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  1. Don't know if it's also going to appear in an upcoming episode and they just put it up early, but the show uploaded the piece Jordan shot at the Capitol on the 6th. He didn't get up in the thick of it, but it was still unnerving to see him there.
  2. I squeed when I realized the ringmaster was played by Peter Davison - I always love seeing former Doctors pop up where I'm not expecting them. I was totally shipping him and Nurse Crane, and that trapeze scene was lovely. Also loved Nurse Crane and Miss Higgins having their "spinster Christmas" together, doing exactly what they wanted (as someone who lives alone and made nachos for my solo Christmas dinner this year, that was 2020-relatable to me.) So fun, and I like that that included Nurse Crane begrudgingly allowing Miss Higgins to read her poem beforehand. At the Nonnatus Christmas dinner, I lol'd at the two of them glancing at each other and trying not to laugh when Angela and May presented them with the bath cubes. I've realized that the only thing I still like about Sister Monica Joan is her friendship with Cyril. He was so sweet with her on the phone when she called Nonnatus. Shelagh getting Gloria to talk about the babies she lost was just beautiful, and then telling her she'd been a mother for a long time? Could NOT stop crying. Pound for pound, there's nothing like Call the Midwife when it comes to scenes of women supporting other women.
  3. I love Ms. Marvel. I agree that her family is fairly archetypal in the first volume, but I think they quickly gain more depth and nuance. I especially enjoy what they've done with her brother Aamir. I like how her friend group has rounded out as well, and I appreciate the occasional scenes she shares with Sheikh Abdullah. So pumped for this show!
  4. angora

    The Prom (2020)

    The way I saw it, teenage Barry got dressed up for his prom and ARRIVED there with the intention of going in, but when he saw his crush there with his date, it hurt him more than he was expecting and he never wound up going inside. So, even if he got the tux and made it to the point that he was standing outside the school, he didn't really "go to prom." I'm with @tennisgurl - at this point, I know that Ryan Murphy is always gonna Ryan Murphy, and I'm always gonna find it at least mild-to-moderately uneven, but I keep coming back, so I guess what do I know? The Prom turns out to be an apt musical for him to adapt, because it various feels like both a really good episode of Glee and a really subpar episode of Glee. For me, I think the more earnest scenes are more successful on the whole than the more over-the-top comedic scenes (although there are some genuinely good laughs in here.) The "Unruly Heart" number was really beautifully done, and I'll always appreciate Murphy for giving young LGBTQ folks scenes like that. I dunno, I think a lot of the "narcissistic celebrity" shtick from Meryl Streep and James Corden (as well as from the script itself) is the kind of broad humor that might work well onstage but is harder to sell onscreen, and those are the kind of moments that don't work as well for me. I also agree that casting Kerry Washington as Mrs. Greene should've been an opportunity to bring some intersectionality to the character and her concerns about Alyssa. But even if I think some of the humor falls flat and some of the writing is clunky, I did still have a good time watching this movie. Emma's a very endearing character, and Jo Ellen Pellman is great. Ariana DeBose sells me on Alyssa's fears/dilemma - that scene in the gym where she breaks down after coming out to her mom is rough. Keegan-Michael Key is terrific, and like others here, I'm surprised at how much I like the chemistry between him and Meryl. Nicole Kidman is a hoot, Meryl's belt really impressed me, and while Corden was far from my favorite here, I feel like he ultimately did fine. I love Andrew Rannells in everything he does, and he both totally cracked me up (I loved the line, "'Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows'... that's from The Tempest") and completely killed it with his big number - adored "Love Thy Neighbor." Side note: it made me smile that Trent, with his early-aughts sitcom, had more pull in rural Indiana than Dee Dee and Barry with their Tonys and Drama Desks. That tracks. Honestly, pretty much all the production numbers, even on the songs that don't interest me as much, are so well done. In way too many movie musicals, there's just this awkward air to how a lot of the songs are blocked and shot, and either what's amazing onstage falls flat onscreen or the film never fully embraces the fact that it's a musical. Here, though, Murphy's experience serves him well, because all the songs are filmed in fun, cinematic ways that are engaging to watch. In addition to the songs I've already mentioned, I thought "We Look to You" was really lovely, "Zazz" was a lot of fun (even if I agree that Kidman doesn't move like a chorus dancer,) and "Just Breathe" was great.
