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  1. Am I totally off because I see no one else has mentioned it, but when they showed Cassidy did it seem off how they showed off her walking, like she could be pregnant also? She would be further along than Madison. Was I just seeing something?
  2. How in the world did they let that Grandma with the kid in the back off so easy? How did she not get a felony child endangerment charge or a DUI?
  3. He also played Ben in the movie Paper Towns and was in All Summers End, a movie where he and two friends play a prank that ends with another kid dead.
  4. Hmm, I just meant I thought the issue was them posting pictures and talking about personal stuff of B and T. I don't remember them saying they couldn't just say they visited. I could be wrong though.
  5. What is wrong with them just saying they are seeing Carly? As long as they aren't posting pictures without permission or posting stuff B and T don't want. I don 't see the harm in just saying they get to see Carly. I thought B and T had an issue with them posting stuff without permission, not with them merely posting they will see her?
  6. Is anyone else not buying the "didn't go to a hospital because the person who was supposed to help is out of town" excuse for ANOTHER home birth? She had zero you know whats to give about a home birth for Henry even after the Spurgeon birth emergency, I am supposed to believe she was going to go a hospital given how much better it went with Henry? I still just don't get it. You still get the baby checked out so why not just play it safe and have a hospital birth?
  7. I wonder where they will be living in LA?
  8. Okay, I am a little confused about what Jeremy and Jinger going to LA.. I know it is for school, but what happens after? I thought they were going back to Texas, but they sold the house. What happens when he is done? I guess they could move back and get another house. I hope they realize what they are in for in LA. The cost of living is so much more than Texas or Arkansas. That house would probably cost 2-3 times more in LA.
  9. In regards that stupid fathers day sheet - why does it say 2018? Janelle nobody is buying it. We know that Kaiser is scared of David. We know David abuses the boy. David hates Kaiser because he looks like Nathan. David is no dad to that kid. Nice try Jenelle. We know both you and David are psychos. If not, you wouldn't be constantly getting looked at by CPS. Lord only knows how you managed to constantly get around them until now. Even now you aren't trying to follow the guidelines to get the kids back. We see through your fakeness Jenelle.
  10. Yeah, it was weird. I wonder if any teams scrambled to find out if he had hurt himself. LOL.
  11. Why is MTV letting David get away with his threats? Can't they call the cops if he shows up and starts stuff? Pathetic that MTV is letting a coward bully them.
  12. I was wondering the same thing. I am assuming he will be wearing a ring and they will at least touch on it.
  13. I wonder how much they will mention Harm and Mac's relationship? I am assuming he will be wearing a ring and they will be mentioned somewhat.
  14. Fair enough, but it is is Adam and his parents own fault that Chelsea and Cole have to worry about her being around Adam at their house. She tried to be reasonable and let Adam be around with his parents watching, but they kept lying and breaking the rules. If they had tried to follow the guidelines,there would be no issue and no reason to have a court order.
  15. Yes Adam is the fuck up. He is the one constantly in trouble with the law and not being a dad to his kids. Chelsea has every right to try to to protect her kid. She shouldn't have to accept and just let Adam do whatever he wants. In some other cases on both the TM franchises, people had no problem with the Dads trying to protect the kids and keeping them away alot. Why should Adam get a pass because he is a guy. If Adam was the stable one and Chelsea was the screw up, she would be raked over the coals. Sure Adam gets crapped on here,but nothing like Chelsea would. I just don't like it when peo
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