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  1. greyhorse

    MLB Thread

    Can't script it any better than that. Amazing game. What a treat to watch.
  2. greyhorse

    MLB Thread

    The opening was amazing. Just perfect. Can't believe the movie came out in 1989. Means those of us who have memories watching that movie in the theater are all old. Really a testament to the hold that baseball has on our hearts and imagination, as this movie will forever stand the test of time. Obviously this was posted before the game started. But as you can see, the field is adjacent to the original movie field. I wonder if MLB will make this a yearly affair.
  3. Well, we got through the Covid Olympics. Couldn't believe there was talk about it being cancelled, but yes, there's a worldwide pandemic. But also the story was out I think two days before the games were to start. Too much invested by too many to cancel at such a last minute. But as it was, NBC lost big time. Ratings were down 50-60%. Advertisers that paid a ton of money had to be given extra spots and air time to make up for the poor ratings. Perhaps that's why we always saw the same commercials over and over. Protests such as Gwen Berry's in the Olympic trials for blamed for part
  4. True, but also they benefited from being able to add on sports: baseball/softball, skateboarding, karate, sports climbing, and surfing. They won gold in Baseball, Softball, three in skateboarding (who knew?), and one in karate. 14 of their medals came in these new added sports. And as expected, lots of medals in Judo. I'm a little surprised that they were so successful in Wrestling as well. I guess it's the hometown bump. Maybe not as much as expected due to the lack of fans. But still some nonetheless. Would be interested to know if the Japanese kids were allowed to pract
  5. While of course I'm all about American pride, I never seem to understand the excitement of having the most gold medals or most medals overall. The US always has the most athletes in the Games - this year it was 613. China sent 406. Of course we should have the most medals. If you're looking at a "per athlete" metric, we lost that race by a huge margin.
  6. So happy for Karch and the team. They dominated. So much emotion on the court, elated and relieved to have won I’m sure.
  7. I don't believe that Michael Phelps would really train on a Nordic Track, when everyone knows that Peloton is best of brand. The Laurie Hernandez spot is odd. Oh, SHE'S not the one on the diabetes drug....it's her dad! Is that her father's voiceover during the commercial? Not really impactful other than a very loose tie to the Olympics. Loving the "Thank You Allyson" commercial, where it was literally played minutes after her 400M bronze with race footage, intercut with a young kid running on the track. And then they did it again after the 4x400 gold, changing out the race footag
  8. I don't think it shows how sheltered they are at all. These kids are 18 to 24 years old. How many of us ate sushi when we were 18 years old? I certainly didn't. It's an acquired taste. For one, it's raw, and not everyone jumps at the idea of eating something uncooked. And two, it's not exactly as cheap as a burger and fries. If anything, maybe it's a reflection of the eating preferences of their parents. I'd be surprised if Suni never had sushi. Yes, she's Chinese, but I'd think that her Asian parents would at some point have brought the family out to a Japanese restaurant. But y
  9. What a dominating performance by both US relay teams. It was truly a women’s dream team. Smart to put Mu on the anchor. Congrats to Allyson for her 11th medal. Disappointed that Peacock didn’t interview the women afterwards or even show them walking around with the US flag on their shoulders. The men finally came through too. I don’t know the names of them as well, but I think Benjamin might have ran anchor? Glad to see he got a hold after his heartbreaking interview after his 400 hurdles loss.
  10. Quoting myself here... I made the above comment in jest, but I just came across this... https://www.espn.com/olympics/story/_/id/31944288/the-next-great-olympic-sport-cornhole Please no.
  11. Watching but just don't have much excitement for this team. You've got Kevin Durant. But then where are all the other mega stars of the league? Yeah, they got Booker and Tatum and some exciting young stars. But clearly this is the not #1-12 in the league. I feel fortunate to have been able to watch the Dream Team. Nothing will ever compare to that level of Olympics excitement. I don't watch much regular season NBA, so I'm just now learning that Vince Carter finally retired last year. I thought he was still playing, lol.
  12. Rebecca Lowe I think was hired for Premier league coverage. I also want to say that she has done the Olympics for NBC before? I think Pyeong Chang and Rio if I remember correctly. Watching the Basketball gold game now...Mike Tirico briefly had to cut-in and call play by play when the arena announcers were cut-out due to technical difficulties. He picked it up smoothly and in stride, just like his main gig back home here. I've enjoyed watching him as a host, even though I will always miss pink eye Bob.
  13. Might be an unpopular opinion, but I thought Steve Kornacki was just flat out unnecessary. Having him report on the "medal race" with the same pressured speech, the arm movements, trying to build suspense, etc., didn't work for me. Watching him explain election results was riveting because he would do the math - the votes available, the predicted %, the calculation and margin, etc. Having him tell me that the US could pick up a few medals in gymnastics? I can do that. Heck, a fifth grader could do it.
  14. Wasn't there always an Olympics showcase of all the winners after the conclusion of the events? Set to music, lots of clapping and smiles? Was it removed this year obviously because of Covid and the lack of audience? Or has it been missing from the last several Olympics and I'm just old and memory failing? With Simone and Suni home already, obviously there isn't going to be one...
  15. Although I was already spoiled, I enjoyed watching the 400. I've always loved watching Felix run - she looks like a gazelle and is so graceful. Admired the grit and determination on her face in the last 50 to hold on for the bronze. Knowing what she had to go through to get here makes me appreciate her performance even more. Loved the interaction with her family on the video afterwards. Congrats to Allyson on a stellar career!
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