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  1. It's a holiday where you turn up at people's homes and threaten them into giving you free stuff. Columbus was the ultimate trick-or-treater.
  2. Are you trying to elicit one of her dad-joke answers?
  3. Well... at least he supports women having autonomy for one part of the process. That's more than you can say for certain other lawmakers.
  4. It was at Jenn Sutton's birthday party in fourth grade. A bowling ball fell on her face.
  5. Mexico might have to pay for the border wall after all.
  6. Wow, you even lost interest in finishing that sentence. (Me shut up now.)
  7. I know what you mean... Mushrooms aren't even plants!
  8. Melvin Stermley's got some explaining to do...
  9. Because Rosa loves her work - it's her thing. Jake has Die Hard, Rosa has Nancy Meyers, Terry has hedges.
  10. A better ending would be if Nikolaj was the one to open it, making him the One True Boyle. Another option: Gina shows up at the last minute and opens the jar without knowing what it means.
  11. She had her Sister Act experience taken away from her, you monster.
  12. John accentuates the negative because that's what he's paid to do (and also because he's from England). Even if he is unfair to Biden, that's not the same as saying he's as bad as or worse than Trump or even Bush. When John goes after Trump, it's because he's a never-ending nightmare black hole of suck. When John goes after Biden, it's because he's the guy with the power to actually do something.
  13. By that logic, he could have given Judy a handcuff key, $50,000 cash and a plane ticket. No one's forcing him to use them to subvert the law.
  14. Essentially harmless? Tell that to Terry's broken mouth.
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