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  1. If you want to listen to the real Linda Tripp tapes, you can find them on YouTube on Across the Table channel. I am Monica Lewinsky's age and always felt for her, although I thought she was wrong to initiate an affair with a married man. I blamed Bill Clinton 10 times more. Now that I'm 48, Linda Tripp is my cautionary tale about avoiding midlife resentment and the perils of aging gracelessly. However, I'm not full of spite and frustration, so maybe there's hope.
  2. Jenelle is having a relaxing day at the beach with her hubby, White Claw in hand. Even as she rides the waves, she is mindful of her drink.
  3. I've watched the first two episodes and am definitely going to watch the A&E Special about the scandal. The clips I've seen so far have really turned me into a huge fan of Monica Lewinsky. What a lovely and intelligent woman! I'm glad she survived. No one could pay me enough to live through my early 20's again.
  4. Monica doesn't come off as unhinged to me. She comes across as a young woman with serious emotional problems and bipolar disorder, which I have been living with since I was 18. I was the same age as Monica when this scandal erupted. Here's what she and I have in common: hypersexuality caused by the chemical imbalance, poor impulse control, erratic judgement, extreme risk-taking, obsessive behavior, low self-esteem, mood swings, and compulsive eating disorders such as restricting and binging, weight fluctuations, and terrible sleep hygiene. Early onset bipolar disorder happens in the late
  5. We have an update on Kail's defamation lawsuit against Briana:
  6. One of Jenelle's drinking buddies is in trouble.
  7. Karen Lowry had filed a lawsuit against Briana de Jesus for defamation. And YouTuber The Grace Report is displeased that she's been "roped into this".
  8. Kail is in desperate need of Al-Anon. But those are FACTS. I look forward to Karen Lowry being bounced out of court for this bullshit.
  9. Ladies, it's never a good idea to jeopardize your career for a man.
  10. Any friend from your youth who would help you move with zero amount of notice OR boxes is a good friend. I feel bad for Mark.
  11. As a Catholic, I'd like to invite The Princess of Arizona to STFU. I'd like to add something even more crude, but in the interests of grace, I'll leave it at that.
  12. "Weak men make the world go round." - June Osborn I'm going to stitch that quote onto a throw pillow.
  13. I got chills when she was in the car with Luke afterwards and said, "I'm going to put him on the wall." in a calm, cold, matter of fact voice. And the end with Fred's wedding ring falling out onto the table with the satisfying plop! of his severed finger made my week.
  14. For Jenelle's next Disgraced Former Teen Mom 2 Trick: suing YouTubers: According to The Ashley
  15. I would like to suggest my favorite girl names from the New Testament: Eunice Priscilla Martha Benenice Dorcas Lois Lydia Aquilla Phoebe
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