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  1. OMG, I never realized that Judy was Maureen and the missing astronaut's daughter. I thought Judy was just adopted into the family. Was it that way as well in the original? My grade school self completely missed that detail watching the reruns. This would make a lot of sense. But when did Smith put the ball and bandana in that box? She was in the cockpit with the robot and was trying to get the robot to take off with her. Robot replied "no" and then she went off to find Maureen and that's when she met her presumed demise when the airlock opened. So did she leave the ball and bandana there before even going to Maureen? It's looking more and more like Smith is toast, but I'm sure if the show wants her back they will figure something out.
  2. The problem with Smith is that almost every single scene with her relied on her being perceived as evil. The show shoved it in our faces so much that we just all collectively hated her. The only redeeming scenes were when she sailed the ship through the rocks and went into the room of robots to try to move the wire. But as Maureen said, the one good act of sailing the ship doesn’t make up at all for the crap that she pulled in the past. Smith implied that she has been incarcerated a lot, and that would it not be surprising if she was able to skip out of her handcuffs and create the hole in the greenhouse to force them off that planet. In fact, there was one scene I think Penny handcuffed her to a chair, and then not five minutes later she was walking around free and it wasn’t even asked how she got free. Why not? Why didn’t the Robinsons have more monitoring on her, inspect her room/cell, etc.? I watched all the reruns of this show growing up as a kid in grade school. Loved it. Smith was annoying, but I don’t recall hating him as much as I hate this version. I’m wondering if the show runners wrote the ending without knowing if there would be a season 3. So maybe Smith is dead if the show doesn’t get renewed. But if it does, then I don’t doubt they will find some way to bring her back. The Smith character is an iconic part of LIS. But then again, maybe it’s an opportunity to say “we aren’t that old version” and introduce new characters like Judy’s dad. I hope we get the chance to find out.
  3. Word. When we didn't see her body floating off into space, I knew she couldn't possibly be dead. So yes, exactly like you said, what did happen to her? She took off her helmet and her space suit, somehow doing that when she could barely move due to the vacuum and feeling like her head was going to explode. And she got back into presumably one of the same cargo containers that she was in during a previous episode? How did that cargo container make it from that area that was open to space and on to the ship with the kids? Or is it as simple as Smith putting the ball and bandana in that cargo container and leave it there when she walked off the ship? There was that scene where she was in the cockpit and she told the robot she had been practicing and could fly the ship. The robot said no, and then we saw Smith walking off with her bag and I think that's when she went to help Maureen. Did Smith actually grow a conscience? I really didn't understand the Scarecrow robot. Scarecrow was not the SARS robot, right? But clearly Scarecrow or his kind were evil robots. Why would Robot want to help him? Just because he's a fellow robot? Will be interesting to see Judy's biological dad and the interactions between him and John. Not sure how they'll get all the adults to reunite with the kids, as they are being chased by all the alien ships and the wormhole is closed.
  4. So that was some easy acting for Halstead this episode. "Squint your left eye shut the entire time, pretend you're in pain, and talk slowly like it hurts." I don't think he gave her a gun, did he? I remember him giving her a metal bar to protect herself. Was she handcuffed? Or was she just tied down like Jay? Why wouldn't Jay at least help her to get free? So dumb that Halstead told her that they screwed up. Should have just kept his mouth shut. I guess he thought maybe they were going to die and he didn't want Angela to go to the grave thinking that Marcus killed those two young boys? Sadly now, Angela is not going to go quietly. Seems like an easy lawsuit that she would win. So that means the possibilities are: 1) She dies in the hospital from infection before she can tell the media, 2) Voight smothers her with a pillow and takes care of the problem, 3) Voight settles with her from his slush fund, but that wouldn't buy her continued silence, or 4) She goes public and nobody believes her. No mention of Burgess' pregnancy this episode? Upton crying because she was worried about Jay. Yeah, there's some real feelings there. Can't wait for them to get horizontal, but I know I'm one of the few Upton fans here.
  5. I think Mouch did think they should cover the hole. They're so high up, likely windy, for Casey to just say "put some desks here and nobody come near the hole" is negligent. At the very least, call someone to come take care of the hole with plywood. I don't understand the Stella storyline either. So it seems like the training class is first thing in the morning. And magically it seems like every time we see them, she's apparently finishing a night shift, even though most of the rescues we see are during the day. Why would you scheduled yourself to be teaching immediately after night shift? Logistically that just seems too hard. Gabby, meh. Does Monica Raymund even want to come back? I guess the writers have left it open. If she does, does she come back pregnant? In the meantime, I'm sure that Casey and Brett are going to start getting together and that's going to further complicate matters if Gabby ever does return. Of course, that arson dude was hiding in the basement. Because yeah, nobody thought to look in the basement and turn on the lights and make sure nobody was down there. Looks like there is going to be some hand to hand combat, I'm sure the flare will drop, and will the house go up in an a huge explosion? Doubt it.
