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  1. So last week's episode ends with the bombshell that Courtney and Zeke are married - and this week, *poof,* no, they're not, and never were. We didn't even get that straight from the horse's mouth (Zeke and/or Courtney) but rather, from an off-hand, breezy explanation from Michaela. What a blunder by the writers - they have Courtney show up and announce herself as Zeke's wife, which makes no sense, if they actually never did legally marry. Courtney might've spent a lot of time drugged up, but surely she must've realized at some sober moment that they weren't actually married. If so - why announce herself as Zeke's wife? Very poorly written - the writers switched horses in mid-stream and pivoted so quickly that it served only to highlight the complete disconnect between the cliffhanger ending of last week's episode and Michaela's nonchalant explanation of the non-marriage this week. Speaking of Courtney - did she leave those pills behind? Do we care? I don't even buy Zeke as an addict in the flashbacks, so it's pretty hard to imagine he's secretly still using. I get a little creeped out seeing Olive and TJ as a couple, especially when he mentioned his 25 year old friend, which I took to mean that that would be his age now if he hadn't been on that plane...or if not 25, then close to it! He's a good person, sure, but...if he and Olive pursue a sexual relationship, that will be coming close to or crossing a weird line. No Cal - fine by me! And Grace...really, do you for a split second really believe that you should claim Danny's the father??? REALLY? And you feel confident that he'll go along with this insane strategy? Wow - that was beyond bad.
  2. Last episode, I posted that I liked Catherine's character and I hoped she and Richard could work things out. So I was pretty ticked off at her in this episode. I thought it was horrible that she said she was embarrassed for Richard working at Pac North, which she clearly thinks is a dump. Well, Catherine, even if Pac North IS a dump, it's never, ever wrong to try to help people, which is what Richard is doing by working there. In no way is that embarrassing. So for her to denigrate Richard for working there was truly low - it's one thing if she thinks he's been cheating on her with Jasmine Guy, but to slam him for where he works is truly crappy. And as someone else pointed out - closing Pac North would seriously impact those for whom it's their local hospital. I guess Catherine doesn't care about those people and is happy to cut off her nose to spite her face. That's horrible behavior and makes it quite hard to continue my support of her character. I do wonder what she would have said if Richard hadn't cut her off when she was trying to apologize. I wanted to hear what her "but" was (I'm sure she was probably trying to rationalize her non-support of Richard, yet I still wanted to hear the rest of the sentence).
  3. Yes, she was. She had quite a few scenes with Linc, including telling him that you can love someone and be angry with them at the same time.
  4. Koracik was more than willing to raise another man's child when he and Teddy were together. If Linc isn't of the same mindset, I can't blame him. Everyone is different. I think Linc needs to wrap his head around the larger picture, namely, do he and Amelia truly have a solid, committed, loving relationship separate and apart from any baby? I don't think they know each other well enough to even answer that question. Even though Amelia professed her love to Linc, he may not be there yet. I do hope the child is his, though. But this being a soap opera, it will be far more upsetting if it's not. Happy couples are a big no-no for soap operas. I'm one of the very, VERY few people who like Catherine. Sure, she's done and said some awful things, but...I don't know, there's something about her that I like. Maybe I just like seeing an older actress who's still vital. That said, her and Richard's marriage is circling the drain. I feel like they still haven't sat down and hashed things out, though. Given her travel schedule, they're barely in the same city for more than a few moments. I don't think Richard has any interest in carrying on with Jasmine Guy's character, tempting though she may be. I was a bit surprised to hear Richard tell Maggie to just let her insurance cover a payment/payoff to her uncle and let it all be swept under the rug. I mean, I get what he was trying to do - get Maggie to move forward - but yikes! He was so cavalier about it! Guess he is OK with putting a dollar figure on his nieces' life. Not that any amount of money is going to change anything, and I'm not saying Maggie should be bankrupted by a lawsuit...but it sort of irked me that Richard was so quick to hand wave the lawsuit away by having the insurance company write a big settlement check. I guess a medical malpractice lawsuit isn't gonna happen, and yes, I do agree with those who've suggested that Maggie will solve the redheaded mom's mystery situation. I like the Irish doctor, but I'm not sure I want him to be Meredith's next love interest. I guess there's no other role for him in the show if that doesn't happen, though - it's like the old saying about theatre - if a gun is introduced in Act I, it will show up again later in the play. Same here - Irish doctor isn't just going to fade into the background. He's there for an obvious reason, as we know - a "gift" from Cristina - so it's just a matter of time before he and Meredith connect in some way. Ho hum. Alex's absence is becoming more and more conspicuous and weird, seeing as we viewers all know he won't be seen again. Speaking of absence - how great was it that none of the interns were in this episode??? One quick mention of their various statuses, and boom, that was it!
  5. Validation for Michaela that it was OK to take up with Zeke - he has a good heart, which the friend's mom said was more than sufficient reason to "be happy," if only for a short time.
