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  1. Cute to see baby Yoda finally do something with the Force, even if it was just to steal a macaron. I wish there was more of that. I don't let my young kids watch Mando with me, but I found it cute this weekend when my 2 year old saw a Baby Yoda in a catalog and shouted out in glee "Baby Yoda!" I realize this isn't going to be Star Wars movie level type production. And now looking at the white/red block buttons on doors from the early Star Wars movies, and how they just push buttons randomly to get them to open, yes, it seems silly. But my biggest problem with this show is the writing. Seems like each episode is: Mando needs to take Baby Yoda somewhere to meet somebody who will help him find out where Baby Yoda needs to go. When Mando gets to this destination, there is some other completely uninvolved task that needs to be done with others who are there. After the task is done, he gets told, "OK, take Baby Yoda to planet XYZ and look for ABC in the city of LMNOP." Closing credits.
  2. Agree. I think the show wants us to believe that because the doctors get the forehead temperature check and then walk through the weird green decontamination room (maybe that's UV light?) which I don't know of any hospitals that do such a thing, that the doctors within the back part of the ER are all safe and virus free. But yes, it's silly. Paramedics bringing in somebody from the field have masks on, while the doctors do not. We just need to suspend reality a bit and just let them handle it however they want. (I think I heard that SVU filmed an entire show where the actors wore masks all the time? Is that true? I've also noticed that Fire and PD don't really mention the pandemic at all, but I guess it's because they're not a medical show.) So are we to believe that the daughter dies without knowing that the mother got sick with Covid too? How sad.
  3. Presumably she spilled coffee on her blouse? I couldn't tell. It seemed like it was water if she was asking if see through? Either way, it was pretty funny. Wasn't Hailey on loan to SVU at the end of last season? Was there anything said in episode 1 about it and how she is back? I guess I missed it and just remembered this episode that she had left. Atwater was all types of bada$$ at the end. Loved his calm deliberate demeanor and taking control of the situation. Loved seeing that stupid BoschSecurityGuard dude get put in his place. I hope we see him kowtowing to Atwater next time they interact.
  4. Yeah, I mentioned it last episode too. But at this point, it is what it is. I don't think people watch tv looking to actors as examples and role models of proper mask wearing etiquette. Everybody already KNOWS what to do. It's whether or not people sitting at home CHOOSE to do the right thing. I don't fault April. She has more experience than this young doctor. Too often I think these new medical school graduates think that because they have an MD behind their name, that they know it all. The nurses around them have more experience them and they should be able to take some suggestions without being offended. One thing I've been wondering. Will said that he had the most experience out of anyone there in the ER. This is season 6? (Hard to believe). These docs were all residents when the show started. Will was the first to graduate because I remember he was considering leaving but of course decided to take an attending job otherwise he'd be off the show. When was that? Couldn't have been any earlier than season 3 I'm guessing. So he's been an attending for maybe 3 years max? I don't recall the show making a big deal of Choi graduating and presumably Natalie is no longer a resident either? I guess we just assumed that they all became attendings without needing to say so. So Choi has been an attending for maybe 2 years? And now he's CHIEF? Ridiculous.
  5. Did I miss in the premier when Lanik announced he was leaving? Doesn't help that I hardly could recognize him with the surgical cap on, but I had no idea that he was leaving. So it was a surprise when all of a sudden Maggie was getting Will's hopes up that he would be named the new chief. Obviously Goodwin and Choi had to have met prior to the announcement, so not sure why Will was all "Oh...you two talked LAST week about being named chief?" It's not as if Choi was supposed to tell Will last week that he was going to be chief, right? That said though, I feel for Will. He's a smart doc. But yes, he's got issues and some people aren't meant to lead. But I don't understand why Goodwin has to twist the dagger all around by telling Will that she never even once considered him for the job. Why? What's the point of that? Let him down easy. No need to make him feel even worse. Did we see Goodwin in person in episode 1? In this episode, all we see of her is on Zoom/Webex calls. I wonder if the actress herself is high risk and that's how they're keeping her on the show this season during filming? Not really caring about Daniel's other ex-wife and the daughter we didn't know about I think until maybe last year? I liked the one that went a little nuts that was involved with Connor, I forget exactly what the diagnosis was but I seem to recall it was some kind of metal poisoning? What's the point of showing Crockett shirtless staring at the ceiling in bed while April and Choi were commiserating on the roof? Is the show implying he's thinking of her?