  6. How many times have Choi and April broken up and gotten back together already? They don't seem to have the most stable and committed relationship. So, yes, of course, what makes perfect sense is that they try to have a baby. Having "low ovarian reserve" doesn't mean you're going into "early menopause". But yes, it makes it harder to have a baby which obviously is upsetting for April. But rather than talk about it to Choi, she hides that huge fact? Isn't this something that THEY SHOULD TALK ABOUT? After all, it takes two to have a baby, right? But instead, she gets pissed off when she sees that Choi is reading an Expectant Father book. She gets pissed off at him when he suggests to do a semen analysis to make sure that he's not shooting blanks. I don't understand what is so shameful about her test results. Yes, it's not ideal. But you tackle the issue as a couple and overcome it. Instead, she's choosing to hide it. Which means they will have continued trouble getting pregnant, since you can't really do in vitro fertilization by yourself without your partner involved. Which means they will continue to argue. So instead of going through that slow boil to unhappiness and another obvious breakup, what does stupid April do? She fast forwards and kisses Crockett. We all know that when the show skips ahead six weeks and Choi comes back from his deployment that she's going to be pregnant, and there will either be 1) question as to who the dad is or 2) no question that it's Crockett's because she'll only be 5 weeks pregnant. Gah, April is now the most annoying character on the show. So creeper ex BF just abandons his daughter because he no longer is hooking up with Natalie. Wow, winner dad right there. Loser. I hope we don't see him again. Natalie - too late. Kudos to Will for having some stones. He didn't reference the pharmaceutical rep or whatever she is, but it sounds like things are going well. Now they just need to get rid of the stupid blonde med student too. Down syndrome kid. A touching storyline. I don't know though ,call me not PC, but why does it seem like every week there is an underrepresented demographic that they are showcasing? Transgender is the last one that comes to mind. Donated kidney. How horrendous. I thought it was going to be worse that the mother would have complications during surgery and also die, thus leaving the father with nobody in the span of one hour. So terrible.
  7. Is Siobahn and Bonnie synonymous? I never knew that to be the case. It was confusing because Grover was alternating between the names, and at one point at the end, I think the niece says she goes by Bonnie. I couldn't have cared less for this niece storyline. The minute she came out of the airport with the steely eyes and "don't bother me" attitude, I knew immediately there was some kind of backstory. And then we learned it was fighting and a suspension. Meh, I don't really even care if she was being noble. Where did Grover's kids go? College? They left the island? Wasn't the boy dating Danny's daughter for a while? The DEA agent was so smug that alarm bells immediately went off in my head. Yet only Quinn had some concerns. Seems like they should have checked him out immediately when they started working together, no? I guess Metta World Peace never changed his name back. So no Danno in this episode. Seems like the team has one too many people now with Junior, Adam, Tani, and Quinn new to the fold and needing screen time.
  8. Meh, I don't feel any amount of empathy for her. She's obviously got some social issues and they've tried to make her more human, such as last week when she was on the rooftop with Nat after the child died. But come on, Will is an attending and Elsa is a med student. Granted, Will is I think a relatively young attending of just several years now (I think?). Elsa is probably like 24-25, while Will I'm going to guess early 30s? Age difference doesn't so much matter as does the hierarchy in the hospital. In my mind, on medical shows it seems like doctors would rather date doctors, nurses/drug reps, and way down on the list would be a med student. Will be interesting to see what happens with the attractive drug rep (pharmacist? I don't recall) once Nat magically remembers everything next week. Sam Abrams. He's the most real of the doctors and doesn't get involved in any of the BS. Straight shooter. Not a belly full of laughs but he seems like a real guy.
  9. I agree that leaving so many questions about Doris to the very end was frustrating I'm sure for Steve and also for viewers. Why couldn't Doris just tell him the plan when she saw him as she was dropping off money? Why not a quick "I'm straight, this is what I'm doing"? For one, Steve doesn't trust her. But also, it seems like Doris was indeed going along with the drug lord's plan because she wanted to steal some money for the kids' bank accounts? That's the "one last pay day"? Was it payment for her services, or was she trying to skim some off the top? If she truly had good intentions, then why not just tell Steve? Why hold a gun to Steve and waste time that allowed the drug lord to find you and ultimately kill you? And where exactly was she and how did she pop up out of nowhere? Steve was distracted, yes, but it would seem that a trained SEAL would be able to see somebody coming out from the shadows in what appeared to be his right flank.
