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S12.E04: Ain't No Party Like a Hamptons Party

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Hamptons weekend wraps with a tennis grudge match between Luann and Ramona, while Sonja's dog groomers make a house call and Luann gets in on the action; a girls' night at Ramona's house turns into a wild ruckus.

Airs April 23, 2020.

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4 minutes ago, Keywestclubkid said:

and here we go 

Ramona why at 60 does your life still revolve around men?? 

So are you saying that at 60 your life should revolve around sitting in a rocking chair, or knitting?  Good to know.

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1 minute ago, Keywestclubkid said:

It has nothing to do with how you look ... seriously it has to do with the fact that having a dick in you does not complete you has a person.. point blank period. You can be a whole person and not need a dick 

This is true, but you still look better doing it while younger. And it attracts less attention. And men can do it at any age and attract less attention.

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1 minute ago, ShawnaLanne said:

Is anyone else stricken with second hand embarrassment watching these women, Ramona, Lu, and Sonja hit on men? Or am I just so far out if the game I don't know?

I just laugh because I was raised with the queen who was effortlessly picking up men until she remarried at 70. These women have no game.

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4 minutes ago, ShawnaLanne said:

Is anyone else stricken with second hand embarrassment watching these women, Ramona, Lu, and Sonja hit on men? Or am I just so far out if the game I don't know?

Yes!  Lu is like a dog in heat.  But I think she’s used to being admired and sought after, so can’t imagine not.

I am embarrassed for them.


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So what, are we saying that once you're over 50 (OMG) you should stop:  putting on make up, looking at men.  Are we over 50 women supposed to just sit in rocking chairs and wait to die?  Don't get it. 

I think it's worse that they act like drunken frat boys.

What they should NOT do is act like Sonja.

Luann is realizing what I've known for years, drunks are BORING.

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Luann pulled a rabbit out of a hat and played the victim card with the room/lower level anyway.  Brava.

Who cares who is a trophy wife?  My mom told me I looked like a trophy wife in my wedding photo, and I thought, “awesome!”

Dorinda is again complaining about bringing up the past.  Dorinda, it seems, has an exclusive deal with the past.  She can wax poetic and Ralph and Richard in London forever, but no one else can say boo.

 My heart sings every time Leah or Tinsley talks about Sonja’s obsession with the past.  

I don’t understand why everyone thinks they can use Ramona as a punching bag. Lu is on her for the spiders in the wing of the house.  Dorinda made a sarcastic comment that the tennis instructor doesn’t want to see her body, when Dorinda doesn’t have a body to write home about her damn self.  Like, you assholes are guests at her home.  If you don’t like her—and there’s plenty not to like—don’t stay.

I don’t say this often—but these women really do seem kind of jealous of Ramona.  She divorced better than they did, she doesn’t have a mugshot, and they all take turns coming at her and it’s ugly.  She took them to a party, and they mauled her for it, so when she says they’ll stay in tonight and order in, the women cannot get enough digs in.  She’s fake.  Her house party sucks and Luann wishes she was drinking, oh but now she wants to be sober.  The male guest isn’t good enough for them, as if they couldn’t invite their own male friends—they don’t have any.  

If Leah considers Ramona her “elder,” why is she hanging out with her?  I know it’s for the show, but if they told me I had to be friends with someone in their sixties on a reality show, I would make the best of it and act like she’s a cool chick even if she isn’t.  You’re judged by the company you keep.  

Luann and drinking—OMG, stop making this your storyline.  You fucked it up a dozen times, now shut up about it.  She’s like that woman who thinks she is pregnant every single month and always wants to talk about it.  She’s the boy who cried wolf.  I’d rather hear about cabaret than where Luann is with her drinking at every interval.  Luann is really bitter since the Tom stuff.  The cabaret was just a distraction.  I think she’s a miserable woman.  

I think it’s gross when someone openly lusts after someone of either sex if they are old enough to be their parent or grandparent.  It was not a good look for Luann either time she attempted it.  It’s one thing to make kind comments to someone of a completely different age in an attempt to build a romantic relationship, and it’s another to have to pick your tongue up off the floor.  Luann getting that massage from the pet groomer looked so desperate.  Remember “Sonja young,” Luann?  That was “Sonja desperate.”  I also just do not find younger men attractive, so it could be my bias showing too.  

What is Leah’s problem with white people?  Two episodes in a row now.  She’s sounding really racist.  Making comments about race with no context whatsoever—just to put someone down for being white—I’m not sure I’m going to be able to overlook that.  It’s very low, and it would serve her right if people who don’t support publicly prejudiced comments chose to buy their mafia products elsewhere.  

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