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  1. Vincent Rodriguez III? For the "look like a superhero" thing, the guy's ripped, and he has two black belts, so he'd be no slouch for fight choreography.
  2. angora

    Disability On TV

    Community skewered one specific type of that trope on one of their Law & Order-themed episodes. The Dean suggests that because Abed is “special,” he might be able to intuit the culprit by standing in the middle of the crime scene. So Abed steps into the crime scene and dramatically intones, “I see a man Using a social disorder as a procedural device. Wait, wait, wait, I see another man. Mildly autistic super detectives everywhere. Basic cable, broadcast networks. Pain. Painful writing. It hurts.”
  3. angora

    S04.E17: I'm in Love

    Given how sloppy a lot of the buildup to the finale was, I thought it came off pretty well. I enjoyed the flashforwards with each of the three guys, showing that any of them could've been "the one" but that Rebecca finding her own internal happiness/sense of self was the lynchpin (hearkens back to the original dream ghost episode and Dr. Akopian's repeated insistence that "it's not about the guys.") I loved how immediately Paula recognized the brilliance and beauty of this aspect of Rebecca that she herself had always seen as weird and shameful, and I liked the quick flashes of Rebecca working on her music skills in conjunction with her songwriting. Regardless of whether or not the time-jump reveal is a little cheap, I appreciate that, in actual fact, Rebecca talked with each of the three guys separately and DIDN'T have a big dramatic reveal of her "choice" with everyone assembled. One thing that last week's episode got right was showing how weird and uncomfortable the whole "three guys, three dates" thing was for everyone involved, and it's good that Rebecca broke the news to each one privately. Their reactions felt in-character to me - Josh being very emotionally open/vulnerable, Nathaniel jumping right into action (but in a more emotionally-healthy way than he would've in the past,) Greg disappointed but understanding her decision. If it were me, I'd have broken up her conversation about why she was choosing herself/her writing between all three guys instead of just Greg; I get that they wanted to save it for the end, but the episode was jumping all over in time anyway, so they could've easily revisited her talks with Josh and Nathaniel and shown her giving them the same explanation. As it was, it felt like she had "you're great and I care about you, but I'm not picking you" conversations with Josh and Nathaniel and a "you're great and I care about you, but I'm not picking ANYONE and you deserve to know why" conversation with Greg. Which, I suppose tracks with other ways that the show leaned just a bit harder on the Greg ship, with White Josh's pointed comment about how worried he was about Greg and Rebecca both being single (although they indicated that Nathaniel was unattached at the end as well,) but I just would've preferred an indication that all three guys got the whole explanation on that day. I agree that the "where are they now?" stuff was a little pat, and I would've liked more on the supporting characters. Still, I'm grateful that, essentially, Paula finally got her dreams and they gave at least a little closure to each of the three guys. I also liked that they nodded to Rebecca feeling ready to look for love again, tying it in with her personal emotional happiness but not suggesting that it would've necessarily been "wrong" for her to pursue it earlier - more that it was simply her choice. The concert was a lot of fun. I'm glad that all the major characters got a big moment. Rachel was great throughout, obviously, and with the others, I especially loved "Let's Have Intercourse," "I'm So Good at Yoga," "The Moment is Me," and "Gettin' Bi." For Josh songs, I would've wanted either "Ping Pong Girl" or "Thought Bubbles," but it makes sense to highlight Vincent's dance skills. "I Hate Everything But You" was a miss for me, though - is there anyone who thinks of that as a quintessential Greg song? It really ought to have been "Settle for Me" or "What'll It Be?" (probably the former,) but the recent reprise of the latter a few weeks ago showed that it just wouldn't have worked with NuGreg. Even most of the recurring characters got little moments, like WhiJo's dancing on "The Moment is Me," Tim with the electric toothbrushes, George's interrupted song, and Jim sliding in at the end with the "don't be a lawyer." The medleys were awesome. I loved the sex medley, and Rachel doing a bunch of the harder-hitting mental health ones was excellent (then bringing it home with the whole cast doing "Anti-Depressants are so Not a Big Deal.") I read somewhere that the concert they filmed wound up being quite a bit longer than what they could air, so I'm hoping more of it resurfaces at some point. I'd love to see whatever else they can give me, and it'd be amazing if they toured more, because this was a fantastic incentivizer to buy a ticket! I'd TOTALLY go see them if they came anywhere near me.
  4. angora

