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  1. I was thinking there were probably some strong ad contracts that made the tree lighting set too. I also don't think the NFL is as essential to the fabric of American society as it thinks it is. I also don't think they should get a break for creating an avoidable problem that literally every other pro sports league worked on anyway of them.
  2. I'm doubtful at the time that they envisioned in 35 years there would be content platforms that would allow for these characters to resurface in new stories with fans who had access to the details of the movies and were just making the movies while karate was hot.
  3. Did they ever explain why Gayle lives close by to Linda? Or did they grow up there and the parents retire to Florida? I also liked how they kept the location out of it by calling it the Layover Airport.
  4. I think you still could have had football and prevented the mess it is in now with some forward, proactive thinking, especially given the lead in time to when the season starts. The arrogance of the league itself is causing all these avoidable issues. The other sports accepted that they weren't going to have a 'real' season, and still were able to put out a quality product. The league could have done the same.
  5. Why no new episode? The others were new tonight.
  6. Wow grandma's box. Not as great as rusty trombone, but good one. I really loved that this counted as the visit. My parents always always always go to the wrong terminal to pick me up at one particular airport (though to be fair it's an awful airport). Y'all going up love this. I got my wings for my first flight. On Eastern Airlines. I did like how the kids coveted the wings as a status symbol. Regular Size Rudy swooned when he saw them. I did like Bob actually tell Linda he didn't like how she was being treated. Usually he doesn't speak up.
  7. I'll follow that comment so no one else has to.
  8. It's stuff like this that sours me on the NFL. I know it's not the entire league, but they're acting like they're above public health. I know being a private entity means they can't be ordered to shut down, but I'd have a great laugh if the City of Denver sued the NFL or something like that.
  9. DoctorAtomic

    The NBA

    I read somewhere back at the end of his career that Kobe basically played 3 or 4 extra seasons' worth with playoffs and Olympics just over his pro career.
  10. I think the runner just ended up finishing Deadwood because he had other projects. There was a movie. Isn't Justified a western? I guess it's a different line between western or frontier story? Oh, Into the West was a miniseries in the early 2000s on TNT. It was good.
  11. I don't have a problem with Namath getting in more because of the football cultural aspect, for lack of a better term. It's not like anyone disputes the impact he created.
  12. Gene was called Dutch Oven too. I meant I did like Louise keeping Tina on message. Bob actually got to cook and people got to eat with no crisis too. Although it was funny Linda got sick of Gayle so fast.
  13. I think that's the one I'm thinking of.
  14. I thought also saw Mulder and Scully in the Matt G segment at the end. They had some goody bags.
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