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  1. That doesn't sound like you're getting much in the way of plot if he's just loafing around. British Archie has even less excuse for booting him out.
  2. She can't do that if they're peeking through the window of one of the rooms and they get a warrant.
  3. He's still using the same internet connection, so the location isn't really important for cyber surveillance. Ruth can't really deny anything if there's a record of internet activity using the motel IP. Jonah better be using a VPN. However, an FBI or PI peeking into the window of the motel seeing all the fancy computer equipment may be able to argue probable cause, whereas an office inside the motel, they can go in and try to poke around, but Ruth could tell them to leave in her own colorful way.
  4. Just ban FGs and PATs in overtime. You'd have more 4th down attempts.
  5. It's tv. 'Deserve ' can be broadly interpreted.
  6. Not having read the book, it sounds like it was actually kind of thin. Having a tragic love lost for Fogg doesn't really put me out. Making the choice that the adventure is actually more than just a bet gives it some heft. Not that Fogg is going to confide in Passpartout. I do hope at least Fix finds out about Bellamy's attempted sabotage because she's going to be more determined than ever before. I'd rather Fogg find out directly from him. Otherwise, I think he's going to be so adamant to win that all these important events along the way might lose meaning to him. Looks like we're
  7. I might give that a handwave in that the Ozarks are completely new territory so they screwed it up the first time. However, Darlene lingering around makes Navarro look like an idiot, and he's clearly not. I guess you could fanwank that she's kind of under the cartel radar and really never was much of competition. At this point, Navarro is over it. Marty and Wendy have shown to very valuable, so I can buy Navarro actually telling them to handle it as a sign of respect. Taking that all out; it's patently absurd Frank hasn't bothered to retaliate.
  8. I could see Helen wanting to reveal it to them all together to shove it in their face. She really underestimated Marty's value as a washer, and Wendy's growing usefulness in making legitimate businesses. I said before, it is easier to find another crooked lawyer or washer? Marty literally wrote the software that cleans the cash and basically turned the Ozarks into their ATM overnight.
  9. I'm just surprised with Archie constantly harping on Mike for not paying rent that he'd insist on some kind of job at some point. I guess if he's still a sophomore, then he's still taking a full load of required classes, but once you get into electives, you have more time.
  10. I can appreciate Passpartout's being mad about having to kill someone. Fogg's wasn't particularly sympathetic. But you did sign up to be the valet. Make the tea. I also can understand that they're intruding on people's lives for the sake of a bet. Passpartout has a point, but Fogg isn't going to listen to a servant at this point. Wow all the costumes from wedding were just stunning. I liked the mother who was basically running the wedding giving a ton of sass to Fogg. Can they wire money back then? I would think Fogg's wealth wasn't just stacks of cash in safe. Bella
  11. I liked that Maya held her own with Navarro. There's no way Navarro is going to agree to go to prison though. I think she played her hand too early. She should had asked, why now? Jonah better be glad Wendy only cut off the electricity. I do like that Marty kind of backed off. At this point Jonah is going to learn about this life on his own. There's not much either of them can do at this point. I don't understand why Ruth wouldn't install all that in the office.
  12. I like Wendy, but she needs to check her mouth. She's driving Jonah out of the house. I still say Nix made his own bed. That came home to roost. Javier isn't wrong though. With Nix gone, we saw Darlene try with the new sheriff, and she wasn't playing. Sure, it could have been cleaner, but you have a crematorium in your pocket. He probably should have hatched a plan with Wendy, but he doesn't like them in the first place. The opportunity presented itself. I don't know why Marty and Wendy haven't grasped how serious Javier is about Darlene. When they had him in the house for pastr
  13. This motel didn't look *that* seedy. It looked like a Motel 6 or something on those lines. I take the point about the volume being smaller. I think the show may be showing that Ruth isn't at the level she thinks she is. She's throwing $450,000 around. She might have been able to make a better choice.
  14. I don't know if that's sustainable even with the Blue Cat. And at least the Blue Cat was a bar though. I think you still want something that people are going to use cash on the regular. I'm only thinking of Breaking Bad. Car wash, laundromat, etc. You can still do the remodeling strategy, but you still have the cash business. That's why they bought the casinos. I don't think Ruth is nearly the expert she thinks she is and is going to slip up. I don't want to her to, but she's not at Marty's level by any means. I like the new Navarro. Potentially fracturing the cartel gives the Byr
  15. Rolling the minivan seemed a little much. It swerved off the road and back. I don't see how it would go on two wheels. In the context of the discussion here, I sure hope the show is not 'spoiling' that the Byrdes don't get away with it. I'm rooting for them to get away. They're correct in Darlene being a problem. I mean, they sent someone for the brother last season. They could do it now. This is the only problem I've had with the show. There's no reason for her to not have been whacked by now except plot. Now, Navarro may be tasking Marty as a show of respect in that it's the Byrde's
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