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  1. Out of curiosity, I just searched for Death on the Nile on Twitter, but I didn't last long due to all the Armie Hammer apologists dragging Disney for cutting the newest trailer around him. I saw someone post a photo of Hammer alongside a quote from "Still I Rise," and I had to leave before I did myself an injury. Yikes, that Whedon interview. In a shallow way, I DO understand why he was touted for his feminism back in the day. The late '90s/early 2000s was a pretty different landscape for pop-culture discourse, and you could go a long way with showing that women could kick ass (Buffy, Riv
  2. It's interesting. I find a lot of Tan's ADVICE really helpful - the importance of the right fit, using layers/prints to create specific effects, etc. - but I'm not generally super wowed by a lot of the outfits he puts people in. Maybe his expertise is best used when people apply his tips/guidance to then pick out the clothes they want. But his best quality, for me, is the way that he compliments people and shows them that they can look stylish/sexy at any size. During his initial closet raid, he's always got some good snark on people's fashion choices, but he's incredibly sensitive to body-ima
  3. Just finished the new season. Kept a Google Doc to jot down reactions as I was watching, so I wouldn't have to think back and remember it all (season threads for Netflix shows are rough.) Terri - Some cute moments here, especially Antoni wondering if he had a crush on Terri and Jonathan’s reaction to her declaration that she would “turn gay” for him. I really felt for her daughter and the difficulties she’s had in their relationship, but it seems like the talk Karamo facilitated between them really did start something–the code-word idea was nice, and it made me smile that they chose “Kara
  4. The other day, I was thinking about that story (I think it was an excerpt from the Marvel book?) about all the MCU actors who originally tried out for different roles, and it got me thinking how much fun it would be to see some shorts or something on Disney+ with those actors playing those roles--like a live-action What If...?, but without the stories being any different. Like, it'd be cool to see Sebastian Stan playing Steve, Lee Pace playing Peter Quill, Lupita Nyong'o playing Nebula, etc.
  5. It was a bit of a tricky situation, since Ruben was there in part to "learn how to be Deaf," but it was also a sober house/in-treatment rehab facility. I think that's where the restrictions came from--not, "You're in the Deaf world now, so you must ONLY interact with Deaf people!", but, "You're in rehab right now, so you can't go wherever you want/call whoever you want because we don't want you to fall off the wagon." That was the main reason Ruben got hooked up with that place, because Lou and his sponsor were worried that the experience would cause him to relapse but mainstream/hearing recov
  6. I was absolutely thinking of multi-Doctor specials. Granted, when more than one regeneration of the Doctor get together, they usually spend a lot of their time squabbling (Two and Three, love it!), whereas here, it was all love, mutual support, and light teasing. Tobey gently scolding Andrew for all the "negative self-talk" was so sweet, and while there was some initial confusion over who was Peter 1/2/3, they didn't really bicker at all over the order. But between the multiple Spider-Men and the "coming together to correct past regrets" thing, I was especially reminded of "The Day of the
  7. FINALLY saw it. I figured I shouldn't try before seeing family over the holidays, and afterwards, it still took a week to get a showing with few enough people that I felt comfortable attending. With wind chill, the temperature today feels like -26, so I'm guessing that had a little to do with it! I've dodging spoilers left and right for the last three weeks, but even though a lot of the big stuff was just confirmations of rumors, it was still great to go in and not KNOW they were going to be there. I squeed at Matt's appearance, and as soon as Ned opened that first portal and we saw the S
  8. angora

    Encanto (2021)

    I finally had a chance to see this over Christmas. My first instinct watching it was "pretty good," up until the last act when everything really kicked up a notch, but the film has really stuck with me. I've been thinking about it all week, and I'm still in the "listen to this and only this" phase of a new Lin-Manuel Miranda album. For the songs, "Surface Pressure" is the one that really wrecks me, but there's a lot of really great music here. I also love "Waiting on a Miracle," "All of You," and of course, "We Don't Talk about Bruno"--every LMM score needs at least one sequence of 3-4 d
  9. Lol, that's going to be my new headcanon whenever I see Aaron Stanford in a period piece--clearly, this is just Cole time traveling.
  10. I just watched it, @possibilities--I agree that it was a really weird interview. Like, why is Leslie Stahl talking with Trevor's friends/co-workers just to ask about his dating life? Her reaction to his pieces on race was weird, too. First, she acted like the video he posted talking about George Floyd "opened up a new side" of Trevor, but he'd already been talking about race issues, especially police shootings, on the show for years. And yeah, she seemed "Shocked I Tell You, Shocked!!!" that Trevor had encountered hate and racism in the U.S. Also, what was up with her talking about the sh
  11. Yes to all of this, especially the bolded. I think the more that shows/movies/books can do to depict affirmative consent, the better off we'll be for it. Seeing our favorite characters ask for/give consent is a key way that that behavior can be modeled, both for young people who are still learning and for adults who absorbed the wrong lessons growing up. And if these stories can show various ways to ask for/give consent that's sexy, fun, creative, etc., even better. The same is true for depicting partners accept a no as a no, as well as showing that sex WITHOUT consent is neither sexy nor
  12. Really loved it. I feel like I always go into movie musicals holding my breath, because I always WANT them to be great and they're usually so far from that, but this one really is. It captured the spirit of the show beautifully, and it feels like both a movie and a musical, which is the key element. So many either come off as movies that are embarrassed that they're musicals or musicals that forget that they're movies, but this one is fully both. Huge props to LMM, whose direction is so gorgeous and confident. The numbers are really well shot, by turns exciting/cinematic and spare/emotional, b
  13. Same here, @Spartan Girl. Even though this is the pandemic-era MCU film most likely to have spoilers flying all over the Internet, it’s also the one most likely to be uncomfortably packed opening weekend. I don’t want to get spoiled, but I also don’t want to get COVID.
  14. Lol and aww to that last comment. If Tobey and Andrew ARE in the movie, Tom's going to deserve some kind of award for not spoiling it.
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