  5. Just finished the season, and I loved it. I agree that the first few episodes are a bit rocky - the split narrative between the camp kids, Jay/Lola, and Missy doesn't quite work, but I appreciate that they tried something different - but once 8th grade starts, everything kicks up a notch. I like that the more "concept" type episodes this season, "Nick Starr" and "Four Stories about Hand Stuff," wind up factoring into the ongoing plots of the rest of the season, and the resolution to Nick's storyline is great. Some random things I loved: Natalie's story about going through puberty/realizing she's trans - Gavin was the perfect choice to be a really terrifying Hormone Monster for her, and I like seeing how the hormone blockers protect her from him. I was a little iffy about Milk at first, but by the end of the camp storyline, I love him (and his comments about his dad's friend Bob Reedy!) Missy's arc is really good, although it feels weirdly self-contained - she has a few feature episodes that go in hard on her exploring her racial identity, and then she's barely in most of the other ones. Her bonding with Devon is nice, the code-switching song is great, I like seeing her with her cousins, and Ayo Edebiri does a fine job once she takes over the voicing duties - she doesn't sound exactly like Jenny Slate, but she still sounds very much like Missy. The Anxiety Mosquitoes are yet another really apt puberty creature. I like seeing how the kids react to their anxiety in different ways. Nick freaks out and tries to run away from his (which leads to the Nick Starr persona where he cuts himself off from his emotions to "protect" himself,) while Jessi immediately starts nurturing/reinforcing hers and agreeing with everything it says about her, which is further encouraged by the Depression Kitty (I also like Connie trying to rescue Jessi from both of them but struggling to do so.) Oh, Lola, never change: "That is cliterally my clitoris." The castle/Jayzilla imagery is too perfect. Overall, I think they do a good job with Matthew's arc. I feel like his centric plots, when he gets them, are often a little more archetypal than the other kids, but the show manages to pivot them just enough to keep them from being too tropey. With his coming-out stuff, I like that he's scared, not just of his family disapproving, but of losing his close relationship with his mom and feeling like she's replacing him with his sister. The coming-out scene with his dad is really sweet. (Side note: how did I not know before this season that Aiden is voiced by Zachary Quinto?) Andrew's crush on Michael Angelo - "Is that an accent I detect, or are you just British to see me?", ha! The whole hand-stuff episode is great. Each vignette is both fun (Andrew's Bob-Fosse-style rundown of "the Glouberman method," I died!) and interesting, with good stuff to say, and I love the connective tissue of the hubbub over Devin and Devon's "divorce." I agree with whoever mentioned Devon clarifying that he's divorcing Devin because she's mean to him, that's a really nice moment. Also, I love Devin saying, "Please respect my privacy as I livestream for 12 hours and take questions from literally anyone." Continuity references! I enjoy seeing Coach Steve's "bad mitten," hearing about the Ponytail Killer, and catching a glimpse of an autographed Fab Five picture in Jay's bedroom. I like that this season puts a little more focus on the fact that Maury and Connie are both serving as Hormone Monsters for multiple kids. I like seeing Connie struggle in the fight between Nick and Jessi, "breaking up" with Nick out of her loyalty to Jessi but later showing up in her Beyonce Lemonade dress with the baseball bat to stick up for him. And I enjoy seeing how different Maury's relationships are with Andrew and Matthew, not to mention how supportive/protective he is of Matthew throughout the coming-out storyline - him yelling at Matthew's mom (even though she can't hear him!) is great. The closing song is really nice. I was laughing the whole time, because I couldn't stop picturing Nick Kroll in the recording booth singing that song with his Rick voice, OMG. I could hardly handle the "Poop Madness" episode, though. While I love the trippy Alice-in-Wonderland madness song, it's otherwise just too much grossness. Andrew' talking poop itself is bad enough, but then when you throw in the swollen bird carcass and Jay and Lola's disgusting pool, it's like there's nowhere to get away from it. Also, is the hand-stuff episode the only time they mention that Michael Angelo is a 9th grader? He's drawn to look so much bigger/older than Jessi that a lot of their scenes together creep me out, because I kept wondering how old he's supposed to be.
  6. Yeah, that bar owner story was so good. Trevor just had this, "You have to laugh about this, otherwise you'd never stop screaming in incredulity and outrage" energy throughout at the sheer audacity of everything going on with this white guy. I loved the observation about declaring your bar an autonomous zone while standing in front of an American flag: "America is tyrannical, so I declare myself independent! USA! USA!" And the whole Fox News part was excellent, especially, "This was a hit-and-run Martin Luther King Jr. would've been proud of." Last night, Trevor was just killing it. I don't know what it was, but I thought he was awesome the whole show. I loved all of the following: (On Hunter Biden being forthright about the investigation into his taxes) - "Hunter's like a guy coming home late at night like, 'Uh, babe? You're gonna wanna check my phone.'" (On so many states coming together to sue Facebook) - "If what you're doing is so egregious that you're bringing California and Mississippi together? Ya done f**ked up!" His Mark Zuckerberg voice also gets me every time. (On his guests) - "Next up, Rachel Maddow is on the show, and we're gonna gossip about politics. And then Bryan Cranston will be on, and we're gonna talk about something else!" So cute. My favorite, though, was the cookie story at the very beginning. So much great stuff - getting offended at the news for reporting on how many cookies he eats ("What am I supposed to do, it's a pandemic! Do you want me to just cry everyday?"), the Keebler elves striking over unsafe working conditions ("If you've ever had a crunchy cookie, those are elf bones,") and then cracking himself up over the joke about Santa sleeping with all our moms. Too funny.
