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  1. What, the audience didnt get a copy of his book?
  2. So far this season has been a total snooze. Next week doesn't look much better.
  3. I record the show every day, but often delete it before watching. Today's show sounds like a definite watch!
  4. Yes! I am very short waisted, and have learned how to dress to elongate my look. Tucked in shirts and most belted things are a definite no-no. You would think that with her money, she could hire a personal stylist.
  5. Think we're going to need a banquet table! The camera definitely adds pounds. But her wardrobe definitely does nothing for her. She is a young, facially attractive woman. But she dresses like a 60 year old struggling to fit into her wardrobe from her younger years.
  6. So sad! He was my all time favorite contestant. 😢
  7. I think that will be a very packed table!
  8. Damn. Cant watch this in Canada.
  9. Ugh....I was convinced Sadie was going home. DAMN!
  10. Thanks for spoiling that for me! 🤨
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