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  1. Well I do. I like Jill and loved the Fenna pix.
  2. Ok I am fuming. I gave a test and gave my co-teacher the answer key. He pulled out a small group for the test and then gave the answer key to the students and they simply copied. He said he was doing it because they were getting "disruptive."
  3. Oops. I knew about Beasley and Rodgers.
  4. For the last time: Tom Brady is vaccinated.
  5. This is a crazy game. ETA: Is it bad that I'm looking forward to OJ Simpson's analysis on twitter?
  6. This is quite a game between the Bills and Chiefs.
  7. He's really close to his son Jack who attends every game though. Which is more than many dads from blended families can say.
  8. Aaron Rodgers faked his own vaccination and then went on radio shows to peddle conspiracy theories. TB12 sells vitamins and protein bars, but he got vaccinated and was open about how his parents almost died from covid. Yeah, it's annoying to see him plug his protein shakes on IG but again, I don't think that makes him an asshole. He has a great relationship with his teammates wherever he goes. His wife and three kids are adorable. I think he's a likable superstar.
  9. Wow that was quite a game. Still love TB12.
  10. Um so the Rams officially cannot close out games.
  11. Holy shit. Never count out TB12.
  12. Serious question: how is he an asshole? He's intense and competitive but that pretty much describes every top athlete. I reserve asshole for people like Aaron Rodgers or Ben Rothelesberger.
  13. Aww, Tom Brady's son Jack looks JUST like him. They just showed him at the game. Both Vivian and Benny favor Gisele in terms of looks.
  14. Lady Whistleup

    The NBA

    Grayson Allen is a shit. Alex Caruso has a fractured wrist and will undergo surgery next week after Allen's hard foul in yesterday's game. He's been doing this crap since his college days.
  15. Apparently Nancy was just really not liked within the skating community. She was known as being a bit bitchy and snotty behind the scenes. It seemed like the big titles always got away from her. I did agree that she deserved to win gold, even though I never warmed to her skating either. Scotvold's choreography never did anything for me.
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