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  1. I cannot stand Villanelle. I know she is the centerpiece of the show, but I absolutely loathe her - and not in a "oooh, the villain you love to hate like Tony Soprano" way, but like, I want to fast forward through scenes with her. My favorite part of this episode was her "interview" with Carolyn. I loved that Carolyn completely dismissed and basically insulted her. It was immensely satisfying. That whole Russia episode? Hated every minute of it, except for the little Elton John-loving kid. It distresses me that Eve is so utterly enthralled with Villanelle - it is a massive disappointment to watch the two of them together. Instead, I get far more out of Eve when she's interacting with Carolyn or other characters. Still, I enjoy this show very much and will wait (im)patiently for the next season.
  2. The 12 woman asked V if she (V) had anything she wanted to get off her chest. V said, (paraphrase), "I did something terrible to my mother," at which point the 12 woman got all expectant that V was going to say something intense - but all V said was that she shit in her mother's shoe when she was three years old. Hardly a big "thing"! [Oops, I see that someone already answered this.] I didn't think that the American golfer was the target. To me, it appeared that Dasha and V were looking at him as he did or said something a bit loudly and both were rather disgusted by him. I was actually shocked that V let him escape - I thought she was going to get rid of him right then and there, since he witnessed what happened to Dasha. What exactly is the pressure that Konstantin is under? Does he have a specific assignment that he's not fulfilling? Add me to the club that found the golfing outfit really rather ugly. Like, seriously off-putting ugly and just flat out weird. Of course, fashion is subjective!
  3. Biggie B

    S03:E10: All In

    I think it's a combo of both. In that scene, I heard someone/something rustling outside and actually said out loud to the TV, "Don't worry, Jonah, it's probably just Charlotte," and then BLAM, he shot out the window. So we don't know right now if there was actually anyone out there, and even if there was (and even if it was merely Charlotte), we don't know if Jonah even heard anything, or if he did hear something and reacted out of pure adrenaline/rage/fear/anger. I agree, he's a ticking time bomb. He used to have Buddy to keep him grounded. Speaking of Jonah, if takes a very long time for the show to start production, the actor who plays him is going to look a lot older than he does in Season 3. I wonder if that will be accounted for. It would look pretty weird if Episode 1 of Season 4 opens on the same day as this episode, since Jonah's going to look really different! Not that I'll care - I can't wait to see this show again, so I'll take it, no matter if Jonah looks 35 by then!
  4. I'm just now catching up on this show - been binge-watching it for the past two weeks and will anxiously watch the last ep this weekend. I was thinking that Wendy wouldn't have taken Ben back to Darlene's because then she (Wendy) would be beholden to Darlene, and that's the last thing on earth Wendy would want - to be indebted to Darlene for doing such a big favor. Ben bugged the crap out of me but it seemed logical that he'd make an appearance at some point, after he was first mentioned much earlier in the show (when Marty and Wendy were so concerned about Jonah's behavior). As Ruth is my favorite character, it was nice to see her have someone truly care about her. Marty cares for her, not romantically, obviously, but he is always so quick to shunt her aside and cut her off - he's always telling her "Later, later, not now, can't talk now." For better or worse, Ben was always there for her and put her first. With a family that treated her like crap (deserved or not), it must have been stunning for her to be the recipient of Ben's affection. As for whether one can root for Marty and/or Wendy - that's a great topic with lots of meat on the bone. I for one do not like Wendy - there is something about the character that grates on me, and I think she and Marty bring out the worst in each other. I feel like she's an intrinsically mean person. Marty of course has done awful things for over a decade but they weren't "mean" things (not that they were good things either!) He also seems to possess the ability to look after another person with best intentions. He destroyed Rachel's life but tried to do right by her at the end of her story line. Whereas I don't think Wendy would've done the same for Rachel. In some ways, I am rooting for Marty on his own. Yes, he's working for a horrible man, Navarro and that's a choice he made, with consequences...as he is so fond of telling Wendy - choices and consequences - but I sorta feel like he is compartmentalizing everything and trying to do what he does, with blinders on. The dirty, awful, bloody, deathly part of his job he shunts off into a corner. If Maya is about to have a baby, will someone take her place if the warrant gets extended? As mentioned, I haven't yet seen Ep 10, so perhaps that will be answered.
