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  1. The sunset chat certainly made it seem like they knew the end was coming. "How long have you been here, 10 years?" "You're going to miss this when it's gone." Sigh, I'm sad thinking about it. I loved that they gave Quinn a backstory. Had this show continued, I could see Quinn and Adam get together, although they have her all flirty with the guy from Magnum. Sure, Quinn said she's not much of a sharer, but what shame is there to tell her new team that she was divorced? So the gold was never found. What happened to the guy that they captured and tied to the tree? Steve shot him as well? Why? Seemed like he would have been out of harm's way if he were up the hill. Also, why zip tie him with his hands in front of him? Wouldn't it make more sense to have them behind his back? The cowboy Hawaiian descendant. Strange seeing a half-Asian talking with a Southern accent, but I'm sure there's tons in the South and I just have never been around it much. Although in this case, I feel like the actor was the one doing it and it didn't sound really authentic. Thought we were going to get to see Tani and Junior line dancing...
  2. {ducks} I've always been an Upton fan. I know she gets no love on these boards. Not sure why. The actress is attractive. And if she wanted to partner up with me, I'd be all over that. Not sure why some characters resonate more with people than others, but I just never have gotten the Upton hate. Over the seasons, we've seen glimpses of Upton's past life, and it certainly doesn't seem like it's been an easy one. Alcoholic father who beat up her mother. I think one of the past seasons, we learned she was also a victim of abuse and got beat up bad. So why all the skepticism of her story and that she doesn't know what she is talking about? She's been there and understands. I found her believable. But then again, I also find her hot, so maybe I'd believe anything. In the end, Jay does the right thing to save this woman. But they lose the big fish in Brady. I hope that we'll get to see Brady again and that he'll get what's coming to him. Do the bad guys in Chicago only live in Bridgeport and Canaryville?
  3. Sad that the series is ending, but at least that means we'll get no Adam. What a ridiculous storyline. So he was good all along? What about a few weeks ago when he was burying bodies in the jungle? I forget, did he presumably kill those people? For at least a few weeks, it certainly looked like he had gone off the rocker and flipped sides. But wait, he was really undercover and still true at heart to 5-0? Huh? So the ending of the whole Kenji thing happened in like 5 minutes, a not-so-dramatic Mano a Mano in the jungle, and it just ends with Kenji going to jail? So anticlimactic. I didn't really understand the whole coast guard thing, but I'll admit I wasn't watching too carefully. I'm sad that we won't get to see more Junior, Tani, and Quinn. Really enjoyed these secondary characters. Hoping indeed that Katrina Law ends up on Magnum.
  4. Can someone remind me why Roman left PD in the first place? He said something about injury but I honestly don't recall. The injury was significant enough that he couldn't be a cop anymore? Why San Diego? I guess if you aren't a cop you want to get out of Chicago weather and go somewhere warm? Did he always talk in that mumbling hard to understand manner, or is that the actor's attempt to convey some sort of tortured and tired soul? Sylvie can go. I don't care about the birth mother and it's just a dumb storyline. I can't believe I'm saying this, but this episode made me miss the lightheartedness of Cruz, Hermann, Mouch, etc.
  5. I hated this entire episode. I missed the first five minutes of the episode, so I didn't understand at all this storyline of the dad or fake dad. Seemed like a stupid waste of story time. So when did April become Dr. April? And when did Dr. Noah all of a sudden turn into meek and insecure Resident Noah? Are Crockett and Ethan ever going to see eye to eye? Every single interaction, they are on opposite sides of the see saw. Ethan wants to operate, Crockett ends up killing him. And dousing Ethan with blood in the process. Why is Ethan even scrubbed into surgery? He's an ER doctor, not a surgeon. The quicker this Halstead and OBGYN addict storyline goes away, the better. No interest. If this show went away, I don't think I'd be that disappointed...
  6. She fills the Hispanic demographic that left when Antonio went to rehab. Wasn't expecting them to ever mention him again, but wouldn't in a real life work situation people wonder how he is doing? Same with Al, there's never any mention of him. I thought it was a solid and realistic episode. Once again we have Voight doing the dirty work and saying they found a gun when they really didn't, and with the knowing look from Hailey. Wonder how he gets everybody - including cops not on his team - to go along with things.
  7. Just caught up with the first show. I'm fascinated that people can come up with ideas and actually put the bricks together to make it happen. I guess in doing Lego (not Legos, as we learned) with my son, it's just a given that there are instructions to put the pieces together. Obviously somebody created that design, for some reason it just never dawned on me that there was an actual job as a Lego brickmaster or whatever the proper term is. I'd be lost without the instructions. To see these guys make something awesome without any instructions at all is simply amazing. Disappointed for the lumberjacks, obviously something must have moved when they shifted the table to the judging area? Given that each build had a moving part, wouldn't it have been prudent to move your design to the judging area early so you could test it? Why wait to the last 10 seconds?
  8. Late to the party here, and from the looks of it, Joaquin and Squinty's speeches seem to have drawn the most criticism. I agree that Joaquin's was rambling and stream of consciousness verbal diarrhea. But who knows? Maybe he rehearsed this and this was exactly what and how he intended to say it. He's won every award this season, I wonder what his other speeches were like? Were they soap boxy? Or the standard "Thank you to everyone including the woman who clips my toenails"? You can be a vegan, nothing wrong with that. In 2015, it was estimated that 1 million Americans were vegan, or 0.4% of the population. So he's wanting to express his views on animal cruelty and hopes that some of the 99% of America will change their daily food habits. Sure. I doubt that Joaquin Phoenix is so adored by the general population that people are hanging on his every word and will rush to emulate him. If Brad Pitt had talked about inseminating cows and stealing their milk, I don't think people would care that much. Because Brad Pitt is loved and can do no wrong. Just like Leo when he talked about climate change. Actors can talk about important social and world issues. But you have to have an audience and a following in order for it to be received the way you intend. Joaquin doesn't have that and never will. Squinty is just always like that. She seems to be the same giddy "I can't believe I'm here" woman that she was 20 years ago. Only her face is all transformed now from her plastic surgery that it's hard to recognize her.
