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  1. It was a little bit forced (especially the idea of how Tony would react without the cave thing...because honestly, I always felt that just the fact that the soldiers he joked around with were killed by HIS weapons was what made him change tune more than anything else), but my main issue with this episode was that this was another one which basically ended at the point at which it became interesting.
  2. I think the young Avengers are a save bet. I mean, they basically collected most of them at this point. The question is more, which way they intend to go with them. They basically have three options: A show, a streaming movie or a movie. I guess if they go for stream, a series is more likely. But I wouldn't be surprised about a movie either. It has never been done, well, unless you count different generations of Star Trek meeting each other in a movie.
  3. Six weeks is just idiotic. Six weeks is sometimes my regular circle, and that is assuming that I don't skip a month altogether (which happens pretty much every time I travel or have a lot of stress or become ill). Also, the whole "rape is a crime" thing was just cringe. Yeah, we have seen that when you choose your last supreme court judge...also, you can hardly remove a rapist from the street before he committed the crime of raping (and potentially impregnating) someone. I am a little bit surprised that nobody of the big businesses weighted in on abortions, especially since I remem
  4. Frankly, I always dreamt of Marvel doing a musical movie. Maybe Dazzler could be an option for one? Or they do an animated "Avengers: The Musical" Special. I would sooo watch this (especially since quite a few of those actors actually can sing).
  5. Five movies in one year might a little bit much though...I expected them to do four soon, but five?
  6. Why am I not surprised? Oh yeah, because I called it. For f... sake, even if you didn't like the kiss (and for the record, I personally didn't mind it because even though it was badly lead up to, it gave us the reaction of Sam and Bucky), there is no reason to hate on the character. Do I hate on Bruce because I felt that the Natasha/Bruce Pairing was a stupid idea? No, I defend both characters equally. But if it is a female character, some writers seem to consider this as carte Blanche to bash her. For the record, I LIKED Sharon in The Winter Soldier. And they better reveal her being a S
  7. My guess: Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four, Yung Avengers and if Sony plays ball, another Spider-man movie. There are also a few properties I hope Marvel might tackle, but they are sadly on the unlikely list.
  8. Let's put it this way: If you want to go dark, GO DARK!!! Don't warn the audience that the heroes are doomed, don't pepper in unfitting jokes, keep with the tone of the story you are telling. But also: There is no need to go Dark for the sake of going dark. It would be nicer if they would mix it up a little bit. Even the "T'Challa as Star Lord" story had a dark twist in the end. Also, it is about more than who made it out of the Zombie apocalypse. This was Hope's big mistake, but somehow they made the moment of her talking about the fact all about Peter. The writers seem to be unable to
  9. Frankly, I am just tired of all this darkness...what I really would like to see a version where Civil war never happened. And again, I feel that so far the stories have been lacking creativity. The Peggy story was basically a rehash of The first avenger. The T'Challa one was kind of the most off the wall, but the way the relationship between Nebula and Thanos got portrayed really spoiled it for me. The Avengers one (so far my favourite btw, but there really isn't much competition) was a good beginning to an interesting What if, but basically stopped at the point when it became really int
  10. Eh...I mean, I didn't really expect to like it, because I think that the notion of zombies are stupid anyway, but I thought that they would at least do something more interesting with it than a standard zombie plot. Also, yeah, this was waaaaay too flippand. I especially can't see Bucky making THIS particular crack after killing Steve for good.
  11. So...he isn't an entitled dick for risking the whole universe for his personal desires?
  12. Yeah, Wanda didn't do it There is a difference. A pretty huge one. Especially since you could have told the very same story, but with Dr. Strange just not being ready to give up his hands. Though, really, it would have been a way more interesting what if. if Dr. Strange used all of his powers to make his hands work again, just like this other guy did with his legs. Why not tell a story in which THAT was his decision, with all the consequences.
  13. One thing for sure: There is apparently nothing more dangerous to the MCU than heroines/love interests of heroes dying too early.... Gamora dying lead to the snap (both because Thanos got his hand on a stone and Quill loosing his temper) Hope dying lead to all Avengers getting killed by Hank Pym. Christine dying lead to the destruction of the universe. It is really a good thing that Peggy died of old age.... (Frankly, those stories say a LOT about the mind of the writers and how they see the relation between men and women...apparently it is impossible for men t
  14. Odin most likely never woke up due to his grief....
  15. Honestly, this episode was just p.. me off on every level. For starters: Apparently it wasn't enough to fridge Christine multiple times, they also basically declared all the help she gave Dr. Stange in the original timeline meaningless. To be completely clear here: If Christine had died, Dr. Strange wouldn't have survived either, because there wouldn't have been anyone to electroshock him back to live. She isn't just a tool to motivate him, she is someone with important skills needed to aid him. Second: Levi would have never stayed with him if he had acted out that much! Way to dismiss a
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