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  1. Somehow this non-covid Emmy's ended up being duller than the Zoom Emmy's.
  2. I'm so upset that of all the Crown portrayals the best one this year (Emma Corrin for Diana) didn't win.
  3. Ok I loved the Hamilton film but it really was just a taping of the staged show.
  4. Well to be fair ... she's just a gorgeous woman. I bet she could wear like a t-shirt and jeans and we'd be like "omg she looks amazing in those jeans."
  5. I think Josh O'Connor is great because he really leans in on the hatefulness of Charles. Not many actors would dare make a character so loathsome.
  6. He really is. He makes Charles so hateful yet pitiable.
  7. Wow. Josh O'Connor is a good actor because his real-life mannerisms are nothing like Prince Charles.
  8. Ugh I love Olivia Colman but I never took to her Queen E. I wanted Emma Corrin to win for Diana.
  9. It doesn't appear that Anna's family is being very proactive in setting Anna up for success after Smuggar goes to jail. Leaving an awful/abusive/criminal husband is always hard. You can be the strongest woman and still find the process of divorce, finding a new job, going back to school, etc. overwhelming. Anna has six kids with another on the way. You don't have to be fundie to find leaving a marriage that has produced 7 kids is overwhelming. Family support is crucial. It can be the small things -- is a family member willing to open a joint bank account for Anna so she has money th
  10. X is HoH. He's sleeping in the HoH room.
  11. Azah was so dumb. Sending out Hannah when she could have put up X/Ky.
  12. You know I just realized something: Meghan is an extremely poor fit for the photoshopped, overly filtered look these fashion magazine poses favor. Meghan's face has a lot of character -- the big expressive eyes, the strong chin, the freckles. Photoshop and filters flatten her face and take away the character. Look at this photo. She looks amazing. She can even pull off the bed head hair:
  13. Also, Meghan rarely wears her hair anything like photo #1. She usually has it up in that sloppy bun (photos #2 and 3). That's her brand look, so the first photo is especially jarring. I mean this is what I associate with the "Meghan look": Meghan looks good though. This is kind of tricky but IMO she's one of those women who looks good with some post-baby curves. Also Harry's eyes are not THAT blue omg.
  14. The wig/extensions on Meghan in the first photo are too much. The third photo is the most natural and pleasing.
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