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S24.E09: Week 9 - Overnight Dates (Australia)

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1 minute ago, Riplet68 said:

I think someone with Maddie morals can sign up for this show, we’ve had 2 or 3 bachelors with the same ones.  She’s not holding his past against him, but THEIR present.  I totally agree with her and wish more leads would have the respect for their chosen one to not sleep with someone else a week before proposing.

The premise has been the same since the show premiered.  Don't sign up if you have any objections.  Maddie is welcome to leave.  

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In the last few years, the largest rise in STDS has been in senior retirement communities. not that’s what they should highlight.

My doctor told me the same thing.   She said that women who had been married 30 years aren't used to thinking about that... 


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4 minutes ago, Mu Shu said:

Maybe a kangaroo will punch him in his punchable face and give him a real scar to brag about.

Hubby and I were fantasizing about different kangaroo attack possibilities.  All of them were much better than the actual show.

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14 minutes ago, JenE4 said:

So Madison is capable of clearly explaining her moral values and her request for his behavior. Why the hell didn’t she spit this out in these uncertain terms 3 days ago?!? Now she’s heartbroken that Peter didn’t piece together what she was implying. Just say what you want and don’t expect him to read your mind. That’s expecting too much of most people—and Peter is certainly no master of nuance!

But he said he knew that it was important to her when they were talking....basically said he knew he needed to discuss this with her and it would be difficult.  What he didn’t count on was how much he cares for her and that she actually meant what she said.  He is having some regrets now.l.

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Damn some of these girls make me want to throw things at my TV! Madison is my favorite of the girls left, but only because Victoria may be a sociopath and Hannah Ann seems blank. The lights are on but no one’s home. However, her use of the word “Like” and apparent inability to express herself may have give me an aneurysm. How can grown women be so inarticulate? “Hey Peter, my faith is extremely important to me, so much so that I plan on remaining a virgin until marriage. I am only interested in being with someone who understands the importance of religion in my life and feels the same” Was that so damn hard?!?! And I agree with everyone else, how did she not understand what show she was signing up for? I find myself devoid of sympathy.

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21 minutes ago, SallyAlbright said:

Garrett from Hannah's season just tweeted this:

Here’s the difference: Madison actually lives the life she’s preaching about. Game over.

Seems like a not so thinly veiled reference to Luke P. 

More like Hannah B, I'd say.


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Sorry, but this is ridiculous. If you are a faithful Christian and believe very strongly in saving yourself for marriage, perhaps The Bachelor isn’t the show for you to be on. Especially when the Bachelor that 20-some odd girls are vying for is best known for having sex four times in a windmill with a woman he wasn’t married to and didn’t marry after. If you value yourself and your intact hymen that much, don’t go on a tv show where the women spend half their time in bikinis soaking in a hot tub/vat of stds. 

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7 minutes ago, GracieK said:

Madison clearly was suffering from fear of backlash like Luke received. She was having difficulty expressing how she felt without worry of being slammed for being “judge mental”. If slut shaming is a thing, now the pendulum has swung to morals shaming. I think you can sign up for this show with the hopes that if you and the lead fall in love that the lead will follow their heart and not necessarily sleep with others. Quite frankly I find the idea that he or she has some unadulterated right to test drive all of the contestants without fear of being questioned on it to be the opposite of any kind of feminism or decent character trait I would subscribe to. 


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The first time Madison explained what she was thinking, she seemed really nervous and it was kind of hard to really get what she was saying, beyond some basic idea that she didnt want Peter to sleep with the other women. The second conversation I think was much more clear, it seemed like she had taken a bit more time to figure out exactly what she wanted to say, and I understood her a lot more. 

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Things that annoy me about The Bachelor. 

1 get a tissue.  Stop wiping your nose with your hands. There's gotta be a napkin on the table. 

2. Leave the hair alone every 2 seconds. 

3. Stop jumping on the guy wrapping your legs around him. 

Ok.  I'm  done. 

