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  1. Ah, I wasn't paying too much attention, but was trying to figure out why Smith was one of the few put in tubes. THIS was the reason? I'm amazed at how much Will the actor has grown. Seems like he grew a foot since the last season. He is probably bigger than Smith now, he should have gone in the tube.
  2. After the anticipation of this series watching Mando, I must say I'm a little let down. Boba Fett is one of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars universe. Much of it, IMO, was because of his mystique. Who was the man behind that helmet? What's his story? Does he talk more than just to utter a few words and nod his head? Now that we see the man, with the helmet off, with all the ARMOR off, in his boxer briefs...I kind of wish he never took it off. I get that they don't want to pay an actor to star in a show and never even have to shave because he'd always have a helmet on
  3. Oh I agree. Penn and Kim may bug a little, but I'd much rather watch them than the now-over Love Island couple. How many times did we hear the girl say "I've never seen him in a stressful situation like this and it's surprising"? Maybe the guy is just a jerk and you didn't realize it because you don't live in the same city and just see each other occasionally? TV producers love all of these types. The muggers. The ones where they think there will be some drama and fighting. Even the out of shape heavy AA wife and the athlete husband were fighting. They like the lovey dove husbands
  4. But what have you really "heard" about him? Do you know people who know him personally? His entire claim to fame and reason why he is on this show is because he's a performer and a good mugger for the camera. If you put out drab videos, you're not going to amass the following that he does. Everyone's saying that he's always "on", well, you have to be if that's your public persona. What would be interesting is to see how he is at home when the cameras are off. Is he generally this hyper? I don't like muggers, but I'd also argue that Rachel was a mugger as well, just in the negative s
  5. Maybe it's a generational thing. But I learned to drive on a manual stick shift. Back then, you had to pay extra if you wanted an automatic. So I think that might be in part why my parents had a manual. I do remember a lot of stalling as we were learning. My brother and I would each get a turn to drive going to church, one of us going and the other back. We'd make fun of each other when we stalled. I remember my first time driving alone on the day I got my license, we took the car out and encountered an incline where I almost rolled into the car behind me until I put the emergency
  6. Kim and Penn - they rocked that singing and dancing challenge. But I just can't stand them and people who ham for the camera. Yes, that's how they make their living. But something about them just bugs. I did really enjoy their Peloton video though, so maybe it's just overexposure that bothers me. Flight attendants - enough with the "all girl team" references. How many times are we going to have to hear that? Love Island couple - not a fan of the dude. "That was OD!" What the heck does OD mean? Indian dad and daughter - so dumb to switch detours. English isn't this guy'
  7. When Boden was talking to Pelham at the end, and there was the dramatic pause after "They're recommending termination".... did anyone else think he was going to say .... "of McBride" (or whatever her name was)? Ryan Seacrest used to do it all the time on American Idol before they cut to commercial. Hermann is just a joke at this point. He'll never be at the level of Severide or Casey (now Pelham). So Violet and Gallo are completely done, not a chance anymore? Looks like it won't be long before she and Hawkins become a thing.
  8. Yes, that would be great. I think we all understand that these are fictional shows. We don't need to see a show where all the characters are wearing masks all the time (now I think it wasn't SVU but it was some type of lawyer show that I'm recalling). Heck, on Med we see the surgeons scrubbing without face masks on (even before Covid), only to then magically have masks on later. So there is a suspension of reality here. Even on Amazing Race, when the first episode played last week, there was a little blurb from Phil about how it was started to film before Covid became an issue. We do
  9. Yes, as I said, I like it better that Covid doesn't exist in this year's episodes. Last year they half-a$$ed it to the point where it was so inconsistent and just didn't make sense. Easier to just pretend there is no Covid. I think I remember perhaps one of the Law and Order SVUs where they wore masks the entire episode?
  10. Surprised that there has been so little discussion of this show. So much so that I asked for a new topic because I couldn't find this one, only to see that I actually posted up above already and had just forgotten there was a thread. Thoughts on the series ending and finale? Just finished last five episodes. Genius and nice wrap up to the whole show. I think we all knew that the Professor and gang would win in the end. Just didn't expect that he would allow Tamayo to also "win" in the public eye. I am surprised at how strong an opponent Tamayo became. Much more threatening than
  11. For some reason I thought they were real letters and felt bad that mail belonging to someone else was getting ripped open. Such a dumb task. But those two Einsteins at least showed maybe it wasn't as easy as one would have thought... Cake challenge. Obviously the working area was small. But I would have liked to see some partitions so the racers couldn't see what everyone else was working on. The husbands had no clue what any of the flags were - not even France - and just copied what everyone else was doing. Poor design. The twin girls are annoying and I couldn't care less
  12. Only problem with that suggestion is that Covid no longer seems to exist in One Chicago. Last year, at least on Fire and Med, you had them wearing masks at times in the field. Usually the paramedics. At Med, they'd wear the masks outside and then take them off when they were inside, which we all know is ridiculous. But this year, not a single mask, temperature screening station, etc. I kind of like it better that way. Unless you were going to have the actors masked for the entire show, it really was ridiculous.
  13. https://www.tvguide.com/news/chicago-fire-miranda-rae-mayo-explains-kidd-extended-absence/ Googling about the actress' absence and all I can find is stupid interviews like this where the actress "explains" Kidd's absence in the context of putting herself in character and talking about the reasons, what Kidd is thinking, etc. What I want to know instead of all this made-up crap...WHY was the REAL LIFE ACTRESS missing for a good chunk of this season? Was she going to quit? Was she filming a movie? Was there a contract dispute and the show runners were prepared to write her off the s
  14. Of course the kid is going to go to the uncle. Because this is a drama where the focus is on the adults and their work. How many storylines could there be of Makayla? She gets her iPad stolen at school and they have to track it down? She gets kidnapped? More pick-up drama with Ruzek? She's going to be written off the show out of convenience, just like they did on Fire. I know Upton isn't liked here, and I'm one of the minority that finds the actress attractive. But regardless of your feelings for her, I find it odd that Ruzek and Upton slept together (and I think more than just onc
  15. What was the reason why Stella was gone in the first place? Did the actress film a movie? Took some time off? Honestly I'm not sure I realized she was gone for THAT long. It is apparent that we're going to get brooding Stella now. "You got the job because I stepped away." Meaning, I'm going to try to reclaim it when I can. I don't like how there's no clarity about what exactly happened. I thought the old retired guy that Boden met with a few episodes ago talked about how honorable New Guy was and took the fall/blame for something that wasn't his fault. But now we got another Big W
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