  9. I have no idea who Jessy whatshername is. Not recognizable to me at all. Just don't see how they get Will and this woman together. If anything, it will be constant fighting and antagonizing each other, with Will acting all self-righteous all the time. The only way the two of them smash is if Will starts shooting up himself and they both teeter on that dangerous fence together. Crockett - he cost that woman her life. When they were bringing in the x-ray, he said "No, there's no time, let's go." A flat abdominal x-ray in an unknown trauma situation is a must. The woman had multiple points of injury. An x-ray would have taken seconds, now that everything is digital and you can see the image immediately. It's not as if they would have to take the film cassette and send off to Kodak to get developed. Had an x-ray been done, he would have seen the bullet immediately.
  10. Foster's "I'm having some people over" comment I'm sure would have been interpreted by most roommates as an invitation to the party and just courteous of her to let them know. What would have happened in most situations is that all three roommates would have to agree that the party was ok, right? When Kelly was asking Cruz what he was doing, I thought it was because Cruz was showing interest in Foster. That he had to get dressed up all fly and was showing so much excitement about it to impress. But maybe he was trying to impress her single girl friends. In any case, yes, how come he said he was roaming the streets that night and made it sound like he had nowhere to go? What about Chloe? And how come Sylvie wasn't as confused as Cruz? Where did she go? Fun seeing Dave Wannestedt on the show, although it would have been more iconic to have Ditka. And did any other diehard Bears fans catch running back Matt Forte as part of the human chain? Apparently he is real life friends with Taylor Kinney. Good guy. Heartwarming story at the end to show the country that "Chicago comes together", with the human chain and the complete strangers showing up to a funeral. But come on. Anyone that lives in Chicago knows it isn't so. People getting shot up and stabbed on the El train every day, in good parts of town. Violence and tragedy dominates the news headlines.
  11. I think several episodes ago, I wrote that I didn't think the writers would go to all the trouble of getting Kim pregnant only for it to end in a cliched miscarriage. Welp. Just seemed too obvious and convenient, like it always is. It would have been interesting to see how she and Adam raised the child yet still weren't "together". And it's not as if having a baby takes you out of the storyline every week, just look at (sadly) Natalie on Fire. Will have to rewatch the last scene again, but not sure how the offender got the jump on Kim. She came in with a gun. Stay back at a safe distance. If the guy comes at you, you shoot him. Why did she allow him to engage her?
  12. This show is getting more ridiculous by the week. How does Nataloon pull some weird rare diagnosis out of the blue? It's not like this is something that an ER doctor would see everyday like pneumonia or appendicitis. Yeah, right, just ridiculous. Of course the woman that OD'd is the never before seen OBGYN at the hospital that Will works at. And Will can't say anything because it would bring him down as well too. I get that Dr. Charles is one of the central figures of this show, but does every single patient somehow have a psych need that makes him so involved? Sad for the kid with the rage issues. How heart wrenching for the parents.
  13. Well, the woman was seemingly an enthusiastic participant in the sex in the bathroom, so I don't see why all of a sudden scream rape. Sounds like she was probably trying to keep from moaning. Knew she was dead the minute Danno pulled her up and the blade came out of her back. Doesn't Danny watch any medical shows? Let the offending object remain so it stops the person from bleeding out. What exactly happened to her legs? The dashboard got caved in so it pinned her in? And she was apparently bleeding so profusely from her legs as well that a bungee cord loosely wrapped around once was going to stem the bleeding? Why didn't Danny try moving the seat back or reclining it to give more room? And as others have said, why didn't he keep honking the horn? So in that split second where the head-on driver ran them off the road, the woman caught part of the license plate? Wow, that's pretty observant. I doubt most people would be looking at the license plate. I get that Danny was obviously upset that the woman of his dreams just died. But he's going to stumble past three emergency vehicles who are racing to the scene? And not even flag them down or tell them where the car is? All the while, he's clearly been in some accident, has blood and dirt all over his clothes, yet nobody stops him? What if he was some crazy axe murderer that just did the crime? So unbelievable. So he's planning to walk home? What an incompetent vet. If she's not there as Steve's love interest, why even bring her back? So she's apparently dating somebody. And agree - even if she is not a PTSD expert (so let's say your general internist is not a psychiatrist who would be able to help with PTSD), at the very least, she should be able to say "your dog has PTSD and needs to see a dog psychiatrist". I'm done with Adam. I wish it was this actor that was filming some movie and needed to go on sabbatical. His only purpose on the show before was Kono. When Kono left, they had to give him some role, so they had him join 5-0. Now that there's Tani, Junior, and Quinn, we don't need another extraneous guy. Just let him go and be evil. Which would be the most ridiculous scenario so that's probably what's going to happen. All this time, Adam has changed and now is on the side of law enforcement. But all of a sudden, he remembers his roots and now becomes sinister? Yeah, for sure.
  14. What was the meaning of the 8 ball in Walker's mouth? Aside from the cliche "behind the 8 ball"? I don't mind Hailey doing what she did. Walker was a slime ball. If he's burned and not going to be of any good, then what good was he? Only question is why he didn't prepare for an attack and have his guys protecting him.
  15. Dominic Rains is Iranian, but he also looks as if he could be Indian. So is Marcel an Iranian name? Doesn't sound very Iranian to me. Crockett seems like it's from the South. What was his backstory, did he come from somewhere southern? Crockett seems more like a surname. But whatever, it is what it is.
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