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Does Peter really think it's bragging rights for any woman to be able to say, "Yeah, my fiance slept with another woman a mere six days before my engagement and I'm totally all right with that.  He had my blessings to do so"?

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2 hours ago, leighdear said:

My mind is trying to wrap around those spider eyelashes of Madison's.  It can't. 

It's her lower lashes that are the problem.  It's ok to touch your lower lashed with mascara, to darken them slightly.  But she piles it on, lengthening her lower lashes to almost match her upper lashes. This was a trend a long time ago, like when Twiggy was popular.

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2 hours ago, jette said:

I'm happy not to have seen the morning afterglow, clothes all over the floor scene, but geez...the hand on the glass is straight out of Titanic. Ew.

 I thought about Titantic too.  And geesh, they're into exotic positions ALREADY?!

 I like Madison but find her hair obsession distracting.  It's like she self-soothes that way. 

Also don't mind the tears (shows they're really 'into it') but could do without the snotting.  Someone give that poor girl a hanky!

I was really waiting for Peter, at the end of his Maddi talk, whipping out the Fantasy Suit invite and saying 'I guess there's no point in asking..'  They should at least go and look how pretty it is.   they could swear and declare they were only going there to talk. 

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So in the previews, they show Hannah Ann asking where Madi is.  You mean to tell me that Madi didn't have to go back to the hen house at some point or the anonymous door man didn't come to collect her bag?  And even if Peter were to woo Madi back, that horndog will never survive the engagement to make it all the way to the wedding night.  She needs to find a man of similar beliefs or one that can actually appreciate her beliefs.  Peter clearly does not.  I'm just glad she didn't compromise any further all for a TV show.

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2 hours ago, EllenB said:

There's an old Judy Collins song with the line, "Young men holding violets are curious to know if you have cried, and ask you why and tell you why, any way you answer."

I LOVE that song!!

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Richard Gere gave Debra Winger his officer’s cap. Pilot Pete doesn’t have his cap handy but still lacks the presence of mind to give the freezing Madison his suit jacket. Chivalry is dead – killed by narcissism (among other culprits).

Madison’s apprehension is understandable from her perspective but there isn’t a red-blooded male on the planet who would object, really. But putting restrictions on a randy lad who has ‘relationships with other women’ is tricky, to be fair. She doesn’t want to give an ultimatum, she says, but is handing out exactly that. ‘That’s definitely frustrating’ says Pete, who was definitely looking forward to, er, taking out his frustrations especially after deadheading an 18 hr flight to Queensland.

In an all-too-rare scenario, the hype matches the setting. The Gold Coast is, indeed, stunning. Less stunning is Pete’s flamingo-patterned shirt but he does make a beeline for his balcony and…a railing. To which we break the seal on our cocktails. Best not use ‘fantasy suite’ and ‘position’ in the same sentence, Madi. Madi’s reverie is broken by Hannah, who is wearing a selection from the Daisy Duke collection – doubtful it will set Madi’s mind at ease. ‘This is definitely the best place we’ve been too so far’ asserts Madi with ready agreement from Hannah. Given the locales to date, I-75 in Atlanta at 4 pm on a Friday might have outpaced the competition.

Daisy Duke 2 enters in the form of Victoria who also is operating under the assumption that Australian Customs would confiscate any denim clothing larger than a cocktail napkin. We issue a silent plea for all cast members to give up their lame attempts at an Australian accent. At the very least a ‘Myate’ (mate) should be achievable but a dialect coach was too expensive to fly down and the locals probably want nothing to do with the bogan Yanks.

The Wave Runners are beached and it’s the golden hour on the Gold Coast. Peter drops what will probably be the first in a multi-day uttering of the L word. By now most will have sussed out that the beaded necklaces seemingly preferred by males in the Bachelor franchise may, in fact, be microphones in disguise.

And what’s this? A Senior version of the Bachelor being launched? Define senior. Could be interesting.

