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  1. I wonder how many of them have actually seen the godfather and how many only know the "highlights" and parrot what everyone knows about the trilogy.
  2. Somehow I thought that the Biden Laptop story was debunked as fake news and therefore none of the major outlet run it..... Anyway, that is so transparent another round of "but her e-mails", but this time there is not even a small camp fire, just a giant smoke machine.
  3. The problem with Jane was never Portman (and I am not a fan of her at all, I might add), but how she was written. The movies are full of sexist tropes, its a wonder a halfway likable character came out of it.
  4. No, that is the one which turns up in every history reel in Germany.... Seriously, as others have pointed out, the idea that he got it wrong is an absolut myth. German is a complicated language, in which certain phrases can have different meanings, but context is everything. And in this special case, the "Berliner" (to jelly donut) is called this way pretty much everywhere in Germany EXCEPT in Berlin itself, so there was no way to misunderstand it anyway. That the myth even exist is kind of insulting, because back then, the words meant a LOT for a war torn and split up Germany, which was on the naughty chair in the eyes of even its former allies. Even if the US rejoins and refunds, the lost years will result in a lot of lost lifes down the line. Just think about it, if the WHO had been properly funded, they would have been less dependent on China's good will in which case they might have at least relayed the warnings from Taiwan which, if the world had listened to, might have lead to better preparation and therefore less victims.
  5. I think what Aida mostly did was to shove Jemma out of the picture, but I don't think that she really touched any of the regrets of the others. The only thing I think is kind of odd about the Framework is the role of Daisy...if Aida was collecting Inhuman powers, then Daisy was right there, even pre-reveal. This would only make sense if Aida could only take the powers of Inhumans which died in real life for some reason.
  6. A little bit of an issue with the last part was that nobody really expected that they wouldn't manage to avoid the end of the world, hence it kind of felt like the stakes were lower than they seemed to be...if that makes any sense.
  7. Yeah, that is the thing...they always mention his "tear down that wall speech" and me being German, I have a very different PoV on that speech, because it had absolute nothing to do with why that wall actually went down (and arguably, it was more a hinderance than a help). The Americans always go on and on about that speech, and for Germans the one speech which actually really means something is the "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech from Kennedy. We don't give a sh... about Reagan's theatrics. So what exactly was so great about the Reagan years? As far as I can tell his politics mostly planted bombs which went off in the years after (mainly 2008 and now).
  8. I am now wondering what the story with the Brazilian Politician who had shoved money up his butt was about…. Anyway the Town Hall was a fun watch, mostly because the moderator didn't allow Trump to get away with hedging or avoiding the question, and called him out with facts when he tried to lie (well, as much as this is possible without turning it into a fact checking show). Anyway, regarding the segment: There are actually honest concerns regarding the influence China has on the WHO, which predates Corona. For example, they basically accepted Chinese remedies, even though for most of them aren't scientifically proven. And during the crisis, they basically ignored warnings and data from Taiwan, due to the political BS John mentioned. So yes, there is a need to take a close look at the WHO. But naturally Trump isn't really interesting in improving it, he just wants a fall guy, and while there are points in the handling of the WHO of Corona which are questionable, their handling has been the hell better than Trump's. But I honestly didn't know that this is ANOTHER thing Reagan f... up. I am always stunned that he isn't listed under the worst presidents the US ever had - well, until I remember some of the presidents they had. I just imagine the US being responsible for international health….considering their track record (Spanish Flu, HIV, Corona) they are pretty much the LAST country I would trust with this. Wow...I didn't know that we are so close to getting rid of Polio...Go WHO!!!!! When John basically thought that nobody would care about visiting a sewage plant I had to grin, because it was indeed more or less a given in my primary school to visit the local "Wasserwerk", meaning the place where water is cleaned and turned into drinking water. The process of cleaning water is actually very interesting. If Danbury does this right, they actually might have a shot of turning that sewage plant into something educational.
  9. @starri I know that Silverclaw is a minor and mostly forgotten character all things considered, but, well, so were the GotG, and everything about Silverclaw is perfect for Marvel: Badass name, an ability which is something new and very cinematic and with her whole cultural background she could offer up true representation for South-America.
  10. There is also Yoyo (who is already in the MCU, in Agents of shield to be concrete) and my personal favourite for a leading lady of her own trilogy, Silverclaw.
  11. In Germany AoS on Disney Plus...which I haven't subscribed to, yet. I wait for there being more content overall.
  12. Mace was really neatly done...the writers new that the audience would hate no matter which outsider they made the new director...so they gave us permission to hate on him (since all our favourite characters did too), and when they got around, the audience was kind of brought around - and made to feels like heels when the actual motivations of Mace were revealed.
  13. Plus, the photo in Tony's kitchen had to have been made at some point….They had one and a half year to get crazy with each other.
  14. Tony giving his responsibilities to Peter makes completely sense to me. I mean, he is impressed by Peter when he tells him his motivation for being a hero, he tells him that he wants Peter to be better than him and than he is impressed again when Peter turns down the chance to be an Avenger. Tony is always obsessed about Legacy and I guess in his mind, Peter is part of his legacy...hence he is also his main motivation to participate in the time heist, even though he could be perfectly happy just spending time with Pepper and Morgan. And in my head canon they had more contact between movies anyway.
  15. I find wide-eyed, tree-hugging Deke way more endearing. But that is just a personal preference. "Swaggers" do little for me....though admittingly, The swagger of "The Doctor" is kind of hot….
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