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  1. Oh, it's way better hands down. Also television afforded the opportunity to give him a Padawan, which also helped with characterization.
  2. I didn't even see the toilet. The whole thing struck me as a lot of work for not much return. If it was a day trip van, I could see it would have a lot more value. You don't need the stove or loo.
  3. Marge had really gray hair, so I assumed Lisa was over 35.
  4. That was a good monologue. I liked Brian loading up on all the cat things. My dog flipped when all the cat sounds came on the TV and went outside to investigate.
  5. Can she do a cutaway? My mouse died. Brilliant. I totally wasn't expecting the cat to talk! And the librarian!
  6. Bob isn't dumb, so I have to call some bs on him not going with Teddy's advice. He didn't even take that long. I do like when there's a plot of kids v adults, and Yap being ticked about the magazine and threatening the kids over bedtime. Rabbits should be at the ear doctor or the fertility clinic OKAAAY TALKING LOUD IS FUN
  7. I'm going to call a little bs on Beef taking more than the recommended medicine dose. And he wouldn't have had an emergency system for snow? Come on. Also, no way you're going out there without a snow mask. This is a huge buy in that they got lost between the houses. I didn't know Wolf's drink had booze until he said. I was hoping this would have been a little more about Wolf and Honeybee wanting to have a little more of their own life. I mean, Beef was working out out with the snowflakes. I liked that Denny had a New Zealand accent. And call back to Honeybee's brother
  8. I loved all the different cards. And Todd and Rod with old voices. I do take the point of Marge being insufferable. In this case, though, no. I just don't buy Lisa not going to college. Strictly just on the means of getting away from the family.
  9. I honestly don't know what is going on with the Cathy plot since it's so segregated from the rest of the show except where she's getting supply. However, when she was hiding the smack in the bathroom and the daughter startled her, the daughter asked, 'when are we seeing dad again', and she said 'we're not.' But again, I'm not sure how she's selling in the first place. They implied she was selling it in the prison, but if Frankie is gone, who's the hook up? They're not showing her selling on the street or what.
  10. To be fair, the picture was so weird, you kind of had to say something. The joke is just - 'what the hell is this?' It sounded worse than it was because the congresswoman was like, 'ohhhh, the poor Carters!' Which was kind of the joke.
  11. Didn't the guy that founded Canada end any slavery there? It has to be around that time almost. They could get slaves into Canada. If they're going to do the revolution, it would be better to take a different angle than usually.
  12. I immediately thought of that. Use of the French revolution was too specific not too.
  13. It's really not twitter. Of course, you can use anything to ill ends. It's very easy to block and/or report people and move on. In fact, I've used twitter to network with a lot of success. It's certainly good, and I can't believe I'm saying this, for branding, using it properly.
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