  5. OK, I get that Claire needed something viable to look at under the new lens Lord John brought her, but the mental image of her extracting Jamie's semen out of herself was really...just...yeah, I did not need that. I read all the books a million years ago, and while I recall the general overall story lines, the details escape me, and I have zero recollection of what happened in what book, etc. That said - and since this is the book thread - can someone refresh my memory as to where Roger, Bree, and their kid(s) actually did "land" when they returned to the 20th century? I can't remember. I wonder if everyone to whom goodbyes were said would expect some updates on Roger and Bree, especially Marsali and Fergus - surely they would ask Jamie and Claire if Roger and Bree had written any letters? And Lizzie, too - I'd think she'd be asking often for updates. How's that gonna work? I guess Jamie and Claire will just fabricate a tale of their well-being. The actor who plays Ian continues to shine. When Claire and Bree told him, by the river, that it wasn't possible for him to travel, I truly felt his despair. Even his body language was on point - the way he turned from the women and walked back towards the river's edge, and stumbled to his knees in grief was so well done and added even more poignancy to the situation. Ian was always one of my favorite characters in the books. I'm looking forward to the finale but am sad that it will such a long time before we see any more of this enjoyable work.
  6. I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not, but sweet baby jeebus, this episode was interminable. I don't remember a whit about how the Bonnet story played out in the books, but of course I knew he died, so there was utterly zero suspense or drama in this episode for me. It seemed to drag on so very slowly that I thought the episode was a two-hour special of some sort. Pretty much the only thing I truly enjoyed was the beautiful shots of the ocean while Claire and Bree were shell and sponge collecting - gorgeous. I've been enjoying this season but this ep was sub-par for me. I don't much care for the actress who plays Bree, and I recall when reading the books that her character was less than interesting to me, so an entire episode built around her was not terribly compelling.
  7. I just about lost it when Lucious whipped off his prosthetic leg and used it to kill Damon. I'd love to read the scripts, or a version of the scripts, of the episodes that weren't able to be filmed, just to see what the writers had in mind. But for now, I'm going to pretend that everyone ended up in a good way and rode off into the sunset.
  8. I wish Carol had been in the scenes with Cookie and Candace, especially when they were getting ready for BossyFest - it seemed odd that she wasn't there. I enjoyed seeing Porsha perform, good for her! And I was glad, too, that Becky apologized - she wasn't very nice the past several episodes, perhaps due to her drug use??? I'll always miss the relationship she had with Jamal - it looked as if the two actors were always having a blast doing their scenes together. I was pretty surprised that Yana got killed - geez! Kinda drastic! I hope that at some point, we can find out what was planned for those last two episodes. At this point, I'd be happy to see an animated version, with the actors providing the voices of the cartoon versions of themselves!
  9. They're no longer banned; Soji confirmed as much in the last scene. She's going to travel now, rather than stay on her home world.
  10. When the inhabitants of the Ridge came to Roger to ask what they should do - how come they couldn't think for themselves? Why did they demand that Roger give them a plan of action right on the spot? Jeez - some of those griping at him were older than Roger, you'd think they'd have been through more crises than he has and would have at least some ideas as to how to handle problems. It sort of pissed me off that they were so paralyzed. I guess the concept of 'brainstorming' was centuries away - instead, they just expected Roger to magically have a solution without a moment's hesitation. What a bunch of sheep they seemed to be. I don't care about seeing Jamie and Claire having sex. I don't begrudge their active sex life - bless their hearts - but I don't need to see it to understand that. I loved the outfits everyone wore at the wedding. The men's coats were so finely embroidered with flowers and the like - really lovely. The Murtagh/Jocasta scene was well done. It was quite sad and poignant. Both actors really sold it.
