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  1. NUguy514

    NFL Thread

    In related news, I signed a one-year deal today to root against the Patriots.
  2. NUguy514

    Tennis Thread

    That's the least surprising thing in this shitstorm. They've always been the biggest fucking assholes.
  3. I can only speak for me, but I will not be going to any enclosed public space other than a grocery store or the like for any length of time for the foreseeable future.
  4. Shows like this exactly mean to portray real life, if maybe a slightly heightened version of it. This isn't Stranger Things or even The Office. And the show has not learned from Season 1. You need only look at how Clay's mental breakdown was portrayed to know that the show learned nothing about how to portray serious issues. On average, kids are more accepting now, but that is a trend rather than an absolute. I have a student who told me that a junior on the baseball team at her school is vocally racist and homophobic, yet he's never been reprimanded for it and has already been recruited by Harvard. This is a kid who goes to the most competitive private school in Los Angeles, not somewhere one might assume to be stereotypically racist and homophobic. And as that applies to this show, it wasn't just banter. Monty didn't brutally rape Tyler with a broomstick by himself; a few of his teammates helped him. And the way the f-word was was used in general by those teammates and was directed at specific characters like Zach and Justin (often for daring not to sanction the behavior that has led to the rape culture of that team) was not just banter. It just doesn't fly that this group of toxic, abusive, bullying rapists would suddenly be super-excited by Prom Kings when they've never shown themselves to be even marginally tolerant before. And I don't consider Winston sad; I consider him pathetic, and I consider the character himself to be a dangerous stereotype for the show to portray.
  5. No, that excuse just doesn't fly right now. You don't use #alllivesmatter in a tweet during this particular time in this country without knowing exactly what it means. ZD has proven time and again that he's a giant asshole, and there's no reason to believe this isn't just more evidence of the same.
  6. The response from the show's writers:
  7. Given Clay's psychosis, I'd say both of those reasons would fit. However, police officers don't tend to shoot or use deadly force on white guys, so it's lucky for Clay he can rave and openly wave guns around, blanks or not, and walk into a police station and announce loudly that he has a gun without fear of getting shot, even if that's what he wants. No, in fact, he's rewarded with an acceptance to Brown University.
  8. @tennisgurl: Word to every word of your post.
  9. In addition to the list @memememe76 posted above, I would add that, more often than not, Clay was a judgmental asshole to most of the people he claimed to care about under the guise of being a Nice Guy for the duration of the show. We can speculate all day long because the show handled Monty's murder as a throwaway/plot convenience, but I never, ever thought that Monty was killed because he was gay, especially because Monty himself wasn't out. Frankly, it's much likelier that if Monty was suspected of being gay, he would've been targeted for regular, sustained, and brutal sexual assaults himself, not murder. Moreover, the age difference between him and Tyler is irrelevant: whether he was one minute or one decade older than Tyler, he still raped a minor. I think it's a huge leap to assume Monty was killed for being gay (and you are making a leap by stating it as if it's fact) when the simplest explanation is that child rapists tend to be huge targets in prison.
  10. Yeah, I have a reallllly hard time believing he wouldn't have had a full bloodwork panel done, which would include testing for all STDs; I'm almost positive that's a requirement at reputable drug rehab facilities, especially given that he was an intravenous drug user. Of course, if I have my timeline right, Justin was prostituting himself in the middle of his junior year, which was maybe 15-18 months before he died of AIDS. That's...a really fast progression. Even if left untreated, it takes HIV, on average, around ten years to progress to AIDS, and it takes AIDS itself 1-2 years to be fatal; obviously, lifestyle choices (smoking, drug use, etc) can accelerate that timeline quite a bit, but to contract HIV and die of AIDS all within 18 months seems to be pushing it. Frankly, though, this is one of many instances this season where the show was clearly not concerned with portraying things realistically.
  11. Well, touring a number of colleges is very common among the more privileged students who can afford those tours, but very few schools actually require an interview as part of a student's application. I told Charlie and Alex through my television like a totally sane person that they needed to work on their gaydar because I'd clocked Foundry's being gay from his first appearance. Yeah, it also rang very false to me that the football team was cheering so hard for them. I mean, I was glad, but this is the same team that has a culture of systematically raping girls, so it doesn't feel right that they'd be so gay-friendly. But yay? I did laugh heartily at the Eli Manning argument Charlie and his dad had because Andrew McCarthy was so right. And I would never in one million years call Eli Manning anything close to beautiful, but there's no accounting for taste, I suppose. That was one of my issues with this, though. I thought the lesions looked like Kaposi sarcoma, and I didn't understand why no one in the world of the show seemed to be concerned about, or even notice, these obvious marks developing on Justin. It felt like at least Matt and Lainie would've made him get those checked out. It was a nice hint to us audience members who might know what we were looking at, but the characters on the show should've been concerned, too. I'll add to that that I don't think Monty seemed particularly angry so much as sadistically gleeful when he raped Tyler with that mop handle.
