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  1. That certainly brings up the interesting discussion about how 'small town values' on TV are shown to be superior to 'the city', yet all the murders on TV are in the small towns.
  2. Agreed. It's not an easy skill.
  3. Because they never release ratings on anything. Similarly, HBO has a lot of low rated shows go on, like Treme, for a few years. Being premium, they don't have as much of an investment in ratings. Naturally, they want shows to do well, but the fact that it may not be highly rated doesn't predicate its renewal as much as it would.
  4. Psych had a similar line when a new police chief took over (Anthony Michael Hall). He made a crack about what was going on because there had been a hundred something murders in the last 6 years.
  5. I'm not sure Netflix cares too much about overall viewership though.
  6. The English teacher has been fairly good for her.
  7. I'd like if Larry actually had something to do like the Producers plot. Or even if this coffee shop continues for a while. He remarked that Jeff hasn't been to his office in a year.
  8. DoctorAtomic

    MLB Thread

    They have an overly high sense of self-importance. That's about it.
  9. Holy fucking fuck. I lost my shit when they showed all the clones with the Ahsoka helmets. I mean, the duel is kind of anticlimatic, but I hope it's totally bonkers. But I cannot imagine what in the fuck she's doing with basically her own clone army. Sheeeeeeittt.
  10. DoctorAtomic

    MLB Thread

    Or to follow up, maybe being unanimous is just a made up thing to make writers think they're more influential than they are and who cares. You get in you get in.
  11. DoctorAtomic

    MLB Thread

    I kind of disagree overall. I think voters should justify their vote to be transparent. I don't think he should have been unanimous but you can still say why.
  12. He didn't want to do it this year, so his advice was just go to the doctor. To be fair, listing all the sexual partners and informing them was the right thing to do. The girls lied about the one boy. And Otis correctly pointed out that everyone was flying off the handle way before Jean did. I think TPTBs point was that it didn't work unless Otis and Maeve were both invested. I'm hoping the quality of Otis' advice does come up because its omission seemed rather glaring. Jean didn't even ask or Otis didn't defend it?
  13. DoctorAtomic

    MLB Thread

    This is the correct solution to the problem.
  14. I think yes about the money because she said it was 'unethical' several times as a separate issue of lying to her about it. And it is. Taking the money presents himself as a professional, which he is not. If they took anonymous questions and wrote a blog with their advice it wouldn't probably be as big a deal even though their advice was helpful. Funny enough though - Instead of just confronting Otis because she knew it was true, she still needed to go through all of Otis' things to find the bankroll anyway.
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