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  1. Yes please. And fuck yes Members Only. I had a few.
  2. The Michael Jackson Beat It jacket was popular in my 6th grade. My older cousin was in HS early/mid 80s and had a bit of a Madonna look.
  3. Daniel is kind of a jerk, but there's no way he's as petty an asshole as Jordan is.
  4. You should try sticking your baguette straight up out of your cloth grocery bag.
  5. That would be a good parody style show. I've said elsewhere a great variety show would be skits that send up the typical tropes we complain about. 'Out of character' maybe overused, but it's a fair term. You can't say Eli is OOC turning into Hawk, and he's been consistently mean since. If he suddenly stopped trying to beat on Dem then I would question why and say that's not the character we've seen. Now, maybe being beaten by Dem, he starts to change his tune, which I would like to see. It's a fine like between OOC and actual growth. I guess I can buy Robby lost his shit for a second and clearly he knew he did wrong right after. I was saying I don't think they would have gotten into the fight in the first place - but again, then you have no show. I don't think it's fair to lay Robby being Johnny's son or lay his actions on Johnny when Johnny has had really no influence on him and he hated Johnny to the point where he trained with 'his rival'. I would still maintain TPTBs had the ender in mind and worked back from that. To get where they needed to go, they needed characters to not say obvious things to one another to move the plot. Taking the season as a whole, the front end doesn't sync quite up with the back. Reasonable criticisms for an otherwise enjoyable show. I like all the characters. It's a B show though predicated on nostaglia. I'm still going to watch, but there's a little more suspension of disbelief required in S2 than there was in S1.
  6. You know there's going to be a few classic Brady drives that will win some games. I like the guy, but objectively, running through the AFC east wasn't that much of a challenge. They'll get into the playoffs, and who knows after that.
  7. For sure. That's because the nostalgia is the singular premise for the show, and not the framing for what the show is. That's the whole problem with most 'reboots'. You look at something like the Deuce, which was set in the 70s-80s, but it was a framing device for a particular part of New York and society's evolution through that era.
  8. I'll give you the jeans, but I don't know what the hell the rest of that was. When people say "80s" costume, what they really mean is 1982-6. So just look up who was singing the top songs then and see what they were wearing. 80s means like new wave, punk, Run DMC, Madonna, and Michael Jackson. Or Miami Vice. No one dressing up like INXS or The Cosby Show.
  9. We currently don't know if this is a vengeful or benevolent dad. I'm interested either way though.
  10. I thought the show got some new life in the last few years with the serialized plots. I don't think every show has to be topical. I like the kids just having dumb adventures. If they've still got gas in the tank, then go for it.
  11. Isn't that the way with all the HOF superstar QBs and coaches though? I'd like to see them both succeed, but you look at Montana moving on, and he wasn't in the Walsh system where he was successful. I mean, the guy played at the highest level into his mid 40s. I think he's playing with house money at this point.
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