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  1. Correct, but colleges don't care if they can use their student athletes to bring in more and more and more and more and more and more money.
  2. That's nice and all, but a potential Olympian in, say, Wyoming can't just go to New York to get vaccinated unless the athlete has the financial resources to do so and is willing to expose himself/herself potentially to COVID by traveling across the country to New York, which would greatly defeat the purpose of the trip. One would hope there are enough vaccines in Wyoming. That doesn't really help the athletes in Ghana or Fiji or Moldova or India or Paraguay, though, and the Olympic Games are supposed to be for them, too.
  3. That was my reaction, too. How about a permanent, irrevocable ban? That would actually be the correct punishment. Six months is nothing.
  4. NUguy514

    NFL Thread

    So bad for the environment, but I do like the loud noise!
  5. NUguy514

    The NBA

    He is. The goddamned. WOOOOOOOOORST.
  6. No, studios can campaign actors in lead or supporting categories as they desire, but members of the actors' branch of the Academy (which is the only branch responsible for acting nominations) may vote for nominees in whichever category they individually feel is correct. The example that comes to my mind most obviously is Keisha Castle-Hughes. She was the undisputed lead in Whale Rider; however, since she was only thirteen, the studio assumed she wouldn't have a chance of being nominated in lead and campaigned her in supporting to maximize her chances of being nominated at all. Come nominati
  7. That would not have made me happier at all. I would actually much rather have given two Best Actress awards that year; actually, I would just have given Colman, Weisz, and Stone a joint Best Actress Oscar. The Best Actor nominees were terrrrrrrrible, and none of them – Malek, especially – deserved to win. Steven,
  8. NUguy514

    MLB Thread

    I'd love to feel bad for Dusty, but
  9. NUguy514

    MLB Thread

    A-Rod, There's never a wrong moment for that.
  10. In addition to the Binoche/Bacall example, Best Actress 2018 is another instance where BAFTA presaged a shift in momentum. Glenn Close had won the Golden Globe for Drama and the SAG (to be fair, Olivia Colman had also won a GG, but for Comedy). BAFTA, however, went for Colman, which was dismissed as Brits voting for a Brit, but really signaled a shift. Colman, of course, upset Close for the Oscar. It was really similar to the Hopkins/Boseman race. As far as Christian Bale vs. Rami Malek. Malek did win the GG for Drama and the SAG, so it's not quite the same as this year. Of course,
  11. Halle Berry's dress was red (well, the skirt was; the top was a beaded design on meshing), and it's my favorite Oscar dress ever.
  12. NUguy514

    The NBA

    As executive producers, they themselves actually don't receive Oscars. The person most responsible for the concept and execution of the live-action short film winner is the one who receives the award; in some cases, though, if it's deemed that two people are responsible for the concept and execution, two winners can be declared. In this instance, the directors, Travon Free and Martin Desmond Roe, are the ones who actually receive statuettes.
  13. I cannot recommend highly enough recording the Oscars and then fast-forwarding through everything but the categories themselves. It saves so much time. I did not need the trivia interlude, but unlike seemingly everyone here, I did not miss clips. At all. I liked the presenters talking about the nominees, and I much prefer hearing the winners give speeches they want to give, even if the speeches are long (unless you're totally wasted and just ramble incoherently for an unending amount of time, Daniel). And I LOVED how colorful the set and envelopes were!! I'm a slut for color.
  14. Thisthisthisthisthisthisthis. Nothing about her loudly braying how much she's the victim in all this surprises me in the least. And The Skating Lesson blaming Radford for Papadakis and Cizeron contracting COVID? Have a thousand seats, you toddlers.
  15. What was explained to me a few weeks ago by a friend who has worked with Japanese people and companies before is that it's a hallmark of the culture to take forever to effectuate things like this on a nationwide scale. Something like the COVID vaccine comes along, and committees need to be formed, data must be gathered and analyzed, all sides must be considered and talked about for a hundred years, and then a decision will be reached. I have no idea how accurate that is, but it makes sense to a degree since the culture is historically very deliberately insular. I'm also sure access to l
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