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  1. I felt there was too much time wasted on unnecessary and unimportant characters: Madison's OB/GYN and his horse-whisperer daughter and Dr. Lemonwise (whom I've never, ever liked as his sagacity has always read as poorly written and false and as he makes Jack look positively taciturn and down-to-earth by comparison). I'm not pleased that Madison is Kevin's baby mama, partially because I would never buy them as a couple after just one twins-producing hookup and no real connection beyond Kate (it would be like the entire movie Knocked Up, which was and is utterly offensive in its unbelievability) and partially because the nepotism involved annoys me. If Kevin ends up married to someone else, though, I'll unclench a bit. I did like that Rebecca and Jack talked about Kyle; that felt honest and welcome. I love that Kate and Toby adopted another kid. I knew exactly what Kevin was about to say when he geared up for his ultimate comment to Randall; it was very terrible, but I understood completely why he said it. Randall has utterly no ability to be honest about anything. He (with Rebecca covering for and enabling him) lied to Kevin and Kate about why Rebecca changed her mind and flatly refused to own any tiny part in it when Kevin called him out, which was both extremely cowardly and laughably transparent. Kevin knew Randall had forced this for his own selfish purposes, yet Randall canNOT for the life of him acknowledge that he is in any way imperfect or how well Kevin knows him (the reverse, however, is not the case). Those truly disgusting comments about how Jack was ashamed of Kevin and how Kevin's always been chasing Randall himself (uhhhh, WTF?) were textbook examples of projection. None of that was about Kevin; it was all about Randall, but Randall has no ability to recognize that, just like Randall can't recognize his own hypocrisy in treating Kevin as nothing but a shallow, stupid fuck-up who runs away from his problems (I mean, fuck, Randall, you literally run to avoid your problems) yet turns to him every time he has a panic attack because Kevin's the only one who can help him. After being pushed and shat upon and pushed and shat upon, it's no wonder Kevin finally snapped and went for the jugular for once; he just wanted, for once, to hurt Randall. Kevin looked immediately regretful of his comment, and Randall didn't; Kevin lied to Randall to hurt him and knows it, and Randall lied to himself to hurt Kevin and doesn't know it. And that's the difference between them. In short, Randall:
  2. While I'm sad about the postponement, there was really no other decision to make, and at least they weren't canceled.
  3. I've walked between them before, and it's not even a 20-minute walk. That's "obviously" not a long walk. Thanks, though.
  4. There is a 0% chance they'll be filming by the beginning of April. I live in LA, and Governor Newsom today issued a "safer at home" semi-mandate for the entire state of California that will remain in place "until further notice"; the only businesses operating will be the essentials: grocery stores, pharmacies, takeout/delivery restaurants, banks, and the like. Any and all productions are shuttered at least until this mandate is lifted and we're on the backside of this pandemic, and I don't think that will be for a month at the earliest (and even that's overly optimistic at this point).
  5. I can only surmise that they're making DeLuca bipolar/crazy to make Our Lady of the Sun look retroactively better since she was such a bitch to him and he was basically really good to her while they were together. Now, they can frame it as OLotS dodging a crazy bullet and obfuscate the fact that she was so shitty to him. I haven't been watching the last five episodes or so, but I still think my guess is right because this whole show exists now to prop up OLotS. I see you, Krista and Ellen.
  6. Kevin and Kate are Randall's siblings, not his "siblings."
  7. Mandy Moore had another fantastic episode. She's been magnificent all season. I did love Pamela Adlon calling Randall on his bullshit. I think it's hilarious that Kevin, while still sexy as hell (because Randall can't change that), is so unremarkable in either (any?) alternate reality Randall can conjure. Randall completely resents Kevin's acting success because he thinks that he's entitled to be the one and only superstar and that Kevin doesn't deserve it. Naturally, Kate doesn't factor into Randall's alternate realities because he doesn't really care about her one way or the other. I mean, both scenarios served to illuminate how little Randall thinks about anyone other than himself. He is monstrously self-centered and self-aggrandizing, but that's nothing new: Randall always, always gets his way. However, the revolting emotional manipulation he employed to get Rebecca into a clinical trial in which she very well might not get the life-saving new treatment for Alzheimer's (hello, Mr. Almost-An-MD-Because-I-Read-Some-Articles, half the participants will get the placebo) and trying to rob her of her waning quality time with her family just because he has no ability to consider anyone but himself?
  8. The Met and the Natural History Museum are three blocks away from each other, literally just across Central Park from each other.