  10. So just to clarify, the opening scene was really when Junior and his SEAL friends came into Steve's room, and he fought them not knowing who they were, right? Was confused why they would just sneak up on him like that, why not open the door and just announce who you are? It was so dark and the action so fast that you couldn't really see, but in the second scene it was clearly Junior and the guys. I noticed that transition to the stars in the sky too. Seems like something you would see in movies but never really on tv. I was tired of Doris. The storyline was always confusing to me. Is she good? Is she bad? Honestly kind of forgot about her after the whole Wo-fat thing. So she was trying to get a payday to set-up Steve and his sister, and then she was out? Who was the third McGarrett mentioned that already had $500K in the account? She really was still true to the agency in the end because she had put trackers in the sub and the drugs? And was she supposed to be in a romantic relationship with this woman drug dealer, and that's how she got so close to her? In the end, it was Steve that got his mom killed. She told him to leave, he was stubborn about it. What I don't get is why Doris was holding back anything at the end. Why wouldn't she just reveal the plan? Why hold a gun to Steve? Why waste precious time allowing the woman drug dealer to find you? Just made no sense. It's either, "Steve this is my plan" or Steve just grabs her and they run out of there. And didn't it look like woman drug dealer shot Steve in the lower abdomen / groin? That's where I thought I saw the blood. But then we saw Steve only in a shoulder sling, so obviously not serious. So with the death of Doris and the previous death of his father and Joe White...does that mean that all of the mysterious Steve backstory and the toolbox etc. are all gone by the wayside? I hope so. And I guess Quinn went on vacation or something? Or maybe this was filmed pre-Quinn and they just stuck it in now to try to build up to a potential series ending?
  11. Yeah, a little too campy for me with these geeky YouTubers. One thing I can't find the answer to- when they came upon the dead body and one of the geeks wanted to take a selfie with the body, he said something like "Can I take a picture in the BG?" What does BG mean? Pretty funny that the coder was typing furiously on the keyboard while the car was moving back and forth taking out guys. Only a little later did we see her using the track pad to steer the car. Loved the KITT reference. One of my favorite shows growing up.
  12. I'll have to rewatch, but during his podium address, I think he touted this new facial recognition and how great it was. In private, he admitted that there were kinks. But did he really announce that to the public? I'd be surprised. So there is facial recognition software out there that doesn't really work on dark skinned black people. Just perfect.
  13. Like everyone else here, disgusted at what happened here. But I guess if they are trying to show stereotypically how the Chicago PD runs, this it. They know they got an innocent black man killed, yet the new commander gets up and announces that they got the guy responsible and that the new facial recognition software was the reason. So what happens the next time they need to ID somebody? Is it going to be inaccurate again? I'm confused why Marcus West didn't say "Look at the picture! Does that look like me?" Even I didn't think the two looked similar.
  14. I don't like Will, and he's certainly got his agenda, but I don't think that he really acted in bad faith. Certainly the outcome was wrong as we found out that the patient really still was a believer but just had some transgressions. But what is Will to think? The patient arrives unconscious and a toxicology screen shows he has alcohol and drugs in his body, which is something a devout Jehovah's Witness would not do. He calls up the church or whatever it was and they say they haven't seen him for months. He has a tattoo on his body which is also a no-no. So he puts all the information together to say that he has turned away from the faith and presents that to the parents. The parents, hearing all this information, essentially GAVE THE OK for them to operate on their son. So why is Will wrong? In the end, he's wrong because despite all of the actions, the kid really still is a believer. Will identified all the clues and the information properly, but it led him to the wrong conclusion. But the parents arrived at the same conclusion as well. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "black lady magic" but it sounds like it could be offensive. I thought Sharon showed the skills of an adept administrator. What does her race have to do with it? She calmly talked to the mother in a rational manner to get her to come to the conclusion that everybody wants what is best for the child, and that's for him to get healthy and better. Yeah. It's not like there was immediate urgency in that if he didn't get the antibiotics in the next five minutes that he would have died. Certainly she could waited the several hours or so that it would have taken to get an emergency court order. So glad that the creepy boyfriend was found out. So Natalie "trusted her instincts" that something was wrong. But I guess those instincts didn't allow her to remember that she was going back to Will before the accident. I guess after the TBI, there's been too much that's happened between Will and her so now she just wants him to get the heck out of her life. I'm fine with that. Noah bringing home a patient? What in the world is he thinking? He should set her up with a shelter, or contact PD to get some help for her. This is not going to end well. The transgender storyline was so boring. I'm guessing the actor is indeed a transgender male? They did tie it back to Sharon and her ex getting back together, so I guess the writers would think that's smart writing.
  15. Meh, I knew this was going to be a little ridiculous given that it was the Halloween episode. Is Max coming back, or was this just a one time thing? And his son is clearly adopted, right? How long has Max been gone, just one season? So the deformed guy in the basement... he had some genetic mutation that caused his muscles and bones to grow at different rates, as I think Max described it. I never heard them say "Elephant Man" specifically, but would it have been the same kind of thing? They fixated on the two different eye color, obviously because the head nun had the two different eye color thing going on too. I have seen people with two different eye colors (I think the actress Kate Bosworth has the condition), but it's never so bright blue like a White Walker from GOT. It was so obvious that clearly the show was drawing attention to it when we first saw the nun. Also, I suppose this condition gave him super human strength to maul the would be robber? The implication was that he was some type of monster with limited intellectual capacity and understanding. Yet he seemingly was gentle enough to accept a lollipop and then shockingly (and conveniently to tie the stupid story line together) said "two blue eyes", which was lame o.
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