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  1. Over here in Europe, most countries are able to organise the roll-out well enough, but the lack of vaccines is a problem, partly created due to Astra Zeneca not fulfilling its promises, partly due to certain countries (above all the US and the UK) basically seizing vaccine productions in their borders and partly because the EU is thinking more globally actually bothered to share some vaccines. Again, in this context the idea that vaccines in the US are getting thrown away by now frustrating. Especially considering how much the vaccine is needed in other countries on the American continent.
  2. Count me in as having mixed feelings about Captain Marvel 2. For one, I was really looking forward to learning what else Carol did in all those years. Two, I was actually confused by the title "Marvels", I first had no idea what they were actually talking about. Three, I don't look forward to all those triumphant Anti-Brie Larson videos which will be created as a response either. On the upside, it will be great to have a female ensemble movie, and every hero profiteers from having a good ensemble. And in a way it is better to move forward in a story than moving back. I just don't get why
  3. ....just for the record, I wasn't even talking about how the US shares the vaccine within its own borders. I was talking about the fact that the US government has seized everything vaccine related. The only vaccine it exported so far were some batches of Astra Zeneca, a vaccine which hasn't even been approved yet in the US, and that was after it hold off the export of the vaccine (which was only in the country for filling btw) for weeks until it was close to use becoming useless. Do you have ANY idea how frustrating it is to see the US throw doses away, while in Europe the governments have car
  4. Above all, there are billion of people out there who would love to get a vaccine. And the US has horded so many that by now, they are most likely throwing doses away because of people not turning up for their shot. It's aggravating.
  5. It's really funny that the US media keeps talking about the Pfizer vaccine, while in most of Europe it is mostly known as the BioNtech vaccine. (which, btw, I would be very happy to get, but in my country, I still have to wait until more endangered people than I are vaccinated). The whole "visible Lesbian" hashtag in connection with "something dangerous in your kitchen" was extremely unfortunate. And strange. Every time Tucker looks confused I know that he will say something incredible stupid next. And he looks always confused. It makes me despair that enough people take him serio
  6. Really big of him... Nah, honestly, I am pretty sure that Bucky was aware that he was serious, but he has gone though too much sh... to be thankful for basic human decency.
  7. I think the Bucky problem could have been easily solved by making episode 5 the "Bucky episode" in which he not only expresses understanding for Sam's perspective, but which also had him talking to the old man. THAT talk needed some time, plus, it just would have felt better if there had been some "feelable" time between the talk and Bucky observing the old guy through the window. (btw, regarding the "talk", it really felt fake when the old man said "what?" in reaction to Bucky saying that his son was killed. He KNEW that. He just didn't know why. The "What" belonged on another place in the co
  8. In other words, we just watched an overlong epilogue. And that is exactly how it felt in the end. Now, they could have prevented the feeling with some tweaks, but they choppy pacing underlined this feeling.
  9. ...I actually think that the show dragged to much, not that it was too short. Well, it was too short, but in the sense that obviously someone decided that the whole show had to be about Sam making the decision to actually become Cap, and six episodes is way too long far that. While on the flip side, the thing I actually wanted to see, meaning Sam being Captain America and forcing the World to accept it as such was just squeezed into the last 20 minutes. And that is the problem, but even if there had been more episodes, it would have just meant that they had dragged out the foreplay even more a
  10. Seconding the questionable use of female characters in the show. I mean, granted, it was supposed to be a cop buddy show, and in such shows, it is natural that female characters are mostly sidelined. But this was really some collective BS. They had something good going with Sara in the beginning, but honestly, why wasn't it her idea to call in all the favours? Why was it necessary for Sam to do it? She is the insider in the community after all. And I got the sneaky feeling that the main reason the gender flipped Karl Morgenthau was because they a female makes for a better martyr.
  11. It was clearly not him in a lot of the training montage.
  12. The Ironman suit is an exoscelett, meanign the suit itself has the power. But the Falcon suit is usually just a pair of wings attached to the back. It shouldn't make Sam's body stronger. I am sure Shuri can create an Ironman suit even more powerful than Tony's best suit (especially with all the vibranium she has access to), but that's simply not what the Falcon suit is. I mean, I can imagine her adding the same stuff the Black Panther suit has, meaning that Sam's suit is most likely bullet proof, but being bullet proof doesn't allow you to lift a giant truck.
  13. Frankly, I didn't care about Karli or the Flag Smashers during the whole show. Like, I basically disliked her the moment this one guy did to "buy time" for her. If she had really that a good person underneath it all, SHE would have gone instead of allowing someone else to die for her. That's what Cap would have done. That's what ANY avenger would have done to a degree, that Clint and Natasha even fought for the right. But not Karli. She wasn't a hero who lost the way, the people with her were. But I am supposed to feel for her. It's a little bit like being asked to feel for Osama Bin Laden and
  14. I think the main problem was that there was never truly any conflict regarding Sam taking up the shield. The show spend a lot of time on Sam struggling with his inner self, which was fine, but the bigger fight in the scenario would be to reclaim the shield after the government basically screwed him over regarding it. And we didn't GET that fight. Sam just had to pick it up from Walker, and Walker was declared unfit to be Captain American and that was that. Nobody ever tried to take the shield from Sam again, and there was no point at which he had to fight for being accepted as such, he just ha
  15. Yeah, this is a general paradox...basically the shoe example. If you are rich, you can afford high quality shows which will last you for years. If you are poor, you can only afford the cheap shoes, with the effect that you have to replace them multiple times in those years, until you have paid more for all the pairs of cheap shoes than the rich people have for the expensive pairs. If you are poor, you have no chance to ever get the loan you would need to get on the property ladder, but that is the savest way to generate money, owning land (emphasis on land, not on some shitting trailer d
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