  6. Exactly. And let's say it took Casey even 15 minutes to get there. You're going to sit outside the open front door quietly until he arrives? Uh no, you're going to run and get the heck out of your building and call the police. And Casey going in? It's not like he had a gun or even a baseball bat. What would he have done if he encountered the brother with the gun? Yes, Hermann became a lieutenant and all of a sudden we saw Engine. I suppose there was an Engine in the house all along but we just never saw it. Convenient. The buried treasure ripped from the headlines was so idiotic. What was the point? And there should have been some stipulation about free drinks. Well drinks? Beers on tap? Or are we talking top-shelf mixed drinks whenever the heck you want. And are you allowed to order one and hand it off to somebody else? More clarification needed but I guess it's such a stupid storyline that it just doesn't matter. Cruz is supposed to be the overprotective big brother for Gianna. But it's not like they're related. She's a grown woman. I guess Violet is gone and that's too bad because I liked the playful banter she had with Gallo.
  7. This. Look, I get that the show isn't exactly following what we know by now to be proper mask etiquette, how we're supposed to deal with Covid, social distancing, etc. But this is a medical tv show. One where, pre-Covid, we would see the surgeons scrubbing without wearing masks and then somehow having them when they were in the operating room. Yes, in a real ER, the dad of the leukemia girl would be wearing a mask, the hospital staff giving the little tribute on the roof would know they don't remove their masks to speak somebody's name, that a guy dying of Covid wouldn't be dying in the ER but would be up in the ICU and would have been given remdesivir and steroids, etc. It's a TV show! Would we be happy if all the characters were wearing masks at all times except to eat? No, that's silly. The show isn't paying these pretty people to be wearing a mask all the time. I think one thing that might be helpful would be if before the show ran, they just ran some text like "We understand the importance of wearing a mask and socially distancing. The events depicted in this fictional drama are for entertainment purposes. Please follow proper Covid protocols and stay safe."
  8. Really impressed with the quality of singing this season. DId Nick Cannon announce the first impressions on the first episode? Or did Ken just say he thought somebody was Marshawn Lynch and then changed to Michael Phelps? Distracted by Jenny's cleavage, even though the implants could use a little revision to make them look a little more realistic. I guessed it was Mickey Rourke. Used to live in the same neighborhood as him and chatted with him before. Guessing he had agreed to only do one show and likely knew he was a little outclassed. For some reason, I thought the Seahorse was Kylie Minogue. Not sure why. But that was my first immediate guess. But I'm thinking that the singer is younger?
  9. I'm seeing on Netflix though there is 3 seasons of an El Chapo show. So it would be a little redundant, no? Since a lot of this is real life based?
  10. Well after ignoring Narcos for five years, I've finally watched and finished all five seasons in about 5 weeks. I didn't find Mexico Season 2 nearly as compelling as the first or the Narcos Columbia seasons. Much preferred Pena and Kiki to Breslin. Too many scenes of a brooding pensive Breslin taking a drag on a cigarette. It's unfortunate because if there is a season 3, it clearly looks like Breslin will be the guy given that he is now in El Paso. Looked like Jayme resurfaces as well. Likewise, Felix didn't do it for me as the villain and much preferred Escobar. Maybe it was his perfectly coiffed hair that bugged the crap out of me. The only time I ever felt anything for him was when we saw how vulnerable he was in negotiating with the Columbians. When he was forced to accept the 70 tons when he clearly didn't want. What happened to the second wife? There was the first wife which he reconciled with who he has two kids with. But wasn't there a taller, younger, attractive woman that he had a kid with and we saw during his 40th birthday party? Where did she go? Random thought: We saw Salceda doing his security during one of the episodes. I'm assuming they just wanted to give the actor a cameo. But didn't this guy go into witness protection or hiding after the Columbians? Why would Salceda even want to be involved knowing that (I believe if I'm remembering correctly) that Felix was meeting with the Columbians? One of the cruelest moments of this season was the brutal killing of the Plaza boss' wife and kids. I thought the guy was just going to push her over the bridge. But even more shocked that the gun came out and she was shot. We saw her body going over the bridge. And then it looked like one other. I'm assuming both kids were killed and tossed over. As the post above says, how would not cause the Plaza bosses to fear Felix? If anything, it would get them to come together against him. Don't see how Guerra (?) would continue to work under him knowing that he killed his wife.
  11. I had the fortune of eating at ink when it was a tough reservation to get. Gotta say that that molecular gastronomy style of food - where I have a hard time even knowing what I'm eating - isn't for me. His restaurant was a one and done for me, and now I'm just discovering that it is closed. I wonder what he's up to these days? I agree that he didn't look healthy, almost as if he was on meth or drugs. His kitchen appeared very modest, although I noticed that he has a nice Wolf range. I was really wanting Bryan to win. I'm ok with Melissa winning, but maybe I'm one of the few people who got tired that she mixed Asian into everything. But I guess that innovation won her the title. What's interesting is that the judges and guest experts put down Bryan for not cooking with soul - which I think Bryan interpreted to mean they didn't like his innovation and technical style of cooking. Yet it was innovation in blending the two cuisines is what they praised Melissa for.
