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  1. Any friend from your youth who would help you move with zero amount of notice OR boxes is a good friend. I feel bad for Mark.
  2. As a Catholic, I'd like to invite The Princess of Arizona to STFU. I'd like to add something even more crude, but in the interests of grace, I'll leave it at that.
  3. "Weak men make the world go round." - June Osborn I'm going to stitch that quote onto a throw pillow.
  4. I got chills when she was in the car with Luke afterwards and said, "I'm going to put him on the wall." in a calm, cold, matter of fact voice. And the end with Fred's wedding ring falling out onto the table with the satisfying plop! of his severed finger made my week.
  5. For Jenelle's next Disgraced Former Teen Mom 2 Trick: suing YouTubers: According to The Ashley
  6. I would like to suggest my favorite girl names from the New Testament: Eunice Priscilla Martha Benenice Dorcas Lois Lydia Aquilla Phoebe
  7. Tonight, defense attorney Scott Reisch will be on his YouTube Channel Crime Talk to talk about the 19 Charges and Counting I love his channel. He always has an ongoing contest for Dumb Criminal of the Day and the award is a Crime Talk Mug.
  8. Well, Juh-nelle, when you treat your mother like shit and start another custody war, then you don't get a call on Mutha's Day. Tik Tok is her therapist.
  9. 19 Kids and Counting Parody by JillianBillion: Michelle Impression
  10. Since this is the media thread, I would like to share today's video from Fundie Fridays. Jen Talks About TLC Description of her channel:
  11. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the gullible couple who will be minding The Sex Pest. There is also a blurb about Covenant Eyes:
  12. No, Jim Bob will never turn on Josh. Josh is the favorite son. Even now.
  13. If Reber gave a shit about his wife and daughter, he wouldn't have a predator in his house. These Quiverfull men are real bastards.
  14. There's nothing like a real lawyer explaining things to us in terms we can understand. She's not going to monetize tonight's video. WOACB (I can't help myself, I watched her video) is pretty much panting about all the $$$$ she's raking in on Duggar gossip and freaking out about her chat being restricted.
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