  11. Maybe it can be used to repair Picard's brain.
  12. I wouldn't give the timeline a second thought. Unless an actress is actually pregnant and her pregnancy is written into the story line, the entire 40 weeks is almost never actually adhered to. Usually the pregnancy is sped up and the character has or loses the baby so that the actress can actually go out on maternity leave. And if the actress isn't actually pregnant, the viewers don't have the attention span to wait 40 weeks! The whole "choose between the mother and the child" thing was awful, just awful. I mean, to each his and her own, but...when I was having my son, this was discussed with our doctor and my husband and I together put my life first. When my mother was in labor with me, it was discovered that the umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck and I was essentially hanging myself as I moved down the birth canal. It being 1962, the doctors didn't have the technology to realize what was happening until it got REALLY serious, at which point, they needed to do an emergency C-section. My father - who was in the waiting room, as was the norm back then - was asked who to "save," should it come to that, and he chose my mom. Again, it is a personal choice but to see Ben soooooo torn up about choosing his own wife made me roll my eyes pretty hard. And now we'll probably be treated to a guilt story line, wherein Ben will agonize over whether he should tell Grace what happened, and we'll have to suffer through that nonsense. Olive looked particularly young this episode - so perhaps it was a good thing that TJ wasn't around, as it would have been extra squicky to see him kiss her while she looked like a middle school child, what with her frilly anklet socks. I actually sort of liked the resolution of the Jared story line (at least, for now). I felt bad for Zeke for getting beat up - the guy is already freezing to death! I liked how both Zeke and Jared nodded at each other at the end of the whole ordeal.
  13. I will miss Becky so much when this show goes off the air soon. She is so awesome - her reactions and comments are the best, the writers must have a blast coming up with her dialogue but I'll bet the actress ad-libs some stuff as well and probably loves it. Just a great character who is to me very authentic. She's a blend of intelligence and savvy but is also very human - occasionally, she screws up something but finds solutions. Her reaction to finding out that Julian is Giselle's son was great. And I loved her outfit. The Andre/Kingsley thing is getting out of hand. He made the wrong decision in not admitting himself, but of course, that wouldn't have worked out within the script of this story. It seems only a matter of time before he hurts or almost hurts Terri and/or the baby, which will then likely lead to his epiphany that he really does need help. Or, he'll somehow magically "kill" Kingsley and live happily ever after. But either way, I don't like the way this story is going. No Hakeem this episode. Perhaps we'll see him when the movie finally premieres?
  14. So is Jared undercover or not? I assumed he was in the scene where he's talking to the police chief about MIchaela being so rigorously investigated by IA, but then I sort of lost track of it when Jared went to see Simon at the university - was that Jared still pretending to be an X-er or not? And what was the purpose of this particular calling? Was it solely to point out to the gang that their experience was the same as what happened to the crew of the ship in the ancient text - that flight 828 was predicted way back then? I actually felt a little bad for Zeke - here he thought he might actually have a shot at being "cured," and then *poof* that opportunity goes down the drain. Is Vance ever going to resurface? That entire storyline has been dropped.
  15. Indeed. I was a bit bored by this episode. I really did not care about the star-crossed lovers. Not that I wanted that young man to be killed, or for the young woman to kill herself, but...I just did not feel invested in their story. I guess it once again showed how brutal life could be in that era, but that isn't exactly a newsflash at this point. We get it - people live very hard, die young, and it's often survival of the fittest. That said, I did appreciate seeing how "Brownsville" was really nothing more than a muddy path lined with hodgepodge shacks and tents - the precursor to an actual town of sorts - I found that really interesting. Even the scenes with Roger singing and Jamie dancing truly demonstrated how little these people had and how even something as simple as a song brought pleasure and a temporary respite from the grueling day to day struggle to merely survive. How fortunate that Roger knew the lyrics and music to these songs that are hundreds of years old to him. Did he quickly learn them in the short time he's been in that world, or did he know them from having studied them in the 20th century?
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