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  1. Happy for Avishar, but didn't an existing Talenti flavor inspire his buckeye? And Dawn - you goat, girl! (Sorry, couldn't resist) She's a rockstar with meat cookery. Oh Richard, why do you have to be so douchey? Also, I'm still annoyed that Padma instructs Hands up, Utensils down at the end of quickfires. Shouldn't it be the reverse? If I were a cheftestant, I'd drop a spoon from shoulder level to illustrate the difference 🤭
  2. Jughead just looks so tired! Boy is exhausted dealing with life in Riverdale.
  3. Topic title should Now it's about Whining!
  4. Why is Bruno still turning around and looking behind his chair at the non-existent audience when he makes certain statements? There's no one there to boo him.
  5. I was prepared to despise Tyra, but you're exactly right, chitowngirl, she's following a well-written script. Missed Kaitlyn 's dance due to a Hurricane Sally update, so I'll have to find it online. Glad DWTS is back.
  6. jette

    S14: Talk

    Re: Episode 13 - Oh dear. If you're so offended when someone calls you a bitch, it's probably not a good idea to call that person a bitch back. Because then someone like me will despise you all these many years later. Both combatents misremembered the collisions; both were to blame. And Margie should've stayed out of it because she escalated the situation. I lost all respect for her early in the season when she said her arms were so incredibly tired because she had to keep signing to her son. Kinda mean. Also, Christie looks like Kirsten Dunst!
  7. jette

    S11: Talk

    I haven't finished episode 2, but had to stop and say that I truly can't handle the mean spiritedness of both Charla and Mirna. Because the blondes had the audacity to be behind them, refuse to split an exorbitant taxi fee and instead drove themselves to the pitstop, suddenly Charla has the nerve to say she and Mirna have pure hearts and good morals...while the blondes are only beautiful due to having had plastic surgery? What season does TAR stop allowing taxi following? It can't come soon enough. Also, Boston Rob still makes me laugh, so he and Ambuh are probably not going to
  8. jette

    S08: Talk

    Yes, Babalu & LadyChatts, after finishing the season, I can see how Mama Paolo gets a pass. She was only unkind to her own family, whereas the Weavers spread their hatefulness around to everyone. Still can't get over one of the Weaver girls saying their beliefs didn't allow them to be treated rudely by others. Yet somehow, they could treat others as rudely as they wished? 🤔 Glad I'm finished. Onward!
  9. jette

    S08: Talk

    Doing a TAR watch and have reached S8, which I've never seen. After episode 1, how can is possibly be true that "Mama Paulo: Our Lady of the TARs?" That woman is a pill!
  10. jette

    S05: Talk

    Just now backtracking to this season by long last..conventional wisdom says I'm supposed to hate Colin because of the now infamous ox detour, but Mirna is dead to me. The poor me whining and utter disrespect of other teams - especially the spitting! - is far, far worse IMHO. Kudos to Colin for changing his life based on the watch back- but seriously, Mirna should've be embarrassed as well! On to the finale...
  11. jette

    S17.E13: Parma

    Echoing all the surprise and delight for Stephanie's triumph. I always notice the opening order of the cheftestants with interest, even though it means nothing. Still, Stephanie is last and she's got such a smug little smile, I'm hoping she pulls out a win, especially since she's a personal chef amongst Chefs with a capital C who have restaurant(s).
  12. It's Aos meets Timeless! Bittersweet given that both series will be dunzo.
  13. Karen just seems sour much of the time. And defensive. All she did in RW was cook mushrooms badly and drop things. This does not inspire me to ever visit her, James Beard nominee/winner or not.
  14. I'm happy not to have seen the morning afterglow, clothes all over the floor scene, but geez...the hand on the glass is straight out of Titanic. Ew.
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