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S24.E09: Week 9 - Overnight Dates (Australia)

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Madison needed to be much more articulate. Peter is not bright enough to figure out what she wants or is trying to say.

She's too young and he's too immature for this to work out. 

Australia! One of my favorite places on the planet. Also has a much better version of the Bachelor. 

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I really like Madison, but...come on girl you’ve seen this show, you know how Fantasy Suits go. You’ve seen this show before. And we all know Peter ain’t exactly Colton when it come to premarital sex so! 

All of the women together? At this point? This season is so filled with obvious producer manipulation, that’s it’s getting creepy and really taking me out of the show. Yeah the show is always edited and producers always manipulate, but this season has just been ridiculous.

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Totally wrong they’re making them room together.  Madison needed to say, you’re free to sleep with the others if you want, but if you really feel for me what you say you do, I’ll find that very disrespectful of me, and I’m not sure I could trust your feelings after that .  She was trying so hard to not sound like Luke though.

i think it would be refreshing to have a lead who doesn’t stick their tongue down everyone’s throat, and who won’t sleep with final 3.

well, there goes the theory she doesn’t know she’s last


okay, I like that the woman is driving jet ski for a change

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Did Madison make it clear to Peter what her situation is? It kind of just sounded like “Don’t sleep with anyone but me” more than “I’m saving myself for marriage so it would be hurtful and offensive to my morals if you slept with any of the other girls”.

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I have an upper respiratory infection at the moment, so I can't drink while watching this.  So I'm not sure how much I would have to drink for that babble out of Madi to make sense. 

If she were at all articulate, at least Peter would know it was a faith thing, not jealousy. 

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When does Victoria offer Madison the poisoned apple?

I think Madison's mascara problems might be because she doesn't wear makeup regularly and hasn't perfected it.  She's an athlete, not a model or "influencer," whatever the hell that is.

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6 minutes ago, Adeejay said:

Talk about producers' manipulation.  I believe the only reason they have them living in one house is because of Madison.  They want her to know if the other two ladies stay overnight. 

Yeah, they didn't even do this to Colton. 

I get the feeling that Hannah Ann really, really, really wants to win. I just can't tell if it's actually because she likes Peter or not. 

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Just now, leighdear said:

Jeez, could he look any sweatier or greasier?  And he's looking more like Ick Vile every moment. 

Nice mouthful of hair, hot shot.  

Omg yes! He’s very Nick looking which is not a complement. 

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All of Peter’s fibers are in love with Hannah. There are no fibers left for the other two women. He’s 100% sure and nothing for Hannah to worry about and she’s not going anywhere. If he DOESN’T propose to her after saying ALL THAT it’s bullshit. Oh, he just so happens to have a key to forego their individual rooms. Surely Peter’s adamant declaration was coincidental.

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Cross your fingers that Pete and Vic will get into another fight and he’ll fly off leaving her alone to die on the edge of the waterfall! (We missed our 2:1 dumping in a remote location!) 

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Yeah....she sounds really excited (Victoria saying she’s excited for date).  

he loves everything about Victoria, and everything is great except the communication?!?  That makes for a lasting marriage (eye roll).  And she says she can tell him anything!!!  Ack

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