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S07.E10: Coronavirus testing

Message added by PrincessPurrsALot

Reminder: Please do not use nicknames for political persons mentioned on the show. Do not extend commentary beyond the persons and the actions of those persons mentioned on the show.  Frustrations abound, but we still adhere to the site's rules regarding political discussions. 

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32 minutes ago, angora said:

Google is listing the next new episode as May 3rd.

HBO.com schedule shows repeat of OANN episode for Apr 26

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4 hours ago, Annber03 said:

I think I did read something on the show's Twitter recently about there not being a new episode until the 3rd, yeah :(. 

Nooooo!!!   I want to hear John’s take on disinfectants.  

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"Cat Adam Driver". LMFAO,, that's fantastic :D. My cats don't seem at all interested in TV in general, let alone this show :/. One of them did seem briefly intrigued by the "Cat Week Tonight" bit, though, so... 

As for other stuff, seriously, why the fuck is Alex Jones still allowed to do or say anything? Can't he go away? What the hell does it have to take to shut him up already, for the love of god? 

Every time Kushner talks about the "success" of the administration's efforts in this pandemic, all I can think is: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." Stop, Kushner. Just. Stop. 

Nice to know that Florida remains as weird as ever. At least there's one thing that's stayed completely normal. Shine on, you crazy diamond. 


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I'm surprised that John didn't go over COVID testing for the full 35 minutes. I guess he felt we needed five minutes of him riffing on cats liking him. Also, it gave him an oppurtunity to express his lust for Adam Driver. By the way, I knew at least one cat looked like him. Here's are the results from Google Images when I searched "Adam Driver, cat." Weird-looking man, weird-looking cats.

Once again: I think we hear Jared's voice not because Quarantine makes getting him dubbed over by Gilbert Gottfried difficult. No, I believe it's because Jared is no longer worthy of Gilbert Gottfried's shrill voice. The guy is a fuckwit. "You know who my dad is," indeed.

1 hour ago, Annber03 said:

As for other stuff, seriously, why the fuck is Alex Jones still allowed to do or say anything? Can't he go away? What the hell does it have to take to shut him up already, for the love of god?

Yeah, that was jarring. It would be ironic if he wound up on the spit the day after society collapses. Food AND fancy jewelry! Even if you don't want to wear his watch, you can trade it for safe passage to Canada!

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Didn’t Alex Jones’ ex-wife get custody of the kids because he was so crazy-volatile? I mean, proof right there...

Cats! So freaking adorable. I know John’s all about Adam Driver these days, but I’m forever a Martin Sheen woman, so I’m happy. 

@grawlix John got 27 new cats! (Good old Frank is still around.) 

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"Cat Adam Driver".  YESSSS!!!  I take this as a personal shout out to my post from the last episode, and no one can convince me otherwise.  I've never been prouder in my life.

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I am so happy that he talked about testing, testing, testing. I was wondering what exactly was going wrong in the US, aside from not using the perfectly fine text from Germany because they wanted one developed by the CDC.



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6 minutes ago, swanpride said:

I was wondering what exactly was going wrong in the US

Incompetence, ignorance, selfishness, and horrendous "leadership". 

Seriously, that segment was infuriating and embarrassing. "Greatest country in the world", supposedly, and yet we can't seem to figure out how to take care of our citizens in a time of significant crisis. 

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10 hours ago, ahisma said:

@grawlix John got 27 new cats! (Good old Frank is still around.)


Does this mean that John has 55 cats?


Salt & Pepper

JC Penney
David Meowy

Catch Fire
Ayatollah Catmeini

Honorable Mention to Cat Adam Driver

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I’m bothered more than I thought I’d be that fucking cats get a “welcome, welcome, welcome!” but we don’t. Cats aren’t the ones paying for premium cable, John!

LWT for cats was cute, though. And all the cats named after titular TV duos! 😆


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7 hours ago, link417 said:

LWT for cats was cute, though. And all the cats named after titular TV duos! 😆

I’m just waiting for Cagney, Lacey, Starsky, and Hutch.

7 hours ago, swanpride said:

So...what is taking so long to fill the wall with the painting?

I know, right? He might have been joking about Whale Jizz being a great wall color for showing it off, but it really would. There’s a slight blue-gray to it that will make the black and white really pop.

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The cat segment was golden, just exactly what I needed. John waving his hands around and saying "Did you get my hands? Did you get that hand? You almost got it!"

I think the clip of the dogs howling was a set up though. The TV screen was obviously on pause so the dogs could have been reacting to anything.

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Phew, the major part of the show, about testing, was heavy stuff. I let out a big breath/sigh/groan when John finished it and went to 'And now, this.' Big love to all of you in the USA who have to deal with such a fucked-up situation. We're very lucky here in Australia that our political leadership, while it certainly has its problems, actually listens to scientists and follows their advice.

Righteously Angry John appeared again when he was talking about Jared Kushner. Yes!

The running joke about Adam Driver's sexiness is fantastic.


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I was sure I had posted yesterday. Rats. (Oh, I think I know what happened. My bad.)

Anyway, loved the cats segment. Such a happy, silly ending to the show. I hope we will see clips of cats reacting to this episode.

The whole thing with testing is so maddening. The rancid icing on the putrid cake is Jared and Trump saying testing is going great.


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Oddly, my dog has never shown much interest in Last Week Tonight.  He was ALL ABOUT Cat Week Tonight though.  He perked up immediately.  It was pretty great.

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Wow, I thought we had reached peak coronavirus craziness a couple of weeks ago with the preacher who blew away the virus (yeah, that didn't work). Then we had Alex Jones.

I don't know what the timeline was, but Turner Classic Movies ran the movie Network last week. I seriously wonder if Jones was trying to get his Howard Beale on (but with cannibalism).

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