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  1. I know it's just light banter to help the contestants relax and Mayim was just kidding, but I would hate for the host to tell me they liked someone else's personal story more than mine. Especially if it was a lame story about a cat. I had just said to myself that was one of the worst stories I had ever heard.
  2. Nope. This store pays well over minimum wage, and this was no poor immigrant. The demographics of the neighbourhood this store is in, is that it is almost all new housing, almost all immigrants from the same part of the world, and the houses are all close to $1 million. I guess they could have taken the bus from the poor part of town, but highly unlikely. Now I don't know why someone who lives in a million dollar house wants to work at a shitty retail job, maybe they're trying to expand their English skills. The message I get from the store is 'f* you' anyway, so I guess I just won't worr
  3. Totally not the same thing as bad grammar or spelling, but if I can just add my own little rant here: if the giant international superstore's policy is to hire people who do not speak English to work there, they need to have a contact that the employee can call who can translate. I just spoke to two different employees asking where I could find string, but neither person knew what string was. The first guy tried to say, 'I don't know' then walk away, but I said, 'well, you work here, so if you don't know, find or phone someone who does.' He found someone in another row, who also didn't kno
  4. Same here. As I mentioned, my dad went to everyone's funeral, and my cousin mentioned to me that since my dad had travelled to her dad's funeral (his brother) she and her mother felt that they should do the same. I know every single first cousin (20+) on my mom's side and maybe half on my dad's side (probably closer to 40+.) We have never let this stop us. Granted, a funeral for a child or a young person would be different, but we always have a big party after the funeral, with lots of food and booze, visiting with people we see every day and those we hardly ever see (or meet for th
  5. Currently watching A December Bride where they clearly called it 'hot cocoa' and they are even drinking, even though they are swinging the cups around and we can see they are empty.
  6. This is awesome! I should do that, though I would have to play the game by myself as nobody else I know will watch the movies. I agree with you about all 3 movies. I started The Vows We Keep but bailed, and agree that Advice to Love By was the best of them.
  7. I wore contact lenses for years for nearsightedness, then switched to the multi-focals which worked great for a few years, but eventually that stopped working so I got progressive glasses. I'm sure that in the 70s when glasses covered your entire cheek, bifocals were probably easy to use but 15 years ago when glasses were really small, it was hard to find a pair that were large enough to even have a bifocal component at the bottom and I found my head was always tilted back so I could read and my neck was sore all the time. At this time, I couldn't see anything more than a foot away, but had
  8. Hot chocolate or hot cocoa? I have personally never heard anyone call it hot cocoa but they seem to be able to build many movies around it.
  9. So, Love Strikes Twice, in red and green. I am looking forward to the Paul Campbell movie, The Santa Stakeout, (next Sunday, PVR already set!) and the Nine Lives of Christmas sequel, though I am still wondering why they bothered climbing to the top of the fire truck and proclaiming themselves mountain lions, if it wasn't really forever.
  10. I've been this way since Alex died, except for the episodes hosted by Aaron Rodgers (for obvious reasons) and Buzzy (because he's awesome.) I was starting to be ok with Mayim, ugly clothes and glasses aside, but am not liking her laughing at the contestants for not knowing the answers. And I find the new champion hard to take seriously with that hair.
  11. This really can't be emphasized enough. Preach. Not just smokin' hot, but a real team player. I'm not convinced he participated in actively throwing the challenge, even if he didn't go into beast mode to try to win. Also, he was incredibly supportive of Heather after her terrible performance. Given that I would probably do as well as Heather, I am now trying to figure out a way that I can fail in front of Danny to get some of that.
  12. Somewhere Erik is laughing his ass off, grateful that he's no longer the only dupe to give away an advantage to a beguiling woman, only to be voted out.
  13. This sounds like Dashing Through The Snow, with Andrew Walker and Meghan Ory. It was good. I was less a fan of A Christmas Detour but Paul Greene made it watchable.
  14. I was just happy that Matt didn't lose to a one-and-done. At least we know he was taken down by a skilled competitor (actually 2 skilled competitors as the woman also beat him) and not a lucky punch.
  15. Wedding Every Weekend, Project Christmas Wish, Bridal Wave, Nine Lives of Christmas, Christmas At Starlight, Window Wonderland, A December Bride, Falling For You, Appetite for Love, Anything for Love, And no doubt several more, whose names I cannot think of but sound exactly the same as every other movie on this list.
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