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  1. Some golden retrievers have been trained to remain completely motionless in a clanging MRI machine for up to 30 minutes for neurological research that requires the dog to be fully awake and not sedated. Working golden retrievers have to maintain a stay while guns are being shot and other dogs are dashing past them to fetch birds. Until a couple years ago at any large obedience trial you could see a dozen dogs, usually including several goldens, lined up 3 ft apart maintaining a stay for 3 to 5 minutes while the owners were out of sight and the rest of the dog show went on all around them. G
  2. That sheep penning competition was horribly designed. Skilled shepherds working cooperatively could have managed to shed off sets of four sheep and then maneuvered each packets of four sheep to different pens in widely separated parts of the field. But clueless teams working against each other at a central penning location are just going to interfere with anyone getting any sheep anywhere near any pen. As was suggested above, each team should have worked individually and been timed. That would have been plenty challenging and gone far more quickly than having five teams all running Willy N
  3. The set wasn’t quite a mirror image, but darn close, and more stark than I thought it needed to be. I wasn’t nearly as disturbed by that as I was by hearing President Obama say he was spending all his time crumpling his balls though. Dad, ewwww!!!
  4. Yeah, as much as I enjoyed the Fuck 2020-plosion, at some point while watching it I asked myself how many tons of CO2 I was watching being released into the atmosphere while I huddle in my hoodie and long johns with my heat pump thermostat set at 65. So I was hoping it was CGI, and am sort of sad to see that it apparently wasn't. Still, it was fun cathartic entertainment. But bad. But really enjoyable. But bad. Oh fuck 2020. I can't even enjoy watching shit get blown up with a clear conscience.
  5. Of the actions John proposed, getting rid of the electoral college is the least practical. That would require a constitutional amendment, which would have to be approved by a 2/3 vote of both houses. As unlikely as that scenario is, the next step is even more fantasmagorical - being ratified by 3/4 of the states. Any state with less than the mean population per state has greater representation with an electoral college than with the popular vote, and is not going to vote to give up that disproportionate representation. We couldn't even get 3/4 of the states to ratify the ERA, and women mak
  6. Stephen, don't worry about all those good doggies being disappointed by the lack of chicken in the cups they are sniffing. I can pretty much guarantee that chicken, or something comparably delicious, is exactly what they get every time they indicate a positive sample.
  7. Tucker Carlson continues to prove why he doesn't deserve any air time. Fixed it for you.
  8. I need a support group of folks whose lives are an empty void now that the 2020 Marble League has broadcast its last event of the season. I'm left with only my memories and about eleventy-thousand Youtube videos of spherical objects rolling along tracks and through funnels to see me through these dark times. Highlights of the final event for me: a) seeing John Rolliver join the venerable King Stardust for the demo run of one lap of the marathon b) cheering for valiant Yellup of the last-place-in-the-standings team Mellow Yellow as s/he/it lead the pack through almost the entir
  9. Regarding Bill's fixation on reopening professional sports (which includes college football): let us not forget that Bill is a part owner of the Mets. All his rah! rah-ing! about not letting fear of killing people prevent us from enjoying the simple pleasures of watching some version of a couple groups of dudes try to move a ball past each other is tinged by just a wee bit of self interest. He'll be watching on his big screen TV from the safety of his private little estate while he collects his share of the income generated by his part ownership of a major league sports team.
  10. Coach from Friday Night Lights: " I need a scotch flavored drink."
  11. I too was puzzled by what that thing is that Liberty is holding up in Trevor's graphic. I was thinking it was some sort of cell phone and symbolized viral videos being the new torch held aloft by Liberty. Since I'm not the least teeny bit white privileged [/S], riot shield never occurred to me until Epeolatrix suggested it. I wasn't sure at first, but it turns out that riot shields come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Here's a link to one of the bazillion vendors of riot shields. The one pictured at this site looks pretty similar to Trevor's graphic. Googling for riot shield images was
  12. I thought Jon Batiste's description of John Lewis as "he embodied the symptoms of holiness" was just the perfect epitaph for one of our greatest American heroes.
  13. No, Rachel does not get to take Nov 4 off. My fantasy is that her Nov 4 show is an hour of cocktails. My dread is that it's an hour of chugging tequila until we are all passed out. But either way, she shows up Nov 4. She can have Nov 5 off.
  14. The morning after the school where I teach shut down this March, I went into my office to collect a few more papers I would need to work from home. Because the announcement about classes being cancelled was ambiguously worded on the school website (Side note - Me: "You can't possibly screw up a simple statement like 'All on-site classes are cancelled until further notice' ". My university's communications team: "Hold our beer.") there were quite a few students milling about, unsure whether classes were really cancelled or not. In the hallway I encountered a small gaggle of my students
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