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  1. I don't know how it happened but I've actually been enjoying the current season of Modern Family.
  2. That's why he got the part in The Lion King.
  3. At the very least, I don't find it less funny than Veep.
  4. My guess is that Jason Mantzoukas and Marc Evan Jackson have some kind of yin-yang relationship. Put only one of them in your show and it screws up the balance of the universe. Pimento is the price we have to pay in order to keep Kevin.
  5. We've only had Debbie for a single episode, but if anything happened to her, I would kill everyone in this thread and then myself.
  6. Emasculating in the most awesome possible way though.
  7. I'm not convinced The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Fleabag are shows that actually exist. I think the Emmys just made them up to see if anyone would notice.
  8. Are we still talking about the Muppet version?
  9. Is Amy going undercover again or are we finally getting that trip to the water park?
  10. My first thought was Santa Claus: The Early Years. (Hallmark strikes again)
  11. From Tuesday's monologue: "We finally have solid evidence of the crime that Trump and his chief of staff have already confessed to committing on camera."
  12. I was curious so I looked and found this photo of young Bernie and his first pet.
  13. Wait... He's named House because it's a synonym for "home", which sounds like Holmes? I feel like a snail watching a tortoise zoom ahead of it. I figured out Wilson = Watson on my own though... that's something... Of course! They were all mimes who were held prisoner in invisible boxes! Sorry for the bad joke. Needed to cheer myself up after feeling so dumb.
  14. I don't think I ever realized (or at least gave it much notice) that the Swedish Chef from the Muppets has visible human hands - i.e. the performer's bare hands. Additional trivia: Apparently the performer once forgot to take his wedding ring off. They decided Chef must have gotten married and so now he always wears it.
  15. I now want to hear Jon do a full rendition of "All Star".
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