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  1. Completely agree with this. I was utterly bored throughout this entire episode. What a complete let-down after last week. I do not like Sylvie at all, haven't since she was first introduced. Overall, this was a dull, uninspiring episode, and I'm glad that there's a second season, because to end the show completely with this episode would have been really bad.
  2. Complete rip off of the scene in the "Family Guy" episode in which Brian spews endlessly after learning that Ida, with whom he had sex, is actually Quagmire's father.
  3. He might as well have been wearing a red shirt.
  4. To drive the point home (as if we couldn't tell) that Eden is a BABY. Every freaking show does this...over on "New Amsterdam," Max's daughter Luna has been wearing this sort of cap for a year. It's really something you'd put on a newborn. We get it...Eden's a defenseless, vulnerable BABY. But come on...it's such a lame, obvious gimmick.
  5. Have you watched 'Manifest'?
  6. I do wonder what new plot line(s) they can come up with in such a limited environment. I guess there's a vague chance that Melanie is alive and that somehow or another, she'll struggle to reconnect with the train, but I don't know if I want to watch that happen again. I have no interest in seeing more conflict between the haves and the have-nots - been there, done that. Frozie is now Defrosted and impervious to the cold, but is that enough to carry the whole show? And we are painfully aware that Wilford is a demented nut job who's seemingly immortal. So, I don't know - I do want to see what ha
  7. I, too, thought Audrey would ultimately betray Wilford at the end, but...oh well! I never liked her character and I hope she gets put in a drawer. I hate LJ. She's vile. Ruth is my favorite character, hands down. She does whatever it takes! And never gets hysterical or flustered - she just grits her teeth and executes. I loved it when she tased Kevin and then made sure to take her teal blazer! Go Ruth! Alex redeemed herself completely. She started off as an awful person, so nasty to her mother and just insufferable - but she's done a 180. Too bad she didn't slice Wilford's jug
  8. What a disappointing episode! Everyone was really off-key. The Iggy story line was preposterous and downright weird. Also (and this is a real nit-pick), what camp was the son sent to in the middle of winter?? That annoyed me the whole way through. I sort of wanted a bit more info on Helen's half brother. How old was he? How did he die? Who called Helen to let her know what was happening? I know none of it makes any difference, since we'll like never hear about him ever again. But what was the point of this story line? To bring Helen and Dr. Shin closer? Seems like they're doing just fine
  9. Even before that - when the injured passenger first came in, the driver/doctor mentioned very specific bones in her hand, using the proper names of the bones. Right there, I knew the woman was a doctor - most lay people don't know the scientific terminology for most bones. And yes - the driver should've identified herself as a trained doctor as well, so the whole thing was ridiculous. I was really put off by how condescending, sarcastic, and rude Bloom was to the driver as well - she seemed one step away from using some sort of racial slur. All she had to do was either ignore the driver or jus
  10. I just read two different recaps of this episode on other websites, and neither one explained why Andre was handcuffed and led away at the end of the episode to be a prisoner on Big Alice, or how or why Mike O'Malley's wife and daughter (and now he, too) ended up in the drawers (and sorry for referring to the actor by his real name; I've never learned his character's name). I am completely at a loss as to how either of those two events happened. Someone please explain it to me like I'm in kindergarten. Were some scenes cut? I'm just not understanding how one minute Wilford is "saving" the tra
  11. She reminded me of Cruella DeVille from 101 Dalmatians.
  12. I was surprisingly glad to see this show return. I agree, the opening montage was well done and I felt as if a lot of careful thought went into how they portrayed the worst of it. I also agree with the poster upthread who mentioned Bloom replacing one addiction with another. That's what I thought as well, when she said she missed the fight. I hope she doesn't relapse, but she does certainly need to somehow channel those feelings in a productive way. Having not seen the show in so long, I couldn't remember where things were left with Helen and Daniel Dae Kim (I can't recall his charact
  13. Upon listening to it again a couple of times, it's not that I don't like it, I just don't find it remarkable or unique or special.
  14. I am just about at the point where I am watching the show primarily to see Wilford be defeated and/or killed. I am so not sold on this epic love affair between him and Audrey - the guy is a disgusting psychopath who is aroused by sitting in a tub where people are killing themselves. What in hell are we to believe Audrey EVER saw in him, and how on earth did she live to get away from him? I hope that whatever she's doing now, it's successful in bringing an end to loathsome Wilford. Worst character on the show. I thought Ruth did a good job broadcasting the "lie" about Melanie. Last season
  15. For me, the bloom is off the rose this season. The novelty of their strange existence has worn off. I really, really dislike Wilford's character. He's not compelling or deliciously evil - he's just a sick piece of crap, who apparently gets off by watching/making people commit suicide in an extremely horrific way. That's not good, exiting writing - that's just f-ing gross. I actually sort of like Till, but agree that her character was more interesting last season. And I totally agree that Audrey is not the siren she thinks she is. I wish we'd found out how she survived the Bathtub of Death. Did
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