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  1. I wouldn't say I 'wasted' my time, but when I started watching, it was clear that the 'mystery' wasn't going to pan out at all so I didn't bother with anything remotely related to it. I liked the scenery and the diverse cast. Some of the back stories were interesting. I think TPTBs were trying to have their cake in bed in that there was a strong element of viewers puzzling over screenshots, etc., and getting egged on over what TPTBs knew was nothing. It's just a jerk thing to do to people. I also think the ending was just a disservice to the characters themselves. After all that, they ju
  2. I think Bill did decent enough with the trans issue. I think he was trying to be glib and not really get into the issue, but when Savage was serious about it, Bill gave him room to explain it more. I don't get why he was being so snippy about AOC's tweet. I like the lady and I'd vote for her if she was my rep, but I don't really care about what her twitter feed has. I'm fairly woke, but I never heard of two spirit before either. Credit to Savage for basically saying, well, you were willing to ask and now you know, and hopefully other people learned about it too. I mean, he could bo
  3. I actually think Bill is trying to point out the problem that woke-cancel culture lacks nuance. Maybe he's too mad about it to speak on it more clearly, but that was brought up in the interview. It was kind of the subject of this new rules, and more demonstrably the subject of the new rules about Matt Damon. Now, there may be better examples than he brings up, but I think that's fundamentally his argument. I don't think there's anything wrong with being woke - people are sick and tired of either being dismissed or just not willing to put up with ignorance. I think it's a fair argument th
  4. I actually never watched in its original run, week to week. People I knew were going on and on about the 'mystery' and I knew from the X Files that there was no way it was going to hold up. I had a subscription to EW when it was an actual magazine, and they had articles nearly weekly on the show. It was just so obvious they were just piling on whatever they could.
  5. I didn't think of that. I was SO RELIEVED that Dan was playing the daughter and not being a mark. Please no. That's way too hacky. This might be my favorite episode of the series (to date) because of the philosophical depth. I'm always a big teamwork proponent, and I really liked the teamwork with Lucifer and Chloe. I also really like he calls her by her name now. Looking wider, 83% of the show is Lucifer being impulsive, and at this point there's an actual effort on his part of trying to look at a larger context. It's telling Lucifer was able to gain control at the end there
  6. I didn't even know it was back. The autumn has a lot of my shows returning!
  7. I was thinking it's farce, but parody is in the neighborhood. I was a little shocked at the end, and then I said out loud, "Why would Sting poison a dog" and then I laughed.
  8. Weeping Angels might be one of the best episodes of Doctor Who, and Ten wasn't even really in it! Unfortunately, definitely overused. Though, I kind liked how they were used to send off Amy and Rory.
  9. Yes, that's kind of the natural follow up there. It was just an odd discussion.
  10. To be fair, those two new characters were actually on multiple episodes prior, but basically were useless so TPTBs just killed them off in that one. The tattoo though. Two words - Bai Ling.
  11. She was more a mushroom variety of plant. Remember she had the spores?
  12. I didn't get the tax the rich argument either. Bill was incorrect - Bezos personally pays less than lots of middle income people, not just Amazon. And so what if those 65,000 people pay half in New York? Are they paying what they owe though? I mean, I actually paid taxes last year too. So what? I liked the interview. If you're going to rant about cancel culture, get someone on who writes about it. I know Bill brings it up far too much, but I don't think he's really wrong about the issue. I actually don't think people are as tribal as they're making out. It's a vocal min
  13. Maybe we'll get a slide show.
  14. No, they really didn't. There's an EW article with the two PTBs after the show ended where they basically said that. The 'anything at the wall' is I'm quoting them. iirc they said about having to have the filler episodes. I do agree in the era of streaming that the show could have been different. At the time, they wouldn't have thought to do a show in that way because that way literally didn't exist. To be fair, it was also at the time when 22 episode tv seasons were still kind of norm. It was interesting that closing the series out lead to shorter episode orders, which kind of pushed th
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