    S04.E17: All About Eve (2018.03.31)

    First they had Alex and Supergirl teaming up a few episodes ago, and now it's Supergirl, Alex, and Lena? AND they clear the air about Lena feeling like they always jump to suspecting the worst in her and Supergirl feeling pressure to protect the Earth/fear that she won't measure up if she's made vulnerable? Oh, that is my jam. Love it! I liked that Haley believes in Supergirl's innocence along with Alex. (And the doughnuts! That was so cute!) She's definitely more interesting when she reads the evidence in front of her and isn't just "gotta watch out for those shifty aliens" all the time; I like her best as a part-time antagonist/part-time ally whose actions you can't always predict. Strong episode for James. I can't remember the last time Mehcad had so much to do in a storyline that was so well done. I definitely buy James pushing down his post-traumatic reactions and trying to deal with them on his own/convince himself he's fine. Oh, and since Kelly is sticking around to help him out, she'll oh-so-conveniently be on hand for Alex to make eyes at her? You don't say! I liked the idea behind J'onn's story, and it was good to see Carl Lumbly again, but I wasn't really a fan of the execution of it - too many weird comic beats that felt out of place against the backdrop of J'onn's existential crisis. I DID love what he said, though, about the race of shapeshifters who lost themselves after they spent too many generations hiding in other forms. That was so sad. Of course Eve would talk to the multilingual Red Kara like she's dumb because she speaks with an accent. Further evidence of her villainy! Nice scene between Kara and Brainy returning the Legion ring. Jesse Rath has really sold what a huge deal it was for Brainy to be without it.
  5. angora

    Black Monday

    I agree that it’s a cop out that it wasn’t one of “our” characters, but it wasn’t his tie pin. He was dangling by Blair’s tie and Mo cut it, so when he landed, we saw him holding Blair’s tie with the pin on it.
  6. angora

    Black Monday

    I liked how it all shook out. Nice shell game with all the matching suits/Rolexes and multiple tie pins in play, and Blair & Dawn's secret partnership helps fill in my confusion earlier in the season - for a while, I felt like it was unclear whether they were having an ongoing affair or if it was just a few isolated incidents, and the fact that they were just putting on a ruse to unseat Mo explains why that wasn't getting clarified. I really liked the scene of Keith walking through the trading floor/down the street and seeing all chaos that was breaking out.
  7. angora

    S04.E16: I Have a Date Tonight

    This is exactly where I am - there's been very little to show what the guys will have going for them if Rebecca doesn't "choose" them. Like, what else is up in Josh's life? If Rebecca picks one of the other guys, I can't really imagine him continuing to be her roommate; that feels like just a little too hard to get around, at least right away. Greg is probably in the best place, since he has the restaurant that he's getting off the ground and a newer appreciation for West Covina so he doesn't have quite the same chip on his shoulder that he used to. But then, he's the one that seems most set up for "winning" right now. After he and Rebecca got together so early and we had Nathaniel's rom-com episode, my money would've been on Nathaniel, but of the three guys in this episode, Greg was the only one with his own storyline, and between the complications, the easy intimacy of the great time they had hanging out at the repair shop/ordering tacos, and the "L-word" being thrown around, I really can't see her picking one of the other two at this point. @DianeDobbler, I know you and I are usually on the same page when it comes to Josh, and we've both been frustrated with how the show has handled him at times. I would want it to be him too, but honestly, it kind of bums me out to see him being presented here as equally plausible with the other two, because I don't think the buildup is there that there'd be any way Rebecca would actually choose Josh. It feels like he's more the "it's an honor just to be nominated" addition, but the show is acting like it might be him just to heighten the suspense of eventually being Greg, or, IMO at this point, a little less likely Nathaniel. While I'd be very happy to be proven wrong, I feel like they're just kind of toying with me. All that said, I DID love the Guys & Dolls number, more proof that White Josh could've been in more songs this whole time. It was great! I loved the jokes, the colorful costumes, the dancing (look at Paula go!), and the always-welcome guest appearance from Father Brah.
  8. angora


    Did it seem like Izzy may have slipped Raphael a message or something as they were taking him away? It wasn't until that scene that I remembered her investigation into the torture accusations, and it suddenly occurred that she might have recruited him to be her inside man. Seems cold, but Raphael has been torturing himself with his whole atonement thing (burning himself with holy water, etc.), so maybe it's up his alley. Or is this just me wanting a way to keep him involved in the story?
  9. angora

