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  1. Btw, did anyone mention the "Thanos was right" graffiti? Loved where it was placed....
  2. Yeah, I know, I made a similar observation, but my list was more focussed on actual hints than, well, things which are just hints because that's how storytelling works. I mean, aside from the content of the argument in the beginning, it should be important later on, because if they had just wanted to establish the relationship between Kate and her father, they could have cut it out. I know that the most obvious candidate is rarely the right one, at least not if there are multiple options. And yes, I don't think that the security firm thing is in any way an accident.
  3. Leverage was ahead of it's time. People who have access to data are the new big evil in the world anyway.
  4. Well, and the shows have so far been fun, right?
  5. Oh, a lot of things are pointing to her. 1. The whole discussion about money in the beginning. Quite convenient for her that her husband then died which somehow solved her money problems, right? 2. Unlike her husband, she wasn't born rich - remember she said that she knows how it is not to be young anymore AND she knows how it is not be rich, while also saying to him that he has no sense for reality because he grew up in the penthouse at the beginning. Meaning she must be pretty clever to be where she is now. I really don't buy the notion that a women like her would be easily bedaz
  6. Call me crazy, but I kind of digged the musical. I mean, the costumes looked soooo cheap, but the people playing it were so good, I actually forget about this pretty fast, because you could easily recognise many of the characters (minus Ant-man) by their gestures. The lyrics could be a touch move clever, but I loved the "I can do it all day" and the "Smash" moment....I was kind of disappointed that the end-credits didn't offer up a full version of the song. Also, it reminded me more of Hamilton - less because of what it looked like, but because of the content. And the one last name title
  7. Well, I will say something about the set-up in the discussion for the first episode, but just this much: I don't trust the mother. Frankly, I get the impression that she is the actual villain in this game, and she might be the killer, too. I also wouldn't count out the father yet - whenever there is no body, I am getting suspicious. But the mother is bad news for sure. She is incredible manipulative (gives me Mother Gothel vibes to be hones), plus, she has a security firm, and aren't people who have access to our data the modern villains?
  8. Let's put it that way: I would love a reference to the terrigen accident causing people develop powers, and I will be very sad when they come up with an alternative reason for Kamala's power BUT it is not a deal breaker for me. As long as they don't make her a mutant. I still think that the X-men are better off in their own branch of reality.
  9. ...Captain Marvel? I thought that was clear....
  10. Inhumans? There is no show with this name...and I am pretty sure that nobody would complain if Marvel takes that attitude. Otherwise, my preference would be to leave Agent Carter and AoS in Canon (and finally create a proper conclusion to the former), to do a soft reboot for the Netflix shows (if for no other reason than I am really loving the notion of Ward and Danny messing around in Asia), and quietly discard the rest (and I say that as someone who really enjoyed Cloak and Dagger). Btw, it's not just people watching AoS because of the MCU, there are a lot of people who ended up di
  11. Frankly, I don't care what Feige has to say about that. Agent Carter and AoS will always be canon in my book.
  12. I am actually not sure if the last two season of AoS take place in the 5 year jump. It's a little bit hazy.
  13. In Germany the biggest is easily the IG Metall (for Industry workers, including car manufacturing, hence not necessarily surprising), followed by ver.di (retail).
  14. I get that...but "our live is shitty, but we will stand together and fight for our rights" is a much more inspiring message than "hey, unions aren't that bad".
  15. Nah, you really need better worker songs...like, this is basically its own genre in Europe. Especially popular ones are: Auf, auf zum Kampf - YouTube (Onto the fight, Germany) Bella Ciao - ORIGINALE - YouTube (Goodbye Beauty, Italy) Arbeiter von Wien [German worker song][+English translation] - YouTube (Workers of Vienna, Austria) "Nelkenrevolution" - Portugal 1974 - "Grândola vila morena" - YouTube (Grandola, tanned City, Portugal) And my personal favourite (not because of the melody, I guess bella Ciao has that one in the bag, because of the meaning),
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