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  1. They have roughly sorted it by studio (Marvel studios, what used to be Marvel and Fox television and then all the animated stuff). And then there is the "MCU in the timeline" option, but that one has only Marvel studio releases, meaning that there is even some stuff missing which we know is part of the MCU, but Disney currently doesn't have on streaming (meaning the Incredible Hulk and the Spiderman movies). I guess they still want to leave it open for fans what they want to count into it and what not.
  2. It's on Disney + in my country. I guess one can expect that other than the Netflix shows and the things Sony produced, all Marvel shows will eventually turn up there.
  3. With "hands" the ones which usually point at the time are meant.
  4. I think that it was pretty clear that after Fury "died" he kept working in the underground, and Agents of Shield even showed how he had access to resources (by falling back on people true to the cause). Anyway, no matter what Marvel or Feige says (and they don't really say anything about that topic), Agents of Shield will always be part of the MCU for me. And structure on Disney Plus is kind of a mess anyway, I guess partly because they have no idea how to deal with certain things. It is really hard to figure out what they have and what they don't have outside of the "big franchises", be
  5. I was more bothered by the five years...why not three years? That would have already been hard enough but five years, that is the point at which people have moved on.
  6. Have you already seen Agent Carter? And maybe Cloak and Dagger (the latter isn't really all that connected anymore, but I really enjoyed it). I mean I assume that you are up to date with all the other Marvel shows.
  7. What I loved about Ant-Man was mostly that Maggie wasn't portrayed as an unreasonable shrew and Paxton not like some sort of a-hole, as it is usually the case in this set-up. They had good reasons to be weary about Scott turning up in Cassie's live (and frankly, their concerns were warranted considering that it took only another year for Scott to end up in prison again...and then on probation. Scott tends to have good intentions, but he is really a mess overall). And I loved the big-family dynamic in the second part, too. I hope someone was there for Cassie in the five years. Maybe even
  8. possible...I mean, I wouldn't mind to see some good old traditional animation blending, but I guess that would look kind of weird.
  9. ??? Why is there a cartoon clock on the poster?
  10. Well, it has been established that the content of the Darkhold changes depending on who looks at it, why shouldn't the cover change, too?
  11. Ironically eventually people started to scoff because Cumberbatch for Doctor Strange was "too obvious". I have to correct myself, though, there is one casting choice I am bothered with ahead of time and that is the one for Shang Chi. But that is less because of the actor and more because I imagine the character younger.
  12. Norton and Liv Tyler were a terrible choice if one asks me, but I guess that is more on Universal anyway. I actually never complained about a casting ahead of time. Marvel knows better what they need in a role than I do anyway. (Though I still hope that they will cast Matt Bomer one day).
  13. Possible. But maybe that was also the point at which they realised that they didn't need big names to draw the audience in because the names of the characters were already more than enough. Or a combination of both.
  14. swanpride

    Loki Anticipation

    I certainly would love to learn what Sif has been up to, since she apparently wasn't on Asgard when everything went down, and there is a possibility that she was one of the snapped. Which would be confusing as hell, wouldn't it?
  15. Well, I am sure that Loki would be pleased...after all, Wednesday always comes before Thursday (Thor's Day), and he will be very placed to get the day of his daddy.
  16. Money was part of the reason, but if it had been the only one, Marvel could have walked away from the negotiation table waiting if Howard relented, but they didn't, they basically cut him lose at the first opportunity. Rumour says that the bigger reason was that Howard didn't really get along with everyone else, especially with the female staff. Considering that since then there have been multiple domestic abuse incidences, one of which Howard admitted to with the words "she was talking to me real strong, and I lost my mind and slapped her in front of the kids." (yes, he actually used the "she
  17. I don't mind the change to Ego. Honestly the "heir of an empire" idea is somewhat overdone and something which can just as well if not better be explored with Shang Chi. The more evil the leader the better. Quill defeating "ego" had way more meaning. Sadly the Russos didn't really built on this, but okay.
  18. They are pretty even for me...GotG has the better structured story, but GotG 2 packs a bigger punch in certain scenes. Or, to put it differently: I prefer the battle for Xandar over weird blobs popping up on random planets, but there is no denying that the funeral scene in Vol2 is still the best in the MCU.
  19. The Russo's always said that they ended up with Civil War pretty naturally while working on the script, and I am inclined to believe them. I mean, the conflict between Steve and Tony was basically set up from day one and the fan theory that Bucky killed Tony's parents was around pretty much since the release of The Winter Soldier. What I don't quite forgive them is that they kept short-changing Bucky in favour of Tony once they got him to play around with. But at the end of the day, Civil War is still mostly a Captain America movie. After all it is his world view which is ch
  20. One thing I have to admit: I do think that dreadlocks and any other hairstyle which make properly washing the hair difficult are unhygienic. Independent from the question who wears it (well, actually, they bother me more in white people, because their hair usually can't properly dread on their own, hence they are more likely to wear the unhygienic version of them, then people who actually know what they are doing and let them dread properly without Basically gluing them forcible together with hair products). Otherwise though I really couldn't care less. Well, I do think that it is a little bit
  21. I felt so sorry for the poor women having to listen to that. Some smiles were positively frozen.
  22. While I don't think too highly of Pratt, I actually like Peter Quill. When I see him, I always see the little boy who got a black eye for defending a frog. I can't imagine what was necessary for Yondu to make him jaded enough to pretend that he didn't care anymore (and it is largely a pretense). Nor do I think that he was stupid for thinking that some of Yondu's crew would eat him, I think it is stupid to believe that other alien races might to too choosy with their meals. I am pretty sure that Peter largely survived because of Yondu's protection but at the same time, Yondu was his kidnapper,
  23. ....I mean, I am aware that dark skinned immigrants have a problem over here in Germany to find fitting beauty products for them (which is kind of logical considering the local demographic, and I suspect the problem will solve itself over time when the market for such products grows), but I kind of assumed that in the US there shouldn't be a problem, especially since I am aware that there is a whole imperium built around hair products for afro-americans. And I was vaguely aware that "I want to touch your hair" is apparently a thing which...yeah, gross...and that hair cuts can be political, and
  24. I wouldn't bet on it. Iron Man was the first Marvel movie I saw and my reaction to it was a solid "eh, it was okay, better start than ending, though". It was Cap which brought me to the MCU, not Tony (granted it didn't help that back then, I was really, really tired of man child main character and absolutely craved a proper boy scout hero). The problem with watching Captain Marvel second is more that you have to fast forward the end credit scene and you are robbed of all the build up which were created due to them. But if you already started with The First Avenger anyway.....
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