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  1. I'm an old. I remember Schlafly well, and no 10 minute segment can do justice to how evil she was. She made a career out of unironically stumping all over the country declaring that the wimmen folk are born to stay home and please their man. You young'ns need to google her (and while you're at it read up on how her legacy lives on in the person of her son Andrew).
  2. Hooper

    S06.E13: Medical Device Design

    Believe me, ranch dogs regard the arrival of the castration truck in much the same way many children regard the arrival of Santa and his sleigh. Except the castration truck is real. I have a close relative who lives in Tennessee, and if I ever spoke to him, I'm sure he'd be just fine with the his rep and the rep's aid, and probably doesn't know anyone who would see anything wrong with what they texted.
  3. As far as I know, Bernie was not misrepresented when he did his Faux News appearance. Yet. But all that suggests is that you can misrepresent some of the people some of the time and you can misrepresent some of the people all of the time, but you might not necessarily misrepresent all of the people all of the time. I don't find that to be compelling support for Bill's position. Bill's argument seemed to be all about manning up (although at least I don't think he used that exact term) and having the courage to face the enemy on their turf. I don't think it's courageous to appear on a network in which one of the hosts refers to you as Pocahontas, (or flamboyant if you're openly gay) or in which a news segment "accidentally" shows your photo in place of the mug shot of an accused murderer. The moderators aren't going to do any of that to the candidate's face (speaking of bravery and lack thereof), so there's no need for any particular courage in appearing at their town hall. But any positive impression any remotely progressive candidate may make on any of Faux's audience has the potential to be immediately remedied with creatively edited tapes splashed all over Fox and Trump Friends the next morning, and then featured on every Faux "news"cast. Faux will spin candidate appearances in other venues as well, but there's no benefit to helping them make a profit in the process.
  4. I'd been on the fence about whether Dem candidates should participate in Faux sponsored town-halls but was leaning toward "run away, run away!" Bill's opening premise that Republicans/conservatives are "brave" because they come on his show did nothing to counter that inclination, and Sam provided compelling evidence of the difference in the supposed bravery of Bill's Repub guests and what Faux does. Bill slathers his Repub guests with gooey praise for their bravery in coming on a show where he says nothing to counter their talking points, no matter how demonstrably false the statements may be. Faux blatantly edits Buttigieg's response to a question about removing Jefferson's and Jackson's names from sites named in their honor to make it sound like Buttigieg said the exact opposite of what he really said. It's not "brave" to appear on a show where you will get a free platform to spout your beliefs unchallenged, just because part of the audience may mildly groan. And it's not cowardly to say "thanks but no thanks" to an organization that you know will go out of it's way to shamelessly misrepresent you in order to stoke its own agenda.
  5. If what Howard Stern and his audience perceived about HRC's zillions of public appearances was that all they saw was a "screeching woman waving her arms" then no amount of outreach and appearances on Stern's show or Faux News is going to win that audience over. You can't fix stupid. Bill is mistaken (at best) to think Democratic candidates have anything to gain by appearing on a network that has control of the editor's room when that network's sole purpose is to support a right wing at all costs.
  6. Hooper

    Late Show With Stephen Colbert

    Maybe J.Lo can be to Colbert what Oprah Winfrey was to Letterman.
  7. Hooper

    S06.E07: Mobile homes and Frank Rolfe

    I LOLed at the part where the dude leading the tour of the mobile home park told folks not to be put off by beach towels hung over windows in place of curtains. Because I live in a manufactured home (on my own 10 acres) and yuppers. There's venerable towel hung over one of my bedroom windows. I prefer to think of my decor as being hipster, but I suppose trailer trash would apply too 😄.
  8. Hooper

    TDS 3.0: Season Four Talk

    I consider last night's episode a half hour well spent just for Trevor's reference to Spanky's "Fibbit" counting his 10,000 lies per day.
  9. Hooper

    All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2019 Season

    I guess I get that all the networks had to have all their top guns covering Mueller turning in his homework today, but really, Rachel could have spent another day or two fishin' (and Lawrence could have stayed wherever he was for another day), and then spent Sunday and Monday preparing an analysis of what Mueller turned in. But tonight? All anybody could say is "Welp, he's finished his investigation. Apparently he's not issuing any additional indictments. We might know something more later this weekend. Meanwhile, lots of other investigations still happening." This isn't as anticlimactic as the big tax-refund tease, because this actually will be a big story once someone knows what's in the report, but tonight was just a bunch of talking heads with nothing to talk about yet.
  10. Hooper

    S06.E05: Public Shaming

    Although I had never heard of her before, as soon as John mentioned "the worst aunt ever" suing her nephew over her broken wrist, I knew exactly why she had filed suit. It's mind blowing how much a broken limb can cost (ask me how I know this), and although my health insurance paid almost all the bills, I know a couple people who were placed in exactly the same position as "the worst aunt" was. To make matters worse, if the homeowners insurance is forced to cover the bill for an injury, they then cancel the policy, and it's next to impossible to get another policy because your "high risk" behavior of having had someone trip and fall on your property is the homeowner's equivalent to a pre-existing condition. This would actually be an excellent topic for a future episode of LWT. When Monica responded to John's question about whether she ever considered changing her name with "No one ever suggested Bill Clinton change his name", my heart, it was broken into a thousand pieces. Well, according to some obscure and long forgotten comedian, Tucker is "just as big a dick on (his) show as (he) is on any show"
  11. Hooper

    TDS 3.0: Season Four Talk

    When Jacob first started presenting Trevor with the earrings, I got the sense that they were expecting Trevor to feel a bit uncomfortable about it. But I loved that even before he got to the African royalty aspect of the earrings, Trevor was all "oh, are they clip-ons? Clip-ons always give me a headache", so he was totally unabashed about having worn earrings, apparrently multiple times, in the past. And yeah, they looked great on him.
  12. Hooper

    TDS 3.0: Season Four Talk

    Same here! And the amazing thing is that I'm totally confident that his South African version of the accent would have been different than his South African doing an Australian doing the accent.
  13. Hooper

    TDS 3.0: Season Four Talk

    Between the "EGG WHITE POWER" gag and the "that's what you said about my birth certificate" rebuttal to Obama not being able to disguise himself as Julian Castro, I was wondering if Trevor was auditioning to replace Amber on the "Jokes Seth Can't Tell" segment of a totally different late night comedy show. I haven't watched the full version of the interview online, but if the part they broadcast was the best of the interview, that was a real snooze. To be fair though, most guests don't have to write and act in a fairly long second segment (which I thought was terrific), and then be all perky and insightful for the interview as well.
  14. Hooper

    TDS 3.0: Season Four Talk

    Yeah, it looked to me like they didn't have a second segment prepared, or something happened, so they just put up an extended "between the scenes" segment. Which I didn't mind. I usually enjoy those segments when they are posted on the web, and it was interesting to hear Trevor's take on having his eyes opened a bit by a discussion on the web. It's almost as if interweb discussions could be a vehicle for good, rather than just serving as an intellectual septic tank. ETA: Aaannnnd immediately after hitting the send button on the "intellectual septic tank" remark, it occurred to me that I'm posting on an interweb discussion board. So, present company excluded, of course. Y'all know I mean those OTHER people on OTHER discussion groups right?
  15. Hooper

    Late Show With Stephen Colbert

    What was especially clever, absolutely genius really, about the beer bottle bit is that you know that for each bottle that was shown, the writers had to buy a full 6-pack, on CBS's tab. And then there arises the problem of how to dispose of the remaining 5 bottles that weren't used on air. Strong motivation to come up with as many Spanky related beer-puns as possible.