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  1. Fair enough, but I don't live in South Boston, and all I can judge them on is what I see on tv during this cooking competition. It's sort of like the professional ballplayer who kills it in practice, but when the lights come on and the fans are in the stands, he just crumbles. Karen is/was easily the weakest of the ones left. She should have been sent home just from the cut on the duck alone.
  2. LOL. n/naka is probably one of the top restaurants in LA, but I agree, I might still leave hungry. I know Ali Wong and Randall Park were Quickfire judges earlier this year, and their movie "Always be my maybe" took inspiration from n/naka for the Keanu Reeves dinner scene. And it's totally right, they dropped $6500 at dinner and Park's character wanted a burrito as he was leaving. Yes, I know they have notebooks that we often see them writing in, creating menus, ideas, etc. And yes, I do recall Blais having drawings as to how he wanted to plate. But I've never seen any of the chefs flip through them while actually cooking. So just was odd.
  3. Why hasn't LCK been recording lately for me even though I have it set? Last two weeks now it's been missing and can't be found via streaming. Bravo website wasn't working for me but I'll have to try again. During the Quickfire, Gregory had access to his notebook and he was flipping through it? Really? Are chefs allowed to use their books? I suppose I guess so, although we never have seen it during the actual competitions. We see them writing in them and planning, but never used as a reference. I'm sure these chefs have tons of books in their bags that have recipes, ideas, etc. But you can't really use them, right? I think in Masterchef, there was speculation that cheftestants could reference recipes etc. Always wondered how these chefs know instantly how to make stuff, the exact measurements for baking, etc. Karen was just a hot mess. She doesn't have the sophistication that any of the remaining chefs do. A little surprised to see her power lifting all that weight, especially because she doesn't look the healthiest. Voltaggio's appetizer looked the most authentic and delicious. Rooting for this guy to win. One of these days I will make it to n/naka. I hear reservations are almost impossible to get. During the pandemic, they're selling bento boxes that sell out immediately. What a random collection of athletes. I guess they're looking for ones that live in Los Angeles. Kerri Walsh, ok, she's recognizable. Diana Taurasi, of course. Natasha Liukin (sp?), I guess everyone probably forgot about her until this show. And the others, I have no idea. Track and field stars, it seems? None of them seemed particularly knowledgeable about food. The African American track guy seemed to know nothing and it it was his first time eating duck? It's not like it's foie gras. If he's never eaten duck, he probably wouldn't be a good guy to have on a food show. Mike Tirico? OK, he's the Olympics host. He made one non-food comment at the end but just so random.
  4. So this wasn't the series finale? I was assuming and hoping that it was. What a mess of a season. Coming to this forum, I feel even dumber because it seems like every single poster here really understands what was happening during this whole season. Whereas I was constantly lost and had no effin idea who was who, who was a Dolores copy, who is dead, etc. It's like when I watched that movie Inception and didn't understand it and had to Google an explanation. Charlotte was burned to a crisp in the car accident, yet then she comes back. So she's no longer Delores? Who retrieved her orb? Who is she now? Back to her normal self? I don't even know what I'm talking about and I am not making sense.
  5. I just binged all four seasons in less than a week, guess that's one benefit of this "work from home" times! I've been seeing Money Heist pop up on my Netflix for quite a while now, but didn't give it a shot until now. The show is riveting and addictive. Obviously sad to see main characters die, but it would be unrealistic to see all of them make it out alive. At least Berlin's and (to a lesser degree) Moscow's characters live on in flashbacks. I would expect Nairobi to be a presence in future seasons as well. Unlike some of the previous comments above, I like Tokyo a lot. She's obviously the main female protagonist. She's a badass, and as Denver says, a Maserati. She's not my usual type, but I find her sexy and her confidence is through the roof. I could watch her all day. Sierra seems much tougher than Raquel was in the same role. She has a cold steely side that Raquel never did, and that's probably why she did all the torturing herself. I would hate to see her join the gang and I don't see how that would be even remotely possible. Really liked that Helsinki's character was given more prominence in seasons 3 and 4, and also Bogota. Wonder if Nairobi had lived if she would have tried for Bogota's 8th baby or if she would have taken the Professor's sperm. Confused re Stockholm. I guess the writers just want to show her continuing to build strength and confidence, which necessitated breaking up with Denver. But right after Nairobi died and she went down to the gold and started bossing the workers around - it just felt forced. Confused about Matias and his exact role. Can't remember when we saw him in the flashbacks, what was his exact connection? And if they had Manila as an undercover hostage, why the need for Matias? I also can't stand Arturo Roman. I wish he would just die. He is supposed to be the comedic relief, but he's just too over the top. But like any character that we're supposed to hate, we know that he's not going to go away. I was disappointed that the heist wasn't wrapped up in season 4 and now we have to wait for the next season. Since I was bingeing and just hitting "next episode", I had no idea where I was in terms of episode number, and thus was surprised when it just ended and there was no next episode to watch. Not sure if it's already all been filmed, or if there is going to be a delay now because of Covid-19. I'm guessing it hasn't been filmed yet but I haven't done the research. I'm wondering if this means there is no new heist for season 5? Presumably at the very least, season 5 would have to be spent escaping Sierra and getting the gang out of the bank. Then perhaps season 6 could start a new heist but that would be continued (assuming the series goes on).
