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  1. Yeah, I suspect the same thing. Also fits that immediately after the guests stopped pushing, gave Vision his promotion and were gone.
  2. ..That is NOT Loki's story. Loki's story is that he spend his whole life wanting the approval of his father only to realise that his father isn't actually his father and that he himself is part of a race he was taught his whole life was inferior. He is suffering under internalized racism, not just under jealously. And that is btw the reason why he is popular, because it is easy to understand what kind of shock this is (not that this excuses anything). I agree though that Elizabeth Olson does an excellent job portraying Wanda's mental pain.
  3. I think the agreement was basically that Fox would get Quicksilver and Marvel would get Wanda, since both characters were kind of in the limbo between the different groups, being both Mutants and Avengers. Otherwise I think the reason why they took their time with Wanda's power is simply that she is too powerful otherwise. Hence they went the "she is getting stronger over time" route.
  4. Frankly, all the hexagons remind me of this cell AoS had for new Inhumans until they got used to their powers. But since the main MCU refuses to acknowledge AoS, that is most likely just a coincidence. There are certainly hidden references to the Infinity stones, but they might not be directly related to what is happening to Wanda and more a symbol of her biggest trauma and the origin of her powers.
  5. Tiger King only got attention because it was so strange and everyone told each other how strange it is (though for the record: I haven't watched it and I have no intention to do so). Bridgerton was fine, but THAT'S a story which could have used two episodes less, and the so called mystery has such on obvious solution, I knew it after the first episode. It's a typical binge show you watch when you want to be distracted a little bit, but nothing more. Sure, drawing out the season will keep the buzz around WandaVision going, but that mostly works because there is actually something to talk about.
  6. Frankly, I am totally okay with relationships which develop mostly off screen as long as the movies actually bother to have a "Paprika scene"...and with that I mean the scene Wanda and Vision shared in Civil war which perfectly explains why they feel drawn to each other without just outright explaining it. Like...making the audience feel the connection instead of trying to convince them with arguments that it exists (Whedon, take notes).
  7. I think that all the bee references and Honeycomb patterns have some meaning. Not quite sure what just yet, though.
  8. I don't see Hydra either. Whatever is going on, it is not Hydra. There are clear references to Sword, but we don't even know what shape exactly Sword has in this universe and if its role is the same as in the comics.
  9. I disagree. It is MADE for a weekly release in order to give the audience time to indulge in finding all the hints and puzzle pieces they might miss upon the first watch.
  10. Another thing I noticed upon rewatch: Wanda getting pregnant was literally the result of her and Vision saying together "think of the children". And yes, Wanda was at Tony's funeral, she even got a Scene with Clint who is the Avengers she felt the closest to anyway. He certainly wouldn't have just left her out in the cold.
  11. In terms of trauma we have first the stark bomb which killed her parents, then the time with Hydra, then the realisation that she helped Ultron to destroy the world, then Pietro dying, than her accidentally killing all those people in Lagos (and for the record, not her fault, she most likely also rescued a lot of people in the process), than her time in the raft, and finally Vision dying. Not sure if getting snapped counts as another trauma.
  12. It's less that I am overly hard on an ending, it's more that I want the clues I find and think about to mean actually something more than just being something some writers placed because it was cool at the time, if you get my drift. It makes me feel cheated.
  13. Ah, sorry, I am REALLY bad with names.
  14. Isn't that the name of the neighbour? Or am I confusing something?
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