  6. Here's my pregnancy/ultrasound story: I didn't know I was pregnant until I was 20 weeks along (VERY long, medically technical story that I won't bore anyone with). When I had my first ultrasound, the doctor was able to pinpoint how far along I was by measuring the baby's leg bones. She was 100% accurate - my son was born within 3 days of his projected full term due date based on that ultrasound. That was 23 years ago, and I'll bet that the technology is a lot better these days. So in this episode, when what-her-name told Amelia she was 24 weeks along, I immediately assumed that was based on the baby's bone measurements. But certainly there could be a range.
  7. Oh my goodness - while it was an emotional moment, I wouldn't have pegged that scene as being aphrodisiac enough to induce sex! 🙂 (I think you meant 'bawling.'). I just watched this episode, almost a week after the fact. I thought it was pretty good. It jerked us around a bit and had some truly sharp moments. I tend to watch this show at arm's length, i.e., I don't take it all that seriously and don't analyze it very deeply. I just sort of let it wash over me and if I come away with a few meaningful moments - happy or sad or worrisome or whatever - I consider it a successful episode. I like Uncle Nicky a lot and hope for the best for him. I like the bond that he and Kevin have forged. I do feel bad that Jack lied to everyone about his 'death'. But Nicky seems pragmatic. He can't go back and be a part of everything he missed, but he can be involved going forward. I liked Beth and Kate's scene together. I don't care that Kate didn't console Beth, I just liked the fact that the two of them had some one-on-one dialogue, which happens so rarely. Tess was great throughout. I, too, hope that Kevin's fiancee is a completely new person. Not that this show needs yet another character, but since this is going to happen no matter what, at least give us viewers someone different. I rolled my eyes upon learning that Randall is (temporarily?) estranged from some or all of his family. Oy vey. I don't even care what the reason is, but I'm not looking forward to seeing how it happens. Probably going to be a case of massive non- or miscommunication on everyone's part, coupled with big egos. Probably going to be drawn out for the rest of the season. Not terribly interested in Kate and Toby's marriage and the shaky ground it's on. Eh, whatever happens is fine: either they'll split up and have to figure out how to co-parent little Jack, or they'll work through their issues and stay together. Either way, I'm not invested enough to prefer one outcome to the other.
  8. Best moment: Dembe doing needlepoint. We're never, ever going to find out "what happened in Anchorage," are we, or at least, not any time soon, are we. Just like the contents of that suitcase that was dragged around for umpteen seasons
  9. I detest bananas - the texture, the smell, the sound when someone's eating them makes me gag. When my husband or son eats one, I have to leave the room. Oddly, when I was pregnant, I craved them, and ate two a day for months. I don't know how I did that. Twenty three years later, it grosses me out to remember that. When my parents were alive and came to visit, sometimes I had the bed ready and sometimes not. I never realized there was some sort of rule/etiquette behind the timing of having a room ready. I also never considered my parents 'guests' and they didn't either. But last year, I had a dear friend come stay with me from out of town, and while my house was cleaned and gussied up from top to bottom in anticipation of her arrival, I didn't make the bed in advance - mainly because it's a sofa bed in the room she stayed in, and if I'd opened it up and made the bed before her arrival, we wouldn't have been able to get her suitcase into the room. I myself made the bed once she was settled in to the room. Had no idea I'd committed such a faux pas. My father had dementia for 20 years until he died. My mother was his primary caregiver until she died and due to his severe physical disabilities on top of the dementia, my sister and I found an amazing nursing home for him, as he truly needed 24/7 care we couldn't provide by that point (he was catheterized, among other things). My stepfather-in-law had Pick's disease, which is under the Alzheimer's umbrella, and that was pretty awful as well - that inevitable decline is brutal for everyone involved. As it does seem that Rebecca is headed down that road, it will be unpleasant to watch but I bet a lot of it will be sanitized somewhat for the TV viewing audience. The reality of dementia is pretty bad. I'm sure many of us have horrific stories from having gone through it with loved ones - and I doubt the writers will "go there" too deeply with Rebecca. I could be wrong.
  10. This was a pretty loaded episode. Lucious' visit with his mother was a doozie - it's hard to tell if Leah is truly out of her mind, or lucid and intentionally hurtful, or a combo of both. Whenever she says something to Lucious, he is always rocked back on his heels by it. She's the one person that can just get to him in a way no one else does, and he's always the worse for interacting with her...which I think she knows, and sort of enjoys. The Miami scenes were awesome. I especially liked the big drag queen. So fun! The three sisters have come a long way in their relationship with each other, and thank goodness, for the better. They truly have each other's best interests at heart and know how to lift each other up when needed, as well as bring each other back down to earth. I wonder how they got out of jail, though!! I hope those actresses have as much fun with those roles as they seem to be - their scenes together are always very authentic and hilarious. I knew Tiana was going to rebel against the church ladies. But does this mean her pro-choice fans are willing to overlook Tiana's pro-life stance merely because they approve of her one moment of defiance? It sort of doesn't make sense...if someone turned away from Tiana because they don't like her pro-life stance, they're probably not going to support her just because of one stunt. Unless Tiana openly expresses a change of heart about abortion, has anything really changed? I guess we'll find out. I wonder if Tiana knows that both Becky and Giselle have had abortions, and what she would think of the circumstances/context of each situation.
