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  1. Why not? If they sell it, there must be enough people who like it....
  2. I looked it up and discovered an article about the show in which this happened - and how fake it was. An actual survival expert was commenting on how many tips given in it were actually nonsense or outright dangerous (like risking getting wet in the wilderness, or running and climbing around, risking an injury, when the smartest thing to do for survival is actually to avoid both and rather take a longer way than risking injury or hypothermia). There was a side note regarding the elephant dung thing, which boiled down to "the only way to get drinkable water from it is if you camera man emptied a bottle over it beforehand"
  3. AoS is scheduled to be on Disney Plus over here in Europe, so I suspect the only reason it isn't on the American version (yet) is because of the contract with Netflix.
  4. Oh, btw, the elephant dung thing? Most likely fake. There isn't actually drinkable water in elephant dung.
  5. Well, if it splits away from all the other democrats who are half republicans, I am all for it. But him winning the nomination would be a catastrophe, for all the reasons pointed out in the show. That might be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. The only thing which I consider more dangerous than a millionaire who lacks any empathy is one who is also somewhat smart on top of it.
  6. Oh, right, how could I forget that one? One of my favourite episodes. I honestly want to eat a stew like this one day....
  7. One of the worst episodes of Supernatural, and one of the reasons I dropped the show altogether… It's encouraging that all over the world people are still fighting against politicians like Modi, but let's be honest, those politicians shouldn't be in power in the first place.
  8. AoS is known for being a show which did WAY better in streaming than live. Those live ratings you quote? Yeah, AoS more than doubled, sometimes tripled those numbers within three days, and that is not counting all the people to get to it within a week or waited until it dropped on streaming. That's because AoS isn't really a good show for live TV, since the show works of the assumption that the audience not just watches every episode, but also remembers what happened in the show five seasons later. It's exactly what I love about it, but it lead to a lot of people preferring to stream it instead of watching it live. Didn't help that sometimes AoS had an extremely erratic schedule, especially during its first episodes and in 2016, during which there were constantly episodes not shown in some areas due to the elections. Nielson numbers only provide half of the picture nowadays, and they are an outdated system to truly measure the popularity of a show. Like I mentioned, once they looked into streaming, it turned out that AoS is one of the most popular and most watched show worldwide. Which is exactly why they keep the show going.
  9. Granted, Samuel L. Jackson really wanted to be on the show, so I guess he was ready to wave his usual salary and settled for something which was affordable for a TV show. And most likely he only turned up for one or two days of shooting and the writers made the most out of it. If you really pay attention you realise that he most likely was never even in a room with the other actors in the various scenes he turned up in. They most likely just shot his part and later puzzled what they needed together.
  10. I am just asking if it is really so much more complicated to have a TV character - say Quake - turn up in a movie than having a movie character - see Fury, Sif, Gideon Malick, President Ellis - turn up in a TV show. Especially considering that we already had a case of a character from a TV show turning up in a movie.
  11. But wouldn't the same rules apply to the movies?
  12. I don't think anyone is credited that way in the Marvel shows…(plus, Disney is stingy with giving credits anyway, if they could, they would instead TAKE the credit which belongs to other writers and make them their own)
  13. No, but either they don't want to share with no writer at all, or they just don't want to share with TV writers. In the former case, they have already shown that yes, they are ready to share with other writers, and the latter case is irrelevant for AoS, since the Pilot episode was written and directed by Joss Whedon.
  14. But wouldn't James Gunn and Perlman get money for the use of Howard the Duck, too?
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