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  1. NUguy514

    Cats (2019)

    Every day I become more and more convinced that the devil walks among us in the form of Tom Hooper.
  2. NUguy514

    Tennis Thread

    That was sad. Evil won the day, as I expected; I just didn't expect it to be quite so close and therefore more devastating. I'm sure Justin Gimelstob is thrilled.
  3. NUguy514

    Tennis Thread

    You're probably right, but no crowd outside of Belgrade (and especially no Wimbledon crowd) would ever, ever be pro-Djoker against Roger.
  4. NUguy514

    Tennis Thread

    Well, Roger just played better, and I'm thrilled he won. Since he's won six of the last seven meetings between the two of them, I expected Roger to win, but I'm still thrilled and relieved. It's...crazy to think it's been eleven years since they'd played at Wimbledon. I expect Djoker to victimize me personally by winning Sunday in four sets, but...at least I have today. I guess.
  5. Yes, I assume you watched the Team Fun video with Colin and Christie as well? I was just coming on here to post most of this, and I thought it was interesting that the producers didn't show Christie helping Victor; however, she did, so those complaining about Nicole and Victor being deliberately excluded or ganged up on can have a bunch of seats. The video itself is long, but it's really good (I hope it's OK to post it here!):
  6. I really don't understand the animosity toward Tyler, in particular – especially during a season that had an actual execrable camera whore on it for her third time – but oh well. For the sake of information, it wasn't all three TAR teams helping each other and deliberately excluding Nicole and Victor. It was Tyler and Korey and Colin and Christie teaming up and helping each other whenever possible and convenient because those two specific teams were so genuinely close with each other during the race. Leo and Jamal have said in post-finale interviews that they didn't care who the other two teams were in the final leg with them, as long as they themselves made it to the final leg. The producers obviously fed T/K and C/C the question about having an all-TAR final three, and both teams said that would be nice, but they weren't like, "Fuck Nicole and Victor! We hate them, and they must be annihilated!!!" And because this isn't Survivor or Big Brother, those two teams couldn't have really effectuated that outcome anyway (and I'm sure both teams knew that because they're very experienced Racers) because this show is primarily dependent on your own ability as a team to accomplish whatever tasks required; you can not want another team to beat you, but there's not much you can do about it if they can finish a task before you can. Which Victor could, clearly. If you listen to or read any post-finale interviews with Tyler and Korey in particular (since they seem to have been asked about it more directly than Colin and Christie from what I've come across), you understand how serious and deep the bond between the two teams was. Korey said to Rob Cesternino, basically, that it didn't occur to the four of them not to help each other because they were so close and wanted to see each other do well (I have no evidence to back it up, but I kind of think C/C wanted T/K to win the Uganda leg because of what it would've meant to them). Like, there was never a question that they wouldn't help each other, if possible, and that really wasn't directly about trying to screw Nicole and Victor so much as it was about wanting to help and race with people you love. Honestly, the reason Nicole and Victor lost the London leg was because they tried to do the rowing task for two hours before switching. With only four teams left, you have to be clear and decisive with your Detour selections; Tyler and Korey and, especially, Leo and Jamal knew pretty quickly that the rowing would not be able to be finished by them in a reasonable amount of time and switched without too much hesitation. Nicole and Victor spent wayyyyyyy too much time trying to grind out that task without actually figuring out a system for accomplishing that task that would work for them. Had they had the wherewithal to realize after even a few attempts that they just didn't have the focus or comprehension to figure out a feasible way to do the task, they would have switched much sooner and likely knocked Colin and Christie out because they only seemed to need four or five attempts at the taxi Detour to finish it. However, because they only bailed once they had bled so much time, time that allowed Colin and Christie to catch up, they basically lost their advantage and sealed their fate. They switched out of panic, and it was the right call in terms of switching to a task they could actually do, but they needed to make that switch with clearer, more rational heads much sooner. With a team as formidable as Colin and Christie, you know they'll find a way to figure out that rowing task fairly efficiently, and that's exactly what they did (using the only system that could possibly work with inexperienced rowers). I think if Nicole and Victor came back, they'd be much wiser Racers and have the clarity and ability to make quicker, more informed decisions that the other three, experienced teams had. That's really why, in my opinion, we had an all-TAR final three, even though Nicole and Victor were certainly a very strong team in their own right. The Race wisdom won out in the end, whether or not a few teams were helping each other.
  7. Leo and Jamal did order a cab; they were the first ones to realize that protocol.
  8. I almost cried when Christie was crying in the helicopter with Colin comforting her, I definitely hollered when they stuck with the rowing and completed it while making up so much time (and doing it the only sensible way), I panicked when they couldn't find their cab driver, I nearly barfed while they were assembling the drums, and, yes, I completely teared up when they ran out of that tunnel onto the mat AND WON!!! Clearly, I've been waiting fifteen years for them to win this damn race, and I maybe had a wee catharsis when they did. #sorrynotsorry Nicole and Victor sure like to play the victims, but I have no sympathy for them because a) they were already part of a BB alliance (a daunting group, that [/sarcasm]) and b) Nicole is soooooooo annoying. Actually, the four teams finished in exactly the order I wanted, so I'm thrilled. Tyler and Korey did amazingly, and Leo and Jamal broke Rachel's record, which is an absolute joy because Rachel is the worst. Aside from Corinne. And kind of Eliza, too. Shut the fuck up, Eliza's face. That was a completely heart-stopping, competitive final leg, and I could not be more thrilled with the result!
  9. I'm on the West Coast, so I'm posting before I get spoiled!!
  10. NUguy514

