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  1. I know we all know you shouldn't be hitting your kids, but it happened back then. It happened in the 70s. With that out of the way - I'd say Herman was fairly lenient because he's mouthed off in the last episode too, and Herman let it go. Not that I'm giving Herman credit for waiting to smack him, but I think you all get the point. I'll give credit to Alvin for faking papers to enlist in the war. I can imagine how crushing it must be to be cut down so quickly. I didn't have a problem with him feeling sorry for himself. I liked the crack about 'the stock market being up so now everything is ok.' Wow that southern accent was *rich* this episode. Yeesh, the use of 'relocate' is a loaded term.
  2. I can get that he'd flip out about what's going on. It's not normal. He didn't have anything to do otherwise though - he was just there.
  3. They need her age appropriate with Ahsoka so they can be gfs.
  4. It's essential to the entire story of Star Wars and was sorely lacking in the prequels, while we spent important time on trade routes. Ahsoka is becoming more jedi than the Jedi even though she's most past the validation of actually being a Jedi.
  5. I liked the nice touch of how people still waved their cell phones up in the air to try to get a signal. I like Mike, but he can be a kind of a bitch. You know you know more than people. You can tell them what they don't know in a way that will help both of you.
  6. I actually love Ruth because I have to tell people at work to fuck off all the time, but they get all snippy if I just say 'knock it off.'
  7. The technical term is called 'zoombombing' and I wish I was kidding. It happened about 1 millionth of a nanosecond when every university decided to make faculty 'just do it all online.'
  8. Oh, there's rooms literally filled with PhDs that can't handle getting the projector to connect to the laptop. I have no doubt that there's going to be snafus.
  9. If Danny is still living in Steve's house, I would assume he would.
  10. I wasn't really buying that she actually wanted to declare bankruptcy. The Ponzi scheme is obviously asking for trouble, but the father in law is a veritable ATM. Why have to go through the 'bumpy' time of Chapter 11? The father in law wasn't doing anything illegal or asking them to do anything illegal. I suppose it's a boss thing where Blair is just running all over the company and leaving Dawn holding the bag all the time, but it's weird she would pick that time to draw the line. Or maybe she didn't actually decide to blow it up until Blair said he was going off for another week.
  11. Tani is younger though. Quinn is more of a peer to Steve which was where I was coming from. Maybe just they can't write relationships well or AOL can't pull off the romance.
  12. Sometimes all it takes is one person to put their foot down and say 'no.' He was saying right at the start at the cemetery that he wasn't going anywhere. I don't really blame him blowing up about the farm either. (After seeing the president shake hands with Hitler to boot). Great job on the end around of asking her when a black kid would be going to the farm without really yelling either. The actors playing Herman and Bess are doing a stellar job for me as a married couple. I don't really fault her for wanting a back up plan and just laying the issue out there. But I wouldn't have canceled the DC trip either. I know she was getting a little frazzled, but you let too much slide and people are going to walk all over you. It's funny how people made 'wrong turns' at one time. I'm surprised it was only a 2 person race without a third party sucking up some votes from FDR to throw it more to Lindy. Wasn't there like a 'workers party' or something back then. I suppose that's fair enough though. I could buy the race being close because Lindy is a celebrity but I was thinking after last time that there needed to be some edge for him. I'm having a hard time buying that he won in a landslide though. I do feel bad for the kids having the nightmares. I'm wondering then if the battle at Stalingrad is going to change at all. So the rabbi's horse's name is Horse?
  13. Mormons started as a name tag company. I love whomever wrote white (collar) song. Awesome call back to 227. I thought the 3 strikes law was under Clinton? I don't get why Dawn thought bringing up Roger to the father in law would be a good idea. Corky said when they were on the way to the golf course that he always thought something was off with him. I was not expecting the plot twist on the plane. Nigerian prince.
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