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S43.E13: Snap Some Necks and Cash Some Checks LIVE CHAT

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The remaining five castaways must find the perfect balance in the immunity challenge to make it to the final four. Also, two castaways will have to make fire in order to earn their seat in the final three, with one player being crowned the title of Sole Survivor.

Original airdate 12/14/22

LIVE CHAT for the full three hours

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1 minute ago, vb68 said:

I hope it's a good finale. It hasn't been my favorite season.

Jesse would be a good winner.  I wouldn't hate the others winning, but the other 4 would just be underwhelming.  Cassidy herself said she hasn't made any flashy moves but has been on the right side of the numbers each vote.  I feel like that sums up my feelings on the season.  Just meh.

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4 minutes ago, Straycat80 said:

Here we go…I think this is the first time I don’t care who wins, for some reason I haven’t been that invested in this season. 

That’s me most seasons.

It must be a special night. They broke out the opening theme! 🙄🙄🙄

Live Reunion? Or sloppy pizza after the vote??

“And you get a clue! And you get a clue! EVERYBODY GETS A CLUE!!!!!”

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Just now, jsm1125 said:

“I’m in Metallica heavy metal mode”

That reminded me that Ellie tanked her own game by bonding with Gabler over that and gunning for Morriah. What could have been!

It's crazy to think how bad of a read she had on her tribe.  

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1 minute ago, Straycat80 said:

I hope the final challenge isn’t physical because Karla has a sprained ankle and stitches in her hand, as she’s stated numerous times. 

It might actually be worth the gamble to keep Karla until final 4, hope she doesn't win immunity, and send her to fire.  I think she might struggle with her hand making fire, especially if the person she's up against is decent at their fire making abilities.

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And Karla's advantage is she will already have 10 of her puzzle pieces at her station.  Which could be a big advantage if she gives herself enough time to work on the puzzle, because that always seems to be where people catch up and win it.

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