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  1. Really though. We've been saying this for years. It's completely laughable and absurd at this point that he can get out the door without tripping over his shoelaces. As ridiculous as this show is, I can roll with the stunts and fights, but I can't suspend my disbelief at this point that Adam is actually competent. As much as I rip on the show, I think Katrina Law has been a good addition to the cast. I've been finding Steve rather boring, and the interactions with the rest of the cast are more interesting. Not Adam though.
  2. It doesn't look like it. I checked tivo and it's not listed.
  3. I just flared through the last 5 episodes. I don't think Susan was lying about all the timelines because in the second to last episode the v19 of them was saying, 'hey we don't actually have to be here.' Another version said, 'we have to keep jumping in case they don't make it.' So I'm guessing a handful of the versions took off and mucked through time. I liked that Josh never tried to kill Hitler. I liked the whole prisoner's dilemma. They tipped off it was a show when Susan kind of looked into the camera and Josh was confused at what he was looking at. So next season is basically The Running Man? Cool. I have no idea how the series will end because they established that there's no 'go back in time reset button'. I'll be looking forward to talking about the show in real time with everyone next year.
  4. What's the documentary called?
  5. There's no place safer than OJ's house had me in tears. I had to stop the show.
  6. As soon as Scott's dad started bitching about streaming I automatically loved it. I have cable with HBO and Showtime, Netflix, and Hulu, and I'm done. The thing is if you have a DVR you can still watch whenever you want.
  7. No, the Cowboys are a national team, for better or worse. It's a high profile job with high expectations.
  8. I imagined Loial was more of an expository character. Plus if they make all the '4th age' quotes like as title cards, you can have everyone seeing he's being the 'historian of the end of the age'. The stedding itself is important. I also think much of his plot could be cut beyond just that. Wasn't he important with regards to knowledge of the Ways? How did they know how to count ages?
  9. These are the same people who think 'baby it's cold outside' is a date rape song.
  10. AlI Xmas ads are shit designed solely to make people piss money away. My ex gf would get positively incensed when they show the car ad where the spouse buys it for the other with the big bow. Because you unilaterally make that major of a purchase in your marriage.
  11. Now I want to see Nazi Mad Men. With nukes, maybe at the time they set them up they were strictly under German control. But you need to be physically present to launch one, and as the empire grows, you need personnel. John up to this point hasn't shown anything but total loyalty too. It's Helen that was the problem, and Himmler's fragile ego. He wasn't critical of John's leadership; he was whining that he didn't visit him in the hospital. I also could roll with the fact that the Nazis are so arrogant that they didn't think having nukes in America would ever be a problem. As to the deal John struck, the other younger guy was shown to be relentlessly ambitious. I can buy John was able to capitalize on it. He (the other guy) said enough times he didn't like being in America anyway. And John was taking on most of the risk in having to kill Himmler.
  12. I really don't recognize any of these actors, and I think that's a positive. People are going to have a picture of what they think the characters look like and casting someone reasonably well known might just prove distracting. To flip it though, if they decide to go with just a voice for the Dark One, I think it should be someone well known because you can really chew it up.
  13. I hope Logain's stache falls off when he's gentled. He looks good though.
  14. At the beginning, it almost seemed liked Tyrell was a married version of Christian Bale's character in American Psycho, Patrick Bateman Totally. I was bummed they killed off the wife.
  15. If they didn't start the trend they certainly perfected it. The confluence of the show being a big showcase of HBO going into original content, making Sunday night *the* tv night for the first time ever, and the ensuing awards engendered where we are now to a significant degree in this modern era. This was also the advent of social media as we know it, so more people were talking about these shows. I think the movies like Dark Night are in another parallel paradigm to the tv shows.
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