  11. Right, exactly. I have a Facebook friend who posts almost solely in Dutch and another person who posts in Swedish, and there's the option for me to see the post as translated into English. So, yeah, clearly she was able to understand where and when Bird was having his procedure done. Which to me then begs the questions, why couldn't/didn't she communicate with Bird somehow? If she saw him posting stuff online, she could've reached out to him in some manner. But even putting ALL Of that aside...once she made it to the hospital, you'd think she'd have been able to say his actual name, or at the very least, have it written down or printed out - so that she could hand it to someone. I know, I'm diving way too deep into this, but I would've appreciated the story even more had it been even a TINY bit more logical.
  12. Here's something that stuck out as odd to me, with the Hal Linden ("Bird!") story. The lovely Korean woman explained that she saw that Bird was having his surgery and up and flew to the US to find him. Now...she must have been online on some social media platform (let's say Facebook, for argument's sake) to see Bird's posts and specific information about the date and location of where he was having his procedure. If she was able to see that information online, could she not have reached out to him on the same platform? Even not speaking/reading/writing English, she could still have either composed a message and had Google Translate pop it into English - or, just sent a message in Korean and hope that Bird would translate it on his end. That really jumped out at me - she knew a lot of information - the date, and the hospital - and was able to get herself from Korea to Seattle. How did she NOT make contact with him beforehand??? It was a a sweet story, sure, but the practical logistics bothered me. I know better than to expect any semblance of reality from this show, but that oddity took me right out of their reunion.
  13. Same. I don't even watch that show but hearing that annoyed me. I guess it was aimed towards viewers like me who watch via DVR and fast forward through the promos for that show - ABC is making sure to ram it down my throat one way or the other!! I was very thankful that Jackson cut his hair. He looks great with it super short. Not sure what I think about Amelia and Linc having a baby. Interesting how Amelia mentioned her use of birth control twice, to different people - like, OK, the writers want to make sure we viewers can't gripe about them having unprotected sex! Got it! I'm sure her pregnancy will be fraught with horrors, as will the birth, should it happen, because this is a soap opera after all. The actress herself isn't pregnant, is she? She recently had a child, right? Isn't that when Amelia had or was recovering from her brain tumor? I guess time will tell! It would awesome to have her simply be pregnant and doing her job, like millions of women do every day and have done through the ages. Agree that the actor who plays Linc did a great job throughout the episode. He is indeed very likable and decent, but I hope he's not too, too perfect, as he's verging on magical unicorn status. Don't care about Maggie at all. Here's a ladder - use it to get over yourself. Not really interested in Jo's story either. Whatever. Glad she's in a better place mentally and is taking care of herself, though. The restraining order is stupid and gimmicky.
  14. Whether Georgia is a ghost, a hallucination, wishful thinking, or whatever, she needs to be GONE. What a foolish, weird story line. Max's loss and grief can be demonstrated in a far more intelligent, relatable way. Sure, maybe when we suffer a great loss, we conjure up the deceased person now and then - we may talk to them, either out loud or in our minds, hardly unusual - but the way this is being depicted comes off as hokey to me. Also, I think his friends/co-workers need to back off. He seems to be performing his job duties as expected, and while I understand their concern (of course), if he literally has to say out loud, "Don't talk about this," then they need to respect that. If he becomes so incapacitated as to be a danger to himself, to Luna, or to others at work, sure - step in. But give the guy some space. And I say that as someone who is not really even a big Max fan.
  15. I watched this episode via DVR, and fast forwarded through the pool scenes. I didn't need to see the shit show that always ensues when the Pearson family goes there - everyone will be or already is miserable from the moment they arrive to the time they leave. No interest in seeing that, it doesn't in any way enhance my viewing experience. When I saw Rosalind Chao, I exclaimed out loud, "Keiko O'Brien!" Deep Space 9 was and still is one of my favorite Star Trek series. Otherwise...it was a bit underwhelming of an episode. I, too, thought that Tess was going to walk out of the salon with some sort of horrendous hair cut, but instead, she looked great. Not quite sure how to interpret her scene at the end, when she put on the hat. I guess we'll see how it plays out - either she is having second thoughts about the hair cut and is regretting it, or something else. I like her character and am feeling more invested in her than the other daughters. Clearly Deja and Malik are destined to get involved - that's gonna be a train wreck, too - more so on Randall's behalf and perhaps Malik's parents, I think. Toby - sort of sad that he had to hide his gym stuff from Kate, but I get it - the guilt he probably feels, the anxiety, etc. I think Kate will be OK with it once she finds out. So now, everyone's in California except Randall and his family. I hope this won't end up as two separate shows running parallel to each other, with little to no integration between story lines. Do you think the show will ever pursue anything else with William and Randall's bio mother? I guess that ship has sailed.
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