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  1. Okay, so it was an easy joke, but Blair's comment about "getting the whacking pole out of the ole quiver," or whatever it was he said, made me laugh SO hard. I also loved the "white country clubbers assume Dawn is a celebrity" jokes, especially her exchange about it with the waiter. On the whole, I thought they went in a little too hard on the Harrises equaling the Pences (in an episode that also included lines about gun control and the need to coin the term "dick pic," it felt like a higher concentration than usual of winking references to the present,) but it was worth it for Blair and Dawn's reactions to them calling each other "Mother" and "Father." That was great. Tuc Watkins was a great choice to play Harris. I was fortunate enough to see him and Andrew Rannells play opposite each other in the Broadway production of The Boys in the Band a couple years ago, and it's really neat to see them pair up again to play a very different sort of relationship dynamic. They're excellent together.
  2. I loved the analogy about state governors working in the absence of much of a federal response, comparing it to a family with an alcoholic parent where the kids have to take care of themselves. So true. I laughed more than I should have at Trevor and the correspondents trying to figure out what day it was, especially Roy saying he no longer operates under the concept of days and no one believing it when Dulce checked her phone because there was no way it was still March.
  3. The thing that really gets me is the face-touching. Doesn't matter how old the show is, whenever someone rubs their eyes/puts their hand on their mouth/does a face-palm, it's the ONLY thing I can pay attention to. I too loved the analogy "shitting on their cake and choking on it too." I also really appreciated the analogy John made for Trump's "suspicion" that states didn't need as many ventilators as they said they did, comparing it to a burning building (paraphrasing): "Most houses, they only have a few sinks, a shower, and some cups, and now you're saying you want HUNDREDS OF GALLONS of water?!?" SMH.
  4. No worries, @Milburn Stone, thanks for clarifying my unclarity! Right, it's starting next Thursday, April 2nd, when One Man Two Guv'nors will be up for a week, and then a different play every week after that. I love National Theatre Live - I've seen a number of their recordings in cinemas. I think it's amazing that they're going to be doing this.
  5. London's National Theatre is putting up the filmed recording of one of their plays every week on YouTube. A new play will go up every Thursday and be available to watch for free for a week. Plays announced for April are One Man Two Guv'nors, Jane Eyre, Treasure Island, and Twelfth Night.
  6. Ah, bless. That reminded me of the message Peter Capaldi recorded as the Doctor for a young fan going through a difficult time. Also, before I read the rest of your post, I thought, "I love that she just has a spare costume in her home." Very nice.
  7. The full episode is available on Comedy Central's website. Since they started the social-distancing edition, I've especially liked Trevor's calls to different correspondents where, yes, they still tell jokes and do bits, but they also just talk about what social distancing is like for them. Last night, it was Trevor and Desi comparing notes on being completely alone vs. being trapped in a small apartment with a kid. The first YouTube episode they did featured Trevor talking with Roy and admitting that his big fear was that he already has/had it and didn't realize because he was asymptomatic (same, Trevor.) Plus, the great exchange he and Roy did about how being able to get a coronavirus test is the true mark of celebrity - I loved them imagining rappers flexing/bragging about their coronavirus tests.
  8. Man, that was a ride! They did such a great job ratcheting up the tension, jumping between the meeting with the cartel and the different people in the bank lobby, and when it finally popped off, it was WILD. But I loved how there was still so much comedy in the cartel scenes - Mo trying to hold the whole thing together despite the copious interruptions and screw-ups was hilarious. Also? I laughed out loud when Mo was playing basketball with his friend's kids and jumped straight into the garage door. OW! I missed Dawn and Blair, but I think this episode needed to be this way. You needed that uninterrupted momentum for everything going on at the bank, and it really paid off IMO.