  6. I think it's hilarious that Padma calls him Malarkey and not Brian. Yeah, I know there's Bryan, but still, I think they've had past seasons where they identify the contestants by first and last name. I don't recall him being such an a$$ on his season. All I remember of him is that he was from San Diego and that he was a fish guy. So it's interesting that I think this was the first episode where he made fish. We've all watched enough reality competition shows now to know that when there is a confessional and the contestant is talking about how great he/she is, that it is not a good sign. I thought it was hilarious that Jen's sister thought it was chicken. Chicken or fish. Yeah, I could see how that is easy to confuse. Spot on that she knew it was a yellowtail collar immediately. I think Bryan just jumped to branzino because he got the sense it was Italian. Did Melissa win anything for selling 31 bottles, out of I think 50 contestants? Wasn't that the name of the challenge? If she sold the most yet wasn't even in the top 3, then what was the point of counting how many bottles somebody sold?
  7. Ditto. I thought he ran off because he knew he was blind and that he was depressed. When Kelly and Casey went to see him at his home, I really thought he was blind and was pretending that he could see. I thought him grabbing the beer would expose him as not being able to see. Guess going blind would write him off the show and the writers weren't ready for that.
  8. Emily has a chance to restart her dream of being a doctor. WTF does Sylvie's feelings have to do with any of that? Why would she give that up for fear of "abandoning" Sylvie in her time of need? It should have no bearing on whether or not she pursues a lifelong desire.
  9. Well, the story was that the junkie called their mutual friend Laura, who also happened to be at the NA meeting and that's how she found out. Riiigggght. Well, the April and Ethan breakup lasted all of one episode, it appears. Barf. Thought that Crockett had a kid, there was a reference to him losing a kid earlier in the year. At the time, I thought it was losing a kid who was a patient. But now we learn it was his. Adds to the mystery of his backstory. What's the point of Dr. Charles' "new" kid being part of the show? We never knew he had one to begin with. Didn't seem all that interesting and not really sure what to make of it.
  10. greyhorse


    I'm confused by what you're trying to say, as there is no source. So FBI had the highest rating out of all four shows, but in perhaps the most important demographic for advertisers, age 18-49, FBI was last of the four? I find PD the most compelling of the three One Chicago shows, so I'm surprised that it sits at the bottom of the trio. But it still is ranked higher than FBI, so maybe this was a rating stunt after all. I thought it was fun, whatever the reason. We expect crossovers on all the Chicago shows. We don't expect it from two series that aren't even connected to each other on different networks. But I guess when you are Dick Wolf, you can do whatever you darn well please.
  11. greyhorse


    I've never watched FBI before and only watched because I'm a loyal One Chicago fan. And on the Chicago PD boards, seem to be one of the rare Upton fans. Seems like she's pretty much universally disliked. Permasmirk, attitude, etc.... seems to be the prevailing opinion. I am not ashamed to say I find the actress attractive, and I appreciate how bad ass she is in a profession usually dominated by men. I don't understand why PD shipped her to NY, other than Dick Wolf trying to bring more viewers to his FBI show, which in my case, worked. Didn't even know FBI was a Dick Wolf show until this episode. That said, I find this series compelling. I like how direct they are about investigating. Operations seems to be more on point, more direct, more technical than on PD, although at its core, it's the same, only there is some other guy running the show instead of Voight. Also a fan of Alana de la Garza. Haven't seen her in a while. Might have to add this show to the rotation. So in that sense, Wolf's crossover worked because he just gained a viewer.
  12. Pretty much called it when they said he donated a lot to Christian charities and that his daughter was working at some mission. Bad boy Adam having some fun with the bartender, who wasn't really that cute. Glad to see him and Burgess giving it another shot. Why would Adam wake up the dad to show him that his son was dead? Why not just let the dad die like he appeared to already be in the process of doing so?
  13. Dumbest. Episode. Ever. That's all.
  14. Glad that Ethan and April are finally done. Noble of him to go stay at a hotel even though it is his place. Abdominal cerclage? Uh no, that's only if you've failed a regular cervical cerclage. Abdominal is so risky, as evidenced by the woman bleeding to death. And why was Will scrubbed into surgery? Oh, I forgot, his new girlfriend was doing the case. I'm a little surprised that he's not a little more discreet at the hospital. Jealous med student saw him with his hand on her back and then they walked out of the ER hand in hand at the end. Goodwin's son is all sorts of shady. Playing the stereotypical drug rep who's all into wining and dining the doctors with gifts and booze. He is going to be very unlikable.
  15. Sigh, just watched this. Steve asking Cole to "hold down the fort" sort of implies that he expects Cole to run the show. When you ask someone to hold down the fort, I've always thought that you are asking someone to be in charge of a place while the person who is usually in charge is away. But surely that wouldn't make sense, and it seems like it should be Grover. Interesting that they were intending Lance Gross to be a series regular. They really worked to bring in the racial diversity after booting out Kono and Chin. Tani, Junior, Quinn, and now Cole. Count me in as somebody who thought the Doris money stash made no sense. She went rogue to try to build up a nest egg for her kids, yet she already had millions in her family crypt hidden away? And what a dumb place to hide all that money! You don't think anybody would have thought to look there? And Steve didn't take any of that money? Why? Because it was likely tainted? So was or was not Wo-Fat Steve's half brother? I too thought there was an episode where they tested his blood and it was determined they weren't related in any way. Yet in the flashback, Steve's dad seemed to think that it was true. I'm ok with Catherine coming back. Steve deserves a happy ending. But where exactly are they going and what are they going to do? He left the house with an army duffel bag. What about all his stuff? Guess he can buy whatever he wants.
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