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  1. Yes! Show some freakin' respect!
  2. I've done the same. Even a good catfish story won't bring me back.
  3. Kills me to say this, but I will take the Megaphone over Bible Barbie any day!
  4. Oh Sara! How I have missed you!
  5. Madison is too good and too normal for this show.
  6. If I wasn't Canadian he would have my vote, too!
  7. 5 minutes in and I'm screaming STFU at Megaphone!
  8. Cant believe I wasted 3 freaking hours on this shit show tonight!
  9. It was so nice to not have Whoopie screaming welcome to the view over and over.
  10. I can't imagine swigging Jack Daniels is helping, either.
  11. I gave up watching this show back in November because I found my blood pressure rising just looking at Megaphone! (Kudos to whoever came up with that one!) I thought I would give it a try again in the new year so today I'd my second show. I'm loving the new outspoken Abby, especially when she stood up to Meghan yesterday. And today was extra delightful without the raging mouthpiece there at all! If only the people in charge would seriously look at getting rid of her!
  12. Cindyluwho

    S39: Dan Spilo

    Perhaps Karishma is the contestant who witnessed the off camera incident.
  13. Had a really hard time paying attention during ths case because I kept seeing Marla Hooch from A League of Their Own. https://images.app.goo.gl/P6N5bTJ52Jf4D6D66
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