  12. Yeah, I found that interesting. I guess just like wineries that happen to be in fertile land perfect for growing the best grapes, if you happen to be a truffle company who owns lucky land, then you've hit the jackpot. Those dogs - was one of them sort of a German wirehaired pointer puppy? - seemed to find them instantly, although of course there is editing. After they find the truffle, do you just brush it? How do you get rid of the dirt and clean it up? I gather you're not washing it with soap.
  13. I was very impressed that Padma is fluent in Italian. Also fluent in Spanish, Tamil, and Hindi according to Wikipedia. So the truffles are like $2400 a pound. Anybody know how much one of those truffles weighs? Just trying to get a sense of how much they were shaving on to the dishes. Went to a restaurant one time and a friend ordered a white truffle pizza because it was one of the specials, having no idea how much it cost. Shocked when the bill came and it was $80. Feel bad for Gregory, but just from appearance alone, it didn't look appetizing. He stayed true to his wheelhouse, but yuck. I think Melissa is talented, but I always get tired of people who only cook what they know. Yes, that's her skillset. But you're in Italy. You don't need to make some sort of Asian-Italy fusion. That said though, I love congee and would have loved her dish. Bryan is a little awkward it seems, that laugh is hilarious. I guess despite the last name, he doesn't really have a lot of Italian roots or knowledge? Funny watching him try to flub through speaking some Italian.
  14. MJ was saved because HE DIDN'T CHEAT. He might have been a jerk to his teammates, but it was all in the name of winning. Sure, Lance did the same to his team, but the retrospective look back is clouded because when we see him, all we see is a cheater. No sympathy for Lance, and I'm confused with the "I'd do it all again" comment. Really? This was shortly after saying he kind of wished that he had not raced that last Tour that exposed him. But then saying that he needed it and needed a bomb to go off to tear him down. Nah, he didn't want to be torn down. He's just trying to justify what happened to him. I don't hate Lance. I think he did what everyone else did. It's just that he denied it so vehemently. That was his flaw. Bonnie Ford (the ESPN person) seems really to have had it out for him. I wonder why she's so passively aggressive angry. So Anna his fiancé... they've been together 10 years, have two kids together, yet she's still his fiancé? When is the wedding? Curious what Lance does for income these days and what his net worth is. If you "downsize" from Austin, moving to Aspen is one of the last places I'd expect him to go. I think he'd go somewhere affordable like Tucson.
  15. After several crazy nights watching too much news, I finally caught up. Champagne Padma is a delight, and it was so obvious immediately that she wasn't completely there. How or why would producers let her get tipsy prior to filming? I know it's fun to see her like that, but it would seem to not be the most professional of things to do. Michael's is an institution in Santa Monica. But everything I heard from the judges and contestants fits how it's viewed in this city. Yes, been around 40 years. Famous but not one of the "must eat" places anymore. Padma said she hasn't "been here in 15 years". Everyone commented about the tiny dated kitchen. I'm shocked that Brooke was there 22 years ago. She's 41 now. So that would have made her 19. Amazing. Youngest sous chef ever at Michael's. They recognized talent early on. I like Malarkey, he was loud and at times obnoxious. But he made for good tv. But why oh why if he knew that duos were the "kiss of death" would he still insist on doing one? The original dish wasn't a duo, so obviously there is a way to pair those ingredients without making it a duo. It sucks that the freaking wait staff brought the plates to the wrong table, I think that's a first for the show in terms of judges' plates. How could they be so idiotic? And then he was just so flustered. He could easily have said, "This is a duo, they are meant to be eaten separately and not mixed." But that wasn't the original dish. As a non-chef, it's easy even for me to tell that the dish was incongruous and didn't go together. Poor decision from him that could have easily been corrected from the very beginning by just choosing to update the original dish. Stephanie is outclassed, but at least on this episode, she presented refined food that looked like it could be served at Michael's. I think she said she's never been to Europe? Or did I make that up? She doesn't seem to have grown up with a lot and doesn't seem well traveled (we know she hasn't been to Japan), so it's great that she gets to go to Italy. I'm looking forward to Voltaggio knocking it out of the park with his Italian roots. Melissa is a quiet ninja assassin. And Gregory is solid. I'd be happy with any of those three winning. Anyone but Kevin!
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