    S06.E08: The Old Man and the Anomaly

    I commented on that in the thread for (I think) the season premiere: it looks like Lindsey Morgan had some plastic surgery between season; her face is completely different. Look at Abby with her Kane upgrade!
  11. NUguy514

    S31:E10 Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!

    Yes, that is definitely what my attitude was and is and always will be.
  12. NUguy514

    S31:E10 Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!

    Uhhh...O...K? I didn't realize any of the Racers were deliberately screwing with people's days with impunity. They were all doing something most of them didn't know how to do capably because the Race required them to do it, so maybe excoriate the producers for putting the Racers in a situation where they'd screw with everyone else's day instead. And that Dutch guy was absolutely an unnecessary dick, just like plenty of Americans can be unnecessary dicks to tourists in the US and plenty of people in every country around the world can be unnecessary dicks to tourists in their countries. More people, though, are perfectly kind to tourists, so it stuck out pretty starkly that this one guy really went out of his way to be a dick. Thank you for your measured feedback on Americans, though.
  13. NUguy514

    S31:E10 Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!

    That's a misinterpretation of what I was responding to, but OK.
  14. NUguy514

    S31:E10 Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!

    I am so over this, not just on TAR but on other shows as well. These days, if a straight guy consistently commented on his sexuality or made a lewd comment about a woman, it wouldn't make it on the air, or he wouldn't have made it on the show to begin with. Being gay has nothing to do with success on the show. It's not like Floyd being a drum major, which helped him with several specific tasks during the race. Certainly the Afghanimals have proved that you can mug and be assholes on the show without making sexual comments. God, how awful that those two boys are so open about and comfortable with their gayness. I must have missed the lewd comment they made; I'll have to go back and watch for that and make the necessary six leaps to lewdness to be very offended by it. Seriously, though, I invite any non-LGBT viewers who are that offended by Tyler and Korey to live even a single day as an LGBT person; then, we can talk about having anyone's sexuality thrown in your face. Let me tell you, I'm reminded multiple times every single day in overt and covert ways that I'm not straight; the only time non-LGBT folks are reminded that they're not LGBT is when they see overt displays of LGBT-ness, which they tend to blow out of proportion because it makes them uncomfortable. Nothing Tyler and Korey did or said has been that bad, and I will come to their defense until they say or do something that is worthy of a reprimand. And I don't even like Tyler that much! That random Dutch guy was an unnecessary dick to Tyler and Korey, too. Like, they're being followed by a camera crew and are clearly not locals (or even Dutch). Also, no one asked him for his assy feedback to begin with. Becca's comment to the Detour judge seemed 100% serious to me, and if she meant to be deadpan, her absolutely murderous look belied that. I found it a very ugly moment and grossly out of line. I really enjoyed Floyd, but I'm not sorry to see Becca go. Similarly, while I'm exceedingly sorry Nicole is still around, I like Victor well enough. It's too bad Victor can't trade Nicole for Floyd for the last few legs. All I want for Christmas is for Colin and Christie to win. (OK, that's a lie, but I do want them to win really, really badly!)
  15. NUguy514

    S31.E09: Let's Split!

    Tyler, honey, stop trying so hard. It's not funny in the slightest and very embarrassing for all of us. As she was deciding what to wear before leaving the Pit Stop in Switzerland, Nicole obviously decided to put on her blind-to-reality sunglasses and victim complex tunic. So stunning, yet so fucking punchable. I was rolling my eyes along with Becca when Nicole kept going on and fucking on about Team Fun cutting in line because they...didn't. Shut your piehole, Nicole. I'm surprised Colin didn't try to work the airport more; it seems like he might have discovered that flight via Düsseldorf (it may have had a few seats left the night before, when the teams seem to have arrived at Zürich's airport). In any event, the return of airport drama was most welcome! Speaking of C&C, no more rookie mistakes! You're better than that! Dalmatians...no. One of my mom's best friends had a dalmatian when I was a kid, and it was the most neurotic creature. Also, when I was fourteen, a neighbor brought her two dalmatians over to our house, and one of them, unprovoked, attacked one of our cats. Our Australian shepherd immediately attacked said dalmatian since one of her sheep was in danger, which probably saved our cat; he recovered fine, but he was really traumatized for a while. I've hated dalmatians ever since. A triple (I think) bald snark? Excellent, just like the good old days! Ah, Bromance, you snarked yourself right out of the race. The final few minutes were way too rushed and terribly edited. Croatia is so beautiful. I want to go to there.