  7. One bit I loved from this week, in the story about Trump adding more questions to the citizenship test: Trevor insisting that applicants should be able to answer the questions the same way Trump does. I can't remember the whole joke, but I know the "answer" in response to a question about the Stamp Act of 1765 included, "No one knows more about stamps than me," "So many stamps!", and "I've got my best people working on it, and I'll have a lot more for you on that in two to three weeks." Nailed it! I also loved Trevor "shaming" Joe Biden for his cabinet picks that "discriminate against incompetents," hee!
  8. Season 4 coming December 4th!
  9. To that end, they also show a lot of people having unplanned pregnancies (or getting STIs, although to a far lesser extent,) so there's at least some balance of irresponsibility and consequence. Not so much here. I agree, throwing in brief acknowledgments to COVID but then half-assing precautions is no way to do it. Either imagine there's no pandemic in your story or do it right.
  10. Agreed - my favorite part of the episode! I also loved the time-sensitive voicemails from Putin and the line about how Trump went "from an African dictator to a Nigerian prince." Hee!
  11. Okay, I think my mouth started watering when I read that. Audra and Donna and Michael, oh my! And so many more!
  12. I don't begrudge the show the shorter season or the longer wait. Even though it's disappointing for me, we all know how it is out there, and I'd rather they take their time so everyone can be safe. Bummed to hear Bradley and Tosin are going, but I suppose it doesn't really surprise me. For the last two seasons, it feels like the show's been spinning its wheels on really developing the companions or their individual relationships with the Doctor, which has to be frustrating for an actor, and there's no real reason for them to think another season is going to change that. Hopefully having just Jodie and Mandip will mean Yaz and the Yaz-Doctor relationship gets better fleshed out.
  13. Great show last night. @Dewey Decimate, I agree, Trevor seemed so light and happy throughout the episode (even though he noted that everything still wasn't magically fixed - like telling the cartoon bird, "No, you go back where YOU came from!" and acknowledging that coronavirus DIDN'T decide to take Saturday off for the celebration.) All the Four Seasons Total Landscaping stuff was hilarious, and I also loved the following: Trevor wanting to ban celebratory items that sound like gunfire and shouting at his screen for Biden and Harris to take cover when the confetti cannon went off Dulce's piece on Harris, especially the line about how Biden will never get impeached while she's his VP - "He could straight-up sell Florida, and the GOP would be like, 'Still can't risk that Black lady being president.'" Trevor's reaction to the montage of voter fraud claims - "That was so batshit, I caught coronavirus just LISTENING to it!" I also lol'd at his wish for Trump's lawyers to make their meaningless evidence more exciting - "Well, if Biden isn't stealing the election, then why do I have this used condom in my pocket?! I rest my case."
  14. I loved that Trevor's bunker included one bottle of hand sanitizer that was used for sanitizer his OTHER bottle of hand sanitizer - he gets me. I liked that multiple stories in the election show dealt with the fact that we just don't know much yet, with Desi vamping for time and Michael making up erotic fanfic because nothing was happening. I thought the interview with Tressie McMillan Cottom was great. It occurred to me watching the episode that I really appreciate how Jordan is always masked in his field pieces. I'm sure it helps that he spends most of his field time at Trump rallies where so many people are NOT wearing masks/keeping distanced, giving him extra incentive to protect himself, but in the voter-on-the-street piece he did last night, it was nice to see him and everyone else wearing masks the whole time. None of this "pull your mask down to talk" stuff that you see too often.
  15. I enjoyed the Halloween story the other night, especially the rant about the sexy mail-in ballot costume. I also like the bit about anyone in a nurse/doctor costume being enlisted to help fight the pandemic, culminating in the great line, "I'm just DRESSED as a sexy hospital administrator, I don't know what's going on either!" Nice story on the campaigns trying to court the Black vote. Even though we've been here before, Trevor always has good points to bring up. I liked what he said about how the candidates THINK Black people want to be spoken to ("It's honestly too bad Tupac is still alive, because he just killed himself" after that rap battle, ha!), and the bit with Obama trying to pander to white voters was funny. I also really liked the point he brought up about Black people being blamed when things go wrong, which Roy expanded on in his piece (focusing on the 10% of Black men who support Trump as opposed to the 90% who don't.) I get that politicians always kind of repeat their talking points during interviews, but I thought Kamala Harris sounded really stump-speechy - while very poised and eloquent, it rarely felt like she was having a conversation. I'm glad Trevor pushed and tried to steer her back toward the questions he'd asked her (like on shutdowns,) even if she still shied away from direct answers.
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