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  1. It's really impressive how he manages to get to the very core of the issue. In my country, voting per letter has been established for ages, though I never took advantage of the option. There will be soon an election in my city, and I intend to use it for the very first time, even though I will miss to take a stroll up the street, and I am not even overly worried about the notion of doing so, because I know there will be only a few people present when I turn up there and while the election point is in a school, it will be done on Sunday anyway. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if they just set up outside to make it as save as possible. Anyway, now I am wondering if my city is prepared for the number of mail Votings suddenly shooting through the roof….
  2. ...why should they come up with anything new in a season which is clearly designed to visit the "highlights" of shield history? Hydra needs to be there.
  3. They posted the reaction of the three to the announcement of the winners..really lampshaded how fake the reaction in the last years were. Jaida was beside herself out of joy!
  4. Regarding Crystal coming off more as a children entertainer...weirdly I just thought this week about the various things drag queens could do to stretch into now areas and one thought I had was "It would be kind of neat to have a children show moderated by a drag queen in order to normalise the notion of gender being somewhat fluid more". I now realise that Crystal would be perfect in a show like this. Sadly I fear that the US isn't ready yet.
  5. Sorry. I am really bad with names.
  6. See, THAT's how you pull of a facekini! With some proper makeup behind it and a fitting background which makes it look more artsy than terrifying!
  7. I think while Jaiden's was on the surface the most "conservative" of the three due to the lack of a gimmick, it was nevertheless the best. The Bird thing was funny, but it got old VERY fast and should have been intercut by Crystal doing some actual moves in a bird costume. Or, to put it differently: It was a mistake to draw out one joke over the whole song. Gigi's background and effects were impressive, but the whole thing was shot more or less from the same angle the whole time, with her repeating roughly the same movements. Jaiden on the other hand constantly changed the angles and switched up her moves. There were some repetitions, but it was the only vid which actually took full advantage of the format.
  8. I really hope that at one point down the line they do another "roast Ru" challenge...partly because she has just provided a LOT of material with her facekini (and the especially creepy facekini/giant eye combination...what the HELL was that????), but partly because the last time, none of the contestants really called her out on the "practice what you preach" level. It would have been so easy to point out how she demonstrate her broad range in her wigs, which show all the fifty shades of blonde, or that she always falls back on the same Silhouette. Bonus points for mentioning that even her snores are available on i-tunes, and that whenever one tries to remember season one, the result is kind of blurry. Also, even Silky at least had painted her lips when she was read for not wearing any make-up under her facekini. Currently this thing is especially awkward because it keeps reminding me of those idiots who go into the shops wearing a face mask with holes before mouth and nose so that they "can properly breath". Otherwise I feel that the Corona situation was actually a case of luck for the finale. The whole lip sinc against each other concept was fine in season 9, to make up for all the sh... ones during the season and also okay in season 10, because all four finale contestants were really strong in that department. But in general, I don't really feel comfortable with judging the queens by this one ability. What if someone is not particularly good in this ones aspect, but has great looks and impressive acting abilities instead? Or great stand-up? I always felt that the finale would be better if the queens were challenged to put together a performance which represents them. Those home-made performances are not quite what I have in mind, but at least they could insert way more personality into them than they would have been able to do if they had to perform on stage without even knowing exactly what song they might get. I haven't been that invested in a lip sinc for a long, long time.... That my slight favourite won is the cherry on the top.
  9. Little late to comment, but here are my two cents. The face mask was awful. Is it really so difficult to put on proper makeup? For a male face if must. Or at least to find a less creepy mask…. Glad that she wasn't mentioned. It always upsets me if the attacker of this world get more attention than their victims. Who cares knows what happened. Who doesn't should even see her. Taking the exposure the show gives the queen away from her is the best way to handle this. Otherwise this was actually more entertaining than most reunions. I guess partly because it was more private, by having the queens in their personal spaces, but also because it was really interesting to see how they set up. Most of them are really pro when it comes to stuff like this, aren't they? loved the "shade" fan.
  10. Maybe she is just practicing social distancing.
  11. Honestly, I don't get the 1930s baseball reference line….
  12. Oh, I am pretty sure that this last season is for fans who actually remember what happened the last six season. They will throw in as many easter eggs and fan service as possible without undermining the story they want to tell. But yes, the last season was a little bit convoluted.
  13. Wait...you mean you basically jumped from season 4 to season 7????
  14. Yoyo got infected by one of the shreek (sp?) towards the end of last season, but they killed Izel before it could really take. So, good call not having her run around before they checked her. The notion that what was most likely Gideon Malick's father had contact to time travellers makes sense to me because it would explain the weird devotion his family had to their "religion". Fitzsimmons can't be together because the Cronicons would have an easier time to predict their moves if they were due to the scan they made of their combined brains. I guess they can't disconnect the data they have? In any case, the real reason is naturally that Ian is busy with another project again.
  15. So, some random thoughts what I liked the most about the episode… For one, the score...when they are ´walking the streets, investigating, there is this constant drumming, which just on its own makes you feel anxious. Great way to keep up the suspense. Two, they obviously had a lot of fun dressing up Daisy. Great costumes. Three, I really like how they play with the trope that someone important needs to be rescued. Because that is the route any other show would have picked.
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