For two people ‘falling in love,’ Hannah & Peter spend most of their time sitting bolt upright with lots of daylight between them. No additional notes are passed – which is almost a shame because this conversation, supposedly fraught with peril and meaning, is a formalized exchange of clichés: not going anywhere…do what you have to do to get there…thank you for that…how much that means to me…really really complicated…not giving up. Lordy, kids, throw the phrases in a hat and draw them out for a bit of unpredictable fun. On the more predictable front, Chris’s note about the suite and a novelty key are presented.

Meanwhile, Victoria is dripping poison in Madi’s ear about Hannah eagerly taking up the fantasy suite offer. Interestingly, the poison vortex rotates the opposite direction in the Southern Hemisphere (it doesn’t really and neither does water draining from a bathtub but most of us have heard that fiction all our lives). Pretensions to art follow with Bachelor lust silhouetted against a translucent door. Hey, what happened to banishing the cameras from the suite? More than one participant has noted that getting a bit of privacy was as or more important than winning or advancing.

To get Madison wound up good and proper, Victoria will be in the 2nd date slot. Victoria is greeted with a mere hug and some rubbish about trusting her and having her back. Are these two lovers or co-workers? The diffident attitudes are abandoned in the chopper as they tour the skyline/coastline and quickly resumed when they return earth in more ways than one. ‘I just don’t want you to give up’ says Vic. You’re in the final three, love. The giving up probably would have happened by now.

Madison is now well into her third (?) day of reciting what constitutes a ‘make or break’ situation. Hannah is understandably bored to tears with it all but manages to drop her permasmile and adopt a decent poker face as she listens to the unreasonable – and unreasonably long – demands.

Peter & Victoria have reached the cocktail hour. And so have we, regardless of time of day, because a stiff drink is needed to watch these two go round the houses talking about the importance of communication while failing utterly to actually communicate. ‘I don’t know – does that make sense?’ queries Victoria. Answer: absolutely not. And how could it? Nevertheless, Peter declares it to be ‘so frickin’ real.’ If you say so, pardner. But now Vic is throwing the L word around with abandon and fair play to her – it sounds like she went for one emotionally abusive bad boy after another. She offers a novel solution to the apparent lack of tissues available to the frequently teary-eyed ladies and uses her skirt hem as handkerchief.

Peter and his little kookaburra part ways as he admires her yoga ensemble. Another day has dawned and Madi is STILL reciting her purity speech. At this point, railings aren’t just a point in a drinking game – they are absolutely necessary to prevent Hannah from jumping off the balcony to escape Madi’s never-ending soliloquy.

Jumping is part of the date – well, it IS the date. Wait, not it’s not. This one is just a load of clambering about on the roof of a very tall building hence the safety harnesses but no helmets or bungee cords involved. Helmets might be needed back at the hotel as Victoria is in a lamp-throwing mood while Hannah nods along blankly. They’re not all that thrilled about being pawns in Madison’s endgame…and neither is Peter at having to confess. Madi does a runner, thereby ensuring Peter will pursue her. ‘Will you talk to me?’ he asks. ‘Yes,’ she replies and proceeds not to talk at all. Well, very little anyway. And very little is what happened across two bloody hours tonight except for Pete getting his leg over and playing remorseful when he was inevitably caught out. Advice to Madison: get those white cutoffs out again, head for a beach bar and see the world – as in men. Find a virgin Virgin pilot, if such a thing exists, and make the most of your tourist visa until he flies you home on your schedule, not The Bachelor’s.

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1 hour ago, Riplet68 said:

What irks me is that he so obviously wants her as the final, but is still acting like the other 2 are viable options, and sleeps with them!!!!  

I may be the only one with this opinion, but I’m not so sure he did sleep with anyone else.  He confesses that he “was intimate” in the FS, but that could mean any number of things, all stopping short of the final deed.  And if he did stop short, Madison might be willing to let it go.

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