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  1. Yeah, they really don’t make them like Tony Leung Chiu-wai anymore. He acts with such layered subtlety and has this intense magnetism that really feels so classic/timeless. It’s criminal that it took so long for Hollywood to find him something to do, but it warms my cynical heart to hear Feige recognize how lucky Marvel is to have him.
  2. I liked the at-home format too, but I'm willing to wait and see on the new studio. I feel like it took a few episodes to get into the rhythm of the at-home version too - Trevor in his delivery/interactions with the correspondents, and me as a viewer. It felt a little subdued/stiff, but hopefully Trevor will unwind a bit soon, and I'm sure it'll feel different once he eventually gets an audience back in there too. Glad to have the show back, even if the energy was a bit off. I always love Trevor's Trump impression, and he was great doing the hypothetical 9/11 memorial - "Here come the 9/11
  3. That's what I was thinking, too, @Trini, that it was Supergirl's take on the CW's request for BLM-related episodes. I like that the show is looking at wider issues of mass incarceration/housing rather than specifically police violence/protests/etc., although they're definitely being heavy-handed with it. And it comes across even more so with each post-hiatus episode so far leaning into the show's "preachier" elements - pollution, prison abuses, and now affordable housing. The show has always loved a good soapbox, but it hasn't always felt this constant. @tennisgurl, I agree that there's a
  4. Loved getting more focus on Kelly. Her and Kara working together was cool (not to mention Kara combining both reporting and superhero skills for the win!), and as a character who's usually the one giving the pep talks, I'm glad that Kelly got some support of her own from Alex - on the Balcony of Pep Talks, no less! Although, while I'm cool with Kelly taking up the Guardian mantle, I don't see the specific leap from "the foster care system is broken" to "I will punch and kick it into shape!" Man, poor Nia. This whole thing is obviously Bad Idea Jeans, but she's been struggling with this fo
  5. On the app for my local theater chain, you select your seat when you buy your ticket, so you can get a ballpark of how many people are going to be at the showing/where they're sitting. I just checked showtimes on the app (semi-compulsively? hehe) until I found one that looked like it was going to be sparsely attended. Of course, it helps that I live really close to my theater - 15-minute drive. I checked the app again when I pulled into the parking lot and THEN got my ticket, picking a seat far from anyone else.
  6. I lucked out: my local theater had eight showings last night, and while seven were crowded, one just so happened to have only five or six people in it, so I was able to snag a ticket for my COVID-cautious self! On the whole I really liked it. The action is super cool, especially the scenes highlighted in the trailer (the flashback fight between Wenwu and Li, the bus sequence, everything that happens in Macau.) A lot of the fights have their own personality and flavor, which I appreciate. There's definitely some of the usual Marvel aesthetic involved, and the third act is the typical MCU
  7. Another profile/interview with Tony Leung Chiu-wai (Wenwu,) this time for GQ. He also did one of their "__________ Breaks Down Their Most Iconic Characters" videos, which I always like. The part where he talks about Shang-Chi/Wenwu starts at 7:15.
  8. @StatisticalOutlier, I AM an MCU fan, so I would've been excited for it no matter what, but finding out Tony Leung Chiu-wai would be making his Hollywood debut in it sent my excitement into the stratosphere. Even though I came to his work late, he's still been one of my absolute favorite actors for over 15 years. There are times when it's like, "Sorry Simu/Destin/Awkwafina, etc., I'm sure you're all great, but I've been a Tony Leung fan longer than the MCU has existed, and I only have eyes for Wenwu right now." It's gratifying to see how much the reviews have been singling out his performance,
  9. Thanks for sharing (and warning,) @tv echo. I was reading some of the reviews earlier in the week and was surprised/annoyed at how much some of them revealed. I don't often read reviews outside of my preferred blogs - is it considered kosher to tell that much about the story without spoiler warnings? While I'm sure there's obviously way more happening that'll be a surprise, I had to stop reading because of all the tidbits they were giving away. One thing I appreciate about the trailers/promos is that, while there are obviously some big moments to whip fans into a frenzy - "The Abomination
  10. When Kara woke up from the yellow-sun lamps and was greeted by the Super Friends and Zor-El, the show took time to show her hug with each of them, and each one felt fitting for the character/their relationship with Kara. This is why I love Supergirl - for all that they end an episode about climate change with the gang fighting a literal garbage monster, the relationships and the feels are so lovely. Kara asking Alex for a second hug warmed my heart. Lots of PTSD/misplaced guilt that characters were trying to sublimate into action, and it naturally ended with the recognition that not even
  11. Red-carpet interviews from Variety, mostly talking about the impact of this moment and what it means to be debuting the first Asian-led superhero movie, especially against the current backdrop of anti-Asian harassment/attacks. But we do also get Meng'er Zhang reminiscing about the time she accidentally punched Simu Liu in the face during training and Ronny Chieng realizing he was probably one of the few people on that red carpet who CAN'T do a standing back-flip. ETA - more press! Awkwafina and Simu Liu were both on Jimmy Kimmel this week (with guest host Sean Hayes.) Here'
  12. Interview with Tony Leung Chiu-wai (Wenwu/the Mandarin) for Elle Men Singapore: Lol that they wouldn't let him look at the comics - Destin Daniel Cretton's no dummy! "Tony, I know you've never done a Hollywood movie because you don't want to perpetuate Asian stereotypes, but rest assured, that's not what's happening here. Now, let me show you a picture of your character." By all accounts, Destin, Tony, and co. have gone the M'Baku route and created a fantastically-compelling character out something originally rooted in offensive stereotypes. Can't wait to see it! (Once I find
  13. It's so on!! I know first reactions tend to be really effusive, but it seems like so many people are really down on this movie sight unseen, so it's great to hear such enthusiastic praise from people who've actually seen it.
  14. Man, those shots of Wenwu and Jiang Li are beautiful, and I'm glad to see more of Xialing. I'm excited to see how it all comes together! And Asian-American-led movies still have that Hollywood perception that "any movie that 'fails' means audiences don't want to watch Asian Americans, so if you want to see more, EVERY SINGLE ONE has to do gangbusters!", which makes it worrying when Disney decides to "experiment" with it. If the movie "under performs," are they going to think, "Well, that release strategy was a mistake," or, "Clearly no one wants Asian Americans in movies anymore. Bye,
  15. Agreed. I don't get why anyone is still talking about the value of box office during a pandemic. What "data points" are Disney expecting to glean that will reflect anything other than the present clusterfuck?
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