  9. Really nice episode for Alex, and Chyler Leigh was great in it. I loved how she played everything - Alex angry and upset in the real world, Alex having fun in VR but realizing it's not fixing her problems, Alex getting lost in VR, Alex coming to terms with her feelings about her father's death. It was all excellent, and she was working that black suit (especially once she lost the black Kara-looking wig and jut had her regular hair)! David Harewood and Jesse Rath were sure having fun in there. Bot Hank Henshaw was dialed up to 1000, and Bot Brainy was just so extra-Brainy, hehe. I also liked how, even before the Bots turned all murderous to keep Alex from getting out, we saw how they were actively working to keep Alex inside Obsidian. That "call" from the DEO as soon as she realized she needed to wake up, taking her out to celebrate after the "mission," and even Bot J'onn's pep talk with Alex on the balcony was to distract her from her feeling that she was forgetting something important (also, I love that Bot J'onn still gives pep talks on the balcony!) It made me think of how social media and their algorithms are designed to keep you logged in and using them for as long as possible. The "technology is dangerous and alienating us from real-world connections!!!!" messages are still way over-the-top, but I thought those moments were effective. Great to see Kelly continuing to have some good screentime and be involved in a major plot. I didn't even mind William as much when he was in scenes with her! I hope Kelly advocates for finding some way to identify users who are using Obsidian to escape/self-medicate from serious issues, so they can reach out to them and try and seek a more structured way to use Obsidian to PROCESS and address their trauma/issues. It sounds like that's what Kelly does in her sessions with people, and users like Bonnie and Derek could probably benefit from that rather than just run away into VR. I'm crossing my fingers that this ultimately ends with Obsidian being modified to be made safer and/or mined for what within it is truly beneficial, instead of just burning it all down because 'tech = evil!" I mean, this show, so I'm dubious about my odds, but a person can hope, right?
  10. Cosign. In my state, current "high priority" testing is for a) people with symptoms severe enough to warrant hospitalization, b) healthcare workers, and c) people who live in nursing home/group home-type settings. A large number of "low priority" samples (from people who don't fit any of those categories) have been stored and frozen because we're having to ration our tests. Meaning, my state's comparatively-"low" number of confirmed cases at the moment doesn't reassure me at all. In the "not really HELPFUL but still kind of nice" category, Andrew Lloyd-Webber polled his followers on which of his songs they wanted to hear him play while he's social distancing, and he put up a couple videos of their requests ("All I Ask of You" and "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again.") Lin-Manuel Miranda responded with his own rendition of ALW's "Everything's Alright" and challenged ALW to do "You'll Be Back" from Hamilton. I know I'll enjoy it if ALW replies.
  11. Man, what a class act. So thoughtful and open. I appreciated his shout-out to those working in essential industries (healthcare, grocery stores, etc.,) and calling out all the racist BS going on was spot-on. I also smiled when he apologized for his "quarantine chic" appearance, which was of course lovely. Here's the video he posted on Instagram if anyone wants a direct link.
  12. @tennisgurl, I agree that they should have gone farther with the guy Nia was going up against. Either give him a few previous victims, like you said, or do more to show how Nia was taking all her anger/feelings of helplessness about anti-trans hate in general and focusing them into this one situation. Every time someone's threatened her, misgendered her, harassed her, denied her personhood, etc. - show how it's all conflating. I think that was the idea behind what was happening, but the show could've demonstrated it better. I also would've liked to see more about Nia/Dreamer's relationship with the trans community, although not necessarily all in this episode. It would've been nice to see little bits here and there throughout the season of those kinds of interactions: stopping someone who was harassing a trans person on the street, a trans person (especially a young one) seeing her in action and geeking out in admiration of her. Drop in a few small moments like that, let them add up, and I feel like her statement that she was the only one looking out for trans folks would've felt more thoroughly established. Loving Alex-J'onn again, even though it was more of an Alex plot featuring J'onn. Interesting to see more of what it's like inside Obsidian Platinum, and yes, Alex is definitely going to get sucked into the allure of the fantasy as she struggles to reestablish herself after leaving the DEO. Nice to see some screentime for Kelly. Glad Brainy was able to come through for Nia by tipping off Kara. That scene of Nia and Brainy crossing paths toward the beginning was painful - the feelings are still so strong on both sides. Get your head out of your techno-organic ass, Brainy!
  13. The no-audience thing and "fictional afterlife blank void" of a set, was certainly different, but I liked it. The more subdued tone made the episode feel half comedy news show, half fireside chat. I liked that he allowed for some space to be selfishly annoyed at things that were cancelled while continually emphasizing the importance of listening to the experts and doing what they say. There will be other parades, other basketball games, other movie releases, etc. - just not right now. Amazing work by John and his team.
  14. Not to mention any plans to get a jump of season 6 filming to accommodate Melissa's pregnancy. Hope the cast and crew stays safe and well - I love watching Supergirl, but I respect their prudence.
  15. That address, goodness gracious. I loved, "An Oval Office address shouldn't be like 'Two Truths and a Lie'!", and the stuff about the "foreign" virus and the latest travel ban was gross. "The U.K. has 'the border'? Does he mean 'the water'? Does he think the virus can't swim?" Good grief. The song was fun too. I especially liked the line about the guy who came to kill Trevor but then was won over by his jokes. Also, it makes me smile that Trevor's no-touch greeting for Black guests is the Wakanda salute.
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