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S10.E21: Reunion Part 2

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Dorinda defends herself against accusations that she might have a drinking problem. The ladies discuss Luann’s obvious absence and share their observations of her recent behavior. Tinsley reveals startling details about her relationship with Scott. And Bethenny and Carole dive into what caused the seismic shift in their friendship and call each other out for comments made both on and off the show.

Airs August 29, 2018.

*This episode airs at 8pm.

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55 minutes ago, Rosiejuliemom said:

Very true. Dorinda does have a tendency to go to the dark side when she has one too many.

To be fair, she can do that sober. She's just much harder to understand and more violent when drunk.

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11 minutes ago, LilaFowler said:

Dorinda is already just so, so ugly. Telling Sonja to shut up with such disdain... that's disgraceful.

I'm sorry, but Dorinda's cracking me up! I'm LMAO at her being assertive and telling these b!tches off trying to make her out to be a drunk on Nat'l TV! Even if true, why is Andy being a real D!CK going over this again and again? She said "next question" several times, but because these a-hole SM'rs are asking the same question, he's starting to be a real obsessive BULLY! ;-)

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2 minutes ago, ShawnaLanne said:

She's the worst with Sonja because she hates Sonja, and Sonja is the weakest of the group - she has the least money, the least status, and she doesn't always fight back well. Dorinda is a classic bully.

The reason they're at odds is because SONJA NEVER FORGAVE Dorinda for having that Xmas weekend with the girls! She was supposedly excluded around that period when she was at odds with several of the ladies including Bethenny over the "Tipsy Girl" drama! Dorinda's tried to get back with her, but Sonja relentlessly reminds her while being CATTY whenever Dorinda tries to make nice! It started to be a total waste of time so now they're frenemies! ;-)

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2 minutes ago, Mozelle said:

Wait. This is interesting that Bethenny was linking up Dennis and LuAnn about her legal issues.

That explains the $1K worth of caviar from Luann.  Instagrammers needed to know.

Yes Ramona, you are a intimate part of the Luann story for all the things you told her off camera.  You are so woke.  Good thing you still have your apple.

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Just now, ShawnaLanne said:

So people who follow Carole on Twitter, is Carole and her sock puppets live tweeting the reunion? If so what is she saying?

Why would Carole have a sock puppet?

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