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Super Bowl LVI - Live Chat Thread

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Just now, Bastet said:

That is an utter bullshit non-penalty.  Disgusting.  You cannot miss something like that in the damn Super Bowl.

I agree - and yet it happens every freaking year.

Rams are imploding.

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Just now, Lantern7 said:

While I’m thinking about it . . . aside from a fictional radio station, what else is Cincinnati known for?

Nothing.  Having been there twice (2 different baseball stadiums to visit), I'm not sure why it exists.  Nothing personal to native Cincinnati folks.  


That said, I'm rooting for them because one of my close friends is a fan.  Although honestly I'm fine with either team winning. 

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1 minute ago, Lantern7 said:

While I’m thinking about it . . . aside from a fictional radio station, what is Cincinnati known for?

The Cincinnati Reds baseball team, Oscar Robertson being a star for the Cincinnati Royals a long time ago (1960's), & the HQ for a sucky grocery store name Kroger.

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2 minutes ago, Lantern7 said:

I’ll bite . . . what makes it an abomination?



Skyline is known for containing both chocolate and cinnamon and being served over unseasoned spaghetti with a giant mountain of unnaturally orange, shredded cheddar cheese thrown on top. If you actually sit and think about how those flavors might mix, though, especially with the addition of hot sauce, you’ll start to see how good something so misunderstood can be.


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2 minutes ago, DoctorAtomic said:

Are they going to drop turkeys from a helicopter if the Bengals win? 

I got another animal-based thought, but it ain’t appropriate for here.

Lindsey Lohan is still alive. Good for her.

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