    Race & Ethnicity on TV

    On the panel, Candice Patton DOES talk about the support that Black women need. She discusses the importance of having stylists and makeup artists that know how to work with Black hair/skin (and past experiences of having to rush to her trailer and fix her makeup herself so she felt ready to be seen on camera.) She also brings up the show's earlier lack of Black writers (and I believe she said they still don't have any Black female writers) and having to speak up about things put into scripts that feel culturally inauthentic. And although she doesn't go into it too deeply, she does allude to some of the abuse she's gotten on social media for playing Iris.
  10. angora

    S04.E16: The House of L

    Damn, Lex doesn't do things by halves. Okay, put me in prison, I will just poison this entire courtroom. I need the Harun-El but Lena won't work with me, hold on for a quick second while I just GIVE MYSELF CANCER. OMG, I love it! I also loved the fabulously-wealthy Lex presenting himself to Kaznian Supergirl as an enemy of capitalism, having her read The Great Gatsby to show her the corrupting decay of decadence, ha! Seriously, though, their scenes together were great. I loved the way that, despite her training/conditioning, Kaznian Supergirl's innate Kara-ness kept shining through: quick to defend the innocent, not immediately prepared to believe the worst in people, going against "orders" to follow her own gut/hunch etc. I would think she'll ultimately be someone to bring around, not someone to defeat. I hadn't thought of the Alex-Lex connection until they brought it up. I'll admit, my mind briefly flashed to the infamous "Martha" moment in Batman vs. Superman, but it works a lot better here with someone whose only memory is of someone important to her named Alex and along comes somebody with that name.
  11. Thanks so much for posting that! I love Vincent, Candice Patton, Nicole Maines, and people talking about inclusion, so this is totally up my alley. As soon as I saw pictures/quotes from that panel, I was like, "But I want all of it!" Yay for audio!
  12. angora

    Us (2019)

    Count me in as loving it. I'd considered going opening night but realized I'd better wait until the weekend so I could see it during the daytime. As it was, I still immediately closed all my curtains when I got home from the theater yesterday and spent the evening with all the lights on. (Wimp?) First of all, maybe it's just me, but it felt like the trailers didn't show much of Winston Duke AFTER the initial "they look like us" meeting with the Tethered, so I'd had Gabe pegged as the most likely to be killed in one of those early "we're not messing around" deaths. As such, I was SO tense whenever he was in danger and was pleasantly surprised when he made it through the whole film. I loved Gabe, his enthusiasm, and his dorky dad jokes, and it's a credit to the movie and Duke's performance that, despite his obvious size, his early attempt to intimidate the Tethered is so laughable. The whole cast did a great job with the Tethered versions of themselves, making them all feel "off" in ways that were similar but not identical: Pluto being so animalistic, Umbrae's silence and that creepy smile, Abraham's wordless vocalizing (loved the moment when he took Gabe's glasses.) And of course, Lupita's performances as both characters was on a whole other level. It was Orphan Black-levels of awesome, where I completely forgot at points that Lupita was playing both of them. I loved that the Tethered were so creepy and dangerous but at the same time oddly sympathetic. When Red (yeah, I know how tangled up that whole thing gets - the one in the jumpsuit) gave that description of what her life has been like, it was full-on horrifying. Her and Abraham being forced to have sex because Adelaide and Gabe were, getting pregnant whenever Adelaide was, having to cut Pluto out of her? HORRIFIC. And I felt for all of the others seeming so half-formed. Adelaide's more compassionate moments with both Umbrae and Pluto as they died were affecting as well. As for the big twist, it mostly works for me. I'd wondered on and off about the possibility of Red and Adelaide having switched places in the House of Mirrors (in part because I was aware that we hadn't seen the shot from the trailer of little Red choking little Adelaide,) and after Adelaide killed Red and was grunting/making animal noises, I wondered briefly if Red's consciousness had somehow passed into Adelaide's body. But even despite all those suppositions, that final flashback still got me. I'm still turning it all over in my head, but for me, the only place where it really strains credibility is in that scene in the "classroom" where Red gave the long exposition about the Tethered. Why would she tell Adelaide all this when they both know Adelaide is really one of the Tethered? That said, it really helps when it comes to the family's survival. While I don't doubt that Red's ultimate plan was for Adelaide and the others to all be killed, it was more complicated for her than it was for, say, Josh and Kitty's Tethered, who immediately killed their counterparts and got it over with. For Red, though, this was a reckoning. Adelaide was the only person on the surface who already knew about the Tethered and KNEW what would happen to Red below with her every action, she was the only who left Red there ("you could have taken me with you.") But at the same time, having experienced what it's like to be Tethered herself, I imagine Red did have at least one small flicker of sympathy for Adelaide's childhood decision to switch places. After all, she had to understand the feeling of being willing to do anything to get out of there, no matter what. It all adds up to this intense link between them that couldn't just be severed quickly. And that connection then extended outward. Just like Adelaide felt ever so slightly maternal towards Umbrae and Pluto, Red probably recognized the fact that Zora and Jason are, in a way, half-Tethered themselves. (I dunno about Gabe - he maybe got a minor pass just for his romantic connection with Adelaide? He must've had something, though. Dude got his knee bashed in early on and he STILL made it to the end!) So, while Josh and Kitty's family were instantly killed, Pluto sat in that closet with Jason waiting to see his magic trick, Umbrae stood on top of that car and then just stared at Zora, and Abraham PUT GABE IN A BAG and dragged him into the boat rather than just killing him. With Adelaide, it extended to the other Tethered as well, like her getting handcuffed in Josh and Kitty's house rather than killed and the way Kitty's Tethered threatened her with the scissors but never actually used it - on some level, they recognized that Adelaide was like them once, and that seemed to hold them back. It's a nice way to make the protagonist plot armor actually justified within the story.
  13. angora