  12. The SAT is offered on seven specific Saturdays per year, so there may not have been a better time, especially with all the shenanigans. It sure doesn't leave much time for SAT prep! Whatever, she's going to Berkeley, so good for her. Totally called Clay very realistically getting into Brown. Whatever. When Winston said he loved Monty, I laughed so hard I had to pause my TV. Girl, please! His hallucinating dancing with Monty at prom was also good for a chortle. Have fun with douchebag Ryan. You two deserve each other. Speaking of, it felt weird to have Ryan and Courtney in the finale. I don't think they needed to be there, I hadn't missed either of them (especially Ryan), and it felt like a record scratch. I had noticed the scars on Justin's face and body and had wondered if they were Kaposi-sarcoma lesions, and then I thought, "They wouldn't just randomly in the series fucking finale kill off Justin with fucking AIDS." And then, they did exactly that. I had a moment of being furious, and then I realized it was the perfect way to end this spectacularly shitty season. I couldn't even be moved at the very well-acted scenes between Justin and Jessica and Justin and Clay because I was so over it. And of course, Justin dies tragically, and suddenly everything at Liberty High is fine! The jocks are cool, Diego's cool, Winston's cool, the police are cool, everybody's cool. Justin brought peace in death! Bryce and Monty hurt people, and they were evil, but they were also sympathetic, and hurt people hurt people or something, and now everyone is so fine! Also, the finale was interminably long. After looking at my television for nine episodes like this: I spent this last 90+ minutes, looking like this: But now it's over, and I feel so...well... I'm relieved it's over, but I wish this season had not happened because it was: I hope many of the actors on this show find lots of work, though, because most of them really were terrific.
  13. I just watched Episode 7, and it's hilarious that Clay was just so easily able to trick his way out of the hospital. He's ranting out loud to himself by himself all over town, he stole and waved a gun around like an actually crazy person last episode, yet he's somehow "not a danger to himself." He's so obviously fucked up and crazy that it makes absolutely no sense that he hasn't been expelled and committed to a mental institution, rather than scoring an interview with Brown (I honestly thought he'd actually submitted the application himself in a psychotic break since he seems to be dissociating and losing large chunks of time). By the way, my job is tangentially part of the college admissions process, and interviews are the least important part of applications. They also do not happen at the actual high schools students attend during school hours; Clay's interview at a coffee shop was, by far, the most realistic. I'm not here for Alex's gay self-loathing/general self-loathing/whatever bullshit he's going through. The hot (and KIND) jock wants you, shit for brains – be kind back to him! Also, what the fuck are you doing spying on Bryce's mom and Ani? I get what Zach was doing, but I wanted him to throw Diego onto a spike or something because that guy is a total fuck. I just want to hug Justin. Poor guy. It's been blatantly obvious since the pilot that Tyler struck a deal with the cops to catch the gun dealer, and I honestly laughed at Tony's total misread of that because it makes. no. sense. that this would all be about entrapping a goddamn high-school student. And of course, he has to involve Clay and play unbelievably stupid about why this might not be the best time for Clay, who just waved a gun around psychotically in front of everyone and was strapped to a bed in the hospital as a result, to be in the middle of this. Of course, really, Tony should've just told Tyler he thought the police were setting him up instead of, what, trying to stop a gun deal with an armed gun dealer from going down? Or something? And Tyler should've just told them when he first made the deal what was happening. I hope that gun dealer shot Clay just because he's generally awful and/or Tony because he's been unforgivably stupid. However, I have no doubt that everyone but the gun dealer will be fine next episode and that Clay will extremely plausibly get into Brown. This. is. maddening.
  14. Six episodes in, and I need to go to bed because 1) it's after 1:00am and 2) I'm about to warp my eyes permanently from all the eye-rolling. There is a 0% chance Clay wouldn't have been shot fucking dead for pulling that officer's gun and waving it around like the psycho he is. I will take 37 holier-than-thou-Ani-narrated episodes over any of the Clay-mental-breakdown scenes; they are so unbelievable that it's become unbearable to watch. Also, I hate Winston. I hate him. I don't believe he loved/loves Alex, and it makes zero sense that he'd be this invested in clearing the name of a guy who beat him severely – I don't care how awesome the post-beating sex was (which in and of itself is so fucked up and problematic). Also, I don't care about the Winston/Diego crusade to clear Monty's name because Monty was a piece of shit, as are the two of them. And why does Monty need to be humanized? It's the same fucking problem as last season with Bryce. I don't need or want these two rapist monsters to be humanized, and I don't care about any justice for either of them; their victims never got any, other than comfort in the knowledge that they're dead as fucking disco. I will say, though, that I was hoping Hallucination Bryce and Monty would prompt Clay to run in front of a gunman and be shot to death. Oh well.
  15. I'm three episodes in, and I just want to scream my head off every time Clay is onscreen. Whatever insanity they're trying to portray with him is absolute garbage, and it's mind-numbingly stupid. I want him to find Tyler's gun dealer, buy a machine gun, take out every single sack of shit on the football team other than Charlie and Zach and Justin, and then shoot his own goddamn head off. I cannot take it. Then, I want Ani to take the fall for everything because Clay will be mercifully dead and she is the worst. The utter refusal of her and Clay to tell the group about Winston makes no. fucking. sense. None. Especially now that Ani has seen him making out with Alex (in the least shocking gay reveal ever). Plot contrivance at its worst. And yes, Diego, you obvious piece of shit, if Charlie hasn't come out to you or anyone else you know, calling him "gay or bi or whatever" is not OK, and Jess not listening to every obvious instinct she had made me want to stab myself in the face. I want Jess to stop being so weird about Justin. I want Justin to continue to be wonderful and to go to Occidental and only partially because it would be hilarious for the college he attended to have the nickname "Oxy." I want my sweet, caring Zach back; I don't like alcoholic Zach as much, even though I understand why and like that he was so cool about Alex kissing him.
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