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  1. She still made more sense than anyone else they showed. And Magikarp evolves into Kevin Spacey? I knew DLC would ruin the franchise. Now let's get on with our miserable lives.
  2. He said that the current President is a corrupt, incompetent fascist... and this is what he plans to do about it:
  3. To rub it in Trump's face, of course. Would it be legal for Stephen to leave his copy of the book in a public place accompanied by a sign saying "DO NOT READ THIS BOOK"?
  4. Isn't there already enough suffering going on right now?
  5. Ya see, they were trying to order 69 dolls and they got... 69 dolls. (Worth it.)
  6. "Forever stamps are a lie, because the Earth will eventually be swallowed by the sun." - Jake Peralta
  7. I really wanted them to use that SpongeBob clip and then they did.
  8. It fits with how he's been doing A Late Show instead of THE Late Show.
  9. Disappointed that Stephen didn't comment on Mandy Patinkin's use of the word "inconceivable".
  10. Two callbacks I wish they'd made: Rosa went to medical school for 3 years (White Whale, season 5). I think we now know why she dropped out. Terry's wife also went into labor at the 99 (Ava, season 3). I wanted Holt to say something like "Will you people stop having your babies in my precinct?" (Also, if they could find a reason to bring Frederick back...)
  11. Are you doubting that Norm Scully would keep a mattress next to his desk? They probably could have tricked Teddy into losing the contest by saying Amy wanted him back. That's probably too cruel for Amy but I'm surprised Rosa didn't try it.
  12. Holt quoted William Wonka's "You get nothing! You lose! Good day, sir!" in season 4's Halloween episode.
  13. Are you unfamiliar with private eye Gene Parmesan? Then again, he is a master of disguise...
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