  9. Now that LA is basically in shutdown mode, I've finally had to focus to watch Season 3. I was really, really bothered by the quasi-redemption arc for Bryce. He's been shown until now to be gleeful in his psychopathy, and I was not interested in seeing him "humanized"; some humans are just bad. Also, though, it seemed like the show wasn't sure what they were trying to do with this storyline. Like, he would be seem to be sincere in, say, wanting to help Tyler but happily torment Clay some more. I mean, Clay is easily tormentable, but still. It also seemed like most of his interactions with the other characters were really unbelievable (that whole Alex-Bryce part was just laughably unbelievable). It seemed like the show was trying to make Bryce complex since they were building the whole season around his murder, but I was just happy he was dead. He was a serial rapist and a bully, and the (fictional) world is better off without him. Frankly, I cheered Zach on when he beat the shit out of him because it was long overdue and I think Zach is great. It's not believable that the police would've just let him go (especially after Sheri went to juvie for something much more accidental, in my opinion, that led to a person's death #justiceforsheri), but I can hand-wave it because I love Zach. I will say that the one part of the Bryce storyline I liked was the focus on Nora, and that's because Brenda Strong was so terrific. Her character seemed complex in ways that felt organic, and I thought Strong was just excellent throughout. Her scene with Kate Walsh (who was also reliably fabulous) was one of the best scenes of the season. The Monty storyline...I don't know. On the one hand, see, Monty, it just feels so much better for everyone concerned when you use your own dick to fuck a willing participant. On the other hand, you are also a rapist and a bully, and I'm not going to cry that you're dead either. I think the attempt to humanize Monty was a smidge more effective than the attempt with Bryce because the closet really does kill, but I still had no sympathy for him because he was ultimately such a shit human being; regardless of what he was struggling with, you can do that without bullying and raping people. And Winston, hon, all of us gay teenagers have had the fantasy about getting fucked by the hot jock (and Monty is very hot), but come on. He beat the shit out of you right after you blew him; I don't care how hot his body is, you do not go back there. I'm not interested in seeing you try to get justice for this guy: he was in jail for a sexual assault (that realistically should've been a murder) that was probably not his first, his being a closet case doesn't excuse the torment he wreaked on multiple people, and why do you care so much? Because he fucked you for a night? I'm sure it was great sex, but this is Stockholm Syndrome. Yeah, I was really bothered by all of that. I also thought Monty was fucking Charlie, but I guess not. And yeah, like most, I hated Ani. Frankly, Sheri would've been a much more interesting and welcome narrator (although she'd no sooner fuck Bryce than jump off the Golden Gate Bridge), and I'm only partially saying that because I LOVE Sheri, but the choice of this random new person was just off from the get-go. It wasn't believable that she would've become insinuated with this group and everyone's secrets so quickly; seriously, why would any of them be so open with her? I get why Alex's dad would go along with her story in that he just wanted any excuse to protect his son, but her story was bullshit. Really, though, the writers just seemed like they couldn't decide what to do with her, or they didn't consider the optics of some of their choices regarding her. I mean, she deliberately befriends Jessica, knows that Bryce raped her, and still fucks him multiple times? What. the fuck. They never sold me on why she would do that (because people are not one thing? Or something? No, girl, fuck no, and fuck you), and it made me hate her irrevocably. She also completely led Clay on throughout the season, kissed him, blamed him for becoming semi-obsessed with her, and then decided to settle for him or whatever. Ugh. I loved how she cowered in fear of Clay after willingly fucking an actual serial rapist; this girl's priorities are fucked up. Really, though, the most horrible thing she did was the exchange with Jessica at the end of the season when she told her that the worst thing she'd ever done was sleep with Bryce multiple times and immediately asked her what the worst thing she'd ever done was. Had I been Jessica, I'd have been like, "One sec." "That is the worst thing I've done. Fuck off forever." I hated that because Ani didn't really care about confessing something really terrible to Jessica; she was just trying to manipulate Jessica. Seriously, fuck her, and I'm not looking forward to seeing more of her next season. I didn't really care that Alex killed Bryce; I was just glad someone did. Frankly, though, Alex's trajectory was kind of silly this season with the roid rage and the drugs and the ridiculous Bryce thing. Whatever, he's not the most compelling character, so I'm fine with his being the murderer (and I'm not even sure he meant in the moment to kill Bryce, so it's really more like manslaughter). Jessica just better not be punished for what he did; she's been through fucking enough. What I loved, though, was how Tyler's storyline was handled. While I don't think it's at all realistic that he could improve the way he did with the buddy system (and not need at least surgery after the rape), I really liked how much everyone rallied around him. The scenes where he told Clay and Jessica what had happened to him were so powerful and so tremendously acted (especially by Druid and Boe). And I love that his courage in publicly owning his survivor status allowed Justin to do the same, leading to another incredibly acted scene between Boe and Flynn (seriously, Boe is such an incredible listener, and Flynn is so honest). That was really, really good stuff. I also have loved watching the bond between Clay and Justin cement so unbreakably. Their relationship is possibly my favorite on this show because I believe so strongly that each would do anything to protect the other; I think my jaw dropped when Clay gave Justin the oxy – that's hardcore trust and love, although very dangerous and inadvisable, but it probably ultimately allowed Justin to admit that he needed help at Thanksgiving. There's a kind of purity to the love and loyalty they have for each other, and it's been so wonderfully and honestly developed. It's similar to the Zach/Alex friendship, which I also love, but it's been given more focus and has been more interesting for me to watch. It really did feel like it was those two boys against the world and like those two boys would survive because they had each other. I think I liked this season more than last because there was more levity and because the trial was just too depressing, but there were many problems. Thankfully, most of the cast (including Prentice and Granaderos, even though I didn't like what the writers were trying to do with their characters) made the experience of watching it more than worth it.