    Black Monday

    Yeah, my thought was that Connie was specifically sent in to incite violence so law enforcement could then point at them and say, "See? The Black Panthers are violent - we told you!" All the scenes between Blair, Tiff's parents, and the detective were so funny; Andrew Rannells is a treasure. That charades scene was ridiculous. It cracks me up that, while all this was going down, the rest of the guys were just hanging out at the office literally measuring their dicks and pissing in jars, LOL. As soon as Mo said that Jammer was Jewish, I hoped Dawn would switch up her singing, and she did NOT disappoint. That soulful "Hava Nagila" killed me. I also loved the whole thing about whether Mo could've conceivably kidnapped Tiff, murdered her, burned the body, put her ashes in a fancy urn, and taken it upstate in less than 24 hours.
  14. angora

    S04.E14: I'm Finding My Bliss

    We do know, at minimum, that she knows RENT. There was one episode where she kept making a bunch of RENT references to Paula's utter confusion and finally told Paula to listen to the cast recording, shouting "Do NOT watch the movie!!!" as she exited the scene. OMG, that's exactly it, thank you! I couldn't articulate what precisely was so wrong about his performance - I just knew that it 100% wasn't Greg. Glee-like hits the nail on the head.
  15. angora

    S03.E16: Chapter Fifty-One: Big Fun

    I enjoyed it. I'd heard of Heathers but had never heard the music before, liked quite a bit of it - I hadn't realized Laurence O'Keefe was the composer. I like his stuff. I really liked the opening number, Veronica's "Lifeboat" song, and "Seventeen." I thought Cole acquitted himself fine for a non-singer. He didn't have a ton of solo lines, and to my ears, he didn't embarrass himself or anything. I thought Casey sounded great. His voice seemed really familiar to me; I feel like it reminds me of another Broadway actor's, but I can't place whose. I liked Betty and Jughead's scenes together here, especially that low moment in the trailer before they sang "Seventeen" and the way they were both oddly contented after burning it down. Also? Informing someone (who isn't in the play) that he's been randomly added to the closing number and telling his girlfriend to teach him his line/the choreography after opening night has already started is such a high-school production thing to do - made me laugh. I'm really digging the respect Archie is showing to Josie. There was that lovely "can I kiss you?" moment when they first got together, and here, in his "let's fight for this" speech, he made it clear that what he was saying only applied if Josie liked him but was backing off from a relationship Because Reasons; that if she really wasn't into him, he'd leave it alone. I feel like it shouldn't be so noteworthy to see a guy take his love interest's thoughts and feelings into account, but it absolutely made me sit up and take notice. Way to go, Archie!