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Super Bowl LVI - Live Chat Thread

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Just now, galaxygirl76 said:

Players going down by themselves is never a good thing.

I read that with “on” instead of “by.” Something is wrong with me.

Curtis from Arrow! How is Echo’s new show?

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 The SB makes me feel older and older every year, because the percentage of the subject of commercials I recognize goes down each year.  I'm at about 20% now.  What are these businesses/companies?  

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2 minutes ago, Popples said:

The Thursday Night Football on Prime commercial with the newborn baby Bills fan going through a tiny pre-split table was pretty funny.

Had to rewind to see that. Gotta start ‘em young.

I’m not interested in anything Tiger King. I wasn’t interested in anything Tiger King two years ago.

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As someone who has never been enamored with Larry David and his schtick, that commercial was a big whatever to me.  Titter thinks I am a jerk for that.

Come on, we just watched the first half.  Let’s get the music going!

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5 minutes ago, Popples said:

What the hell is Sales Force?

It's a CRM platform that is crazy popular. Their free training program, Trailhead, is actually really great. I'm working my way through learning how to become a "Salesforce Administrator" which is a well paying, super in-demand job.

I LOVED the Liquid Death commercial. Just fantastic. 


Never in my life did I think I'd ever see Enimen 1) perform at the Oscars and 2) perform at the Super Bowl. I'm so excited for the Eminem Show.

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1 minute ago, Lady Whistleup said:

I'm half expecting a bunch of white frat boys with oversized t-shirts and baggy jeans to pop out any minute now.

Well, Eminem is about to break into “Lose Yourself,” so that’s still in play.

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