  10. Wait, Amelia and Maggie say they're sisters like they think they're biologically related, but two men calling each other brothers don't think that? That does seem like a real double standard. I've never thought Amelia and Maggie actually believe they're biological sisters when they refer to each other as sisters; it's an emotional thing, which I understand. I'm incredibly close to my sister, so I've never felt the need to call any of my best, closest friends my brothers or sisters; still, I get why other people who don't have that kind of connection would.
  11. Actually, Sheen's rape of Haim has been an open secret in Hollywood. Everyone in town has known about it; Feldman finally made it known to the public at large.
  12. Well, I'm happy to read that Linc is the father, although that's what I expected. Is it worth watching this episode?
  13. As Kevin said at the beginning of the episode when Mr. Imperious was tsk-tsk-ing his Lesser Siblings for not immediately acquiescing to his loudly expressed omniscience about all things Rebecca-related, Mr. Imperious never allowed Kevin or Kate to have a voice or opinion where Rebecca was concerned. Mr. Imperious has always known best, as he would proudly tell you. Any opportunity, however sporadic, Kevin took to help Rebecca out (like trying to set her up with Dave Annable) was only ever met with eye rolls and condescending sighs, after which Kevin was treated to a wonderful lecture about how shitty a son he is and how perfect a son Mr. Imperious is. At a certain point, you just stop trying because you can never win. It's not even Randall's horrible attitude where Rebecca was concerned: every time he rolled his eyes at Kevin's work (yes, Randall, work), my blood pressure increased. He's so disrespectful and dismissive of Kevin, even though Kevin has succeeded in a field with one of the very lowest success rates imaginable. I can't think of a more earned slam than Kevin's money-related one; Kevin has been subject to Randall's condescension for so long that it was very satisfying to see him turn the tables for even a second. It may not have been the kindest thing to say, but Randall more than earned it, and I laughed out loud when Kevin said it. Another point in Kevin's favor: not living in regret. It's useless and keeps you from being present in the here and now. First of all, Randall, you had about as much chance of preventing Jack's death as I did. Second of all, you want to play the what-if game? Let's play it: if Jack hadn't died, you would've gone to Howard like you'd planned, never met Beth (I'm sure next week will try to address that, but, no, he would not have met her), and never had your beautiful daughters. I'll never forget the first time I heard someone say, in the context of her own self-reflections, "Would you rather be right or happy?" Randall is so focused on being right 136,000% of the time that he so often cannot be happy, which is a shame, but he goes about it in such an insufferable way that I want to punch him in the face. In conclusion, Randall: Also, Mandy Moore was absolutely exquisite in this episode.
  14. No, none of this, no. Frankly, your posts reveal more about what's changed in society than anything I wrote. How exactly did you help him get where he is? Because you watched a TV show? No, he got where he is because of his agents; his managers; various casting directors and modeling scouts; his teachers; the directors and producers of his pre-Grey's acting gigs; Shonda Rimes; and a shit ton of hard work, hustle, and insane luck on his part. His decisions to leave the show for whatever reasons he chose and not to detail for you and the rest of the world exactly what those reasons are are not disrespectful. You did not help him get where he is, and you are not entitled to know anything about Chambers' life and his struggles that he doesn't wish to make public. Since Chambers and I both practice yoga at the same studio, I've actually seen him in a few classes before. I've never talked to him because I don't know him. I haven't seen him since he left the show, but if I do, I can promise you I will do what I've always done when I've seen him or any another recognizable person in class: leave him the hell alone and get to stretching.
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