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  1. How do you know? It's actually just a second, but otherwise you are spot on....
  2. In this case my bet is that they start with the fire (which alone can fill one to two episodes considering the fall out of it) and then move through the slow destruction of the royal fassade, first through the end of Andrew's and Sarah's as well as Anne's marriage, and then through the end of Charles and Diana's, possibly ending with Diana losing the title of Princess of Wales. Honestly, the next season will be mostly about divorces and John Major, I guess...is there much to say about John Major?
  3. It would be odd if they would just skip the fire in Windsor castle in 1992. I wouldn't be surprised if they use it as the season opener. But I guess they will then jump ahead to roughly 1996 or 1997. 1996 was when Diana lost her title, 1997 wasn't just the year she died, it was also the year Tony Blair became prime minister. The show likes to focus on the relationship between the Queen and the various PMs, it would make kind of sense to have one season just about Tony Blair. Or maybe they spend a season leading up to Diana Dying and another one on Tony Blair.
  4. So...the different reporting regarding Kate and Meghan isn't something you noticed? You didn't notice her being called "exotic"? You do realise that one can be racist without actually using obvious slurs, right?
  5. For some reason the one thing I remembered about the incident was the blood on the bed. When they mentioned that in the show, it triggered my memory.
  6. The show really overstated that part. I doubt that Charles had ever problems with kissing any pretty women.
  7. swanpride

    S04.E10: War

    It's also not worse than being paraded around by your mother directly after your birth. Nothing in the show is worse than what the tabloids claim on a regular basis. It is actually very tame, all things considered. Especially since it never expresses any doubt on the sanctity of the crown.
  8. Simple, she was a control freak.
  9. It's a historic show, not a documentation. Fictional accounts of history are always above all fictional.
  10. There was a hearing about it last year in which they grilled the first responders. It was disgusting and a very transparent attempt to distract from the cladding and those who chose it and ignored all the protests of the inhabitants. There were also a couple of articles in the usual newspapers about how the survivors now supposedly live in luxury. The usual BS.
  11. Frankly, I couldn't care less who was more at fault. It's not my marriage after all.
  12. Yeah, and in his defence, he actually was kind of faithful. Just not to his wife. But Charles and Camilla have been together for a long time, so whatever connects them seems to be pretty deep.
  13. Anne on the show doesn't come off as particularly entitled imho....
  14. swanpride

    S04.E08: 48:1

    While I "get" the notion that the queen is only supposed to advice, isn't it part of the trusted relationship that the PM actually LISTEN to what she has to say? The other PMs sometimes argued with her and certainly did a lot of things she didn't agree with, but at least they listened. Thatcher didn't. And one also has to consider that the Queen experienced WWII. There is a certain mind-set she has to despise.
  15. I sometimes wonder if the writers confuse the public face of the Queen with how she is behind the scenes.
  16. Frankly, they assume too much knowledge in the audience in the show. I am not sure if even Brits still remember that Anne was once at Olympia, never mind non-Brits.
  17. Yes, and they got their damned pictures, they just had to wait a few days until the mothers felt up to it.
  18. That has nothing to do with cruelty. It is basically in instinctive reaction, most likely hotwired in our brains. Naturally it depends on the so called "play frame"...basically if we realise that someone is in danger, we won't laugh, but a surprise fall in a "safe" situation basically overrides our empathy at least for a moment. And naturally if we are standing in a crowd, one person laughing encourages others to laugh too.
  19. Yeah, I didn't really got this...I mean, I grew up during the HIV epidemic, I basically learned that it is totally okay to use a condom before I even know exactly what happens when you put it on. The idea that virginity before marriage was important was completely alien to me early on. I only knew that maybe you should be careful who you do the deed with. It's sometimes hard to remember that this kind of thinking was still very much a thing just a few years ago...and still is in some circles.
  20. Laughing when someone falls unexpectedly is a human reaction.
  21. My sister is fairly obsessed with the royals...like, she watched the whole damn wedding much to my annoyance (since we were sharing a TV). And she also watched some sort of made for TV crap called "The love story of Charles and Diana" (yes, really), which was basically the fairy tale the public believed in back then. There are basically two things I remember from it: The whole story with Diana's skirt, and a scene in which some old lady assured Diana that she never believed the "story with the train" (apparently the press wrote something about a tryst Diana and Charles supposedly had on a train???). Back then I didn't understand what the fuss was even about, but in hindsight the whole point of the stupid movie was to point out how "pure" Diana supposedly was.
  22. Hillsborrough was that decades Greenfelt….and knowing about it, I wasn't surprised how Greenfelt unfolded, especially the part where they tried to blame the first responders.
  23. I took it less as wanting more attention or credit and more as not wanting to be called ugly.
  24. Well, I can now firmly say that I can't just get behind the current actor for Phillip. The first one, he pulled off the "prince" perfectly. But the current one...I don't even think it is his acting, it's his looks. He always comes off like a small time criminal to me.
  25. swanpride

    S04.E10: War

    Dunno...Camilla is mostly portrayed as the realistic of those two. It's not really that she doesn't have any feelings for Charles, its more that she knows that part of her appeal is exactly the whole affair situation Charles might have gotten tired of her faster if she hadn't been the forbidden fruit.
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