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  1. If my mother was pathological in trying to get me in a relationship, to the point where we can't ever meet or talk on the phone without her bringing it up, I would not be bringing a 'fake' date to my birthday party, I would have told her years ago to shut the f* up and leave me alone if she ever expects to see me or speak to me again. Note to Moms: everyone, and I mean EVERYONE (ok, with a very, very few exceptions,) would be in a happy relationship if they could. It'll either happen when it happens, or it won't. Your making life miserable for everyone is not going to make it happen faster.
  2. Kenny Rogers reminds me of my late Dad, and now the young guy who works at my Mom's long-term care home who mentioned that he liked Kenny because it reminded him of his grandfather, but I'll always sing this song as, 'you picked a fine time to leave me, loose wheel.' Chattahoochee is on the radio right now, and as Alan Jackson goes, it's pretty good. I have never been a fan of Loretta Lynn or her feisty, wronged, overworked, always pregnant, challenging her husband's girlfriends persona. I like the story of Coal Miner's Daughter, but don't care for her singing of it. I recognize th
  3. Andrew Walker could sport facial hair that hasn't been attractive since we lived in caves and he would still be hot.
  4. So cool about the shoutout. As mentioned before, relatively new to country music so listening to Maybe It Was Memphis as I type this (though as it turns out I have heard it many times before) and loving it, but in no position to comment on where it should be in the list of Top 1000. I have always like Conway Twitty but something about Linda On My Mind has always pissed me off. I guess it's the whole, 'hey, just because I decided to have an affair, cut me some slack because I feel bad about dumping you' vibe. I love most Ronnie Milsap with the title song from that album, There's No
  5. I think I owned the dress she wore on Tuesday (green, crepe-y, ruffled front) in 1981.
  6. Interesting. Hallmark 'givens'. From your link: 7. Mouth to Mouth: The first kiss in a romance story is often a milestone. It can ramp up the intimacy and romance quickly unless something interrupts the couple. Hand to Head: At first, this might seem like a step backward in intimacy, but often the first kiss deepens with a spearing of hair or holding of the face. The position of this stage also explains why a villain caressing a victim’s face is so creepy. The first kiss is almost always interrupted (except in the movies where the final kiss is the only kiss) and the final, r
  7. I was just listening so didn't see the clue, but as soon as I heard, 'after her second marriage,' I guessed Jackie Kennedy Onassis. The Greece and yacht part of the clue was just a gift in my mind, though I guess she has been dead almost 30 years so maybe anyone under 40 wouldn't be so sure. I have no idea who the host is, I have never seen her before but the 'you got it' is really bugging me as is her voice in general. I don't know if she's a two week host or if we've moved to the one week group, but I will not be sorry to see her go.
  8. Does every movie really need to have that stupid scene where, 'you've got something, right there' and (generally) the guy has to gently use his thumb to caress the spot on her face where she has cake batter or something splattered there. Usually when they are at the detente stage - not hating each other anymore but not yet really friends. I am watching Love on Harbor Island and she apparently has dust on her cheek from digging through boxes of antiques. It was not visible to those of us watching the movie, but thank goodness he was there to prevent her embarrassment when a local might be ho
  9. And that is certainly how the old Sears catalogue used to show the phallus shaped 'massager' being used.
  10. The picture conveniently cuts off the top of his head so we will spend the summer months wondering if he took the hint and re-thought those unfortunate hair choices over the last couple of movies.
  11. To correct this egregious fact, let me say that Aaron Rodgers' suits were all awesome and he looked incredible in all of them.
  12. I found more negative than positive about this movie. The actress's hair was awful (the same cut but maybe not as horrible as Erin Krakow's in that Tyler Hynes movie), the actor was not in any way attractive to me, I did not sense any chemistry between them and the whole premise was ridiculous. They are friends for years yet never once had any sense of interest in one another, I assume this also includes when they each dated others before. Now, not only does she decide she loves him, but she is so jealous of the dancer (who has gone back to her life) that she is going to sell the diner that
  13. Interesting. W Network seems to play as many Harvestfest as Christmas movies, the plots of which can be summarized without exception as follows: A Google search shows dozens of Hallmark Harvest movies and I'm sure W showed all of them last year, starting after (Canadian) Thanksgiving which is the second Monday in October. The orange was jarring and after a while had me looking forward to the Christmas movies.
  14. You could be right, because most of the commercial is Stone Cold pronouncing the name as 'messier' and Messier trying to correct him 'mess-e-ay' But then of course he tells us that he has been doing it for years. Maybe to make up for the decades this his equipment guys had to practically sterilize the equipment to get the smell out. Here's the thing: is $100/year ($2/wk) a selling feature for those who might not want to use cold water? I'm a cheapskate and it wouldn't sway me.
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