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Super Bowl LVI - Live Chat Thread

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Just now, DoctorAtomic said:

The O-Line needs to remember they're in the superbowl. 

From what I’ve heard, that’s been an ongoing issue with them. That could explain why Joe carries himself like that . . . with an O-line that thin, it can be all over in a heartbeat.

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3 minutes ago, Popples said:
6 minutes ago, DoctorAtomic said:

They're pushing crypto hard. 

And electric cars.

And both of them are not worth a damn. Frankly, most of these commercials so far are just down right terrible.

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Good lord, do you think they sat around in the rundown meeting and made a list of opportunities to mention Tom Brady in this game he is not in?

1 minute ago, twoods said:

McVay continues to make terrible play calls in the Super Bowl. You figured he learned the first time. 

Seriously.  I mean, mad props to the Bengals defensive line, who are playing balls out, but he's not adjusting at all.

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1 minute ago, Lamb18 said:

Llama!  And a bunny! Thank you, Irish Spring.

"With a bar of Irish Spring in your hand,

It's like taking a shower in Ireland!"

Anyone remember that?

My thought: “Ireland is a creepy soap cult.” Also: “Whiskey Beer Island of Green and Fight.”

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2 minutes ago, Lantern7 said:

I know there’s a Bud commercial with the big horses. I’d like to see that on the TV.

When Twins played the Cardinals in the World Series, the Clydesdales were out on the field before the game. That was cool even Cardinals were the enemy.

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I'm glad that Joe seems okay enough to still play after he grabbed his knee. I also feel bad for Odell for hurting himself and I hope his knee injury isn't super serious. I would be happy with either team winning though I would be very happy for the Bengals. That would be a great underdog story. 

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