episode even aired! The Ashley’s show sources tell her that the season has been extended to include at least six more episodes.

“As of right now, Season 9 will start airing in January,” one source told The Ashley. “MTV is very happy with how [‘Teen Mom 2’] performs so they want to lock things in. They may choose to extend Season 9 even more, beyond these extra six episodes, too.”

Back in June, The Ashley broke the news that ‘Teen Mom 2’ had been renewed. All five girls eventually signed on, even Jenelle Evans, who spent months trying to get MTV to agree to her extensive demands. Jenelle has been complaining that her Season 9 segments will be “boring,” so it’s likely she’s not happy about having to film more episodes.

“The girls don’t really get a choice when it comes to the extensions,” one behind-the-scenes source tells The Ashley. “If MTV opts to extend a season that the girls already signed on for, they just kind of have to do it.”

However, The Ashley can confirm that the girls will make additional money for filming the extra episodes.

“They are paid per episode, technically, so they will get additional money for each extra episode they appear in,” the behind-the-scenes source confirmed.

While Jenelle claims her segments are underwhelming (due to the absence of her ever-present husband David Eason), The Ashley’s sources tell her that there is plenty going on in the other girls’ stories to make up for it.

“For most of the girls, there is so much happening that it would have been impossible to wrap up the stories in just [the original] 12 episodes,” a source tells The Ashley.

Another factor in getting the season extension is that ‘Teen Mom 2’ is the franchise’s best-performing show in terms of ratings.

“The [Teen Mom OG] ratings really took a dive this season; they are the lowest they’ve ever been,” the source said. “[Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant] is doing OK but its ratings are nowhere near the ratings of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ They obviously want to keep their best show going.”

As The Ashley previously told you, the show’s producers know they have to make some changes to the format they use for filming the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion specials. After the drama that went down during the previous two reunions (including physical violence and cast members fleeing the set), they plan to change things up for the Season 9 Reunion.

“No date has been given to the cast or crew yet [for the Reunion], but everyone has been informed that each of the girls will meet with the show’s higher-ups to discuss what they think needs to be changed going into the next Reunion,” the source said.

MTV has yet to officially announce a premiere date for Season 9 but, as The Ashley stated, it’s set for January as of right now.


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14 hours ago, Mkay said:

I won’t be able to watch when it starts because we got rid of Directv and got Hulu.  So I’ll have to find another way. 

Well, this is a good time to stop watching, lol.  That is how I finally broke the habit.  Got rid of cable, and my streaming source does not have MTV.  You can find the episodes if you google the episode/series and using dailymotion in your search.  Each episode ends up there.  Some of the videos have more commercials than others--some have none.  It just depends which one you choose.  But it is a way to watch for free.  

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I don’t see a media thread for TM2 so I’m just putting this here but, Feathers in My Hair, a podcast about the TM franchise, had a good episode this week about last week’s episode and Jenelle’s current situation in general. The main host isn’t my fave 😬 but she also has some good points and she had a guest host this week, Princess, and Princess had a lot of good insight into things. She’s a foster mom so she has experience with how the system works and just a lot of knowledge and depth of thought about the show that’s hard to find elsewhere. It sounds like she grew up in a bad situation herself so it was interesting to hear her thoughts on that side of things as well. 

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On 12/5/2020 at 1:44 AM, heatherchandler said:

I was just about to say “I’m out” because I cannot stand Ashley.. but then I saw that Shen has been calling Pastor Tea “teabag” online and maybe I’ll stick around for that.  

I thought her and Bar were done, they got engaged again? 

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Karen Lowry had filed a lawsuit against Briana de Jesus for defamation.


The feud between Teen Mom 2 stars Kail Lowry and Briana DeJesus just took a legal turn!

E! broke the news on Thursday that Kail has filed a lawsuit against her ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star (and longtime nemesis) Briana, claiming that an interview Bri gave to a clickbait site last month has caused Kail and her brand harm. During the interview in question— which Briana gave to Celebuzz on June 9—Briana claimed that Kail “physically beat” Chris Lopez (who is the father of Kail’s sons Lux and Creed), and broke into and entered the home of Chris’ mother.

 And YouTuber The Grace Report is displeased that she's been "roped into this". 

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